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The cab sped on steadily. Seeing as the handsome youth at the back had fallen asleep, the cabby turned down the volume of the stereo.

They were almost out of the ten rings of Yan Jing. At that moment, the cabby found a car that seemed to be tailing him.

To be fair, traffic on this road was not light. Under any normal circumstances, the cabby would not have thought anything out of the ordinary, however, the car behind was following too closely, almost as if it was afraid of losing them. Under such circumstances, the driver would find it difficult not to notice.

"Sir..." the driver called Chu Yu softly.

Chu Yu’s eyes sprung open, his pupils black but bright. In the moment that they opened, it was as if light emanated from them.

"What’s up?" Chu Yu raised his head and looked at the driver.

The driver got a fright when he saw Chu Yu’s eyes and he lost focus for a moment. He could have sworn that in twenty years drivin a cab, he had never seen anyone with eyes so bright.

This man was definitely crazy!

"There seems to be a car tailing us." The driver alerted Chu Yu kindly.

He didn’t want someone as youthful and handsome as the young man in the back seat to get into any trouble, so he looked at Chu Yu through the rear mirror and suggested, "How about we turn back and head to the city?"

Chu Yu laughed, "you must have made a mistake, I don’t see anyone following us."

The driver pointed at the reflection in the rear view mirror, "That black goods vehicle just behind us, I have been observing them for quite some time now..."

"No worries, just keep going." Chu Yu assured him.

"Ok then." Since the passenger didn’t seem to mind, he did not say anything further on the matter.

Very quickly, the car was out of the 10 rings.

Chu Yu raised his head and looked ahead. To his right were rolling hills, with thick forests and tall trees. Every now and then, flocks of birds would fly out of those forests.

In this day and age, with the recovery of the spiritual energy of heaven and Earth, most plants grow at astonishing rates. It was almost as if any place with mountains would have virgin forests.

"Sir, you can let me off at the exit ahead and head back to the city." Chu Yu instructed.

"Don’t you need me to wait here?" The driver asked.

"No thank you." Chu Yu smiled at the driver.

Very quickly, the car took the next exit and stopped by the roadside.

Chu Yu alighted, waved goodbye to the driver and trudged on, alone.

The goods vehicle that was following them also took the same exit.

The cab driver saw the situation and frowned as he contemplated if he should alert Chu Yu, but Chu Yu was long gone by that time.

As the black goods van passed the taxi, it slowed considerably. The unmarked van carried a few passengers, who all looked icily at the driver.

The driver got the fright of his life and turned away, scrambling to start his car and leave. When he was finally on the highway, he found himself breaking out in cold sweat. He knew that he had gotten himself into a sticky situation.

However, to his surprise, when he tried to recall what the young man looked like, he could not remember how Chu Yu looked like!

"I must have seen a ghost! How sinister!" the driver floored the accelerator, wanting to escape this godforsaken place as fast as he could.


The town here was on the left side of the road, yet, when Chu Yu alighted, he set his eyes on the forest to the right. A lush green field separated the forest and the road.

Chu Yu walked steadily along the narrow road that ran inside the field.

Inside the black goods van, there were five people, including the driver.

"That boy led us here on purpose." The driver frowned as he looked at Chu Yu walking away from them through the field.

"Choosing a grave for himself?" One of them said coldly.

"I think that something doesn’t add up. Think about it, after this piece of trash returned to Yan Jing, he did not find a place to stay, and did not link up with his bodyguards. Instead, he hired a taxi to come to such a secluded area, and still wants to tunnel through the forest. This is not logical, is this a trap set up for us by him?"

The man who spoke was in his thirties, of medium build, and his brows gave him an aggressive look.

"Who cares, this was a mission given to us by Master Yu, he is merely uncultivable trash." A blonde haired male in his twenties said absent mindedly.

"What if he is hooking us in on purpose? What if he had already requested for backup in the car?" The driver was in his 40s, and he was extremely cautious.

Just at that moment, Chu Yu, who had already walked a considerable distance, turned around to look in their direction.

The scorn was clear in his eyes!

Following which, he beckoned to the people in the vehicle with his finger.

He then burst out in laughter.

"F*ck! I will kill him!" The blonde exploded, throwing open the car door and rushed at Chu Yu without waiting for the rest.

There were many cars travelling along the highway, but the blonde was enraged and he utilised all of his power to sprint towards Chu Yu like a rocket.

Any ordinary person would not be able to see his silhouette!

Even though he was still some ways out from breaking the sound barrier, his speed was relatively amazing.

The blonde was an Acupoint Charging Stage Four martial artist.

Seeing that he had alighted, the other four could not simply stand back. Everybody knew that if they could kill that man, Master Yu would reward them handsomely."

