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Limitless Sword God - C483 - Sword of Eyes

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To Su Yun, the Venerable Spirit Ghost's leaving was the best thing for him. Although he had the power to kill but the opponent was stronger than himself. Su Yun wasn't sure if he has any strange life-saving magic treasures. When people were facing death, they would always have more power than usual. In order to avoid risks and leaving more energy to deal with Ye Moxian, Su Yun decided to persuade the Venerable Spirit Ghost to leave.

As soon as the Venerable Spirit Ghost left, Ye Moxian's side lost a lot of power. The sand ball he used injured more than half of the spirit cultivators on Ye Moxian's side and reduced a lot of pressure for Su Yun.

Su Yun swallowed a pill and walked towards Ye Moxian.

At this moment, Ye Moxian was trying his best to stand up.

Although he was also shocked by the sand ball, he did not suffer much damage.

"I didn't expect that this Venerable Spirit Ghost would be someone with a false reputation. Hehe, before I went looking for him, the cultivators praised his skills. I didn't expect him to be so mediocre."

Ye Moxian smiled without any fear in his eyes.

"Now that the idlers are gone, it's our turn to settle the score." Su Yun held the Tribulation Fire in one hand and reached into the sword sheath with the other, slowly pulling out the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword.

Two swords shot out at the same time.

Ye Moxian looked at Su Yun's sword and then glanced at the sheath. He knew it was an incredible treasure, but he wasn't in a hurry to fight. Instead, he smiled and said, "Su Yun, you said before that my curse on Huairou Gong was only about flesh, that's why you dared to attack me, but do you think that's true? I, Ye Moxian, have always done things perfectly, so how could I make such a low-level mistake? If I die, you can try and see if you can save Huairou Gong, hahaha!"

Speaking to this, the pride on Ye Moxian's mouth became more obvious. His eyes were full of ridicule. He looked at Su Yun and Huairou Muyu and seemed to be looking forward to what the two would do next.

However, in the next second, a palm suddenly swung over and viciously slapped his face. The movements were quick and the strength was extraordinary.


Ye Moxian didn't expect this and was slapped to the ground.

He was stunned and his head buzzed. Just as he was about to get up, he saw Su Yun holding two swords and walking over with a face full of killing intent.

"Huairou Gong? I'm sorry, young master Ye, I've never seen Huairou Gong. Besides being the father of Huairou Muyu, he has nothing to do with me. Today, your actions threatened my life and even threatened my friend so I won't worry about the life of a person I've never seen. Even if Huairou Gong dies because of you, I don't care, understand? "

Su Yun looked down at Ye Moxian with more and more coldness in his eyes.

Hearing this, Ye Moxian was shocked: "You dare?" He turned to Huairou Muyu and shouted, "Su Yun has gone mad, Huairou Muyu, do you really want to see your father die?"

Huairou Muyu looked at Su Yun, then looked at Ye Moxian, and could only lower her head and say in a low voice, "Su Yun is right, your goal is 'Sacred Heart', and our lives. If I let Su Yun die for my father, I will still feel guilty in my heart, and I can understand why Su Yun killed you in order to live. I will do my best to save my father, but I will not sacrifice Su Yun's life in order to save my father … "

Hearing this, Ye Moxian didn't know what to say. He raised his hand and pointed at Huairou Muyu: "You, you …"

He could use the life of Huairou Gong to tie down Huairou Muyu, to prevent her from using her Sacred Heart to kill himself, but he couldn't stop Su Yun!


One red and one yellow, two bolts of lightning charged straight at Ye Moxian's heart.

Ye Moxian was sweating cold sweat as he jumped up to avoid the danger. At the same time, he moved his hand and a bright sword appeared in his hand and flew straight at Su Yun's head.

Su Yun released his grip and the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword flew out by itself and crashed into the sword, blocking Ye Moxian.

The two separated.

There was a red palm mark on Ye Moxian's face. He stared at Su Yun angrily and his face was twisted.

"Since you chose to make me your enemy, then don't blame me. Su Yun, don't think that just because the Venerable Spirit Ghost has left, you can control the situation. I'm not as easy to deal with as you think!"

As soon as his voice fell, he suddenly stretched out his hand and grabbed at the sword. With a strong grasp, the sword cut his finger open. Blood oozed out and slid toward the tip of the sword.


All of a sudden, the body of the sword was cracked open. All of them stared at Su Yun like eyes.

What is this?

Su Yun was stunned.

However, he saw those strange sword eyes shooting out beams of light, crazily attacking him.

Sou sou sou.

He hurriedly brandished both of his swords, and countless sword shadows surrounded his body, knocking away the beams of light.

"Su Yun, be careful. Although the Ye Family is also a business family, Ye Moxian is a martial cultivation genius. His strength probably isn't inferior to the Venerable Spirit Ghost!"

Huairou Muyu shouted at Su Yun.

However, she was not at ease at the moment. The remaining spirit cultivators did not leave and instead, all rushed towards her. In the eyes of these cultivators, Huairou Muyu was worth one hundred million profound coins.

Hearing Huairou Muyu's words, Su Yun grunted and took out the thousands of swords from his sword sheath, they spun around Ye Moxian.

