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The two of them were sent flying by Chu Yu and the surroundings became silent.

Was it even possible for an Acupoint Charging martial artist to be this powerful?

This wasn’t just perverted, this was demonic, this was against Heaven’s will!

How is this possible?

The Invigorated Meridian experts hiding by the side were all stunned, not believing what they were seeing.

Elder Yue had brought Xue Ran along and rushed to the scene. Upon seeing this, his eyes sparkled and he became deep in thought. No one knew what he was thinking about.

Xue Ran, on the other hand, felt chills running down her spine.

She thought to herself, What have I done?

She had actually wanted to play such a powerful individual into her hands?

Did she really just try to use a carrot and stick approach to make him grateful towards her?

My gosh!

Those were two extremely powerful youths, Invigorated Meridian Stage Eight and Invigorated Meridian Stage Nine respectively!

They had immense power and awe inducing battle prowess.

Yet, they couldn’t even last a single round with Song Hong?

Xue Ran’s face was flushed, she felt extremely ashamed and guilty.

Cold beads of sweat broke out on her forehead.

She had always thought of herself as extremely intelligent, peerless even, and she had never bothered about anyone else.

For example, little dazed girls like Feng Ning, were simply unimportant children to her.

Only after being enlightened by Elder Yue did she realise that she wasn’t as smart as she thought, in fact... she was a little dumb.

The most frustrating things in this world were the people who were dumb but insisted that they were smart!

These people, if they were unable to see their own weaknesses, were the worst!

Xue Ran had been beaten to a point where she couldn’t help but recognize her weaknesses, yet that feeling was an awkward one.

As she saw the two Invigorated Meridian Realm experts fly through the sky as a result of Chu Yu’s attack, she found herself gasping for air.

As Elder Yue looked at the pale faced Xue Ran, he took he icy hand in his and used the Voice Transmission Technique, "Only by knowing shame can you be courageous, that’s the only way you’ll have a future. Later on, don’t follow us. If... and I mean if, no one can succeed today, then in the future, find an opportunity to mend bridges with Song Hong."

Xue Ran shivered, then nodded silently.

She had learnt so much from this lesson!

Over there!

Seeing as the two Invigorated Meridian martial artists had been sent flying, the other Invigorated Meridian martial artists could not hold it in any longer and all jumped out.

There were more than 20 of them!

They ranged from Invigorated Meridian Stage Three, all the way to Stage 10 or higher... each one of them radiated with a strong aura.

Someone said solemnly, "First, grab this b*tch, then... we will split the Crane Saint’s legacy equally!"

In such a situation, it would be difficult for anyone to take the Crane Saint’s legacy for himself.

As such, they would rather take down Chu Yu and split the loot equally!

As they saw it, they could just make copies and hand them to everyone!

In order to cultivate using a saint’s techniques, one needed talent. As long as they got it, it would be like gaining a huge advantage for their sects!

Could their own benefits be little?

Of course not!


"I agree!"


"That’s a deal!"

A group of Invigorated Meridian martial artists pressed in on Chu Yu.

This group of people virtually all came from ancient schools, and they had powerful backers!

In the darkness, there were a few people already in the Xiantian Realm, but they did not move.

You don’t burn the house to rid a mouse!

When you attained such a level, in the current world, it would make you one of the top martial artists!

Not only did they want to get the Crane Saint’s legacy, they wanted it for themselves.

They had an even better idea than the Invigorated Meridian martial artists of what the legacy of a saint could do.

With the recovery of the world, anyone who wanted to rise quickly had to depend on something like that.

As such, they were still waiting!

They were still observing!

They all wanted to know if there was a strong, unknown power backing Song Hong.

Else, there would be a constant nagging feeling in their hearts.

Anyone who could attain such power was no pushover.

Chu Yu looked at the people surrounding him and used the Voice Transmission Technique to speak with the weasel, "Old Yellow, fart!"

Damn you, you’re the one farting!

Old yellow nearly could not hold in his rebuttal, his anger choking him up.

It was a cultured weasel with deep research into humans. It still remembered the first time it saw the phrase, "A weasel which calls upon a chicken does not have good intentions. It nearly angered him to death!"

Weasels rarely eat chickens ok? Humans on the other hand, eat chickens all the time...

All in all, in its eyes, most humans were jerks!

Not many were good.

However, it did not dare disobey Chu Yu’s orders. Seeing the people rushing over, the weasel turned its body and farted.


A wave of pungent yellow gas, accompanied by a disgusting, stinging smell, formed a fan shape... and slowly wafted towards the group of men.

"Run quickly!" Chu Yu used the Voice Transmission Technique to tell the weasel, before taking off himself.

Old Yellow didn’t even wait for Chu Yu’s command, after farting, it turned and ran/

Else, if it didn’t run, was it supposed to wait around for these furious Invigorated Meridian martial artists to rip it to shreds?

"Aiyo... what is that damned smell?"

"F*ck... stinking me to death! F*ck his mother... its that weasel farting!"

"That damned weasel!"

"How f*cking smelly! What a jerk!"

"Ah ah ah ah ah, I want to kill that damned weasel!" One of the ladies lost her cool and raged.

