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Seeing as the figures of this group of people disappeared swiftly from the Celestial Fox Immortal Cave, Fatty had a sullen expression as he stared at Chu Yu, "Lord, was that alright?"

"So-so." Chu Yu nodded.


If not for his fear, Fatty would have directly slapped Chu yu to death.

However, he could be considered to have seen Chu Yu’s power.

It was f*cking horrifying!

Firstly, it was his sense of perception. For the moment, his sense of perception was astounding by itself. But, he was also able to avoid all the danger areas in the ancient ruins, this sort of prophetic ability was simply able to sent people into doubt and shock.

Secondly, it was his terrifying combat power. With his power at the Acupoint Charging Realm, he was able to violently defeat an expert at Invigorated Meridian Stage Level 4, and he wasn’t even injured in the exchange? This was simply too abnormal!

It was not as if Fatty had never met those freaky heirs from the ancient schools, but the problem was, this person was Chu Yu ah!

He was merely a disciple from a small underworld clan, exactly what sort of fate would did he obtain?

Finally, what complete compelled Fatty into disbelief was that just now… in that instant, Chu Yu helped open his 7th meridian! It was the gallbladder meridian of the 12 true meridians ah!

He had already opened it by half. With his talent, coupled with the cultivation resources that he had access to, he would need at least a year to open it.

However, in front of Chu Yu, he merely took a little over 10 minutes.

The instant his meridian was perforated, Fatty had a feeling, this person in front of him wasn’t a human being, but a god!

One must know that at the instant of his breakthrough, he was even suspecting that Chu Yu was trying to kill him…

Ths was the thing that left Fatty in utter disbelief!

After his gallbladder meridian was opened, a good half of his injuries healed rapidly.

Moreover, when his gallbladder was opened, he actually didn’t sustain any injuries!

Under normal conditions, opening meridians would be coupled with some injuries; these injuries required medicinal herbs and time in order to recover.

But this time, he actually didn’t suffer any injuries!

This was the reason why Fatty was willing to offend the entire world, and also become the scapegoat for all of Chu Yu’s actions!

Not only was this b*stard amazing, he even possessed such god-like methods!

If he wasn’t controlled by Chu Yu, he might have harboured some thoughts of killing Chu Yu to obtain his secrets. But now, he only hoped to see Chu Yu become even stronger!

Because he had this faint premonition, if he could always follow this b*stard, his future… would be incomparably brighter!

Even though the facts were like so, when he deserved to cry, he still had to cry.

Babies who cry would get fed with milk; the world had always been like this.

"I have just offended many people. I believe that within a short time, all these news will be delivered. By the time, there would definitely be many people who wish to kill me." Fatty stared at Chu Yu with an aggrieved expression. "As the boss, shouldn’t you… give me something to protect myself?"

"That does seem logical…"

After some thought, Chu Yu fetched an ancient bronze sword from his storage ring. A pained expression could be seen on his face as he said, "A Xiantian grade magic treasure… Since you’re now my little brother, I guess I will bear this pain and give this to you."

Xiantian grade?

Magic treasure?

And you have you bear the pain?

I now believe how wicked you are!

In his heart, Fatty was cursing his mother: Wasn’t this just plain bullying? Isn’t this just a a mass-produced training weapon for disciples during the ancient times?

Even though it had survived the ages, it was not preserved well. This little thing… really couldn’t be considered anything good. To even call it a magic treasure… More like a mgic treasure for kids ah!

The Immortal Crane Furnace is the real magic treasure, ok?

Or the Spirit Stunning Bow is fine too!

"Why? You don’t want it?" Chu Yu promptly thought of keeping his ancient bronze sword. He really intended to not give it!

Fatty moved quickly, accepting the bronze sword as he snickered, "Thanks Boss…"

Better than nothing!

Regardless, a Xiantian grade magical equipment is still considered not bad in the commoner’s world.

At least it could be sold for some pocket money!

"Then in the future…" Fatty stared reluctantly at Chu Yu; he knew that this b*stard was definitely itching to go back and research on the Immortal Crane Pill Scripture.

If it was possible, he would like to follow Chu Yu. Even though he was taking all his sh*t, this fella’s methods were heaven defying. Perhaps, if this fella ever had a mood swing and decided to be happy, this fella might help him raise his level to Invigorated Meridian Stage Eight.

"In the future, if there’s nothing urgent, don’t contact me. Pass me the means of contacting you. If I need anything, I will find you." Chu Yu glanced at Fatty; of course he knew what was on Fatty’s mind.

It was just that helping him to reach Invigorated Meridian Stage Seven, was already the max that Chu Yu could go. Even though he was raher strong, he could not continuously help and support Fan Jian to raise his level.

Moreover, for a b*stard like Fatty, he couldn’t constantly offer benefits. He needed to be economical with his carrots.

Thereafter Chu Yu parted with Fatty. Together with Lord Thief, they traversed the forest and headed back to Dragon City.

Half a day later, Chu Yu had already appeared in his private hospital room.

Chu Tianxiong had already received the news and immediately rushed over.

Seeing Chu Yu, Chu Tianxiong revealed an gleeful smile on his face. He had already requested for permission from the clan to temporarily remain here to help Chu Yu get accustomed with the matters before returning.

To this sort of exemplary act, the internal department of the Chu Clan were incredibly satisfied. They quickly agreed with Chu Tianxiong’s request.

