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The tiny metal ball

Lin Shimeng glanced at her phone, and hung up. Immediately, her phone rang again, this time, with an accompanying message.

"Pick up your phone immediately."

Lin Shimeng sighed and pressed receive.

"You’re doing this to protect him, aren’t you?" a youthful voice came over the phone. So youthful, it almost sounded immature.

Lin Shimeng remained solemn, not replying.

"I mean he has blocked many flies for you over the years. It’s really no big deal that you are doing this for him. But I do not like to see others holding your hand. No one is to hold your hand, no matter who it is, even if he is an uncultivable trash!

Lin Shi Meng screamed into the phone, rage consuming her in that instant, "You are the trash! Who the f*ck do you think you are? Do you have a problem? What business is it of yours whose hand i hold? Don’t think that you are my man just because you have a piece of paper! You better listen up, even if you are the scion of an ancient faction, even if you are the son of heaven, I can still dump you! Who do you think you are! F*ck!"

Lin Shi Meng hung up abruptly.

She received a message immediately from the person on the other line: I want him dead.

She replied without hesitation: I will accompany him!

After a long while, the reply finally came: You had better not say thi ever again!

Lin Shi Meng’s sneered , yet, tears were forming in her eyes. Exerting a little more force, she squeezed her phone into smithereens.

She slumped back in her seat and closed her eyes.


Chu Yu walked alone on the streets. His expression was not one of depression or sadness, he furrowed his eyebrows, deep in thought.

It seems like Lin Shimeng is under a lot of pressure. He had wanted to surprise her, but yet, with things as they are, he would have to hide the truth from her.

It’s ok, I shall see who is giving her so much pressure. Anyone who dares bully her, even if you are the disciple of an ancient faction, I will cave your face in!

Chu Yu was serious.

He understood Lin Shimeng too well. Ever since he took her hand, he knew that Lin Shimeng had feelings towards him!  

Actually, he had known it all these years!

She never minded his status as uncultivable trash.

As long as he had the courage to face the world, she would have accompanied him.

Yet, he never managed to muster up that courage

Today he finally made his move, but she cowered!

This isn’t rocket science!

She also said so many things knowing that those words would hurt him.

There can only be one conclusion - Lin Shimeng was under immense pressure, more than he could imagine!

She was trying to protect him!

She had wanted Chu Yu to face the situation at Dragon City without having to embroil himself in these additional matters.

The Northern Lin Clan was not one to be bullied. Lin Shimeng was even more so.

That ice goddess image she portrayed, was merely an illusion.

Lin Shimeng was a Tigress, capable of ripping anyone who tried to harm her to shreds.

Since young, she had always stood up for herself at every underworld gathering.

Anyone who dared to mock her family would be beaten till they cried and surrendered.

To be fair, her actions were partially forced by those of Chu Yu. His sudden confession and face off left her with no other choice.

This was the only way she could deal with Chu Yu, but they knew each other too well for it to work!

Chu Yu knew in an instant that the trouble she faced, was extraordinarily huge!

It was very possible that it came from her teachers and masters!

"Shi Shi, rest assured that this time, I will stand in front of you and take the brunt of the hit for you!" Chu Yu took a deep breath and hailed a taxi.

The car drove around and Chu Yu glanced backwards.

"Sir, take me out of the city." Chu Yu said flatly.

The driver was caught off guard, and glanced at Chu Yu through the rear view mirror. Even though his clothes were not branded, they were certainly not cheap, and they were rare luxuries.

He also seemed rather handsome, was pleasant to look at and did not seem crazy.

"Sir, you want to leave the city?" The doubt in the voice of the driver was clear.

"Are you about to knock off? Don’t feel like going so far?" Chu Yu glanced outside, doubts forming in his mind. It was morning, no where near the knock off time for cabbies.

"No, that’s not it, what I meant was, you want to leave the city? Where to? If we were to leave the city, it would be at least a two hour drive, and there are many roads out of the city, which one would you like to take? The one to the North or the one to the South?"

The ancient city of Yan Jing had already solved its traffic congestion problems since entering the New Era.

However, Yan Jing had ten rings around it. If we followed the route that the cab was following, leaving the city would mean we were heading towards Ji Province.

"If you don’t want to leave the city, you can just find a secluded place" Chu Yu said.

"..." the drivers immediately raised his guard. He thought to himself, I really can’t judge a book by its cover, could this boy be a robber?

