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Afterwhich, Zhao Mantian’s silhouette disappeared from atop the cliff next to the abyss.

In the next moment, he appeared in the cave which Chu Yu and Xiao Yue were in.

They were both completely stunned. Zhao Mantian put his index finger to his lips and then smiled at Chu Yu.

He then silently pointed upwards with his finger, his gaze mischievous.

"..." Chu Yu was stunned and he could feel his head getting numb.

He now had a better idea of the power and abilities of a cultivator in the Supreme Realm.

He looked deeply at Zhao Mantian, and his ears perked up to listen.

Xiao Yue was extremely emotional when she saw Zhao Mantian, tears falling from her eyes.

Zhao Mantian smiled warmly at Xiao Yue and used the Voice Transmission Technique to tell her, "I am back, everything will be better."

Xiao Yue nodded vigorously, and could not suppress her tears any longer.

On top of the cliff, Xue Ran woke up all of a sudden, tears running down her cheeks, "Don't..."

In her memory, she had just witnessed Song Hong bring to bear his full power to fight with more than 10 Xiantian cultivators!

His abilities were unparalleled!

However, he was soon overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of the Xiantian cultivators. He retrieved a legendary equipment which exploded with immense power, dragging Elder Yue, Elder Shi and the rest of them down to the abyss with him!

Everything around her was in chaos and they were all extremely scared.

They had all felt the same way as Xue Ran, no one thought that there was anything out of the ordinary.

They had "seen with their own eyes" that the Xiantian cultivators had attacked Song Hong; they had "seen with their own eyes" Song Hong killing everyone around him; they had "seen with their own eyes" Song Hong spitting out blood to activate the legendary weapon!

The terrifying glow of the weapon had engulfed them all!

And then... both sides involved in the battle disappeared into the abyss.

"Oh god... who would have thought that Song Hong would be this terrifying?"

"He... how could he be a Xiantian cultivator?"

"If he wasn't in the Xiantian Realm, how did he manage to escape from Elder Yue and he group?"

"I did not expect that Song Hong was this good..."

"Not only does he have the saint’s legacy, he actually also has a legendary weapon!"

The others discussed the incident fervently, clearly still taken aback. They thanked their lucky stars that Song Hong did not attack them.

Some of the people on the scene cried. Amongst the Xiantians who died, some of them were their relatives, their elders!

Zuo Datong sneakily shifted to a safe zone and sent for Qing Qiu disciples in the dark.

Song Hong was powerful!

He had actually killed all those Xiantians!

Hahahaha, heaven is indeed helping me!

Heaven hopes that I can finish what I set out to do!

Song Hong ah Song Hong, right now, I must say I am slightly grateful to you!

Zuo Datong had initially lost hope, but he had never thought that Song Hong was so powerful. Such power defied Heaven’s will!

At the same time, he thought that it was a pity that the Crane Saint’s legacy in Song Hong’s possession, as well as the replica Divine Punisher sword that Elder Yue had would never be able to see daylight ever again.

He knew better than anyone that even if a Supreme Realm cultivator went into the Qing Qiu abyss, he could not return.

Only those who have attained True Lord realm and above had a slim chance at survival.

A large number of Qing Qiu Invigorated Meridian martial artists began to gather here.

The ancient disciples of these ancient clans at the edge of the cliff finally regained their consciousness and panicked.

Their biggest backers had all been thrown into the abyss...

Even though they panicked, they were not chaotic!

They knew that their combined power was relatively strong.

Even if they were to fight to their death, they may not necessarily die.

Zuo Datong said coldly, "With things the way they are, what more do you have to say?"

One of the advanced Invigorated Meridian Realm martial artists stood out and looked at Zuo Datong coldly, "With things the way they are, what more do you want?"

"What more do I want? Are you brain damaged? Qing Qiu has not antagonized any of you, yet you have broken through my doors and come in here to steal people; causing huge casualties. Furthermore, you have robbed Qing Qiu..."

"Zuo Datong, stop accusing others, who robbed Qing Qiu of its treasures?" Someone raged.

Zuo Datong replied coldly, "Wasn’t the Qing Qiu medicinal field robbed by you all?"

"It was the Xiantians..." Before this person could finish, he got tongue tied.

The Xiantians had indeed fallen into the abyss, and the medicinal field was indeed cleaned out by them, but... they were the accomplices!

