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Wu Kai carried the metal cage, humming a small tune as he walked quickly towards the mountains at the back of Qing Qiu.

There were a lot of the fox race in Qing Qiu along the way. When they saw the scene, they carefully dodged to the side.

They were keenly aware of who was inside the cage.

Xiao Yue, the Heaven’s Pride of Qing Qiu!

A goddess in the eyes of many!

Yet, she had fallen to such a state now.

Many people pitied her, but no one dared to resist.

In this period of time, the blood spilled in Qing Qiu could fill a river, many people had been murdered.

These people were all from Elder Du’s line, and they were all influential people in Qing Qiu.

However, in the fight for the leadership position, the losers saw their heads rolling and their blood filling rivers.

Since historical times, such things have occurred repeatedly.

The only difference was that Elder Du was really innocent.

She had been loyal to the sect leader and unbelievably loyal to Qing Qiu, never once thinking about betraying the sect.

Sadly, the two deputies were extremely ambitious and thought of her as an obstacle.

Wu Kai was immensely contented, his face filled with an insuppressible smile.

Even though many people saw him and dodged fearfully to the side, not daring to look at him, but he did not mind.

Now you fear me, but before long, I will let you respect me!

Right now... there was no hurry!

When I become the core disciple of the deputy sect leader, you will look at me differently!

Very quickly Wu Kai arrived at the mountains at the back of Qing Qiu. After the world had recovered, a huge abyss had appeared here.

60 million years ago, this was the Qing Qiu monument.

And it was originally a huge abyss.

Even 60 million years ago, this abyss was an extremely dangerous place.

Very rarely did people who enter come out alive.

There were sayings that this abyss was linked to another dimension.

However, this was never proven

After the world had been sealed, the abyss had been sealed together with it.

30 years ago, when the seal was lifted, the abyss had reappeared.

However, in the past 30 years, virtually no one fro Qing Qiu was thrown inside.

It was too cruel!

For many people, they would rather die than be thrown into the abyss.

Elder Du was the first one!

She was being used by Elder Lu and the two deputies to scare those who dared to oppose them.

Wu Kai reached the edge of the cliff and put the cage down. He waved away the two guards and smiled at Xiao Yue, "Senior Xiao Yue, do you want to live?"

Wu Kai smiled and asked.

Xiao Yue lay in the metal cage quietly, not saying anything.

To those at the level of the deputies and Elder Lu, Xiao Yue could still reply, but when dealing with people like Wu Kai, she could not be bothered.

Wu Kai looked at Xiao Yue greedily and laughed, "Senior Xiao Yue, since you’ve changed to your original form, I believe when you change back to your human form... you have no clothes. What do you think you’ll look like if I release the seals at your feet and change you back to human form? Sh*t, I am excited!"

"Shameless!" Xiao Yue who was caged up could not help but scold.


Old yellow, who was inside the bushes also could not help but exclaim.

Being cultivated and not despicable was the highest level!

Learn from me, don’t ever do something like that!

Old yellow had acted a little cute in order to make his way in here together with some Qing Qiu disciples.

The foxes and wolves were similar, and weasels were a distant relative. Furthermore, his cultivation level far exceeded those of the disciples.

When he curbed his aura, his body shrunk and he looked like a normal weasel.

Most of the people in Qing Qiu treated spiritual animals well as they too had demonic blood in them.

Furthermore, Old Yellow’s method of acting cute had gained the liking of the lady disciples and they brought him in.

There were still many animals inside Qing Qiu and Old Yellow fit in perfectly.

Just in the short span of half a day, Old Yellow had managed to gather valuable intel.

He also knew that after Xiao Yue had returned, she had been betrayed and morphed back to her original state. She was then sealed and caged up.

However, Old Yellow did not dare to save her as his cultivation level was too low.

He could only observe from the side.

He had sneakily followed Wu Kai over here, seeing Wu Kai’s despicable behavior was making him want to take action.

Even though Old Yellow hadn’t spent much time with Chu Yu, he knew that Xiao Yue was one of Chu Yu’s people.