Even though crime was not a big concern in Yan Jing, in the New Era where martial artists rule the world, who can be sure? For all you know, this guy has a weird hobby of robbing cabbies!

Chu Yu raised his head and looked at the anxious driver and it suddenly hit him. He knew that the driver had misunderstood. He smiled and took out $2000 from his wallet and said, "this is all I have, if you agree to take me out of the city, it is yours."

Chu yu proceeded to throw the money on the front passenger seat.

F*ck, I really did meet a crazy passenger!

The driver floored the accelerator and sped off without a second word.

The cabs were rather upscale, and it was rather comfortable seating in them.

Chu Yu rested against the chair, today was the first day his life changed for the better.

His mind immediately floated to the same day 16 years ago, the day his life took a turn for the worse.

At that time, he was only six.

He had recently attained Acupoint Charging Stage One, and his talent shocked the entire Northern Chu Clan.

Yet, this news was not spread around, and it was regarded as the Chu Clan’s greatest secret.

That was also Chu Yu’s most carefree year.

He was waited on like a little prince. If not for the fact that he had a strict mother to keep him in check, he probably would have been a spoilt brat by now.

However, at that time, Chu Yu was no different from a wild child, and he would run into the woods to play all the time.

He was wild!

At times, he would disappear for many days at a time.

Even though the the Chu Clan had entered society, they chose to stay in the forests up north.

For children who had lived inside the mountains, such conditions were considerably normal.

The Chu Clan were also not particular about these things.

In order for the kids to grow, they had to first learn to be independent. They had to learn to survive like wolves if they were to have any chance of gaining a foothold in society.

However, Chu Yu’s situation was relatively unique. He had too much talent, and it was getting scary. He was the Chu’s Clan hope for the future.

As a result, every time he entered the woods, a few of the Chu Clan experts would be protecting him in the shadows.

He also had a tracking device planted on him, so that the Chu Clan could locate him quickly if needed.

Once, in order to chase down a Northeastern tiger, equivalent to an Acupoint Charging Stage One opponent, he had crossed the border and entered Russian Territory .

The Chu Clan bodyguards were also slightly careless and lost him.

Just like that, Chu Yu chased down that unlucky tiger, all the way into Tongusi territory in Mongolia.

At last, he finished off the tiger, but he was also lost.

Think about it, a six year old child, albeit a brave and wild one, but still a child.

He was scared stupid! Lost in the woods, not knowing how to get back.

Furthermore, the world in the New Era was completely different. Many ancient, strong creatures stalked those forests. 

Just like a clay doll, after a short while roaming in the Tongusi region, he was locked on by a large black bear, the equivalent of an Acupoint Charging Stage 5.

The bear was at least 10 meters tall and its stature was sufficient to intimidate even the bravest souls.


This fella had immense power, even skyscraping trees would crumple like paper in the face of it.


Chu Yu stared at the bear momentarily, turned and ran without any hesitation.

Yet, how could you outrun a monster capable of moving near the speed of sound.


With an emergency on hand, Chu Yu spotted a cave and wriggled into it without hesitation.

When the black bear saw the cave, strangely, it backed away, tucked its tail between its legs and lumbered away.

Chu Yu was afraid of meeting the monster if he were to exit the cave. Furthermore, he was curious to find out what was inside this cave.

As such, he wriggled his way in.

The cave was extremely deep, and it took Chu Yu a few hours to reach the base.

The base was extremely wide, almost the size of a football field.

It was dry but bright here, and light rays spread in all directions. In the middle of the cave was a disc sized metal ball wedged into the rock.

The metal ball was hollow, with cryptic inscriptions along its surface.

There was no way of knowing how long it had been here, but it was still very clean, and shiny, dazzling anyone who looked at it.

It was also coated with a mysterious layer of air.

Even as a child, Chu Yu knew that he may have stumbled upon some treasure.

He walked over cautiously and stretched his hand out to touch the metal ball. However, he did not expect the edges of the ball to be so sharp, and it cut open the skin on his finger.

Even though Chu Yu was only at Acupoint Charging Stage One, his flesh was strong and it would require all one’s strength to cause damage to him with a normal blade.

Yet, the edges of this metal ball were sharp enough to puncture his skin with just a touch.

Following which, the strangest thing happened. When the metal ball came into contact with Chu Yu’s blood, it absorbed it quickly and shrunk to a size many times smaller in an instant.

