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Translated by BerryBunz

Not Planning to Spare and Unable to be Provoked

Huai Rou Mu Yu spoke in a gentle tone, like that of a passionate lady speaking gently to her spouse's ear, causing people to listen to her and feeling as though they were enjoying the spring breeze… Yet they felt as though there was a cold dagger stabbed to their bones, it was extremely cold.

Liu Ye Wen's expression became ugly, he asked in a soft voice: "Young Miss Huai Rou, what do you mean by saying that?"

"I feel that there is something fishy about this." Huai Rou Mu Yu replied instantly: "I already had people investigating the matters regarding the competition, you secretly ordered your man to inform Su Yun to lose to Participant Han Yue Xin, but Su Yun did not comply. Thus, you and the manager of Yu Shuang Auction House, Du Wen En colluded to get Qin Si to kill Su Yun, instructing him to obtain Su Yun's Yin and Yang spirits for refinement to punish him, but Su Yun was too strong so it still did not go according to what you wished, ending up with Qin Si getting killed."

"Seeing that, you were infuriated and thus, got Du Wen En to frame Su Yun, saying that he had utilized some dishonest method to win the competition. I know of Su Yun's character extremely well, he will definitely not do such a thing, you have tried to harm Su Yun over and over again, the attempts to harm my Huai Rou Family's noble guest, can that be a mistake?" At this point, Huai Rou Mu Yu's voice was raised a few octaves, the initial soft and gentle voice had turned cold.

The terror of this young lady was the concealed daggers hidden within her gentleness. Everyone was stunned, they thought…

~The young miss of the Huai Rou Family turns her face faster than turning the page of a book!~

Liu Ye Wen's face got uglier and uglier, his eyes secretly moved, as though he was thinking of a plan. He had never expected that inside this small New Deer City, handling a nobody would actually lead to provoking the monstrous Huai Rou Family.

The Huai Rou Family had robust strength and was close to the other huge players! Huai Rou Mu Yu was not simple either, if he did not need to provoke her, he did not want to! He had to admit defeat, at most, he lost some face and would lose some cultivation coins, but he did not want to get onto the Huai Rou Family's bad side.

Liu Ye Wen shook his head, then cupped his fist and lowered his head: "Young Miss Huai Rou, it was a serious mistake that I, Liu Ye Wen had made, it was this lowly one that could not see Mt. Tai and committed a mistake upon Young Noble Su, I will now apologize to Young Noble Su."

With that, Liu Ye Wen turned and bowed towards Su Yun.

Su Yun: "…."

Upon seeing that, the few Presidents did not dare make a sound, if we were to say that the Huai Rou Family was a big fish, the Flowing Night Aristocratic Family would be considered a small fish and they would be shrimps. If even the Flowing Night Family were afraid and admitted their mistake, in what position could they say anything?

Huai Rou Mu Yu looked at Liu Ye Wen once indifferently and said: "You think it's over just with a bow? If I did not come here today, wouldn't the noble guest of my Huai Rou Family die in your hands, Liu Ye Wen?"

Upon hearing that, Liu Ye Wen became annoyed in his mind, but he did not reveal it. Instead, he asked respectfully: "I wonder what Young Miss Huai Rou wants Liu Ye Wen to do to soothe this anger?"

"Compensate him with three hundred million cultivation coins, 100 immortal level treasures, and 100 immortal level pills." Huai Rou Mu Yu spoke with ease.

Three hundred million cultivation coins? 100 Immortal level treasures and pills? That was simply a lion opening its mouth!

Su Yun was inwardly shocked, he was ultimately still a person from the Sky Martial Continent. Honestly speaking, it could be said that he had not even seen a fraction of the world, since when had he heard of such a compensation? It was simply a rip off!

Although the Flowing Night Aristocratic Family was also a trading family, and its scale was not small, it was still an impossible sum to churn out! Three hundred million cultivation coins was already plundering a third of the entire family's wealth, how could Liu Ye Wen ever agree to that?

"Young miss Huai Rou, aren't you asking a bit too much right now." Finally, Liu Ye Wen's eyes revealed an unconcealable anger.

"Why? You don't agree to it?" Huai Rou Mu Yu asked coldly.

"I request Miss Huai Rou to retract this request, or lighten it, Liu Ye Wen will consider it."

"No! People who offend our Huai Rou Family will be punished!!!"

Seeing that Huai Rou Mu Yu was not planning to spare him, yet unable to be provoked, Liu Ye Wen shook his head then cupped his fists and snorted: "Then forgive Liu Ye Wen for being unable to comply!"

But in the next second, a gale blew over and struck him directly in the face.


Liu Wen Ye was struck down by the strong wind as it slapped straight onto his bare face, causing him to fall down as he was caught unprepared.

"Young master!"

By Liu Wen Ye's side, Bai Shan immediately supported Liu Wen Ye up as he asked anxiously: "Young master, are you alright?"

"Who? Who hit me??"

Liu Wen Ye covered the side of the face that had turned red, he anxiously stood up and roared as he looked around.

"Me." Huai Rou Mu Yu replied with indifference while retracting her slender hand.

Hearing that, Liu Wen Ye questioned in anger: "You… Miss Huai Rou, why did you do that?"

"I will only ask you one last time, do you agree or not?"

Huai Rou Mu Yu still spoke as calmly as ever.

"You wish!"

Liu Ye Wen was infuriated, he felt that he was being humiliated by Huai Rou Mu Yu. He was also a young man, his cultivation was obtained through cultivation coins, his mental state was not strong enough. Facing Huai Rou Mu Yu's insults, he could tolerate it once, twice, but thrice? He could only retort.