"I have already arranged for the matter," Chu Tianxiong said. "With me taking command personally, you can rest assured. Nothing will go wrong."

"I’ve troubled you Uncle Xiong. Soon, we won’t need to continue to conceal anything," Chu Yu said.

Chu Tianxiong’s eyes sparkled, he stared at Chu Yu, "Could it be… you’ve obtained some huge gains?"

He continued, "Previously those clans from Dragon City were supposedly banished from the Immortal Cave. I was a little worried…"

Chu Yu laughed, "When I was in the Celestial Fox Immortal Cave, I obtained an impressive legacy. It was actually the immortal estate of a Pill King!"

"Heavens…" Chu Tianxiong widened as he stared at Chu Yu in disbelief. His voice started to trembled, "Is… is this true?"

Chu Yu nodded.

"That’s great! That’s really great!" Chu Tianxiong clenched his fists, pacing around the room, myttering to himself, "Now, we can perfectly cover your method of helping people advance their level… And, Pill King… that’s a medical saint ah!"

"The legacy of a medical saint… In ancient times, alchemists were people that no one would dare to offend, much less a Pill King. My god… If you truly cultivate in this legacy and achieve great accomplishments in it, then wouldn’t you…"

As he spoke, Chu Tianxiong’s face was bursting with emotion.

Being able to obtain the legacy of a saint, meant that Chu Yu’s future… was bright and limitless!

"The Heavens have blessed the Chu Clan. Will my Chu Clan… finally develop an important figure?" Chu Tianxiong was so emotional, it seemed like he was about to cry.

"Regarding this matter, we will still need to temporarily keep it under wraps. As for the clan, I will soon be taking some time to pay a visit," Chu Yu said.

"I understand, I understand! You can rest assured, with me here, you won’t have to worry about anything!" Chu Tianxiong said repearedly.

Thereafter, Chu Tianxiong bade his farewells in high spirits with many emotions on his face.

Chu Yu did not stay in the hospital for long. Together with Lord Thief, he returned to his villa.

The villa had long been installed with magical formations. After returning to the villa, Chu Yu did not immediately delve into the Immortal Crane Pill Scripture, but first gave a call to his mother.

"Mum, it’s me," Chu Yu said softly.

"Stinky brat, you finally remembered that you have a mother? Just because you found a wife, you forgot that you have a mother?"

Across the phone was a gentle female voice, it was slightly tinged with a mocking tone.

"You heard?" Chu Yu laughed, a joyful expression appeared on his face."

"It’s alread buzzing over the internet. But son, what’s the truth behind this matter?" Across the phone, Song Yu asked curiously.

"At first, it wasn’t true. But now, it’s true."

"En, not bad not bad. Shi Shi is a good girl, it’s just that…"

"Mum, I’ve recovered!" Chu Yu said softly.

"It’s good that you’ve recovered, recovered… Eh? What? What did you say? Can you say it one time?" At the start, Song Yu didn’t properly react to those words, but in the blink of an eye, she immediately reacted. She could not help but raise her volume and even her voice started to tremble slightly.

"Mum, over these 10 years. I did not even lost my power. It was just that I wasn’t able to use them," Chu Yu expressed deliberately.

"The exact details are hard to explain. Wait till I have the time to go home, I will explain to you clearly. The important thing is, your son, is already in Acupoint Charging Stage Ten, and I’m even able to fight experts at Invigorated Meridian Stage Five or Six ah!"

There was only silenece across the phone. After some time, Song Yu spoke doubtfully, "Stinky brat, are you purposely lying to make Mum happy?"

These words were truly hard to believe.

"It’s true, mum. I now possess the legacies of two saints."

On the phone, Chu Yu finally revealed the truth to his mother, he described his current siuation.

Across the phone, Song Yu was shocked into silence. Finally, she could not help but shed some tears as she choked, "Well done, well done! I always knew, my son has always been the best!"

"Rest assured, I will soon return back to the clan. This matter, not only relates to me, but also relates to the rise of our entire clan!" Chu Yu said.

"Good son. You’ve always been a kind child, you’ve never forgotten the kindness the clan has shown to you. Good! But regarding this matter, you must be cautious. An innocent man gets into trouble because of his wealth…"

Knwoing that her son had fully recovered, and even possessed the legacies of saint, Song Yu was endlessly emotional. She could not help but worry for her son.

"Rest assured, mum. I will take care of myself. Moreover, your son is not easily bullied. You just need to see." Chu Yu laughed.

"Don’t be too frivolous with your ambitions. Safety should be the most important thing. Mum will always be proud of you." After some final words of encouragement, Song Ye hung up the phone.

A warm smile emerged on Chu Yu’s face.

Thereafter, Chu Yu made a call to Lin Shimeng.

The phone seemed to be undergoing its own hardcore cultivation.

After he obtained Crane Saint’s legacy, many things which he needed to conceal in the past could now be revealed.

At least, he no longer needed to hide these matters from his closest people.

With the Crane Saint’s legacy, it was natural that he could recover from being a trash.

What was a saint?

This was an existence that could traverse the ages, pluck stars from the sky and even overwhelm the universe - a peerless existence!

Thus, Chu Yu who held this saint’s legacy, it was perfectly normal that he could recover and cultivate!

As for how he was able to obtain the saint’s legacy?

Simple, Song Hong was his big brother ah.

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