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He suddenly remembered that cultivators in the Xiantian realm had control over the sacred art!

Could it be that they had put some form of a mark on my body?

Such ability was not found in the Acupoint Charging and Invigorated Meridian martial artists, but for the Xiantian cultivators, this was nothing much!

They had the ability to place a sacred recording mark on other’s body without anyone noticing.

Such a sacred recording mark was many times more powerful than the technological Global Positioning Satellite. It had a range of tens of thousands of miles, had no blind spots or signal errors and it was terrifyingly accurate!

Thinking of such a possibility, Chu Yu felt chills run down his spine.

He was still a little too careless!

He had underestimated the methods of the Xiantian cultivators.

They had let him play the cat and mouse game inside the city because they had every confidence that he could not escape their grasp.

Chu Yu took a deep breath to calm himself down.

Then, he opened up his vertical eye and began to search his body.

He looked into his entire body and finally found a faint ball of energy at the base of his back.

The ball of energy was attached to his back, and it was only the size of a rice grain.

It looked like a maggot attached to his bone!

Under the observation of his vertical eye, it had no place to hide.

However, if he did not have the vertical eye, he had no way of knowing that it existed.

Indeed it was like that!

Chu Yu was slightly depressed. The feeling of being set up by people without you noticing was way too upsetting.

In a flash, he entered a small restaurant and called for some light snacks.

His current image was no different from any central asian and he had a fluent local accent. His appearance here was in no way strange or sudden.

Chu Yu sat there silently as he tried to resolve the ball of energy.

He did not attempt to use his own energy to resolve it, the mark left by a Xiantian cultivator belonged to the sacred art category.

Based on his current cultivation level, even though he had attained the great circle of Acupoint Charging, he had no way of using his own energy to resolve it.

Strength and magic skills were two different things that belong to two different worlds.

Chu Yu could only hope that the vertical eye in his forehead would be triggered to fire off some mystical force that could remove this mark.

The little metal ball that became his vertical eye was too cryptic. All this while, without considering its origins, even understanding what it could do eluded Chu Yu.

All he knew is that the little metal ball that morphed into a vertical eye would protect the owner in times of crises.

As for the rest, he could only explore it further as he cultivated.

This time, in order to resolve the sacred recording mark on his body, Chu Yu could only do the only thing he knew and roll the dice.

He focused his energies but did not open his vertical eye, instead choosing to use his mental energies to move it.

A faint wave of energy began to emanate from his forehead.

There was movement in his vertical eye.

Chu Yu’s face revealed traces of happiness.

He did not relax, because those Xiantian cultivators could find him at any moment.

A wave of courage!


As he entered the Great Circle of Acupoint Charging, Chu Yu’s mental strength had improved greatly as compared to before.

If this was before, he would have no way of causing such movement in his vertical eye.

Chu Yu carefully led the thread of faint energy from his vertical eye.

This energy seemed like it could dissipate any moment, it was weak like a candle in the wind.

As such, he needed to be incredibly focused!

As such, even when the waiters brought his food over, his face was still completely expressionless.

After the waiter greeted Chu Yu and realized that he didn’t respond, he looked weirdly into his eyes before shrugging his shoulders and leaving.

Such things had become commonplace to him. Everyone has their quirks, even though this one was rather weird.

At this point, Chu Yu had already led that wave of faint energy all the way to his back.

That thread of energy which could break any moment seemed to sense that ball of energy that did not belong to Chu Yu the moment it arrived.

Like a hungry wolf, it lunged ferociously at that ball of energy!

It was almost as if a sick seedling had become a dragon or a tiger in an instant!

This unexpected scene shocked even Chu Yu.

In the next moment, the rice sized ball of energy stuck to his back was swallowed in an instant by the energy he had brought from his forehead.

In this moment, Chu Yu had a very unsatisfied feeling!

As if... he was very hungry!

Very hungry?

He was stunned, this definitely was not his own thought, rather... it was caused by that thread of energy from his vertical eye.

What was going on?

Even Chu Yu himself was shocked.

The thread of energy that came from his forehead disappeared in the instant that it swallowed the mark that the Xiantian had left behind.

Only Chu Yu could feel the wave of energy return to his forehead.

He then looked again at his back and found no trace of the ball of energy which disappeared.


Chu Yu

That maneuver had expended a lot of his mental energy.

In the next moment, Chu Yu didn’t know if it was a mistaken feeling, but he felt that his mental power... had become even stronger.

Only now did he begin to realize that the power that his vertical eye brought about required a higher cultivation level to activate.

His cultivation level was still too low. He believed that after entering the Invigorated Meridian realm, there would be a rise in his power.

Having solved the problem, Chu Yu’s mood became much lighter.

The feeling of being watched had disappeared completely in an instant.

Chu Yu began tasting the local delicacies, relaxed, he even flashed a well meaning smile at the server.

"This is delicious!"

The restaurant's server nodded at Chu Yu stiffly, and he also smiled, "Thank you!"

Yet, he thought to himself, What a weirdo!

He finished his meal quickly, stood up to pay and threw down one USD in tips and left under the respectful gaze of the server.

