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Even though the two beasts had yet to finish their bowl of serpent broth, but they were both meditating.

When Chu Yu opened his vertical eye, he was awed by what he saw in their current state.

Lord Thief had already entered Acupoint Charging Stage 12!

Old Yellow... had already broken through to the Invigorated Meridian Realm!

The acupoints and meridians of beasts were vastly different from those of a human.

They were much simpler when compared with human ones.

For lifeforms such as Lord Thief who have entered Acupoint Charging Stage 12, their next step was to enter the Invigorated Meridian Realm!

Under the observation of his vertical eye, Chu Yu could clearly see the spread and direction of Lord Thief’s energy.

A thin thread of energy carried with it immense energy. The energy was rushing at one of the meridians, almost as if it was going to break through to the Invigorated Meridian realm.

As for Old Yellow, it was trying hard... to break through to Invigorated Meridian Stage Two!

The techniques and methods that they were using before were relatively limited in terms of quality.

In actual fact, any demon with access to a cultivation technique was quite admirable!

It was considered great luck and opportunity for a demon.

Most demon life forms could only advance based on their own talent.

For the lucky ones, they could break through to a higher level if they chanced upon a pill or a fruit with a large amount of spiritual energy.

For the ordinary ones however, they could only feel their way about the darkness.

Techniques and scriptures were basically just rumors to the demons.

Not to mention superior techniques, those were only found in legends!

But Lord Thief and Old Yellow had actually gotten the Superclass from Chu Yu!

This was truly a superior technique!

One that could measure up to the best in the universe!

Anyone and anything could learn the teachings of Confucius.

Any life form with the Superclass could train with it.

For something as fundamental as the Superclass, one did not even need much talent.

As long as one was willing to learn, human or demon, one could cultivate with it!

Of course, the final level of cultivation that can be achieved... is also based on one’s talent.

Any demon who could get their hands on a saint’s teachings... was probably the one in a billion.

Neither Chu Yu nor the two beasts knew how lucky they were!

They were basically ahead of all the other demons, gaining something that all the other demons could only dream of!

No one could say for sure if they could become demon saints.

But for now, in the foundation stages, they were already in a more advantageous position!

Chu Yu observed Lord Thief and Old Yellow happily.

He glanced at the remaining broth and hesitated for a moment before retrieving a few airtight containers from the kitchen and storing the remaining broth in his storage ring.

He would bring the rest of this broth home for his parents!

After a quick calculation, he realized that it has been a long time since he was last home.

With all the things that have happened recently, it is about time he returned home to see his parents and relatives.

After all, they are the people he is closest to in this world.

Chu Yu helped Lord Thief and Old Yellow along whilst he continued gleaning information off the Immortal Crane Pill Scripture.

Through the chance opportunity from the snake broth, Chu Yu truly understood the terrifying powers of the ancient pill masters.

It was no exaggeration that a single pill could launch someone into the Xiantian Realm.

According to Chu Yu’s previous understanding, any pill who could launch someone into Xiantian would bring about serious side effects.

He was under the impression that cultivation was the accumulation of many days of effort and hardwork to breakthrough.

He was certain that by using the immense power in the pill to breakthrough, one was bound to suffer serious side effects.

This was also the problem faced by everyone in the cultivation world today.

The "experts" who had been forced into the higher realms with resources and pills were no better than those who had gotten there through sheer hard work.

However, after learning the Immortal Crane Pill Scripture, Chu Yu finally understood how myopic his impression was.

The only reason why pills nowadays can’t achieve the same effect is because the superior techniques... were long lost!

The genuine superior pill refining techniques were flawless!

In fact, the ancient cultivators had already thought of the issue of poor fundamentals when pills are used to break through.

They had also addressed the problem after many aeons of experiments and theories.

A pill which could launch one into the Xiantian Realm did not only contain raw power!

There were also many ingredients whose presence would confuse the majority of people, but were in fact key ingredients.

For example, in the foundation pill, there were healing medications to mitigate the damages from breaking through; there were strengthening medications to increase the thickness of blood vessels; there were medications to aid in focus.

Apart from these, there were many other unexpected medicinal characteristics mixed inside.

A knowledgeable cultivator may not be a pill master, but any genuine pill master was definitely a peerlessly knowledgeable cultivator!

Pill refining... was a large and complicated process!

One needed immense talent and awe-inspiring knowledge!

Not everyone could be a pill master.

Some became disciples of pill masters, but could only make it as a fire assistant...

Others learnt for only three years and could already be trusted with a furnace on their own!

Anyone who came to the conclusion that the ancient pills had great loopholes based on some assumptions could only be described in one way.


The Immortal Crane Pill Scripture had opened up a new avenue for Chu Yu.

The door to the ancient days, the glorious days of cultivation was now wide open for him!

After attaining Invigorated Meridian Stage Two, he can now read more of the Immortal Crane Pill Scripture.

He was completely captivated by the knowledge contained in the scripture.

Five days later.

Lord Thief and Old Yellow woke up one after the other.

Lord Thief had entered Invigorated Meridian Stage Three!

Old Yellow was one better, he had broken through to Invigorated Meridian Stage Six!

In the short span of a few days, the progress of the pair of beasts was astonishing.

Interestingly, the first thing that the two beasts did after they woke up was to find their leftover snake broth!

This bowl of broth was a true divine medicine for them!

Upon realising that the bowls were missing, the two beasts began to worry and look for Chu Yu.

