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When Chu Yu got news of the fatty, he was just about to begin his research into the Immortal Crane Pill Scripture.

When he saw the message, Chu Yu smiled and threw his phone aside, not bothering with it. Even though Fatty was up to no good, he was a clever man.

Chu Yu had known this from the start.

He knew clearly that Fatty would tie up all the loose ends nicely.

Letting Fatty taking the rap gave him no stress. Furthermore, he believed that with Fatty’s wretched character, he definitely had a way to solve these issues.

Even though he did not know much about the Thief Sect, he could get a sense from the attitudes of the disciples of ancient clans, schools and sects.

All those influential people were generally condescending towards others, but yet they chose to avoid Fatty and keep a respectable distance.

This was sufficient to show that Fatty’s standing was not ordinary.

Even though they only spent a short time together, Chu Yu already had a good grasp on Fatty’s character.

Shameless, wretched, thick skinned!

The only way to deal with such people was to - not bother with him.

The room was extremely silent.

After Lord Thief returned, it disappeared. Its movement was mysterious, probably because it had found additional loot apart from the items it had stolen from the disciples of the big clans.

Chu Yu also could not be bothered to ask.

Afterwhich, Chu Yu retrieved the Immortal Crane Pill Scripture and took a deep breath to calm his heart.

He began to concentrate his energies in order to read what was written on the Immortal Crane Pill Scripture.

The words were not complicated, they were the words used in the ancient times, termed by their descendants as divine script. Chu Yu had learnt the divine script since young, thus, he had no problems reading the scripture.

However, what was written was slightly more tedious to understand.

Even though Chu Yu’s cultivation talent was high, he required some time and effort in order to fully understand the true meaning of the scripture.

This process was way more difficult than when modern era people read ancient script.

Even with all his energy, Chu Yu could only sustain reading about 500 words.

After about 500 words, he had insufficient energy to continue.

However, these 500 words, had already taken Chu Yu an entire night!

But the rewards reaped were great!

Even though he had only read 500 words, but after this night, Chu Yu had a rather deep understanding of the alchemist profession.

This was the difference between saints and ordinary teachers.

Ordinary teachers may require a year or two and countless words in order for their disciples to understand their teachings.

However, for saints, a simple 500 words would suffice.

The sun had rose outside, and Chu Yu was extremely tired, but his eyes sparkled with a glow of excitement!

In the span of one night, it was almost as if he had found a true road of cultivation.

Previously, he had never thought that the alchemist profession was such a strong and powerful one. This was despite the fact that the seniors had always said that the alchemist in the ancient era were extremely well respected.

Yet, Chu Yu had never really kept that in mind, and he had never had many interactions with this profession.

Only now did he understand why!

The alchemists in his clan, at their level... could only be known as refiners of medicine!

What they managed to refine, according to the Immortal Crane Pill Scripture, could not be termed as "pills", they only qualified as medicinal tablet.

Even though he had just been introduced to this profession, Chu Yu had the gained the legacy of a saint, allowing him to have a head start, and a clearer view of what’s to come.

Now that he thought about it, the things that the alchemists were refining back home, were disgracing the medicine!

Even the disciples of the Crane Saint would be angered to death if they saw it, not to mention the Crane Saint himself.

In order to refine pills, there were many factors to take note of. For the same type of medicine, if they come from a different date, they’ll have different medicinal properties. As such, the process of refining the pills would be vastly different.

There were many wisdoms contained within this profession and they were deep and complex. Even a genius would require time to find his way around.

In the 500 words of Crane Saint’s teachings that Chu Yu read, he could sense Crane Saint’s passion and proficiency in the craft.

He kept the Immortal Crane Pill Scripture and scrunched his eyebrows. He had a few surprising findings, and after using his energy through the night at such levels, his power had increased by a few more points

"There’s such a benefit?" Chu Yu smiled, this was really an unexpected benefit.

Afterwhich, he stood up, went for a shower and returned to his room to reflect on the cryptic messages embedded within the 500 words of the Immortal Crane Pill Scripture.

Chu Yu continued doing this for three days straight, never once leaving the house!

Yet at this point, news about him had started to spread, as did news of the incident at the Celestial Fox Immortal Cave.

"I didn’t expect that the uncultivable young master of the Chu Clan would have such a mysterious and powerful senior. I heard that that man is very powerful, and he got the legacies from the Celestial Fox Immortal Cave.

"Chu Yu clearly cannot cultivate, how could he have a senior? Which ancient legacy is his school following?"

"All the disciples from the ancient schools, clans and sects have expressed that the Song fella is very strong. Apparently, the death of the heir to the Truth Ancient Sect clan, Qiu Tianxue, is linked to him."

"Didn’t they say that he was killed by the heir to the Thief Sect, Fan Jian?"

