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Jing Hong sat alone in her room as she sighed and walked to the mirror.

She looked at her snow-white skin which glistened in the light.

She looked like an angel that had come out of a painting.

She smiled to herself, what use was there being pretty?

All it did was incite jealousy.

How could she ever have feelings for someone she had never met?

It was at most curiosity, even if he was the Emperor.

So what?

Was a Divine Lady like her not worthy?

It was her ancient ancestor that wanted her to be by his side.

Why would she do it otherwise?

He wasn't a great Sage of the Mortal Realm!

She sighed as she sat back down and waited silently.

Xu Xiao Xian smiled when she saw Chu Yu.

She asked, "You're not angry are you?".

Chu Yu laughed as he pulled her in for a hug, "What would I be angry about?".

"Haven't Lin Shi and I been a bit nonsensical recently? I feel that that Jing Hong girl isn't just here as an ambassador, she seems to have some special information.".

Xu Xiao Xian looked at Chu Yu and continued, "She said that many ancient beings, who will become great Saints in the future, will come for revenge.".

Chu Yu smiled, "That's a given, but I'm afraid those people won't have the chance to step into the great Saint realm.".

"You should go and see the Jing Hong girl," Xu Xiao Xian smiled.

And so Chu Yu did.

When she saw Chu Yu, Jing Hong gave a natural smile.

"Should I call you the Son of the Emperor or the Emperor?" she asked.

"It doesn't matter, it's just a name anyway. Why have you come miss?" Chu Yu asked.

"I have a letter from my ancestor, she said that you will understand when you see it," she explained.

After saying this, she took out a jade amulet and passed it to Chu Yu.

Chu Yu used his divine sense to have a look, and he was surprised to see a strong restrictive energy emanating from it.

It was incredibly complicated!

This was interesting!

He concentrated his mind and attempted to undo the seal.

It was like solving a complicated math problem, but far more difficult.

After ten minutes, Chu Yu managed to undo the seal.

He began reading the message inside, and as he looked through it, his expression grew more serious.

Jing Hong was observing him at the side, when she saw him undo the seal, she felt a sense of disbelief.

She knew how complicated it was.

She had never managed to undo any of them, even when told the formula, she could only do it in a few months.

The fact that she could even undo it was a great feat at where she came from!

When she saw the seal on the amulet that her ancestor had given her, she knew her intentions immediately.

If Chu Yu could not decipher it, Jong Hong was to help him.

No matter how good he was, she thought it would take at least months for him to decipher it.

But now…

Just ten minutes.

His ability was incredible.

The seal may have been difficult to undo, but the information inside was straight forward.

Chu Yu remained silent after reading the message.

He looked at her and said, "Your ancestor treats you well huh!".

Chu Yu sighed.

Jing Hong did not know what he was talking about.

Chu Yu said, "She has used your entire clan in exchange for your future.".

Jing Hong's face went pale immediately.

Two streams of tears flowed down her eyes.

"She… what decision did she make?" she asked.

"I'll go and take a look," Chu Yu said without answering her question.

"Bring me along!" Jing Hong said loudly.

She then lowered her voice, "I… I want to see it for myself.".

"Alright," Chu Yu said as he brought her away from the floating city.

Outside of the solar system.

A chaotic battle was in progress.

Jing Hong's ancestor and the other great Saints of her clan were battling the other extraterrestrials.

A few days ago.

The Saints of Jing Hong's clan had gathered.

There were about fifty of them.

The ancestor looked at them and said seriously, "We have no chance of winning this war, whether it is now, or the future.".

The group remained silent.

But not everyone agreed.

Some of them felt that they could weather the storm if they persevered.

They could return for revenge after a few years.

"I know what some of you are thinking.".

The ancestor looked at the group.

"But that isn't happening.".

She sighed.

"The reason for out failure this time, is because of a person from another era. He has lived till today. He crushed out armies.".


"How is this possible?".

"Another era? Can Saints live for so long?".

"This is far too unrealistic!".

Many of them began to speak up.

The ancestor waved them off, "You don't know how terrifying that era was, let alone how powerful the beings then were.".

"How do you think the changes in this era began?".

"It's all part of the chess board from long ago!".

She became incredibly serious.

"We're just pawns in this vicious game of chess!".

She looked at all of them, "Don't think that you guys have the power to change things, nothing we do counts in this game.".

"We're a group of people with maligned destinies.".

"But ancestor… Since that is the case, why don't we run away?" someone asked.

"We have no choice," said the ancestor as she gave a wry smile.

"Our family has the blood of the village of Dao!".

This sentence stunned everyone.

It was hard to believe, and even harder to accept.

Their reaction and emotions were far more intense than this.

No one had known this, they never related themselves to the solar system.

Divine Lady Jing Hong's role as the ambassador puzzled some at first, why her?

At first, the explanation was that she possessed a special trait that could fool the people of the solar system into thinking that she was one of their own.

Everyone around was silent, they did not know what to say.

The ancestor looked at everyone and said, "You're all my direct descendants. The man that I married was a cultivator from the village of Dao!".

A look of reminiscence appeared in her eyes as she said, "This is a secret that almost no one knows. But there are people who do. There are people who have survived from that time till now. Why else do you think Jing Hong has been chosen?".

"Yes! She was chosen by that ancestor himself. If we didn't agree, our entire clan would have been wiped out.".

She looked at a stunned youngster, "So, we have no choice. Either we die in their hands… or we join them and destroy the village of Dao!".

"But they don't know how powerful the Village of Dao is.".

"This is why I chose to gamble.".

Her voice became cold and harsh, "If we win this bet, our clan will be immortalised. If we lose, we will cease to exist. Perhaps only Jing Hong will survive.".

She looked at the group, "Right now, that group of people are at their most relaxed. This is the perfect chance for us to launch a sneak attack.".

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