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After half a day of rest, Chu Yu finally regained some of his strength and stood up, feeling as if his body was going to fall apart at any point.

He stumbled over to the remaining half of the serpent, the bottom half.

It was still moving.

Even until now, the bottom half of the serpent was still writhing.

Chu Yu grabbed the tail of the serpent and coiled it, examining it closely.

The silver scales of the serpent were evenly spread and unbelievably tough.

Chu Yu tried to remove a couple of scales from the body but to no avail.

"Do you two recognize this fella?" Chu Yu asked Old Yellow and Lord Thief.

"Never seen it before." Old Yellow shook its head.

"Me neither." Lord Thief added, "But this fella is a Xiantian lifeform, how terrifying!"

"Indeed, f*ck it, I couldn’t even get close to it." Old Yellow was slightly troubled.

Back in his old territory, he was extremely influential and powerful, almost like a little demon king.

Only now did it realize that it couldn’t even qualify as a small demon!

This realisation made it rather depressed.

Lord Thief also experienced something similar, it was carefree back in its old roaming grounds.

Since it could fly, it did not even care about some of the land based life forms of higher cultivation level.

Only after meeting Chu Yu did it realize that flying would not allow it to escape every time.

After meeting the silver serpent, this feeling became deeper, the opponent was too powerful!

It was so strong that Lord Thief did not even have a chance to resist.

However, both Old Yellow and Lord Thief had the benefit of each other and Chu Yu to guide and encourage each other.

Old Yellow said, "We have superior teachings!"

"We will become stronger!" Lord Thief nodded.

"In the future, we will be able to roam the world freely!" Lord Thief said, his expression serious.

"I feel that our goal should be the entire universe!" Old Yellow said, seemingly sophisticated.

Chu Yu looked at the two beasts with exasperation before asking, "Lord Thief, how did you get caught? Don’t you know how to fly?"

Lord Thief writhed, not really willing to share.

Old Yellow snickered at the side, "The black robed man brought the silver serpent and entered our residence, letting us find them on purpose. Sparrow here thought that hostages had presented themselves and went forward to taunt them, flying... mm, slightly too low."

Lord Thief said, visibly annoyed, "Who would have thought that the snake would be so strong? It used its Xiantian powers to suppress me and immobilize me from mid air..."

Chu Yu facepalmed and glanced at Lord Thief in disbelief, "Be more careful next time."

"Mm, it won’t happen again!" Lord Thief promised, "If something similar happens, I will fly much higher... and keep a safe distance!"

Old Yellow was sombre, "Then what about me?"

"You can fart!" Lord Thief replied.

"Sparrow, you ingrate, you would be dead if not for me!" Old Yellow rolled its green eyes.

Lord Thief said unreasonably, "The key is that I am stating a fact too, your fart is very stinky!"

"Say that again!" Old Yellow raged.

Chu Yu looked at the two fellas, "You two jerks, just give it a rest. Anyways, how should we eat this half of the snake? I think such a Xiantian realm lifeform would be extremely delicious."

"I think it isn’t as nice as fried sparrow." Old Yellow murmured.

"Yea, at least it would be pleasant smelling..." Lord Thief rebutted.

"Do you all want to eat it?" Chu Yu looked at Old Yellow and Lord Thief, "Then I’ll have it myself?"



The two beasts had similar responses.

"How should we eat it?" Chu Yu asked.

"Snake broth!" Old Yellow licked its lips.

"Deep fry it." Lord Thief suggested.

"It’s not as nice as fried sparrow." Old Yellow said with seriousness.

"If you say that again I will really get angry!" Lord Thief glared at Old Yellow.

The pair continued to suggest multiple methods of eating, from steaming, to roasting, to stir-fry...

However, they ended up deciding on snake broth. It would be nutritious and delicious.

In the end, Chu Yu brought the half of the silver serpent back to the villa in the Dragon City. He then removed the skin with much difficulty.

Chu Yu proceeded to cook under the direction of Old Yellow.

He did not expect that Old Yellow was actually a connoisseur, and had expertise in cooking.

It guided Chu Yu along the steps to prepare the snake broth.

However, after an extended period of time cooking the snake, they realized that it was still raw! Ordinary cooking utensils could not cook the serpent!

At last, Chu Yu used the magma fire from the Immortal Crane Furnace to solve that problem.

The Crane Saint would have never have thought that the sacred Immortal Crane Furnace, after being revived after so many years, would not actually be used for refining pills.

Instead, it would first be used to smash people, then used to smash people again, before... being used to cook a Xiantian lifeform.

How uncultured!

However, one had to admit that the Immortal Crane Furnace was of great use!

This time, for some unknown reason, the magma fire was relatively obedient. Without much need for Chu Yu to command it, it controlled its temperature well and stewed the meat.

This was the power of a spiritual fire. If used properly, it could be of immense help to a pill refining master.

