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After a few days, Fan Jian, who was still trending on social media, uploaded a few pictures with no captions.

Yet, this rock was sufficient to cause a huge wave as the entire internet exploded in speculation!

According to the order of the images, the first was a mountain range, it rose and fell with ancient trees touching the sky. It looked extremely majestic and grand, and had an aura of grandeur.

Yet, one would quickly realize that this was not the case from the second and third pictures!

This mountain range is actually an ancient burial ground!

Even though it was the same place, with the same surroundings, the subsequent pictures showed many ancient tombstones.

Even though they were only pictures, one could feel the aura of age and time radiating from the tombs.

This huge graveyard... is one of those which have been around for aeons!

The second last photograph was of a stone tablet, and recorded on it was information that this graveyard belonged to an ancient school named "Rainfall".

The last paragraph was a picture of the door to one of the big tombs being opened!

Qin Ming, the youth in the green tunic who had explored the Celestial Fox Immortal Cave, and the one who had wanted to kill "Song hong" was one of the core disciples of the Rainfall ancient sect!

During this time, he had been extremely active on social media, scolding Fan Jian for being shameless and Song Hong for being a disgrace to society.

Fatty had said a few days prior that there was going to be big news, indeed, he had kept his promise.

No one knew how he did it, but he had managed to locate the burial grounds for the Rainfall ancient sect, and even open up one of the tombs!

One must understand that all of these tombs are protected by terrifying magical formations, and their interiors are filled with booby traps.

Any ordinary person would not be able to get close to them without being smashed to pulp, not to mention opening them up.

For such places, even if the spiritual energies guarding it dissipate with time, the killing and maiming power of the large tombs were still extremely terrifying.

All these ancient graveyards can be billions of years old!

Logically, other than the leadership of the Rainfall ancient sect, outsiders should not know of this location.

But to the Thief Sect, this was no big secret.

The Thief Sect of 60 million years ago would not specially come to this place to do their thing.

However, today, it met with a Fatty who did not believe in karma and was willing to do anything.

As such, this incident, that would bring shame and humiliation to the Rainfall Sect, had happened.

Even though there were no remains in the picture, it left much room for imagination!

After which, Fatty posted another statement on social media.

"Anyone who wants to be respected must keep their word, if I said that I will bring your ancestors out to see the sun, I will bring your ancestors out to see the sun! However, the pictures are quite disturbing so I shall not post them for fear of affecting everyone’s mood. Qin Ming you little b*tch, next time, it won’t just be letting them see the sun! Do the ancestors of the Rainfall Sect enjoy being cremated? Burial in the sky? Burial in the sea? Burial in outer space?

How arrogant!

How mighty!

This fella actually dared to excavate the graves of others

This was actually so shameless and immoral!

Whoever antagonizes this jerk is really extremely unlucky.

The people, knowing that there would be no repercussions against commoners, all took to the web to express their awe.

Those pictures were also Photoshopped by people to depict various other scenes.

For example, there were pictures of taking your ancestors out to tea, or various burial methods, the variations were endless.

When Qin Ming saw this, he nearly vomited blood!

His standing in the Rainfall ancient sect was average; he was just a core disciple.

This time, he had caused quite the trouble and his sect sent an order to him – Return home immediately, and you are not to say another word on social media!

To Qin Ming, he knew that he had already messed up greatly. This had only happened because he had run his mouth, and many within the Rainfall ancient sect would be extremely unhappy with him.

His hate towards Fan Jian had also reached the maximum level.

This Fatty had disgraced his family, and done something so immoral.

This was an extremely humiliating incident to the Rainfall ancient sect.

They reacted quickly, and swallowed their pride. They quickly got in touch with the authorities and registered a government account on social media.

They then wrote a post which severely reprimanded the Thief Sect.

The sternness and solemnness of the post sent chills down the spines of many in the circle

Excavating other’s ancestor’s graves was a taboo. Indeed, it was something that was intolerable, and it was said that people would stop a nothing to get revenge.

As such, closely following in the footsteps of the Rainfall ancient sect, many ancient schools set aside their pride and set up government accounts to support the Rainfall ancient sect.

The web quickly became a huge firestorm directed at the Thief sect.

However, shortly after, the Thief Sect issued a statement that made everyone speechless, and others could not help but tolerate their actions.

"Since the ancient times, this has been what the Thief Sect has been doing. We have stolen from the immortals in heaven and the kings and the rich on earth. We have made many enemies, yet we are still surviving well till today."

"Excavating tombs is a professional skill! It requires some targeted knowledge!"

"You don’t put in enough effort to guard and care for your own ancestor’s grave, you unworthy descendants. It’s okay if you don’t blame yourself for what happened, but how dare you put the blame on others? Will you blame the heavens when natural forces like time and weather flattens the grave of your ancestors?"

