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The middle aged man and the gorgeous girl, together with their group, all escaped the Celestial Fox Immortal Cave in an embarrassing manner. They had an aura of lethargy and unwillingness as they appeared outside the Celestial Fox Immortal Cave.

Over there, Qin Ming and Zhang Shuang’s group, who had already exited earlier, were nowhere to be found. They had never even thought about staying around to ambush Chu Yu, they were scared cold by Chu Yu’s powerful battle ability.

As for the result of the attack, it was completely unimaginable!

Any ancient land with an enchantment, upon attack, was likely to change in an unpredictable manner.

Such changes, were mostly targeted at the attacker.

Based on their current ability, not only could they not break the enchantment, they would be afflicted with a curse.

Others had tried this before, and the result... was unparalleled suffering.

When the group got to the outside, their first order of business was to wake Liu Xu up.

This unfortunate youthful Invigorated Meridian Realm martial artist slowly regained his consciousness, but his eyes were blank.

Half of his face was swollen, the facial bones being shattered by the slap from Chu Yu.

Half of his teeth were knocked out, in his coma, he had swallowed them together with his blood.

This was the classic, "knocking out all your teeth and letting you swallow them in your own blood"...

Liu Xu seemed not to feel any pain at this time and he looked blankly at everyone, "Why... what happened?"

His gaze swept over the gorgeous girl, "Xiao Qing... I remember, I think you asked me to stop just now? What, what happened to me?"

Half of Liu Xu’s teeth were missing and air was sipping out when he spoke.

The others could barely understand what he was saying, they could not help but look at each other dismally, not knowing what to say.

At this point, Liu Xu’s awareness had just recovered slightly, and he consciously used his tongue to lick the side of the gums without teeth and screamed in pain.

"Ah... my, my teeth, where are my teeth?"

At this moment, his memory came rushing back like the tide, and Liu Xu suddenly remembered

He bellowed, "Song b*stard, I will never let you off!"

Afterwhich, he raised his hand to touch his swollen face. Even though it had been treated by the others, the sensation when he touched it... as well as the intense pain that came with it, caused him to crumble instantly.

A gush of blood rushed out from his throat and spewed out.

His chest heaved and tears streamed from his eyes.

As a disciple of an ancient school, as well as a talented individual born after the world had recovered, he had grown up with a golden spoon in his mouth.

Everyone revolved their lives around him, and pampered him thoroughly.

Even though there were times when the seniors or elders would defeat him in friendly matches, they did not take it too far.

In so many years, he had not been injured a single time, not to mention his self-proclaimed handsome face...

He could not accept such an outcome!

Liu Xu, calm down, you’re lucky... to be alive!"

The gorgeous girl looked at Liu Xu and said, remnants of fear still present in her eyes.

Her name was Fang Qing, and she came from an ancient clan, and could be considered one of the Heaven’s Pride ladies.

Even though she had been enraged by Lord Thief, she had calmed down by now.

Liu Xu was still moaning in pain. At this point the middle aged man looked in Fang Qing’s direction and asked solemnly, " Fang Qing, what exactly happened just now? Why did you ask Liu Xu to stop?"

The others looked at Fang Qing, clearly confused.

Fang Qing sighed and said bitterly, "All you geniuses, don't you see that there was a headless body not far behind the Song fella?"

"Ah? Dead body?"

"A headless body?"

"We were all focused on that cursed bird... we didn't notice!"

The others had an expression of confusion on their face.

The middle aged man frowned, "I did feel a scent of blood in the air, could it be..."

Fang Qing asked bitterly, "Do you all know who that is?"

Even Liu Xu, who was moaning on the ground shut up and opened up one eye to look at Fang Qing.

Fang Qing replied, "That man... is the Truth Ancient Sect’s heir... Qiu Tianxue!"

When she finished, the entire group fell silent!

All of them were stunned, and it slowly morphed into awe, before finally turning into fear.

"Qiu... Qiu Tianxue?"

"The heir to the Qiuzhen clan, Qiu Tianxue, is dead?"

"How could this be?"

"I heard that Qiu Tianxue’s ability was well within Invigorated Meridian Stage Seven... how, how could he be dead?"

"That Song fella... is that strong?"

All of their eyes were filled with disbelief.

Fang Qing continued, "I do know Qiu Tianxue personally. Initially, I didn't notice his body either. His body was behind a small mound of sand, but his head had rolled to the side, and I recognized him instantly! That's why I cautioned Liu Xu..."


All of the people could not help but gasp.

At this point, the middle aged man said solemnly, "Qiu Tianxue’s death... is earth shaking news! But I feel that Qiu Tianxue... might not have been killed by that Song fella."

All of them looked at the middle aged man, confused.

The middle aged man looked at them and said, "In your opinion... what cultivation level do you think Fan Jian of the Thief Sect is?"

One of them scoffed, "Him? That little fatty? What level can he be? All he does is steal from others, he's no different from that damned bird. He roams the land and bullsh*ts others that he is an Acupoint Charging Stage Eight martial artist, but in actual fact, he is only about Invigorated Meridian Stage one or two."

Another one added, "Exactly, all he does is use despicable methods to take advantage of the weak by being a wolf in sheep's clothing. He is a complete pig, not worth a mention."

The middle aged man shook his head, "Wrong, his cultivation level, is at least Invigorated Meridian Stage Six!"