It finally shrunk to a size no bigger than a button. If one did not look carefully, it would be impossible to see that it was hollow. One could only see the tiny patterns squeezed on its surface, and feel its mysterious aura.

As Chu Yu picked up the metal ball to examine it, the ball sprung to life

It tunneled its way into his forehead in an instant!

Chu Yu was shocked. He scratched at his forehead till he drew blood... yet, he could not retrieve the metal ball

The metal ball then morphed into an invisible eye, tucked inside Chu Yu’s forehead, impossible to remove.

Many years later, Chu Yu sneakily used an instrument to check his forehead, yet there was no trace of the existence of a metal ball!

Finally, the Chu Clan managed to locate Chu Yu using his GPS tracker. However, because of the sudden influx of warriors from the mainland, there was a period of heightened tension with the Russians as a result.

The Russians protested strongly against the intrusion, but were ignored by the Chu Clan. After a while, the issue was swept under the rug.

When Chu Yu returned home, he was beaten up by his own mother.

At that time, no one else could bring themselves to hit him.

Not long after returning home, the ball in his forehead started giving him little privileges.

That was the only time it had paid rent for staying in his forehead!

It gave Chu Yu a mental cultivation method!

The moment Chu Yu woke up, he was cognisant of this mental cultivation method.

It was called the Killing Days.

The art of cultivation had tens of thousands of methods.

Yet, in order to know and utilize those methods, one needed vast amounts of resources.

Yet the Killing Days method was different, it required no cultivation materials. All that was required to cultivate oneself using this method was the spiritual energy found between heaven and earth.

After learning about the Killing Days method, it was almost as if Chu Yu discovered a hidden treasure. His cultivation improved at an astonishing rate, almost as if heaven was on his side. Chu Yu opened up 49 of his Acupoints in record breaking time.

At that point, even those in the Chu Clan had no idea Chu Yu was progressing so fast. He did not dare to tell anyone either.

However, after opening up 49 of his Acupoints, Chu Yu’s glory days were over.

At the moment he opened up his 49th Acupoint, all the Meridians in his body were sealed by a mystical force that originated from his forehead

From then on, he was ‘ruined’.

This lasted for 16 years!

However, in these 16 years, Chu Yu had no given up on the Killing Days method, and he kept trying to open up new Acupoints. Even though the process was difficult, he had never really stopped his own cultivation.

Before the seal was broken, other than the fact that he was unable to bring his internal power to bear, Chu Yu was rather adept at the other elements.

But because he was deemed as ‘ruined’, no one paid any attention to him.

Chu Yu aged with time, and his brain got better and better. His memory far surpassed those of his peers and he got into Yan jing University’s department of Bioengineering... at that point, he still wanted to find out what exactly was in his forehead.

Sadly, despite his best efforts, he was unable to determine what it was.

There was another reason that convinced Chu Yu that the ball in his forehead was extraordinary.

This incident had happened many years ago, and he was a teenager, having lived a few years as a "little ruined individual"

There was once he topped the school in an exam, and became one of 3 top students in his primary school. He had also received accolades at various international competitions. Such achievements meant that he was constantly being praised by his teachers.

His father, Chu Tianbei was ecstatic, and after a few more drinks, began to tell him stories from the past.

He told Chu Yu that when they were searching for him using the GPS tracker, there was a period of time where he disappeared off the screen, nearly scaring many in the Chu Clan to death.

Luckily, the signal was recovered quickly.

As a result, after Chu Yu was deemed "ruined", Chu Clan insiders all suspected that Chu Yu had met with some mysterious and strong magnetic field that changed his body, ruining him, during his little adventure in Tongusi.

His father, having drank a little too much, began to chide himself, blaming himself for not taking good care of Chu Yu, resulting in a talent being wasted before he could grow up and join the ranks.

Chu Yu did a quick calculation and realized that when the GPS signal was lost, it coincided with the point at which the metal ball had entered his forehead.

Furthermore, when he used technologically advanced apparatus to test for it, there was no way to prove its existence.

This proves that the tiny metal ball was capable of shielding the searching capabilities of the equipment.

Since that moment, Chu Yu was convinced that this was a miracle, not a tragedy!

The enlightenment and comfort from his parents, especially his mother, made him feel more warmth than ever before. During the process of understanding various moral values, he had also understood the need for a certain state of mind... to face the world.

Open-mindedness, optimism, positivity, diligence... and a never say die attitude!

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