The flying swords surrounded him, Ye Moxian frowned but didn't care. He grabbed the sword with full of eyes and slashed down at Su Yun.

Su Yun raised his sword to block.

However, just as the eye fell down, the sword's eyes suddenly exploded out a circle of dazzling golden light. Su Yun was directly hit by the light. Almost in an instant, he felt his vision go black and was completely blocked.

However, this state of blindness lasted for no more than a second before his vision began to recover.

Sun Yun saw Ye Moxian appear in front of him again. He held his sword and attacked fiercely. His eyes flashed and his momentum was fierce.

Ye Moxian's speed wasn't fast.

A ferocious look flashed across Su Yun's eyes as he pushed his speed to his limit and stabbed towards Ye Moxian.


Ye Moxian was hit in the chest.

The blazing Tribulation Fire pierced through his heart.

It was over!

Su Yun held onto the hilt of his sword and spun. The blade of the sword circled around his chest, and the fire melted the flesh, creating a big hole.

Ye Moxian's body twitched and a large amount of blood flowed out of the corner of his mouth.


His face did not reveal any expression of pain. Instead, it was a mocking smile.

"Is that all? Su Yun, you can't kill me like this, hehe, hehe …"

Then, Ye Moxian raised his sword and swung it at Su Yun.

Su Yun was alarmed and hurriedly drew his sword to retreat, avoiding the attack.

He retreated dozens of meters and then looked at Ye Moxian. The hole in his chest started to heal quickly. The charred flesh slowly became red and looked new. Finally, it gathered together and returned to its original state as if nothing had happened.

How was this possible?

Su Yun was completely shocked.

He couldn't feel a sliver of Spirit Life Qi from Ye Moxian. Was he relying on magic treasures? However, after healing the wounds on his body, he didn't use any magic treasure.

"Since you recovered so quickly, I'll tear you apart!"

Su Yun focused his eyes, raised his sword and charged forward again.

His expression darkened. The sword in his hand accumulated an inexhaustible profound energy, and a large amount of sword intent rippled out like a storm.

"Soaring Sword Wind!"

The Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword in his hand slashed forward fiercely.

In an instant, the sky darkened and the wind howled. The sword qi was as fierce as beasts as it flew towards Ye Moxian.

Ye Moxian's body was like a tree in the big wind, constantly swaying. His body couldn't withstand the torrential attacks and was instantly torn to pieces by the endless sword qi. His limbs were broken and his body was destroyed. Even his clothes were shredded.

This time, even if Ye Moxian's profound qi was Spirit Life Qi, he would still be unable to cure himself.

His body was completely torn apart. This meant death. Unless someone made him a new body, Ye Moxian wouldn't be alive.

Su Yun put down his sword and looked at the shards on the floor with slight breaths.

Soaring Sword Wind was the most destructive move of the Divine Wind Sword Technique. With this move, even if one was fully prepared, it would be very difficult to completely block it.

More than half of the profound energy in his body had been consumed, and the strength to lift the sword had also decreased significantly.

It was finally over.

He exhaled and prepared to turn around to support Huairou Muyu.

However, when Su Yun turned around, he was shocked to discover that Huairou Muyu was not here. Not only was Huairou Muyu, but even the other cultivators were also nowhere to be seen.

Su Yun's heart beat wildly a few times.

He quickly turned around and saw Ye Moxian, who was cut into pieces, begin to recover quickly.

Those fragments were like magnets that were attracted and quickly assembled together, but after a while, they assembled Ye Moxian again.

Seeing this, Su Yun was shocked.

He quickly retreated but didn't attack again and stared closely at Ye Moxian. He knew that it was unnecessary to attack again.

"Looks like I've been infected by one of your magic?"

Su Yun said in a low voice to Ye Moxian, who was revived, in front of him.

"Oh?" Ye Moxian smiled: "Don't you think it's my magic treasure?"

"Magic treasure?" Su Yun shook his head, "I can't feel any flow of profound qi from you, and you haven't even activated your magic treasure. How can you rely on magic treasures to do all this? Furthermore, how could ordinary magic treasure possibly accomplish such a feat?"

When Ye Moxian heard this, he immediately laughed: "Hahahaha, Su Yun, oh Su Yun! You really have some skill! To be able to tell that this is profound skill, haha, so what do you intend to do? Will you continue to kill me? Then come on."

Su Yun shook his head and said calmly, "Kill you? Can I kill you here?"

After saying that, Su Yun sat straight down as if he didn't want to fight anymore.

Ye Moxian saw this and sneered while carrying that sword full of pupils and charged at Su Yun.

However, Su Yun didn't move.

He actually didn't put up any defences against the incoming sword attack …

"Muyu is not here, and even the spirit cultivators from before are not here. This shows that this is not the place to fight but another magical realm. If I can't do anything to Ye Moxian's attack, then he is the same to me!"

Su Yun thought coldly in his heart.

Since Ye Moxian couldn't be killed, then he would be invincible. Since he was invincible, he wouldn't be able to be defeated.

As he was thinking, the sword that was full of pupils already chopped towards Su Yun's head.

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