Many of them could clearly remember the awe of seeing the spiritual medicines in the medicinal feel, and the excitement of digging up the spiritual medicines... One could only say that Zhao Mantian’s sacred art was simply too powerful!


Even if an elite cultivator grilled the souls of these Invigorated Meridian Realm martial artists, they would get the same answer!

The memory had already been ingrained in their minds.

They have already taken this as the truth!

This was the terrifying power of Qing Qiu’s mind control hallucination technique!

There were already a large number of Qing Qiu disciples gathered here.

The enemies looked at each other, rage filling their eyes.

Seeing as the scary Xiantian experts were gone, their confidence increased.

One of them bellowed, "Return our spiritual medicine!"

Countless people echoed out, "Return our spiritual medicine!"

Inside the cave, Zhao Mantian glanced at Chu Yu, his bright eyes held a faint smile, almost as if he has seen through everything.

Chu Yu was expressionless, he had no intention to confess.

He felt that having someone to take the rap for him was something extremely blissful.

Atop the cliff.

The Qing Qiu disciples were bellowing, "Return our protective magical formation!"

"You ancient school disciples are so audacious!"

"Do you disregard us Qing Qiu?"

The entire scene was explosive, and it was going to blow up at any moment!

The oppression and humiliation felt previously exploded out at this moment.

At this point, an Invigorated Meridian Realm martial artist from the ancient schools looked at Zuo Datong, "Zuo Datong... how do you want to resolve this issue?"

Zuo Datong replied, "Return our medicines, compensate us for the loss of our huge magical formation and for all our losses, including emotional and mental damages!

The entire group was stunned, emotional and mental damages?

F*ck that, what emotional and mental damages?!

"Who can compensate us for all those Xiantians falling into your abyss?" One of the descendants of the Xiantians asked depressingly.

Zuo Datong mocked, not wanting to bother with such a question. He faked sympathy and said, "You should go find Song Hong! Else, you can go find the Northern Chu Clan..."

"Bullsh*t... what can the Northern Chu Clan do? Furthermore, they’re just taking the rap for him!

"Zuo Datong, if you let us out now, we will treat it like nothing ever happened!"

Zuo Datong snicked coldly, "Are you all really dumb or just acting naive? I have already woken the Qing Qiu elders. Do you think you can leave without compensating Qing Qiu for our losses?

Inside the cave, Chu Yu looked at Zhao Mantian admirably, he finally understood why Zhao Mantian did not throw Zuo Datong into the abyss.

He finally realized that Zuo Datong was just another chess piece in Zhao Mantian’s grand strategy.

He was pretty good to use!

Chu Yu also understood that Zhao Mantian would never appear right now!

When the dust settled and Zhao Mantian returned to Qing Qiu as a Supreme Realm Cultivator, everyone in the Qing Qiu ancestral land, as well as those in the pocket dimension would approve of his portfolio!

A young Supreme Realm cultivator was a legitimate Heaven’s Pride.

It could be said that from the start, Zhao Mantian had no way of losing.

By handling the situation like that, not only did he manage to save Qing Qiu, but he had also helped Chu Yu a whole lot.

However, he would first have to know that Chu Yu and Song Hong were the same person.

But... that shouldn’t be possible?

Chu Yu did not think that Xiao Yue would betray him.

At this point, Zhao Mantian waved his hand. Even though the noises from outside could travel in, Chu Yu could see with his vertical eye that there was a shield sealing the cave.

Only then did Zhao Mantian speak. He looked at Chu Yu and smiled, "What an ingenious move by young master Chu! Taking on two identities and fooling the entire outside world."

Chu Yu’s heart chilled, but he did not believe that Xiao Yue would betray him.

It would seem stubborn of him, but Chu Yu was like that, and he trusted the people around him immensely.

Zhao Mantian bared his teeth and smiled, "The appearance changing technique, also known as Facebook. In the ancient era, it was also considered an odd technique. It has its origins in the ancient elite scared art, and is the Human Transformation Technique in the 36 Heavenly Generals.

Chu Yu heaved a sigh of relief inside, As long as Xiao Yue didn't betray him, else, he would be extremely disappointed.

Xiao Yue knew that he could take on others’ appearance, but she did not know that the cultivation technique was known as Facebook.

Chu Yu looked at Zhao Mantian, shocked at his vast knowledge.