Chu Yu pointed to the fridge.

Old Yellow pursed his lips and said, "Why would you put it in the fridge? How can medicine like this go bad? Even if you left it out here for 10,000 years it would be fine!"

Chu Yu said flatly, "I was afraid it would be lost."

"More like you would have taken it for yourself!"

Old Yellow rolled its eyes and sprinted to the fridge. It flung the door open and retrieved its bowl of soup, cuddling it like a darling.

Lord Thief did the same. Only after it had the bowl of broth safely in its claws did it relax.

"Do you two want to continue drinking and break through?" Chu Yu glanced at them.

The pair nodded vigorously.

Old Yellow replied, "You should learn the Crane Saint’s teachings quickly!"

"Yes, stop being distracted; a pill master is an honourable profession." Lord Thief said flatly.

After consuming the bowl of serpent broth, the two beasts have also experienced the terrifying powers of a superior pill master.

Even the best cultivators, when faced with a great pill master… would only be seen as weak?

Could the cultivator make a bowl of serpent broth which could let life forms breakthrough continuously?

Chu Yu left them to cultivate whilst he brought the remaining snake broth with him and left the Dragon City.

It was only three months since Chu Yu’s incident on Mount Tai!

But Chu Yu had changed in many ways.

Even though he knew that he was never truly wasted, in the eyes of the commoners, he had been ruined for 16 years.

How far could a former talent progress in such a short time?

Even though "Song Hong" had given him a pill, he should be Acupoint Charging Stage Eight or Nine at most? That was quite the overestimate!

Many people thought the same way, including the Xie Clan.

Xie Zhangchun was an elder in one of the Xie Clan pocket dimensions.

Although he looked young, he was already in his forties. He was tall and bulky and had an imposing face, bringing with him a defensive aura.

During this time, he had brought along a few people to the Dragon City to spy on the Chu Clan’s movements.

He wanted to avenge the Xie Clan!

Decades of businesses in Yan Jing had been completely broken by the Chu Clan in a single night.

This was no small feud!

It was enough for the Xie Clan to begin plotting their revenge.

What made this worse was that Xie Tianyu and two Acupoint Charging Stage Eight martial artists were slaughtered shortly after they retreated back to Luoyang, seriously damaged.

This had driven the Xie Clan completely crazy.

Including those in the Xie Clan pocket dimension.

Even though Fan Jian, the heir of the thief sect, had openly admitted to killing Xie Tianyu and the two Acupoint Charging Stage Eight martial artists, the Xie Clan still put the blame on the Chu Clan.

This was because they could not afford to antagonize Song Hong or Fan Jian…

But the Chu Clan was also like them, merely and underworld clan!

Xie Zhangchun had arrived in the Dragon City for almost a month, but could not pick up any trace of Chu Yu.

Chu Tianxiong, and the rest of the Chu Clan, was also keeping a low profile.

They did not show themselves very often in the day.

This irritated and frustrated Xie Zhangchun.

He only wanted to kill Chu Yu!

Since Xie Tianyu from their clan had died, Chu Yu from the Chu Clan… had to die too!

He was the root cause of these catastrophes!

This was the general consensus of the leaders of the Xie Clan pocket dimension.

Thus, he was sent here.

Xie Zhangchun was once termed as a Heaven’s Pride talent!

At such a young age, he was already in the advanced stages of Invigorated Meridian Stage 12!

He was just one step away from attaining Xiantian and becoming a true cultivator.

This time, he had come for one other reason.

Xie Zhangchun wanted to kill Chu Yu and make it his first battle since entering society!

He had wanted to use this battle to alert everyone to the fact that the Xie Clan had a powerful figure!

He found no issues with his choices.

The feud between the two clans ran long and deep!

Everyone in this society repaid their debts and avenged their fallen.

There was no problem with this choice!

Chu Yu’s reputation preceded him, but his power… should not be too much cause for worry!

He believed that Chu Yu’s murder would cause the entire China to explode in conversation!

At that time, Xie Zhangchun would become famous for the murder of Chu Yu.

Not long after Chu Yu left the villa, he got a feeling that he was being watched.

He did not acknowledge the fact, choosing to leave the Dragon City sneakily. He could clearly feel that five men were following him out of the city in the darkness.

He paced along leisurely like a leopard taking a stroll in the fields.

Elegant and measured.

His entire body was filled with explosive power, but he kept it suppressed on the outside.

Very quickly, Chu Yu was over 200 miles from the Dragon City.

Xie Zhangchun, together with his fellow Invigorated Meridian martial artists looked at each other and decided to kill Chu Yu here.

Zoom zoom zoom!

The five of them picked up speed instantly!

The full speed of an Invigorated Meridian martial artist was relatively shocking.

Within a few moments, they had caught up to Chu Yu.

The five men surrounded Chu Yu.

Xie Zhangchun looked mockingly at Chu Yu and asked, "Little wastrel from the Chu Clan, do you know who I am?"

"You look like…" Chu Yu frowned as he spoke, almost as if he was trying to recall something.

Xie Zhangchun was slightly shocked, this was the first time he had entered society.

Furthermore, he wasn’t the one keeping tabs on Chu Yu at the villa. This was the first time he was meeting Chu Yu, yet Chu Yu seemed to recognize him.

This confused him.

"Who do I look like?" Xie Zhangchun looked at Chu Yu.

"You look like…" Chu Yu had a sudden revelation, "Like a huge idiot!"

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