As the broth braised away, waves of rich aroma wafted from the furnace!

Old Yellow and Lord Thief salivated by the side, their eyes filled with awe.

Chu Yu had also stumbled upon the right tools to cook the serpent.

The Immortal Crane Furnace was the magical equipment of a saint, and it had been used to refine countless superior pills, retaining limitless spiritual power within.

This was why the pill furnaces of the most superior masters would have greater effectiveness when refining pills.

Even though it had been many years, upon activation, the unimaginable spiritual energy stored within gushed out and infused into the serpent broth.

The reaction and effectiveness had far exceeded the expectations of Chu Yu, Old Yellow and Lord Thief.

Even though this serpent was just a Xiantian lifeform, its blood was relatively awe inspiring. It had limitless potential for growth; its bloodline was that of a demon saint!

The silver serpent was part of a Heaven’s Pride Demon. Even though it was much younger than the others, it broke through quicker than everyone else.

All the elders thought that it had a chance to attain a higher cultivation level.

However, it was killed by Chu Yu and braised.

This broth simmered for a full seven to eight hours.

By the end, even Chu Yu was stunned.

He had been researching into the Immortal Crane Pill Scripture, and had learnt a great deal from it.

When he saw the fully cooked serpent broth, he had realized that the delicacy had already become a cauldron of medicine!

Even though it was still in a milky white soupy state, but it contained an unimaginable amount of energy!

Chu Yu got himself a bowl, cooled it down and tasted it, his eyes wide with awe!

It was extremely delicious, so much so that he almost wanted to swallow his tongue as well. However, there was more to it! The energy infused inside the broth had already given him a floating, divine feeling.

His entire body felt free!

His entire body radiated with a strong wave of energy!

Chu Yu could clearly feel the changes in his body. The vast endless energy infused in the snake broth became immense power that accumulated at his Dantian.

Then, it spread throughout all his vessels and to his extremities.

This... was superior stuff!

Chu Yu stared widely at the cauldron before gulping down the rest of the soup.

His body quickly accumulated a vast amount of energy. Under the direction of the mysterious purple gas in his body, the energy rushed straight at his Liver Meridian!

This was the power of a superior Heart Technique!

It was almost spiritual, and it could autonomously direct energy in the body to break through new barriers!

Furthermore, according to the Superclass, the second Meridian Chu Yu needed to break through was the Liver Meridian!

By training with the Superclass, the process of breaking through his meridians became a lot smoother.

All the Acupoints on the Liver Meridian released an unfathomable amount of energy in unison and continuously attacked the shackles on the Liver Meridian.

Previously, something like that would have been completely unfathomable for Chu Yu.

A cauldron of serpent broth had actually allowed him to breakthrough once again!

This breakthrough was also much faster than usual.

It was something that he did not think was even possible!

Within a single night, the entire Liver Meridian was broken through!

In the moment that Chu Yu entered Invigorated Meridian Stage Two, the unrestrained feeling made him want to roar into the sky.

However, Chu Yu suppressed his excitement. Upon inspecting his Heart Meridian and his Liver Meridian with his vertical eye, he noticed that there was a purplish golden color about it.

The power in the meridians was like a raging river, endless.

At the same time, his heart and liver were coated with a purplish golden glow.

This was a layer of protection!

The reason why the strongest were so powerful and difficult to kill was because in the course of their upgrading, all of their organs would have such protection.

In the elementary stages, viruses would be unable to enter the body and the organs would be many times more powerful than an ordinary person. In the intermediate stages, the organs would have a strong shield, even if it was damaged, it could recover at an astonishing rate.

If one could cultivate to the highest levels, the organs in the body could complement each other and attain the sacred art!

One would have be incredibly powerful!

Under normal circumstances, Chu Yu’s organs should not develop such defences at his current level.

However, the Heart Technique that he was using was a superior technique!

With it, what had previously seemed impossible had also become possible.

Furthermore, the mysterious purple gas inside Chu Yu’s body was also changing the layout of his body. Ordinary Invigorated Meridian martial artists had a faint yellow glow on their meridians. However, the meridians which Chu Yu had broken through were purplish golden!

This meant that even though Chu Yu was only at Invigorated Meridian Stage Two, his battle power was already equivalent to that of an elementary Xiantian cultivator!

Other than the fact that he could not use the sacred art, he was no weaker than a Xiantian cultivator.

He let out a long sigh and looked at the Immortal Crane Furnace, his eyes glimmering.

Even though a Xiantian Realm serpent with a superior bloodline was powerful, it was unlikely that it could bring about such benefits.

In Chu Yu’s opinion, the Immortal Crane Furnace.. had played a bigger role.

"I had only used it to simmer a cauldron of broth... if I used it to refine a pill, what kind of effect could it have?" Chu Yu felt his already powerful heart race.

He turned to look at Lord Thief and Old Yellow and smiled.

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