"It is difficult to be certain, anyways, I didn’t expect that there would be an ancient clan willing to take Chu Yu in..."

"After Xie Tianyu died, I said that this matter definitely had links to Chu Yu, and the truth has revealed that I was right. Even though the person who killed Xie Tianyu was the heir to the Thief Sect, Fan Jian, he definitely did that because of Chu Yu!"

"I heard that the Thief Sect was a superior sect in the ancient era, and they would... eat the Xie Clan for breakfast."

On the internet, many rumours started and it was impossible to differentiate fact from fiction.

Chu Yu, who had been flying under the radar for the longest time, resurfaced in people’s view.

The last time was due to the scandal between him and Lin Shimeng.

However, this time, it was slightly different. Many people who knew Chu Yu, for the first time, did not tag the words "wasted" or "ruined" with him

If the Song fella from the incident at the Celestial Fox Immortal Cave was really Chu Yu’s senior, then Chu Yu definitely was not a wasted individual!

This was because no ancient legacy would take in a genuinely useless individual.

Chu Yu looked at the rumors and smiled, then he used his service provider to register an account for Song Hong.

Then he posted a paragraph on China’s biggest social networking site.

"Do not look at a real talent with condescending eyes. Chu Yu is my junior, whoever dares to find trouble with him, I would not mind going to have a heart to heart talk with him. If anyone wants to shamelessly call upon your clan elders, very well, I have some too. We can all go head to head and see who has more to lose."

After posting that piece of rubbish, he sent Fatty a message, then switched off his messenger and continued to study his Immortal Sparrow Pill Scripture. Chu Yu’s statement did not trigger any reaction at first.

There were all kinds of names on social media, and it is impossible to differentiate the genuine from the fake. Since many decades ago, there have been many cases of impersonators on the web.

As soon as there were any breaking news, the person’s brothers, grandfather, neighbors, aunty, dog... everyone will appear. In the age of information, people have become numb to such information.

However, after Fan Jian, who was trending on social media, shared the statement from "Song Hong", things changed.

When Fatty shared it, he added another sentence, "Whatever my big brother has said, is what I wanted to say. Also, there has been big news recently, please stay tuned..."

After Fatty shared the news he went silent, but the internet exploded.

Many of the commoners joined in the conversation. This was the first time they managed to feel the underworld clans and ancient factions so close to themselves.

The incident at the Celestial Fox Immortal Cave quickly became a national sensation.

More and more things became exposed.

In the end, even the fact that the Celestial Fox Immortal Cave was the residence of the ancient Crane Saint was revealed.

Only then did people realize that Song Hong and Fan Jian could have gotten the legacy of a Pill King!

That would mean that Chu Yu... could very well have gotten a copy of this legacy!

The eyes of countless people were directed to the Dragon City in China’s Northern territories.

Even Fatty’s master, the wretched old man, called Fatty when he saw the news.

"Master, it’s not that I’m not telling you the truth, but this incident has been blown up... it’s difficult to explain?"

"What? No no no, it has nothing to do with him, he saved my life. I can be a shameless jerk, and I can be thick skinned and wretched, but I can’t be someone who harms a person who has helped me."

"It’s true, disciple swears! It’s true! Master, I swear on my p*nis... if I’m lying, my p*nis shall never be able to harden!"

Fatty swore and cursed himself, and he really did dare to swear about this. Indeed, Chu Yu didn’t kill him, and in a certain way, he saved his life.

"Furthermore, the Crane Saint’s legacy is just an idea, the spirit searching technique that we are after has been long lost. Even if it isn’t lost, there is no one here who can use it..."

"How would I have known, I thought it was an ancient classic."

"Mm, Song Hong has a great sense of justice, and he is very particular!" As Fatty spoke, he pat his chest, feeling that his ability to bullsh*t had increased greatly.

He was almost perfect!

"Yes, correct correct correct, just like that, I have made another friend like that, another person who can help me defeat a powerful enemy."

"Master you’re indeed wise, I will definitely find an opportunity to make him my sworn brother! Mm mm, okay, okay, that’ll be all then... I shall hang up now!"

Fatty put down the phone, his face bitter as he thought to himself, why would I find additional trouble for myself?

That jerk b*stard had left me in the lurch, isolating himself to study the Immortal Crane Pill Scripture. Not only do I have to take all the rap, I still have to help him fend off all the repercussions.

What horrendous things have I done in my previous life? Did I kill his whole family?

Mm, that must have been it!

Damn it, I shall only do good deeds from now on!

Yes, good deeds!

F*ck his grandmother... I am a bad guy, this is too difficult!

Fatty was unbelievably conflicted, and he was so frustrated it seemed that he gained another few catties as a result.

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