Chu Yu had also said that he would come to Qing Qiu to save Xiao Yue.

If this gal was to meet with any unfortunate events, even if Chu Yu did not blame it, it would not be able to live with such guilt.

However... this was their main camp!

Old Yellow was conflicted.

Wu Kai rubbed his hands and smiled at Xiao Yue, "Shameless? B*tch, weren’t you also shameless when you were serving that wasted person Chu Yu? Also, you must have also served his senior Song Hong? You’re not a virgin, why act so clean? Just let me have my way and I will find a way to bring you out of Qing Qiu!"

Wu Kai looked at Xiao Yue, "As long as you agree to be my slave, I swear I will find a way to save you!"


Xiao Yue only had one word for someone as shameless as him.

"Xiao Yue, are you not going to give me ay face!" Wu Kai was a little embarrassed as he looked into the cage at Xiao Yue, his expression cold, "I am giving you a chance now, if I force myself on you, do you think you can resist?"

"I will not let you have your way even if I die." Xiao Yue replied coldly.

At this point, she had regrets in her heart, She had never expected that the situation in Qing Qiu had deteriorated to this level.

When she returned, she found a girl friend of hers that she had grew up with, asking her for help.

This friend had promised her help, but ended up betraying her.

In her battle with Elder Lu, she had been beaten back to her original form and locked up.

That girl friend of hers, because of her help, was matched with one of Elder Lu’s sons...

It was the first time Xiao Yue had felt such chills.

"I see you don’t want the carrot, how about the stick?" Wu Kai laughed, extended his hand and opened the door to the cage!

The white fox which was Xiao Yue shrunk into a corner and bared its teeth, threatening Wu Kai.

However, this was useless. Her body was sealed and she could not use any of her abilities.

She was dragged out of the cage by her foot. Then, Wu Kai looked at Xiao Yue evilly.

"Little b*tch, since you’ve been played before by others, why not let me have a good time before you die?" As Wu Kai spoke, he pressed on a few spots on Xiao Yue’s body.

These had sealed the major acupoints on Xiao Yue, ensuring that she could not move.

Only then did he slowly extend his hand, an evil smile on his face, to release the cuffs on Xiao Yue’s legs.

Those cuffs were made of a special material, and had inscriptions on them. Xiao Yue may have been beaten into her original form, but if she got back her energy, she could turn back into human form.

This was the special ability of her species!

However, if the lock stayed on, she would forever be kept in her original form.

However, if Wu Kai released the cuffs on Xiao Yue, she would instantly turn into human form...


Xiao Yue couldn’t help but scream.

No matter how unafraid of death she was, as a girl, she could not bear such humiliation.

In the distance a few of the fox race in charge of guarding the abyss looked out cautiously.

Wu Kai laughed out loudly and kept his hands, turning back and shouting, "Brothers, stay back, I, Wu Kai, owe you one, when I become the core disciple of the deputy, I won’t forget this day!"

Wu Kai had been very popular in Qing Qiu recently, and he had surpassed many of the core disciples.

The few foxes guarding the abyss did empathize with Xiao Yue, but no one dared to confront Wu Kai.

They slowly retreated back.

Old Yellow squinted his eyes in the bushes, his heart conflicted.

If he took action and saved Xiao Yue, he could still preserve her purity.

But if they wanted to escape, that would be too difficult!

This was the heart and soul of Qing Qiu, and it was filled with the lines of Zuo Datong, Liu Wucheng and Elder Lu.

Wu Kai was just a small fry, he could send him flying with a single slap, but what about those Invigorated Meridian realm experts?

Old Yellow’s mind filled with conflicting thoughts.

He had never been faced with such a difficult decision before.

Wu Kai looked at the few foxes guarding leave, turned around to look at Xiao Yue and snickered, "Now, even if you scream your lungs out, no one will save you... Heh, heh!"

As he spoke, he extended his hands to remove Xiao Yue’s cuffs.

F*ck him!

Old yellow could not take it any longer and lunged at Wu Kai!

No matter what happened after, he had to protect Xiao Yue and make sure she was not harmed right now!