"Stop embarrassing yourself!"

"And the other little pulps, I will go find your ancestors, and then I’ll tell you - if you have the guts, come confront me, else, shut up. Don’t meddle in affairs that you have no business in..."

This post caused a huge commotion across the entire web!


Such an oppressor!

They sang the same tune as that bloody Fatty!

They were completely and ridiculously oppressive!

Furthermore, this statement made logical sense, even though everyone knew it was an excuse, they could not find fault with it!

"There’s no fault!"

"This is correct!"

"I’ll go... hahaha, completely hilarious."

"If you have the guts, come confront me, else, shut up. Don’t meddle in affairs that you have no business in... hahaha, I can’t take it anymore, call an ambulance..."

After the appearance of the post, countless people couldn’t help but laugh.

Even though the change of the world had happened almost 30 years ago, most of these disciples of the underworld clans kept a low profile.

Even when they did use the internet. They covered up their identity.

As such, even though we are in an era where many are cultivating, most of the people in the world still had limited understanding of the ancient legacies.

Even though they walked the same earth, the distance between them was immense.

This time, for some reason, it would seem that... all those ancient clans, sects and schools all appeared at once.

Many people were shocked, they did not make any preparations for this, yet the ancient legacies, billions of years old, had just appeared at their side. This feeling was too strange!

Was fantasy finally becoming a reality?

Finally, someone solved the mystery, In the 30 years after the Earth had changed, more and more of the ancient monuments have returned to their former glory as they absorbed the spiritual energies present.

These ancient legacies, more than anyone, had wanted to get what is inside these ancient monuments. Yet, if they tried to do it themselves, it would be difficult to explore all the monuments.

As such, they had to integrate into society, and have the society join in... only then would they get greater and better chances!

The recent Celestial Fox Immortal Cave incident was a prime example!

If the ancient legacies had put aside their pride and joined in the society, and actively gained information from the web, it would be very possible that they could have gotten valuable clues and news much sooner.

As a result of this incident, even though the ancient legacies thought of it as humiliating, after serious consideration, they came to a decision.

That decision was - integrate and assimilate!

Seeing this analysis, many finally came to their senses.

However, what surprised the ancient legacies was that their assimilation into society had caused cultivation to become an overnight trend in China.

Countless people private messaged their government accounts, wanting to join as disciples.

For these ancient legacies, this was a surprise that they did not expect.

Even though they were acutely aware of the fact that most of these people were not qualified to join them, they knew that one day, in the midst of all these people, there will be some genuine Heaven’s Pride Talent.

Even though the world had recovered and resources were growing, the number of talents had remained low!

These sects... had a constant requirement for such talents!

There was no power in the world who did not like talents.

As such, these powers responded quickly.

When the big clans went about their business, they were crisp and decisive about it. Once they decided to assimilate into society, they weren’t going to drag their feet about it.

When the underworld clans wanted to assimilate back in the day, they had gone through multiple assessments about the potential impacts on the clan.

These ancient legacies did not care about that, they had more legacies, people and resources than the underworld clans to make it happen.

Since they had made the decision, they were going to completely set aside their pride!

They were even going to get closer to the common people!

The two big ancient sects, Qin Ming’s Rainfall sect and Qiu Tianxue’s Truth Ancient Sect even announced that they were going to set up cultivation schools!

Such a decision was meant to be subversive.

Once news broke out, the entire web exploded in chatter.

The feud between the Thief Sect and the ancient schools was washed away in an instant, like a small unassuming wave.

Other than the two sects in question who still remember the feud, the eyes of the rest of the web were focused on the news of the two big ancient clans setting up cultivation schools.

Fatty let out a sigh of relief internally and thought to himself, Luckily this had come to a temporary stop, else, even if I have three heads and six arms, they’ll all still be cut from my body.

However, the pressure was still there, he knew that the clans will not let things go so easily, in fact, things will only heat up!

The fact that these ancient legacies had finally seen the light was not a good thing for them.

With these people assimilating into society, the competition in the future would only get more intense.

Before long, this world... will become a real cultivation world!

"The cruel era is coming!"

Fatty sighed, and sent a message to Chu Yu, "Boss, work hard to break through, else, after these great figures assimilate into society, the world will have many powerful youths walking about.

By that time, China’s Heaven Pride Board would have major changes.

The people on the board currently are just tiny pulp.

After news that you may have gotten the Crane Saint’s legacy gets out to these people, I believe that there’ll be many people looking for you before long. You have to be prepared!

And, you must protect me!

If I die, you will lose a person who is willing to do your dirty deeds and take the rap for you forever.

Fan Jian teared.

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