"Fine!" Huai Rou Mu Yu seemed to be waiting for that, and she immediately shouted: "Since that's the case, don't blame me for being impolite!"

With that, Huai Rou Mu Yu instantly raised her slender hand and pointed forward: "Go!"

Instantly, all the expert bodyguards around her rushed forward, towards Liu Ye Wen.

Seeing that, Liu Ye Wen no longer acted like a gentleman, he immediately roared: "Bitch Huai Rou, I called you young miss, that was because I see you as an equal, who do you think you are? Fine! Since you want to play! This young lord will play with you! Go! Help me teach this Huai Rou Mu Yu a lesson! This young lord will bear all responsibilities after!"


The people around Liu Ye Wen were not resigned to being insulted, all of them rushed forward as well.

Two groups of people faced off.

Upon seeing that, the few Presidents immediately retreated, only Zhang Hong, the president of the New Deer Auction House became anxious, he shouted: "People, people, please stop, stop fighting, stop fighting!!!"

Sadly, his words did not have any effect, no one cared about him, and soon, the situation became chaotic.

As the battlefield contained experts that had fighting strengths above 6000, the battle became extremely intense, all the cultivators on the roads of the New Deer City started to scatter, no one dared to observe the battle fearing for their own lives.

The garrison force of the New Deer City did not dare reveal themselves either, they could not offend either the Flowing Night Aristocratic Family or the Huai Rou Aristocratic Family.

The battle seemed to be in a stalemate, both sides fought to the point of being in terrible states, but as time dragged on, the Huai Rou Family seemed to be at the disadvantage.

~What's going on? Regardless of treasures or cultivation, the Huai Rou Family should be stronger than the Flowing Night Family and they have the advantage in numbers as well, why are they losing?~

Su Yun became suspicious.

From the side, Huai Rou Mu Yu held onto a crystal sword, as she rushed at Liu Ye Wen.

~What? Huai Rou Mu Yu is actually taking action personally? She wants to seek justice for me like that?~

The more Su Yun watched, the more surprised he was and the more suspicious he became.

With her crystal sword, Huai Rou Mu Yu swept through the crowd and aimed straight for Liu Ye Wen, her actions were vicious, without any intention to hold back, her sword tip was aimed straight for Liu Ye Wen's heart as Spirit Qi started leaking out.

Liu Ye Wen dodged without panicking and even unleashed a defensive treasure.

Although he had already went against Huai Rou Mu Yu, he still did not dare to do anything to her.

However, Huai Rou Mu Yu was like an enrage lioness, she chased after Liu Ye Wen relentlessly. She raised her slender, white finger and waved the ruby ring on it, causing a halo of red light to emerge flying straight to Liu Ye Wen.

Liu Ye Wen was enveloped in the red light and was instantly confined inside it, as though he was being pressed down into a time stop!

Huai Rou Mu Yu's eyes gleamed, she stared at Liu Ye Wen and her crystal sword flashed forward.

"Young master!"

Seeing that, Bai Shan immediately cried out and pounced forward, he used the blade in his hand to strike at Huai Rou Mu Yu's sword. He was extremely fast, but in terms of cultivation, he was not Huai Rou Mu Yu's opponent, the blade could not stop her.

It was in that moment of life and death.

Huai Rou Mu Yu who was initially ambushing Liu Ye Wen, suddenly turned, and the blade suddenly appeared extremely close to her.


Su Yun squinted his eyes, he was about to rush forward to block the blade, but just when he was prepared to move, he suddenly stopped and stayed as an observer.


A stab sound was heard.

Only to see that a sharp blade had left an inch long blood red wound on Huai Rou Mu Yu's delicate back.

"Young miss!!"

Upon seeing that, the bodyguards of the Huai Rou Family all flew into a rage, it was as though something exploded within them, they directly retreated from their opponents and rushed back to Huai Rou Mu Yu.

Without hesitation, Su Yun rushed over like a gust of wind, he held onto her and retreated.

"Alright! Your Flowing Night Family wants to rebel? You actually had the intent of harming our young miss!!!"

The servant, Xiao Yin, screamed in rage.

Bai Shan was stupefied, but the deed was already done. Without a care, he spoke coldly: "Your family's young miss wanted to kill my young noble, how can I stand by and do nothing?"

"Despicable man!"

Xiao Yin screamed, she so badly wanted to rush up and cut Bai Shan down, but right at that moment, Huai Rou Mu Yu grabbed onto her arm and urged her: "Go!"

"Young miss…"

"Listen to me, let's go!" Huai Rou Mu Yu said gently.

Upon hearing that, Xiao Yin bit her lips, and nodded her head.

"Su Yun, you should come with me as well, otherwise, if you were to encounter the Quick Blade Sect, no one can protect you." Huai Rou Mu Yu said.

Su Yun laughed bitterly and nodded his head.

With that decision, Xiao Yin supported Huai Rou Mu Yu up the carriage. Without saying a word, they left.

They left as quickly as they came.

The presidents of the business organisations looked at each other, their faces covered with perspiration.

Zhang Hong heaved a sigh of relief. While perspiring in cold sweat, he looked around, he thought that the impulsiveness of the two parties would destroy New Deer City and did not expect it to end so quickly.

Just then, the red light that trapped Liu Wen Ye disappeared.

"Young master! Are you alright? Young master!!"

Bai Shan and the rest anxiously rushed over, where Bai Shan asked with concern… But without saying a word, Liu Wen Ye directly smashed Bai Shan's face with his fan ferociously.


Bai Shan was struck to the ground, the side of the face where he was smacked in was burning hot, he looked at Liu Wen Ye in shock.

Liu Wen Ye's eyes were red as he roared in anger: "You trash, you fool! Idiot! Our Flowing Night Family is going to be destroyed because of you!"

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