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The few of them looked at each other, after asking many people in succession, they finally decided to accept this rather impossible truth, albeit rather unwillingly.

According to the position Elder Shi pinpointed, he was nearby!

However, everybody here said that they did not see a Chinese man appear here.


That fella definitely knew an appearance changing technique!

Damn it!

They all felt like they had been viciously toyed by Song Hong. The feeling was horrible.

They had chased Sng Hong tens of thousands of miles to get here.

They had even made things a little awkward and unhappy between themselves when they were trying to decide how to share the loot.

In the end... the piece of fresh meat and dessert in their eyes... had just disappeared from the face of the earth?

He didn’t leave any trace!

If they had known, why even bother splitting the loot? Argue for f*ck?

The few Xiantian elders were on the verge of fighting it out in their enraged state.

Wasn’t he supposed a sitting duck?

Even before they had gotten the fish, they had fought over how to cook the fish, yet at the end of the day, the fish was long gone.

They felt like they had just f*cked a dog.

Both Elder Shi and Elder Yue felt extremely unlucky.

Especially Elder Shi, he felt that he was a complete and utter idiot!

Being played right into other’s plans was too depressing!

"Song Hong... deserves to die!"

Elder Shi grit his teeth, the fire in his eyes raging.

At this point, Chu Yu was on a long distance bus ride. Even though the wound in his back still hurt a little, it didn’t matter. The injury was not serious and it would be better after a period of rest.

He left that small city carefreely and without worries.

Chu Yu, who had been resting on the back of the seat, felt a sudden thankfulness for the 16 years which he was "wasted". In this 16 years, he had learnt a lot of knowledges beyond that of cultivation.

Amongst those were the languages of other countries!

Chu Yu was fluent in seven to eight languages, and he had dalliances into various dialects. Even though he wasn’t extremely fluent, he could hold a conversation.

Chu Yu, who had taken on the appearance of a Central Asian, sporting a well practiced accent, had no pressure when communicating with the locals.

No one would have thought that the person beside them was a pure bred Chinese.

The small city behind him became further and further away, until it disappeared beyond the horizon.

After experiencing such a crisis, Chu Yu became even more determined.

If he didn’t enter Xiantian and become a cultivator, he would always just be a slightly stronger ant.

His arrogance from a moment ago had completely disappeared after this incident.

Just like how Xue Ran’s youth caused her to pay the price; Chu Yu’s youth had caused him to make a few mistakes.

People always grow and learn from trials and tribulations. Anyone who doesn’t make mistakes is not a human, but a god.

When the bus arrived at the next city, Chu Yu began to make his way home.

He sprinted in the direction of Qing Qiu!

Qing Qiu is inside the borders of Ludi.

Compared to the underworld clans, the Qing Qius were much stronger, at the same time, due to their bloodline, they were also very mysterious.

Very secretive!

The Qing Qiu people rarely made contact with the outside world.

The current Qing Qiu sect leader was an ingenious person.

He was relatively young, a youth talent and he did not take long after the world recovered to cultivate to an extremely high level.

This time, the sect leader’s travel lasted over a year.

When it first started, there were still news of him. However, for the good half of last year, it would seem that he had entered into an ancient monument and there was no news of him since.

This news was placed under lockdown within Qing Qiu, and little people within the sect knew.

This was why Elder Lu’s section could not resist taking down Elder Du.

They had felt that there was a good chance that the sect leader had ran into trouble!

Else, how could he have been comms silent for over half a year?

For any normal monument, you could finish exploring it in two to three days, if it was a big monument, ten days to half a month should suffice.

Unless it was an enormous monument like the one that Chu Yu found under the Ruins of the Pile of Three Stars, but even those could be settled in a few months.

How could it be that he disappeared for more than half a year without any news?

The Qing Qiu headquarters.

Inside a huge palace.

There was a steel cage about a man’s height. Around the cage were a ton of inscriptions.

Inside the cage, there was a three tailed white fox about five feet tall.

There were a lot of dried blood stains on the white fox. They sticked onto its initially smooth and shining white fur, shocking anyone who saw it.

The white fox lay there, cuffed by its claws. Even the cuffs were sealed with inscriptions.

It did not move, almost as if it was dead.

There were a few people outside the cage.

Two of the leaders of Qing Qiu, Zuo Datong and Liu Wucheng stood there calmly.

Elder Lu had a cold smile on his face as he looked at the three tailed white fox.

Other than this, there were a few people standing some distance away, including his most recent disciple Wu Kai.

Because he was loyal, smart and had foresight, Wu Kai was extremely valued by Elder Lu.

If his abilities could be improved further, he could even become one of Elder Lu’s core disciples!

Wu Kai looked at the three tailed white fox in the cage and he couldn’t help but reveal a smile of content.

He thought to himself, "What did I say? I said, you won’t be my senior for long! B*tch, you’re so aloof usually, and you put no one in your eyes. Now aren’t you like an obedient kitty, laying there unmoving?"

And I, Wu Kai, will become Elder Lu... no, Vice Sect Leader Lu’s core disciple!

His standing will soon be extremely high!

For all he knew, he could have the chance of being given the surname Hu!

As for you, you will become a prisoner, following in the footsteps of your master and thrown into the depths.