All of them were shocked, thinking that it was impossible.

"Don’t forget, the Thief Sect is also an ancient legacy. Even though they are not well known to many, one cannot underestimate their power. They possibly have more teachings and secret treasures than many other ancient sects!"

The middle aged man looked at the others and sighed, "Regardless, we have been taken advantage of. We probably can’t do anything about that Song fella or Fan Jian, but that damned bird... is from the underworld Chu Clan..."

"Exactly, let’s go settle the score with the Chu Clan!"

"That’s right, they must give us an explanation for this!"

"If it doesn’t satisfy us, we’ll... snuff them out!"

At this point, the middle aged man suddenly raised his head and looked in the direction of the entrance to the Celestial Fox Immortal Cave.

Fan Jian’s silhouette tunneled from the entrance. His plump face was depressed, he had been treated as a guinea pig when they exited the cave.

When he heard the middle aged man speak, Fan Jian’s mouth twitched, he was unwilling to do this, but he had no choice but to be thick skinned and laugh coldly, "Who are you going to settle the score with? Who owes you an explanation? Who do you wanna wipe out?"

Afterwhich, Lord Thief and Chu Yu also crawled out.

Lord Thief shook the nonexistent dust off its feathers and gently landed on Fatty’s shoulders and commanded, "Fatty, smack them!:

I want to smack you!

Fatty suppressed the horrible feeling in his heart.

This man and this bird were both sh*tty jerks!

Especially the damned bird. It was too shameless and made Fatty crave one dish - Deep Fried Sparrow!

The rivals met and rage burned in their eyes.

This was especially so for Liu Xu, whose head was swollen like a pig’s head.

Yet, no one dared to make a sound.

Fan jian laughed coldly, " I hope you all have a little more self awareness and not make any more mistakes. The person in question is here, who else do you want an explanation from? Do you think that the underworld clans are pushovers?"

A flash of sternness could be seen in the middle aged man’s eyes. He finally laughed dryly, "It’s a misunderstanding..."

Chu Yu stood there silently, looking at these people.

Fatty threw his shoulders back as he suppressed the humiliation he was feeling. He looked at the group with arrogance, "Do you know, during this period of time, how Xie Tianyu from the Xie Clan had died?

Everyone was stunned for a moment, not understanding where Fatty was coming from.

Fatty held back tears, but said arrogantly, "I killed him! Why? You want to set the Xie Clan on me? Come and get me!"

The faces of the people couldn’t help but twitch, they could not bring themselves to belief what they had just heard.

How could there be such arrogant people in this world?

The Fatty continued, "Chu Yu from the Chu Clan, is my best brother! His matters are my matters, whoever dares to touch him will feel my wrath! All of your clans and sects have ancestor graves righ? Do you believe that I will bring them all out to enjoy the sun?"

"#¥%...%..." All of them were nearly driven crazy, thinking to themselves, Is this guy crazy?

The Fatty did not care about them, his voice getting more and more excited, as if he was mysteriously getting more ecstatic.

"Whatever Xie Clan, ancient school, ancient clan... whatever ancient sect? Whoever dares to touch the Chu Clan will feel my wrath!"

"Do you think I am afraid of owning up to my actions? No, no need! I am the heir of the Thief Sect! If you have the ability, go settle the score with the Thief Sect!"

Fatty was filled with sadness, and he thought to himself, Seniors, I am truly sorry for selling you out... however, I am sure you all will not mind this little bit of slander.

The middle aged man, Fang Qing and the rest were floored, thinking that the Fatty was out of his mind! Was he trying to make enemies with everyone?

He laughed hysterically, "Listen up, brother Song..."

As he spoke, Fatty looked at Chu Yu, clearly humiliated. Chu Yu returned with an encouraging look.

"Brother Song... damn it... ahem, is my best brother! His matters are my matters! Big brother Song is one of the seniors of Chu Yu from the underworld Northern Chu Clan! That Chu Yu... naturally is my... good brother! Yes, he is my good brother!"

Fatty cried inside, yet he still seemed quite squared away externally. He looked arrogant even as he said coldly, "If I hear anyone of you blind b*stards... going to find trouble with the Chu Clan, daring to find trouble with my good brother Chu Yu, then I will definitely make sure you can’t sleep at night!

"There’s still me, there’s still me!" Lord Thief added.

"..." Fatty looked as if he had just eaten sh*t even as he announced, "Yes, and there is this bird... he’s also my brother! Anyone who doesn’t believe in the methods of the Thief Sect, you are free to go back and ask your ancestors! Damn it, anyone who antagonizes them, is my enemy!"


Fatty felt that he could die shortly, this was simply courting death!

Chu Yu you b*stard, you have managed to keep yourself clean all this while, taking over Song Hong’s identity, a person who could disappear anytime.

Damn it, what can I do? What can I do?

How can I get out of this?!

I have taken all the rap!

Ah ah ah ah ah!

Seeing the stunned faces of the group of people, Fatty said dismally, "Why are you all still here? Scram! Are you waiting for me to spoonfeed you?"

As he spoke, an aura of energy exploded from his plump body!

Invigorated Meridian Stage Seven!

Everyone paled instantly.

The middle aged man did not say anything else, bent over to pick up Liu Xu and walked away.

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