"We can't let him take all the credit."

The others looked at each other and opened the doors of the car, sprinting in the same direction.

This run would determine who was the most powerful.

The driver who was in his forties was extremely cautious previously, but he was the most powerful amongst all of them.

His speed was closing on the speed of sound. He is actually an Acupoint Charging Stage 6 expert!

Amongst the other three, two of them attained stage four and one attained stage five.

This was already a very strong force.

Even in Yan Jing, which is saturated with experts, they were not to be underestimated.

Chu Yu looked as if he was still right next to the resting pavilion, yet, in an instant, he was already at the edge of the forest.

"You piece of trash, stay still!" The blonde hollered.

Even though he was reckless, he was not stupid. He was afraid that Chu Yu would have reinforcements waiting to ambush him in the forest. This was the reason why he wanted to cut him off and kill him before Chu Yu could enter the forest.

Yet he forgot to note something important: with his speed, why hasn't he caught up to Chu Yu? Even though the distance from the highway to the hills was not far, but it was at least two kilometers, how did Chu Yu reach the foot of the hills in the blink of an eye?

Not only did the blonde miss out this fact, even the other four, including the cautious driver, all failed to recognize this.

To be fair, one could not blame them. The fact that Chu Yu was uncultivable trash had been ingrained into their minds. If there was any way to help him recover, the Northern Chu Clan would have done it a long time ago, why wait till today?

As a result, they suspected that Chu Yu had called for reinforcements hidden in the forest, but did not suspect that Chu Yu himself was a little out of the ordinary.

Yet, Chu Yu had already entered the forest.

Even though he had never been here before, he had grown up in a similar environment.

When he was six, he chased an Acupoint Charging Stage One Tiger into the Russian territory of Siberia. It would be unlikely that anyone could be more familiar with forests than Chu Yu.

As a result, upon entering the forest, like a dragon returning to the ocean, Chu Yu could lose his pursuers in an instant

The blonde immediately started raging, "Damn it, is he a Chameleon? How did he disappear after entering the forest?

The other 4 all entered the forest at that point. As they stepped into the forest, a cooling sensation hit them, a far cry from the heat and humidity outside.

"Where is he?"

"I saw that punk come in with my own eyes, how did he disappear?"

"Split up and look!" The blonde furrowed his eyebrows, his face filling with rage, "I don't believe that we let him get away!"

"I think we should stick together." The driver, who had attained Acupoint Charging Stage Six, said solemnly. "Something doesn't add up."

The blonde said exasperatingly, "what doesn't add up? He is just a piece of trash, and his two bodyguards aren't much of a worry either..."

"Don't forget how he managed to return from Mount Tai!" The middle aged man interrupted coldly.

The blonde stiffened slightly and frowned, deep in thought.

At that moment, there were signs of movement ahead, almost as if someone had accidentally stepped on a branch.

The middle aged man had the fastest reactions and disappeared in an instant.

By the time the other 4 reacted, the driver was long gone.

"F*ck, he wants Chu Yu to himself!" The blonde bellowed, and gave chase in the same direction.

After a brief look at each other, the other three followed in hot pursuit.

The middle aged man saw a speeding figure in front of him. He immediately recognized the figure as Chu Yu.

Yet, Chu Yu’s performance surprised him. This was not the speed of an uncultivable trash, it was at least that of an Acupoint Charging Stage Five.

"You b*stard! You've been pretending to be ruined for years!" A chill ran down his spine as he came to this epiphany.

Yet, he chuckled to himself, "you're only an Acupoint Charging Stage 5, yet you dare to lure me here? You must be tired of living!"

Within minutes, he closed in on the speeding silhouette.

A sneer broke out on the middle aged man’s face as he mocked, "where are you running to, you little b*stard?"

Chu Yu finally stopped and turned to face the middle aged man.

With a face of confusion, he asked, "are you looking for me?"

The middle aged man mocked, "why did you stop running? Why not continue? I can cheer you on! You've been under deep cover for so long, you little b*stard. Was it tiring to pretend to be ruined for so many years?"

"You're at Acupoint Charging Stage 6?" Chu Yu asked solemnly.

The middle aged man guffawed, "didn't expect that did you? Did you think you could trap us all? How naive of you."

Looking around him, he continued, "this place has nice scenery, a suitable place for a grave."

Chu Yu looked at the middle aged man blankly, "Whose grave?"

The middle aged chuckled, "of course it's yours, how can it be mine?"

Chu Yu nodded solemnly, "since you're the oldest, you will die first."

"Go to hell!" The middle aged man said coldly, raised his fist and threw a punch at Chu Yu’s face.

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