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The Chu Clan traditionally bore children with great looks, Chu Tiannan was no exception. He was extremely handsome and had an intimidating aura to match his stern expression.

Now he couldn’t help but twist his face, unable to decide whether to laugh or cry, "This is judging a book by its cover?"

"Mm... judging a pill by its cover." Chu Yu said solemnly.

Chu Tiannan picked up one with his hand. He seemed to despise it, whilst the others stayed clear.

They had been too shell shocked by the recent explosions and were afraid this pill would explode too.

In actuality, the weaker version of the cultivation pill had no weird smells.

This was quite abnormal. Even though the medicinal masters did not know what pill Chu Yu was refining, how could a pill not have any aroma?

They also thought that Chu Yu refining pills was quite the travesty.

They had high expectations after hearing those rumors, but it seemed that those were just baseless rumours!

How could someone with the Crane Saint’s legacy refine pills as dull as this?

This was an insult to the saint’s legacy!

"Second master, would you like to try one?" Chu Yu said, uncertain.

"..." Chu Tiannan was floored by the request, "Are you sure it can be eaten?"

Chu Yu thought about it for a moment before saying, "I think so?"

Everyone around was speechless as the thought to themselves, Could there be anything more unorthodox than this?

This medicine couldn’t possibly have poison in it could it?

There were quite a few with such thoughts in their minds.

"Let me." Lord Chu tunneled out of the crowd and reached for the pill that Chu Yu refined.

Chu Tiannan restrained him, then swallowed the pill emotionlessly.

"Leader, please don’t!"

"That is inedible!"

"It needs to be tested first..."

Everyone panicked, unsure if Chu Tiannan had eaten a pill or poison.

Chu Yu couldn’t help but roll his eyes as he thought to himself, What a bunch of drama queens?

In fact, he had full confidence in the cultivation pills that he had refined.

No matter what, he had learnt the technique of the saint. Even though he had used an ordinary fire, the firebending techniques were those of a saint.

Even though the looks of the pill weren’t great, Chu Yu was confident that it would not be problematic.

At this moment.

Everyone looked at Chu Tiannan anxiously.

Some of the medicnal masters even began to prepare antidotes!


Two rays of energy shot out of Chu Tiannan’s eyes.

His look became extremely solemn.

"Leader, are you okay?"

"Leader, don’t have to put on a brave front, I have an antidote here!"

"Leader, please speak..."

A few of the medicinal masters gathered around and looked at Chu Tiannan with concern.

Some of the more qualified medicinal masters could not help but glare at Chu Yu. One of the ones in his seventies said with heartache, "What a travesty! We can forget about the fact that you wasted so much medicine. But you continue to perpetrate rubbish here, if anything untoward happens to our Clan Leader..."

"Good medicine!"

Chu Tiannan suddenly let out a bellow and interrupted the statement of the medicinal master.

Everyone on scene was stunned. They looked at Chu Tiannan in disbelief, wondering if the Clan Leader had been muddled by the medicine.

"No, it is not medicine!" Chu Tiannan said.

All the other Chu Clan medicinal masters heaved a sigh of relief as they thought to themselves, Good, he still has a clear mind.

If this greyish trash was good medicine, it would be a great travesty!

However, Chu Tiannan’s next statement left them stunned.

"Good pill! Hahaha, this is a genuine pill!"

Chu Tiannan was flushed. He walked to Chu Yu and patted him on the shoulders, "Child, work hard, next time make the pills look nicer. The lack of aroma shows that the essence of the medicine is contained inside the pill, but this look would make people lose their appetite..."

As he spoke, second master took the rest of the weaker cultivation pills and said, "Continue, continue practicing, I will bring this back to carry out some experiments."

Then, second master Chu Tiannan left.

This left a group of people, their eyeballs dropping out of their sockets, their brains unable to grasp what had just happened.

What was this?

"Oh right, this is to be classified as top secret, anyone who spreads this news to the outside world will be executed!"

Chu Tiannan stopped momentarily to say this before leaving.

Even though this statement from second master was filled with killing intent, no one was afraid. They all got the feeling that second master was in an ecstatic mood, smiling all over.

Lord Chu looked at Chu Yu, visibly confused, "You really refined a pill?"

Chu Yu glared at him, "What do you think?"

"I’m sorry, I misspoke." Lord Chu scratched his head, "It looks really ugly! It doesn’t look like a pill..."

"Go away." Chu Yu was immensely hurt.

The old medicinal master who was interrupted previously walked over to Chu Yu and began to analyze the furnace. Then, he scrunched his eyebrows, "How could this be?"

The others all surrounded Chu Yu and looked at the pill furnace. One of them even stuck his nose into the furnace before standing up, visibly aghast, "How could this be?"

"Exactly, how could this be?"

The other medicinal masters all scrunched their eyebrows, confused.

The old medicinal master looked at Chu Yu, "Those... ahem, pills, were refined in this furnace?"

"Yes." Chu Yu nodded.

"That’s impossible!" The old medicinal master exclaimed.

The crowd all looked at the old medicinal master curiously.