Zhao Mantian continued, "Even though it is no match for the Human Transformation Technique, it’s advantage is that it can be used by non cultivators. People who know this technique are few, even I chanced upon it by accident. Young master Chu need not worry, people who can guess that you are Song Hong are few and far between."

As he spoke, he looked deeply at Chu Yu, "Furthermore, from today onwards, Song Hong is dead!"

"How did Sect Leader Zhao guess this?" Chu Yu asked.

"Please don't call me Sect Leader, look, the Sect Leader of Qing Qiu has been taken over by Zuo Datong." Zhao Mantian laughed, "If it’s okay with you, just call me big brother Zhao."

Chu Yu was stunned, he did not know why Zhao Mantian was treating him so well.

"You must think it's weird?" Zhao Mantian looked at Chu Yu, "I can guess that you must be related to Xiao Yue somehow, the way that she looks at you is just not right."

Xiao Yue stiffened, she did not know what was wrong with the way she looked at young master.

Zhao Mantian continued, "You could say that I watched Xiao Yue grow up since young..."

Xiao Yue replied indignantly, "I'm not that much younger than you okay?"

This tone seemed to be like that of a sister’s willfulness when talking to her brother.

Zhao Mantian looked at Xiao Yue exasperatingly and sighed, "We have a one cycle gap between us! Doesn't this count as me watching you grow up since young?"

Xiao Yue blinked and did not rebut. This was the truth.

In truth, all these years, Sect Leader Zhao Mantian had unofficially been treating Xiao Yue like his little sister.

Zhao Mantian looked at Chu Yu, "If you were Song Hong, Xiao Yue may thank you, even revere you, but she would not look at you with a gaze of familiarity and reliance. Haha, I have always been meticulous, and I have a keen eye for observation."

"..." Chu Yu was speechless.

Zhao Mantian’s expression became stern as he said solemnly to Chu Yu, "The reason why I’m helping you is simple, Xiao Yue is like a sister to me. There’s something that even Xiao Yue is unaware of."

Xiao Yue raised her head and looked at Zhao Mantian in confusion.

Zhao Mantian said, "Xiao Yue is from the Nine Tailed Lightning Fox bloodline, and I... coincidentally am too!"

Upon hearing this, Xiao Yue’s eyes widened in disbielief.

"As such, from a bloodline point of view, Xiao Yue and I are relatives! Furthermore, we are of the same generation, thus, it is perfectly correct for me to call her my sister." Zhao Mantian smiled and said.

Ah, I see!

Chu Yu finally understood why Zhao Mantian was so good to him, the reason lay with Xiao Yue.

"Even though you knew Xiao Yue was one of the influential disciples in Qing Qiu, you did not ask for any compensation when you helped her get rid of her shackles. Initially... I had wanted to break through to the Supreme Realm before coming back to help her."

"Sect Leader..." Xiao Yue was visibly touched.

"Call me brother." Zhao Mantian smiled.

He looked at Chu Yu and said, "You unselfishly helped Xiao Yue breakthrough, and even gave her the saint’s legacy..."

"How do you know that?" Xiao Yue looked at Zhao Mantian in disbelief, before turning to Chu Yu, visibly wronged.

Almost like she was saying, It wasn’t me!

Zhao Mantian replied, "Only by cultivating with a saint’s legacy can you avoid being affected by my mind control technique. A saint’s technique can cut through all lies and is not easily duped.


Xiao Yue and Chu Yu were speechless, thinking to themselves, Is it that easy?

However, behind the easiness hid Zhao Mantian’s vast expanse of knowledge.

Zhao Mantian continued, "After knowing Xiao Yue was in danger, you did not hesitate to come to her rescue, even at the expense of your own safety. Most importantly, you are not in love with her, instead you purely treat her as a friend..."

Xiao Yue stiffened and blushed, murmuring, "What are you saying..."

"Haha, I am not just meticulous. Since I am of much higher cultivation than both of you, I have a powerful sense of the auras surrounding you." Zhao Mantian smiled widely at Chu Yu and Xiao Yue.

"As such, when I say that you’re warmhearted, righteous and loyal, I am not so much praising you as I am just stating a fact."

Zhao Mantian looked deeply into Chu Yu’s eyes and said, "Brother, shall we become sworn brothers?"

"Ah?" Chu Yu was floored.

"Ah?" Xiao Yue was stunned.


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