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Chu Yu had been confined in this stone cave for nearly a month.

In this one month, he did not sleep nor rest; he was continuously cultivating. He did not have time to shower or shave; his hair and beard was growing like crazy, his body was about to turn sour.

It looked no different from a caveman

However, the waves of force exuded from Chu Yu’s body, was especially terrifying!

Following his cultivation, Chu Yu discovered that the sealing power from his vertical eye can be activated or de-activated according to his thoughts.

That meant to say, if he wanted to, he could choose to release his terrifying waves of force!

The current Chu Yu, was simply brimming with blood energy!

His entire body seemed like the searing hot sun.The amount of blood energy he was giving off, could fill an ocean!

Here, he did not have any cover or concealment; so all of this was thoroughly released.

The big weasel guarding outside the cave had been spending its days filled with shock.

It was completely unable to fathom, how was a person able to breakthrough so fast?

It was not an inexperienced newbie. On the contrary, it was extremely knowledgeable!

It had lived from the Mid-Qing Dynasty all the way to now; that was already close to 300 years!

Once, it even stayed in a scholar’s house for over 10 years. Everyday, it would secretly eavesdrop on his lessons, gaining a lot of knowledge.

It was just that during that time, it did not dare to reveal itself for it knew that its intelligence would not be accepted by the commoners.

All the way till 30 over years ago, the world suddenly changed and spiritual energy was revitalised. Its cultivation also suddenly soared rapidly. In these recent years, it would spend a few months every year to run to the mortal world, learning new knowledge.

The weasel would always tell itself: I might be a beast, but I’m called a demon. Still, I need to have a heart to seek constant improvement!

Thus, many new things that other spiritual beasts might be unaware of, were actually known by this weasel at the back of its hand.

The weaseal was very clear, those martial artists in the mortal world, even if they were geniuses, were definitely unable to be like his master… In one month, his cultivation had already gotten so scary.

Now, it wasn’t even clear exactly what realm Chu Yu was in!

Because those waves of power and ripples of blood energy, were truly too outrageous.

Even though there were seperated by a heavy stone door, shivers were still sent down its spine.

It seems… Being able to follow this man, was a good fortune ah!

Needless to say, a freak is still a freak. This weasel’s attitude suddenly became incredibly good.

The power to open his own acupoints, was definitely able to leave countless of people ashamed.

Within the stone cave.

Chu Yu examined himself internally, his mood could not help but get uplifted. Now, he was only left with one acupoint!

All the opened acupoints were brimming with intense power.

Among which, the 365 true acupoints were the most powerful!

The other acupoints were only secondary.

On internal inspection, all these acupoints seemed to be glowing with radiance.

If the human body was a cosmos, then these acupoints were like the stars and constellations!

The current Chu Yu, was filled with these bright stars!

If he wanted to, these stars will radiate with incomparably dazzling light. Each of these light, would contain a monstrous amount of power!

After he opened the final acupoint… what will happen?

Chu Yu calmed down, circulated the power within his body, and directly charged straight to the final acupoint!


It was like dam had been breached! Or like the eruption of a volcano!

It seemed like tons of water had turned into a torrent, irresistably flooding out.

It was also like molten lava under the earth, gushing out of a volcano!

This was an unimaginable amount of power!

Boundless blood energy also erupted along with Chu Yu.


The giant rock blocking the stone cave suddenly exploded!

It was disintegrated into dust, shooting off in all directions!

Even the weasel, which was slightly far away, had almost been hit by the debri, and it rushed to get away. It turned back and stared at the stone cave in panic, uncertain over what had just happened.

"What happened? Did his body implode under cultivation deviation? Where’s the blood?"

The weasel mumbled to itsel. All of a sudden, a human figure walked out from the dust. That figure was radiating with boundless blood energy, it was like a human-shaped sun!

It clearly wasn’t releasing any light, but the figure was blinding!

This was the qualitative change of the Great Circle of Acupoint Charging!

Chu Yu knew that his decision to stay after opening his 12 stages of true acupoints, had been correct!

"My god…" The weasel’s face was blank. "Did he f*cking become a cultivator?"

You couldn’t blame the weasel for its shock. The blood energy radiating from Chu Yu’s body was simply too stunning.

There’s this ancient folk phrase: Young people must be full of blood energy.

This ‘blood energy’ was actually referring to the vigor of a young person.

Blood energy is different from the vital blood in the body; vital blood was an actual physical substance, while blood energy was illusory, it could be felt but it could not be seen.

Typically, cultivators were incredibly sensitive to blood energy. Demonic beasts, like this big weasel, were especially sensitive.

In this vast forest, it was not as though this old weasel hadn’t met any strong existences.

Deep within DaXing’AnLing, there lived an old bear.

Over tens of years ago, that old bear had already reached the pinnacle of the Invigorated Meridian Realm.

All the demonic beasts within a radius of thousand miles could be considered the little brothers of that old bear.