However, this scream caused the fart smell to be all the more pungent in her mouth, and her entire body was covered in the stench, causing her to almost crumble on the spot.

"Song Hong has run away!"

"Don’t let him get away!"

"Chase, quickly!"

"This is infuriating, that b*stard!"

These group of men picked up their speed and raced out of the fart cloud, chasing in the direction that Chu Yu disappeared in.

The weasel’s fart had utterly enraged the entire group of Invigorated Meridian Realm martial artists.

Even the few hidden Xiantian experts were stunned. They quickly closed up their six senses, and build a shield to block the stench.

Even though the stench did not reach them, they were all disgusted by it.

Their impression of Song Hong and the weasel plummeted.

How shameless!

In order to think of using a weasel’s fart to suffocate people... how evil must one be in order to think of such an idea?

Was he really an elite cultivated by an influential power?

How was it that he seemed like such a horrible person!

As they saw Song Hong run, the few Xiantians also began to move.

The weasel went to the south whilst Chu Yu ran to the East.

Some of the people who hated the weasel had no choice but to give up the chase against the weasel. After all, getting the legacy of the Crane Saint was more important.

Chu Yu ran manically for over half an hour in a single breath.

Even he himself did not know where he was, but clearly, he had already left China.

Even though he did not run with all his effort, there were few who could chase up to him.

Other than the few Xiantian powerhouses, there were only three to four high stage Invigorated Meridian martial artists who could barely follow behind, without being left in the dust.

This was all part of Chu Yu’s plan!

Maybe in the eyes of those people, by coming to a foreign land, his clearly eastern features would become even more obvious, leaving him no place to hide! The others did indeed think that way. As they saw "Song Hong" choose the route desperately and rush into Meng Country, and from Meng Country to Afghanistan, the few Xiantians laughed coldly.

They were also slightly relieved. Even though they felt that Song Hong was ridiculously powerful... it was likely that he was just a rogue cultivator who had stumbled upon good luck!

Now that the world had recovered, there were bound to be some incredibly lucky people who had gotten unimaginable legacies and progressed to great levels in a short time.

Weren’t there rumors that Song Hong had gotten much loot from the Ruins of the Pile of Three Stars? Song Hong then was nowhere near as powerful!

As such, there could possibly be no one backing him!

He may be a pure... lucky person!

In this day and age, it is possible to find out the birth clan and school of every superior youth talent.

Why is it that this Song Hong is so mysterious?

From start to end, no one had heard of his tutelage or his origin.

Even with his life on the line, he had no one to run to and could only choose a desperation route and run away.

As such, the mysteriousness was all his own concoction!

Just like what was said in the poster released by Xue Ran from the Rainfall Ancient Sect, the Chu Clan was simply a small tool in Song Hong’s hands.

This Song Hong, was completely and utterly... a powerful scammer!

He had lied to everyone!

After the truth was revealed he wasn’t even worth mentioning.

The few Xiantian experts had lived many moons, the youngest was already over 200 years old.

After they figured out what was going on, all of them independently felt a rage build up in them.

How could these elderly men hundreds of years old be fooled by a infant like chap like him?

As such, they never took action, worried about who or what kind of power was behind Song Hong?

Now, where can you run to?

These few Xiantian experts no longer cared about what kind of trick Song Hong could come up with, their only obstacle now, was themselves.

Chu Yu had already passed a few small towns, after hearing their accents and seeing their faces, he realized that he had entered Central Asia.

He had entered the world’s biggest inland country, Afghanistan.

After entering a patch of desert, Chu Yu finally stopped for a breather.

He looked like he was exhausted.

The few Invigorated Meridian Stage 10 and above martial artists behind him slowly began to reveal their silhouettes.

They had no choice, after entering the desert, there is no place for cover.

They also were not adept enough in the divine magical techniques to make themselves invisible.

However, there was no need for them to hide once they were here.

One of the Invigorated Meridian Stage 10 youth martial artist smiled coldly at Chu Yu, "Why aren’t you running anymore? You run rather quickly. No wonder you’re this arrogant. However, you probably didn’t expect that we could chase you here in a single breath did you?"

"If you are smart enough, you would hand over the Crane Saint’s legacy as well as the other valuables on you and scram. Maybe, you can still live by the skin of your teeth."

Another youth said faintly, he was also an Invigorated Meridian Stage 10 expert!

In all of the ancient schools, there were considered part of the core disciples!

They were the disciples of the masters in the clan!

The other Invigorated Meridian Realm martial artists looked at each other. They could sense the greed and excitement in each other’s eyes.

The less people... the better!

It would be best if all those Xiantian powerhouses did not follow!

But they were clear that this was an impossible fantasy.

Amongst the Xiantian powerhouses were some of their seniors in their sects, they would not want such an achievement to be taken away from them either!

In order to prevent any unexpected surprises from occurring, they looked at each other and instantly understood each other’s intentions.

To them, subduing Song Hong would be half the job done!

Chu Yu looked at the people in front of him and laughed coldly, "Did it never occur to you that I lured you all here on purpose so that I can kill all of you in one shot?"

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