In such a fast food restaurant, people come and go, and there were a few people coming and going before and after Chu Yu.

Chu Yu wandered about casually along the roads of the city feeling happy and carefree.

All of a sudden, he saw a few people in the distance walking over from the east and was stunned for a moment. After he calmed himself down, his eyes had traces of curiosity as he sized up these people.

This should be them!

Chu Yu did not meet the other Xiantian realm cultivators, but it was highly probable that these were the people considering that they were Chinese appearing at such a time.

Chu yu remembered each of their faces before smiling and blending into the crowd.

He slipped away.

The few Xiantian cultivators, Elder Shi, Elder Yue and the robed youth were still excitedly sizing up the city filled with beautiful scenery.

With victory right in front of them, their mood was relaxed.

Elder Shi had already pinpointed Song Hong’s location accurately, to them, the rest of the matters were too simple.

Looking at this small city, Elder Yue had some strong sentiments, it was markedly changed from what it was a few decades ago.

The rest nodded, as if taking in the effects of time.

As Xiantian realm cultivators, they had been walking the earth since it had recovered, wanting to explore some of the ancient monuments.

At that point, most of the ancient monuments were still hidden due to insufficient spiritual energy.

As such, these people did not reap much benefits.

All they really managed was to familiarize themselves with this world.

At this point, Elder Shi’s expression changed minutely. When he tried to sense Song Hong’s position again, he found out that the sacred recording mark... was not responding!

The rest of the people around him were very sensitive and looked towards him immediately.

Elder Shi said, "Damn, my sacred recording mark has disappeared!"


"How could this happen?"

"Are you kidding?"

The few Xiantian cultivators were all floored.

Elder Yue looked at Elder Shi in disbelief, "The sacred recording mark has disappeared? That’s impossible! The marks that you leave, even if I want to remove them, would take me more than an hour and a half. Unless..."

Elder Yue suddenly stopped speaking, her beautiful, intelligent face revealing traces of shock and awe.

The other Xiantian realm cultivators all slowly began to react and their expressions turned ugly.

Unless what?

Unless there were even stronger cultivators here!

Above Xiantian was the King’s Realm!

But... how was this possible?

How could a King’s Realm superior individual appear in a small city in Central Asia?

Unless this was a trap set up long ago by Song Hong, waiting for the Xiantians to fall into it.

But was this possible?

Upon more serious thought, it seemed... highly unlikely!

The tendency to underestimate one’s opponents is a weakness of many.

Even though Elder Yue and Elder Shi were elderly elites, they were still human and would underestimate their opponents at times.

THey had thought that Song Hong must have been desperate to run to a barbaric place like Central Asia.

However, in the moment that Elder Shi’s sacred recording mark had disappeared, they had immediately thought of the fact that Song Hong might not have been desperate, maybe... he had lured them here on purpose!

The robed, short haired teen said solemnly, "Previously when he was facing the Invigorated Meridian realm martial artists, he did say something..."

"I heard it, he said, didn’t you all realize that I had lured you here on purpose, so that I can kill all of you together..."

One of the Xiantian cultivators frowned, "At that time I thought he was bragging..."

Elder Shi’s face darkened. He was the first Xiantian cultivator to attack, and it was blocked by Song Hong; the one who placed the sacred recording mark... was also him, and it was also broken.

This made him feel humiliated, his heart building up waves of uncontrollable rage.

However, when he thought of the possibilities, he felt chills down his spine, what if... he really had a King’s realm master backing him. If they went over like this now, won’t they be sending themselves to their deaths?

At this point, Elder Yue said, "Something's not right!"

Everybody looked at her, their eyes filled with doubt.

Elder Yue took a deep breath and said slowly, "If the opponent has a backer, and a really good one, then why would he need to remove the sacred recording mark on Song Hong?"

"Exactly, wouldn’t it be better if he... just sat there waiting for us to send ourselves to our deaths?"

"If he really had a King’s realm master around, he wouldn’t need to go through all this trouble, and Song Hong wouldn’t need to run this far..."

The few of them reacted quickly.

"The problem is, how did he remove Elder Shi’s sacred recording mark? Could it be that he has an even stronger magical equipment with him?"

"Even if he has a stronger magical equipment, can he use it as an Acupoint Charging Realm martial artist?"

"In the ancient times, there were some amulets which did not need a high level of power to activate. It was usually given to those younger descendents as protective equipment..."

The few Xiantian Realm cultivators were all stunned, they used up all of their brain juice but still could not figure out how this had happened.

Finally, the unsatisfied group decided to take a look at the place where the sacred recording mark disappeared. No matter what, they had already lost the chance to kill Song Hong.

As such, if they really did meet a King’s Realm master, at most, they would just hang their heads and apologize. They didn’t think that the other party would be so petty as to bear a grudge.

There was even a possibility that they could meet a King’s Realm master and have a strong backer from now on.

The few Xiantian cultivators arrived at the small restaurant where Chu Yu last appeared. Nearby the restaurant, Elder Yue, who knew the foreign language, began to use gestures and broken sentences to communicate their intent. After they garnered some intel, they were all stunned.

Other than them, there were no Chinese people who had come by here!

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