There was once the old bear was celebrating his birthday; countless of demonic beasts had come to pay their respects. All of sudden, a fierce tiger that was also at the peak of Invigorated Meridian Realm clashed with the old bear.

When they were fightint, the old bear and the fierce tiger were erupting with surging blood energy.

Their blood energy was oppressive like an ocean, even from far away, other demonic beasts like the old weasel were left trembling, unable to move.

That battle seemed like it was just yesterday. Although many years had past, it still didn’t forget it.

Today, it actually experienced that same feeling as those years ago!

But compared to those years ago, this old weasel had already become much stronger. However, that feeling did not change!

It could even faintly feel, his master’s blood energy, was even stronger than that old bear!

"Aiyo, my god… This is heaven defying ah!"

The old weasel blinked its small, green-bean sized eyes and started sprinting. It stopped in front of Chu Yu and exclaimed, "Master, what realm are you in? Could it be… you’ve entered the Xiantian realm?"

Chu Yu looked at it and said, "Acupoint Charging."

"Ind…" The weasel was about to say "indeed", but it quickly swallowed its words. It laughed dryly, "Master, you must be kidding. Your power is comparable to a Xiantian cultivator. How could it be the Acupoint Charging Realm?"

"Is there a river?" Chu Yu couldn’t be bothered about it.

Spending one month without showering, coupled with his continuous breakthroughs, had lef to large amounts of impurities to be expelled and deposited on his body.

Chu Yu even felt like his entire body was a pile of rubbish.

"River?" The old weasel blinked its eyes, "Master, you must not be too rash…"

Chu Yu kicked it aside, "Don’t talk nonsense, I just want to bathe!"

"Ahhh, bathe ah…" Only now did the old weasel notice Chu Yu’s ragged appearance. Just now, it was too emotional, and it didn’t care about this.

Its nose twitched twice, adn the old weasel could not help but that two steps back. With a sour face, it said, "I know a place, it’s a hot spring…"

"Hurry and bring me over!" Chu Yu glared at it.

Half an hour later, Chu Yu walked out, refreshed.

After changing to another set of clothes from his storage ring, he shaved himself cleanly. However, he left his hair untouched..

His hair was long and flowing, giving of the impression of a comic book character.

"I’m going." Chu Yu said while looking at the weasel.

"Then what about me?" The old weasel started wagging its tail as it looked at Chu Yu.

"You can continue to be the king of the mountain ah!" Chu Yu laughed.

"I don’t want that ah, you are my king ah! You can’t just leave me here ah." A tear drop emerged at the corner of the weasel’s eye, it ran over and started hugging Chu Yu’s leg.

Chu Yu kicked it away, then glared at it, " You can follow me, but you better be honest. Don’t do anything dishonest or sly."

Thinking about that Lord Thief, Chu Yu did not want another similar character around him.

What if they formed a gang of animals and started commiting crimes, that would be a headache.

"Master, you can rest assured. I’ve never committed any dishonest acts. All that is just a misunderstanding towards us weasels, a misunderstanding ah!"

When the old weasel saw that Chu Yu had promised to take it with him, it was instantly excited and ecstatic.

On the way back, to please Chu Yu, the old weasel revealed many secrets.

In this area, which encompassed DaXing’AnLing, there might be an ancient ruin.

However, Chu Yu was in a rush to go back, so he first etched these information in his heart. When he had time, he would thnk about it.

Chu Yu sprinted along with the old weasel; his speed was simply too terrifying.

Running at full speed, he could feel his blood roiling, and his power surging. If he jumped suddenly, he could even jump over a small mountain!

It felt like he was flying.

For a usual martial artist at the Small Circle of Acupoint Charging, he could roughly attain a speed of Mach 1.

At Invigorated Meridian Stage 1, he could roughly reach Mach 2.

When one reached the peak of the Invigorated Meridian Realm, his speed would at least be Mach 7!

This sort of speed, was indeed faster than flying.

There was no wonder why strong martial artists could be seen as Earth Gods during ancient times.

And Chu Yu… after stepping into the Great Circle of Acupoint Charging, his true power was still unknown.

But his speed, had already reached the level of a Small Circle of Invigorated Meridain!

His full speed was already faster than Mach 7!

That meant to say, he was faster than flight!

Leaving the mountainous area of DaXing’AnLing, the old weasel could not help but turn back. IT had lived here for countless of years, it had already developed feelings for this place.

But for his dream, it did not hesitate to leave!

For that dream, it was willing to do anything. Not just having integrity, it didn’t even mind losing its virginity…

After leaving the mountains, Chu Yu switched on his phone. Large amounts of messages came rushing in like a river.

Chu Yu read through them rapidly. After reading, he puckered his lips and continued to run with an indifferent expression.

The old weasel seemed to have felt something. It glanced at Chu Yu cautiously, and eagerly followed behind him.

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