What a pity... you’re so beautiful!

Wu Kai slowly took in Xiao Yue’s beauty, he had desired her for very long, but he did not dare show it before.

Before, Xiao Yue was like the moon in the sky whilst he was only a rock on the floor.

But the situation now had changed!

If he had the chance to marry her... how good would that be?

Wu Kai had wild thoughts even as he maintained a stern expression externally.

He needed to be more serious in the face of the higher ups.

Elder Lu stared at the caged Xiao Yue and said icily, "Xiao Yue, with things the way they are now, are you still unwilling to admit to your mistakes?"

Xiao Yue who had reverted to human form was still cold, and she opened her eyes slowly, her eyes filled with weakness but she was still stubbornly strong.

"What have I done wrong?"

"Are you not going to confess until you face death in the face? Do you really want to be like your traitor master and be thrown into the depths?" Elder Lu’s voice was cold even as he stared icily at Xiao Yue.

"I think you all know who the true traitors are, when the sect leader comes back, he will not let you all off." Xiao Yue’s voice was weak, but still characteristically icy.

"Sect leader? Haha, he’s not coming back!" Vice sect leader Zuo Datong laughed coldly, "If he could come back, he would have been back a long time ago!"

Liu Wucheng said flatly, "So what if the sect leader returns? There is overwhelming evidence that your master is a traitor, even the sect leader must do things by the book."

"Xiao Yue, your crimes are serious, and you are unrepentant, I will give you one last chance."

Elder Lu looked at Xiao Yue icily, his voice cold, "If you tell us how your problem was solved, did Song Hong do it? If you tell us where Song Hong is from... I will tell the two sect leaders to show you leniency!"

"Two sect leaders?" Xiao Yue said disdainfully, "Save it, if you all want to kill me do it, if you all want to throw me into the abyss, do so quickly, whatever you all want to do, I will not rebut."

"Good, I like stubborn girls like you." Elder Lu let out a snarl as he looked to the two deputies, Zuo Datong and Liu Wucheng.

Both of them nodded slightly.

Elder Lu looked at Wu Kai, "Go, throw her into the abyss!"

Wu Kai was stiffened and bowed immediately, "Yes master!"

As he spoke, he moved quickly over and lifted up the metal cage. The metal cage was a few hundred catties heavy, but this was nothing for a high level Acupoint CHarging martial artist.

After Wu Kai left, Elder Lu looked to Zuo Datong and Liu Wucheng and laughed, "Two sect leaders... this country cannot be without a leader. As of now, the ancient schools are all entering society, and without a leader, Qing Qiu is lagging behind. This cannot go on! Will both leaders please..."

Zuo Datong revealed some motive in his expression.

Liu Wucheng also couldn’t help but be deep in thought.

Even though they were the deputies, and reported only to one men, they were still deputies after all, and they were still subordinates.

They were worried that if the Sect Leader did not actually die, what would happen upon his return?

This was no trivial matter, even though the sect leader is young, he is the pure descendant of the foxes.

His status has been confirmed by the ancestors.

In other words, he was the only legitimate one!

Even though Zuo Datong and Liu Wucheng had pure fox blood in their veins, they were still many ways off the sect leader.

The leader of the Qing Qius was the leader of the entire fox race, and they had to be confirmed and supported by all the foxes.

Even though they wanted to take the throne, they had many reservations.

Elder Lu advised with seriousness, "The Sect Leader has left for a long time, and abandoned the rest of the sect here. Such behavior is utterly irresponsible. Does it mean that if he does not come back, Qing Qiu shuts down?"

As he spoke, he looked at the two of them, "Furthermore, this plan of ours... is also a rather makeshift plan, even if the Sect Leader returns, he shouldn’t have any reason to fault us right?"

At last, Elder Lu said, "Furthermore, both deputies must have known that this plan... left no room for turning back."

Zuo Datong and Liu Wucheng stiffened as they looked at each other.

Exactly, no turning back

In order to suppress Elder Du and his line, they had murdered many people. Even Elder Du was thrown into the abyss and her beloved disciple, Xiao Yue, who may have the Lightning Fox’s blood, was also about to be thrown into the abyss.

This would be sufficient to drag their names through the mud and prevent them from ever making a comeback!

"Ok then... Elder Lu, contact some of the other elders, get them on board..." Zuo Datong looked at Elder Lu and said solemnly.

Liu Wucheng nodded, "Afterwards, you will be the first deputy!"

Elder Lu could not suppress his happiness as he dropped to his knees, "Thank you leaders for your promotion!"

"Stand up, Lu Ping, you are a smart man, don’t say anymore, we don’t forget our friends when we succeed!" Zuo Datong replied.

Lu Ping brought his people down with wind under his cape.

Zuo Datong and Liu Wucheng sat in the room and smiled at each other.

Zuo Datong said, "Sect leader should still be stuck in that east sea dragon palace right?

Liu Wucheng smiled, "He should still be alive, in fact, I hope he can see the day when we become the sect leader."

Zuo Datong grit his teeth and laughed, "That yellow mouth kid, he didn’t know his place when he took over the leader position. He plotted against us in the dark, but he didn’t know that we had seen through him a long time ago and put together a huge feast for him!"

As they spoke, the two of them could not help but guffaw.

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