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When Chu Yu saw Fatty’s message, he had already been focused on the news on the internet. The news took the world by storm, and it would be difficult not to have heard about it.

Rainfall Sect and the Truth Ancient Sect setting up a fantasy school in the world was a historical decision. For the ancient legacies, there was no such example from the past.

The immense impact of such a decision could be predicted right now.

To Chu Yu, this was not good news. Even though Fatty had taken the rap for him, the one who benefitted from all those deeds was still him.

If the Rainfall Sect and the Truth Ancient Sect assimilated into society, he could tell that in the near future, he would have multiple confrontations and disagreements with them.

Fatty was right, he had to breakthrough, fast.

At least, he needed to get to the Invigorated Meridian Realm in a short amount of time!

At that point, with his battle power, he should be able to fight anyone below the Xiantian realm!

After which, Chu Yu called Chu Tianxiong, and told him that he needed some time in isolation. For how long he couldn’t say but during this time in isolation, Chu Yu was to be separated from all news outside.

Naturally, Chu Tianxiong had read about the news trending on the internet and was supportive of Chu Yu’s decision.

"Rest assured, I can settle everything over here at the Dragon City. It is no matter even if those great powers assimilate into society, they need time to set up and familiarize themselves. They shouldn’t be up to anything big in the near future."

Chu Tianxiong was steady and reliable. He may not be enough to expand the Chu Clan’s influence, but he was more than capable of holding the fort.

Chu Yu felt assured with him at the Dragon City.

After which, Chu Yu called Lin Shimeng again, but her phone was still switched off.

After thinking about it, Chu Yu sent her a message to tell her that he had already recovered. He also told her that he had gotten an extremely good set of teachings.

Finally, Chu Yu wrote a statement that only Lin Shimeng could understand, "Brother Song says that there are treasures in the nooks!

When Lin Shimeng came out of isolation, she would definitely see the news on the web and would hear that Song Hong is Chu Yu’s senior.

As such, Chu Yu used Song Hong’s name to tell Lin Shimeng about a little secret between them.

He believed that when Lin Shimeng saw the message, she would understand that Song Hong is Chu Yu and vice versa!

With Lin Shimeng’s intellect, she should also know what to do.

The only question is, would she be furious when she found out?

Chu Yu couldn’t help but smile.

Lastly, Chu Yu called Xiao Yue.

"Come over for a bit."

After about an hour, Xiao Yue arrived at Chu Yu’s place.

She was tall and slim, and she wore branded clothing from top to bottom. Xiao Yue, who had her hair tied up, still looked as glamorous as before. The only difference was that she was less aloof, and had some elements of a firework character to her, yet she was still just as beautiful.

"You’re back." Xiao Yue smiled as she saw Chu Yu.

Chu Yu was stunned, "A very professional smile."

Xiao Yue rolled her eyes and looked at Chu Yu, "Have you seen the news on the web?"

Chu Yu nodded, "I called you over because I wanted to ask you, how has this incident affected you?"

"To me?" Xiao Yue thought for a moment, "It shouldn’t affect me much, the Qing Qius would also be assimilating into society soon. I have already told them to keep their developments to the Central Plains and not come to the Northern area."

"They agreed?" Chu Yu glanced at Xiao Yue, "The Northern Territories are rich in resources, even if Qing Qiu doesn’t come, there’ll be others."

Xiao Yue was unaffected, "As long as Qing Qiu doesn’t come it’ll be fine, as for the others… regardless of their connection to me, if they dare to antagonize us, we will smash them!"

You’re so brutal?

Chu Yu’s mouth twitched.

Then he looked at Xiao Yue, "Come, let me raise you to Acupoint Charging Stage Ten first."

"Ah?" Xiao Yue’s initially calm expression revealed traces of surprise as she looked at Chu Yu, "You… you’re already?"

Chu Yu nodded, "I am already at Acupoint Charging Stage Ten, to be honest, I can raise you even higher, but we should not rush these things. It is very important to have a good foundation."

Xiao Yue’s eyes revealed her surprise and she looked at Chu Yu in disbelief, "I didn’t expect that you would breakthrough so quickly."

Chu Yu sighed, "Is it fast? At the Celestial Fox Immortal Cave, I met many young experts already in the Invigorated Meridian Realm…"

"Didn’t they also fall to you?" Xiao Yue said flatly, "Even though those young Invigorated Meridian Realm martial artists have decent talent, most of their breakthroughs are forced by using large amounts of resources."

"No matter what, it is time that we start working hard." Chu Yu glanced at Xiao Yue, "Breaking through all 365 true Acupoints and the 20 true meridians, will only be achieving the small circle foundation, do you understand?"

"Hmm?" Xiao Yue’s eyes flashed with confusion as she looked at Chu Yu, "What do you mean?"


Even the people of Qing Qiu were not clear on this.

60 million years was simply too long. Civilisations have risen and fallen. That year when the powers left the Earth, they brought along with them most of the legacies and teachings.

The people who were left behind could only scrape by, and much of the knowledge had been buried in the tides of time.