At this time, a figure, many times faster than Old Yellow charged over.

Whilst Old Yellow was still in mid air, he saw a flash of light and Wu Kai’s extended arm dropped instantly!


Wu Kai let out an earth shaking scream.

Blood flowed from his body!

Staining half his clothes.

Just as Chu Yu was about to execute Wu Kai, Xiao Yue screamed, "Don’t kill him!"

Chu Yu’s ancient bronze blade stopped at Wu Kai’s neck. If Xiao Yue had screamed half a second later, Wu Kai would have been beheaded.

Wu Kai was shocked paled, his entire body shivering.

He didn’t care about the pain from his broken arm. He dropped to his knees and bowed, "Don’t, don’t kill me, I am just an executor, I am innocent..."

Chu Yu kicked Wu Kai over and glanced at Old Yellow walking over, visibly ashamed, "Don’t bother explaining..."

"No, you have to hear me out, I had already lunged out, and I only dodged away because I saw that blade energy...." Old Yellow felt wronged.

However, he was shocked that Chu Yu could appear here so quickly, and he wanted to know how Chu Yu had escaped from those people.

"I know." Chu Yu nodded, then glanced at Old Yellow, "Go kill off those people over there..."

He quickly changed his orders, "Never mind, just knock them out."

Old yellow was eager to show what it was capable of, it pounded its chest and promised to finish the mission.

Chu Yu looked down at a listless Xiao Yue, the three tailed white fox still tearing.

"Young master..."

As she spoke, she choked, almost as if she had thought of something, "Young master Song, why have you come?"

"I heard you were faced with some problems here, so I came over to take a look." Chu Yu replied, visibly relaxed.

Fro afar, he could hear Old Yellow’s enraged roar, "Aiya f*ck, see my divine farting technique! F*ck, Mr Song, why are you so unreasonable, did you bring all these killers with you? Why are there so many people?"

Xiao Yue looked at Chu Yu, stunned, her eyes revealing how touched she was.

"When I came here, I caught someone and asked them, then I found out that you were in danger."

Chu Yu explained.

He scanned Wu Kai, who was still faking his death. He then turned to Xiao Yue, "What do we do with this scum?"

Xiao Yue’s gaze was icy and her eyes filled with revenge.

"Throw him into the abyss."

Anyone who could make someone as compassionate as her say something like this must have triggered a deep seated hatred.

Wu Kai was immensely scared, the hairs on his body standing. As a result of his energy being released, he was on the verge of revealing his true form.

"Senior Xiao Yue... please don’t, don’t kill me... I’m begging you, we are all in the same sect!

He pleaded.

Chu Yu retrieved a large coat and covered Xiao Yue’s fox form with it.

He then extended his hand and removed the cuffs on Xiao Yue’s legs. Although Xiao Yue would find it difficult to do it herself, it was extremely simple for someone else to remove the cuffs.

There was a ring, when Chu Yu pressed hard on it, the cuffs released instantly.

Afterwhich, Chu Yu opened his vertical eye and looked at Xiao Yue, realizing that her acupoints had been sealed.

Chu Yu began to unlock Xiao Yue’s sealed acupoints.

Xiao Yue, who had regained her freedom, began to exercise her techniques and morphed from a three tailed white fox to a human.

At this point, Wu Kai morphed into his true form.

He was just a grey fox, begging for his life.

"Don’t kill me... don’t kill me, I was wrong, senior Xiao Yue..."

Chu Yu didn’t speak, placing the cuffs onto Wu Kai’s claws with a Kacha sound.

Not caring about his pleads, Chu Yu picked him up and threw him viciously towards the abyss!


The grey fox, cuffed by its claws made an arc as it fell towards the abyss!

Wu Kai disappeared instantly with an accompanying cry, as if the thick mist surrounding the abyss had swallowed him up.

At this moment, there were people from all directions shouting, out for blood.

Accompanying those screams were the shouts of Old Yellow, he did not seem to be able to handle them.

The screams were to inform Chu Yu that it wanted to run away.

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