Someone asked, "Why is that impossible?"

"Exactly, can you stop beating about the bush?"

"Just say what’s on your mind..."

The old medicinal master glanced at the crowd and asked, "What are you all so curious about?"

The old medicinal master had a high standing in the Chu Clan and was highly respected. Seeing that he was unhappy, the crowd quickly shut up.

Only then did he say, "Under normal pill refining circumstances, the furnace will still have traces of the medicine’s scent. Regardless aromatic or stinky, there would be the corresponding scent! However, Chu Yu’s furnace has no residual scent, that is impossible!"

"Exactly, no matter what pill we are making, there would be some residual scent left in the furnace!" Another medicinal master added flatly.

The other medicinal masters all nodded in agreement.

Those who did not know about pill refinement all looked at Chu Yu in confusion.

Chu Yu shook his head and smiled.

He was still wondering what happened, but it was just this.

He was learning the techniques of a saint, how could he let the medicinal properties leak out?

Even the pill itself did not lose any of the medicinal properties to the outside, not to mention the furnace!

All the medicinal properties were harnessed and kept within the pill.

This was the genuine techniques of saints.

However, Chu Yu did not bother explaining so much to these medicinal masters.

He had been grinding in the pill refining room for so many days, and was thoroughly exhausted.

He glanced at Lord Chu, then left under the confused gazes of the crowd.

Only after they got outside did Lord Chu ask Chu Yu quizzically, "Brother, do you really know how to refine pills?"

"Of course, didn’t you see second master take all the pills away? A pity I didn’t have the chance to ask him about the effect." Chu Yu said rather regretfully.

Lord Chu scratched his head, "How can you not know the medicinal properties of the pill you refined?"

"Hahaha..." Chu Yu laughed and skipped over the question.

Afterwhich, Lord Chu wanted to bring him to find that treasure trough. Chu Yu went back to visit his parents before leaving with Lord Chu.

All the pills taken by Chu Tiannan were now with first master Chu Tianyu.

Seventh Elder Chu Tianbei and Song Yu were also present.

"This is a pill?" Chu Tianbei’s mouth twitched, then he looked to Chu Tiannan, "Second brother... this thing was refined by Chu Yu?"

Chu Tiannan smiled and nodded, "Yes, Seventh brother, let me tell you..."

"I will go find him! Isn’t this a waste of resources? This jerk, he’s getting out of hand. Just because the elders pamper him, he thinks that he can get away with this!" Chu Tianbei began to stand up, ready to storm off to find Chu Yu.

He was immediately stopped by Chu Tiannan. Chu Tiannan laughed, "Seventh brother, don’t be impatient."

"Really, if not for the fact that you stopped me, I would go and discipline him right now!" Chu Tianbei said righteously, his eyes popping out of his socket.

He exaggerated his acting so much that even Song Yu could not take it any longer. She coughed twice and Chu Tianbei immediately stopped.

Chu Tianyu said, "Second brother, you mean to say that a single pill that Xiao Yu has refined is equal to one month of cultivation?"

Chu Tiannan nodded solemnly, "Not bad, quite unbelievable right? I also did not belief that such an ugly pill... could have such great effectiveness.

Chu Tianbei and Song Yu looked at each other, finally understanding what was going on.

But they couldn’t bring themselves to believe it.

The pill that Chu Yu had refined was grey as ash and had no resemblance to any sort of medicine, yet it could match one month of cultivation for a martial artist!

This was too scary, taking twelve of these would shorten one’s training by a year!

What if one took even more?

"If this is the case, the Chu Clan... will begin its rise, no one can stop us!" Chu Tianyu got excited, his voice trembling.

As he spoke, he looked to Chu Tianbei and Song Yu, "Seventh brother and sister, you have borne a great son!"

Chu Tianbei looked at his eldest brother, still in disbelief, "Is this for real?"

Chu Tiannan replied, "Of course it’s real, even though the pill is ugly... actually it’s incredibly atrocious!"

Chu Tiannan couldn’t help but smile sheepishly.

However, upon seeing Chu Tianbei and Song Yu nod in agreement, he chuckled and continued, "But it’s essence is well contained inside, so much so that it is impossible to sense the medicine from the outside. As for what it actually does, you’ll understand after eating one!"

Chu Tianbei and Song Yu hesitated, the pill was really too ugly and unappetizing!

However, seeing that Second Brother sold it so enthusiastically, coupled with the fact that it was refined by their son, they had no choice but to try it. They pinched their noses and swallowed one each.


A majestic wave of energy exploded outwards the moment the pill dissolved in the mouth.

It then morphed into a huge wave of power that spread throughout the body before returning to the Dantian.

This pill was also equally effective for Invigorated Meridian martial artists like Chu Tianbei and Song Yu!

"Powerful!" Chu Tianbei could not help but exclaim.

He immediately thought of his son and said, "I didn’t expect that this little kid had such abilities."

Chu Tianyu and Chu Tiannan smiled as they looked at each other, emotions overwhelming them.

Who would have believed that their greatest regret... would become their greatest pride!

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