Chu Yu sighed lightly, "In the human body, there are over 1000 acupoints, and more than 20 meridians. Simply breaking through 365 acupoints and 20 true meridians will still allow you to enter Xiantian and become a true cultivator. However, because the foundation is not as good, you can’t go further."

Xiao Yue frowned and sat there, deep in thought, before whispering, "Just like how you can’t build a skyscraper with a shallow foundation?"

The Chu Corporation had a huge construction company in the Dragon City, and Xiao Yue had been learning the relevant skills and knowledge. As such, when she spoke, she couldn’t help but use such an analogy.

"Exactly, that is the idea." Chu Yu said.

"Then, I want to make my foundation even more perfect!" Xiao Yue did not bother hiding her thoughts and she looked to Chu Yu, "Since young master knows about this, I’m sure you…"

Chu Yu nodded, "The only thing is, I am unsure if this technique will work for foxes…"

Xiao Yue knew what Chu Yu was worried about. Previously, the problems in her body that nearly cost her her life were precisely because she had used a cultivation technique for humans.

"Can I take a look at it first?" Xiao Yue’s eyes glimmered with hope.

Chu Yu took out the Superclass and passed it to Xiao Yue without hesitation.

After so many days, Chu Yu had already memorized the Superclass by heart. A photographic memory was a basic requirement for any cultivation talent.

Else, how can they call themselves talents?

Xiao Yue took over the Superclass sincerely, and closed her eyes, as if in prayer, before slowly opening it up.

There are tens of thousands of Confucius cultivation techniques in this world. The body is as vast as the universe, refining oneself, is cultivation…

This line of words greeted Xiao Yue.

"Ya! This is…!" Xiao Yue immediately shut up and looked carefully at her surroundings.

Then she closed the Superclass and took a deep breath

She then looked at Chu Yu with awe and disbelief, "This… this is the legacy of a saint?"

"How do you know?" Chu Yu found it strange because the Superclass did not have Confucius’s name.

Xiao Yue murmured, "There are tens of thousands of Confucius cultivation techniques in this world… such a tone, if it did not come from a saint, would indeed be strange."

Chu Yu was speechless, "You managed to deduce that from that single line?"

"But I’m right, am I not?" Xiao Yue’s aloof expression revealed traces of mischief.

Chu Yu rolled his eyes, he had been schooled by this girl, but her deduction was indeed accurate.

Confucius cultivation techniques…

Just this phrase was sufficient.

If it was an ordinary man, who would dare to use such a phrase? If someone used such a tone to speak without the corresponding standing, he would be punished by heaven.

If the tone did not match the standing, there would be dire consequences.

This was not nonsense, and there were many examples to show for it.

"Does young master really want to pass the techniques of a saint to me?" Xiao Yue looked at Chu Yu strangely.

"Why? You don’t want it?" Chu Yu asked.

"Young master doesn’t know, in order to gain the legacy of a saint, you must have been approved by the saint! Else, you can’t even enter the grounds of the saint’s legacy.

She does have some knowledge and experience.

Chu Yu thought to himself. When he had gotten the Superclass, he had to go through a few tests, just like she had said.

He was the chosen disciple of the saint!

This was completely different from how he had gotten the Immortal Crane Pill Scripture.

The Superclass was left behind deliberately by Confucius for his descendants to inherit, the Immortal Crane Furnace and the Immortal Crane Pill Scripture were just assets deserted by the Crane Saint in his cave residence…

Xiao Yue looked deeply into Chu Yu’s eyes, "This means that young master has already entered the Saint’s clan, and is a Saint’s disciple!"

"This, should count." Chu Yu thought about it and replied.

"Humans and demons can train using the saint’s teachings and techniques, without fear of having any accidents.

Chu Yu nodded, the teachings do not discriminate against race.

Xiao Yue’s expression revealed her joy, "As such, if young master is really willing to pass this legacy to me, you will be like my teacher. And I… can be considered the grand disciple of a saint!"

Chu Yu looked at the ecstatic Xiao Yue and said, "Then you must work hard, else, one day if you meet the saint and are still too weak, they may despise you and think you’re a disgrace."

Xiao Yue pressed her lips, "Young master should work hard, you are the disciple of a saint after all!"

Chu Yu shook his head, smiling.

After which, Xiao Yue sat there copying the Superclass with pen and paper.

Chu Yu looked at how troublesome it was and asked, "Why don’t you just take a picture with your phone?"

Xiao Yue looked at Chu Yu, a strange look on her face. She stopped writing, put her hand to her forehead and said seriously, "I really don’t know what the saint sees in you, young master. What if I take a picture of it and it gets leaked out? Furthermore, with teachings of this level, we must be sincere and respect it! Using pen and paper to copy… is basic respect!"

"You little girl, having accepted this teaching, you’re now my student. How can you speak to your teacher like that?"

Chu Yu glared at her and knocked Xiao Yue on her head.

"You…" Xiao Yue huffed and ignored Chu Yu, returning to her copying.

Her penmanship was relatively good, and she was extremely focused and sincere in her copying. Upon closer inspection, one could see a touching sense of sincerity in her eyes.

This girl was not bad!

Chu Yu thought to himself.

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