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To die this way was too tragic.

A holy light shone upon the land, yet this light illuminated monsters and demons. Only the glaring guardian warrior would be able to suppress them all.

In the skies above the Pacific Ocean, the cold-blooded woman, whose strike had killed many youths and genius cultivators on Earth, was nearing her end.

She let out a scream of indignation.

"You insignificant insects from this wretched place, in no time you will all have to die!"

"When our great army arrives here from our homeland, your time of doom will have come!"

"And I…...will be reborn when that time comes!"

"When I descend upon this place again, no living creature will be left alive…...Ah!"

Xu Xiao Xian, who was high up in the sky, just couldn't stand her any longer and had let fly an arrow.

Even a being of the Saint Realm would have found it hard to trace the trajectory of this arrow.

The arrow was shot straight at this woman's forehead.

It was a fairly accurate shot!

And it cut off the rest of the woman's venomous speech.

"So noisy!"

Xu Xiao Xian commented coldly, but her face was slightly pale.

She could not continuously launch attacks of this level.

Each shot was a huge drain on her energy.

She really shouldn't have wasted this attack on this woman who was going to die anyway, but she just did not resist the urge to.

Fatty looked up resentfully at the warrior goddess-like figure high up in the sky and muttered, "Really…...Not even leaving a head behind..."

Chu Yu was travelling through the famed mountains and great rivers of ancient China along with Flower Chu.

They had plenty of tasks to complete!

There were many practitioners who had come to Earth from other civilisations.

Those who could directly be found on Earth were not true threats.

Many of them had already found their way into the ancient pocket dimensions.

They were all young Heaven's Prides from across the universe.

The bloodlines of ancient Earth ran in them still.

This group of people was actually to be pitied.

These were people who had been intentionally "created" by the elders of their families.

All sorts of arrangements had been made just so that one day they may be sent to Earth first.

If not, it would be just too difficult to get past the hull and defenses of the solar system.

The Mirror Dimension had been using people like these for many years, yet they had not been able to realise this one goal.

As such, these young people were disliked for the ancient Village of Dao blood that ran in their veins by their own families and sects despite their exceedingly stellar abilities.

To put it nicely, they were people of a mixed race.

To put it less nicely, they were mongrels.

As a result, they led lives in their own respective families and sects that went less smoothly and comfortably compared to the other young geniuses.

When they had endured till the moment they could finally return to the solar system, they treasured the opportunity greatly!

Though they faced some discrimination in the places they were at, these youth were only thinking of ways to strengthen themselves in order to fight for the status that originally belonged to them!

In no way did they intend to betray their people for the Village of Dao.

To them, it was exactly because they had the blood of Dao in them that they were met with disdain in their own families and sects.

They hated this bloodline with a vengeance!

There were even many who begged their elders to cast heavenly magic and completely erase the blood of Dao from their bodies when the war ends.

It didn't matter if this bloodline improved their abilities even further.

They didn't want that!

To them, this was a humiliation.

It was nothing to be proud of!

Zhao Guang Ping was an example of such a person.

He had come from a faraway galaxy, one that was truly distant from the solar system.

From the skies of the solar system, one would not be able to observe the cluster of stars within which his galaxy existed.

The ancient Earth bloodline he carried within his body was that of a mid-tier sect from 80 million years ago.

In those times, it was already a great feat to be able to become a mid-tier sect on Earth.

But Zhao Guang Ping had not thought so previously.

To these young people, the ancient solar system and Earth…...the so-called emperor star from sixty million years ago, were all too distant!

No matter how glorious it was said to be--

It was just like mentioning Qin Shi Huang and the Emperor Wu of Han in the secular world. People knew that they were great, but it was hard to imagine just how great they had been. At times, there was even a mild impulse to jibe at them: They were so great, yet had they seen the advanced technology of today or sat on a plane to fly through the skies?

As such, people from a later era often found it hard to relate to the glorious past from eons ago.

Unless they had lived during those times and experienced things for themselves, they would not truly understand.

Zhao Guang Ping had found his way back to Earth again using an old map of space after he had entered the solar system through a wormhole.

He had not attempted to contact anyone. Instead he had located and arrived at the sect dojo that belonged to his ancient Earth ancestors, whose blood ran in him still.

This place was located somewhere in the Kunlun mountains.

When he entered that pocket dimension, what he had seen was not a scene of devastation and destruction.

Surprisingly, there were still signs of people and life in this pocket dimension!

And the human population was not that small either!

There were hundreds of thousands of people even!

Plus, it was a small kingdom.

It was just a pity that this place was no longer under the glorious rule of the ancestors and had mostly become a secular land.

In the entire kingdom, the strongest cultivator they had was but at the Supreme realm only.

The situation here was actually not that different from the Chu family pocket dimension Chu Yu was in.

In that faraway era, his family had once been at the peak as well.

Unfortunately as time has gone by, beyond each generation getting weaker and weaker, even the true achievements of the ancestors probably have been lost as well.

Too many things were buried under the sands of time.

This was no exception.

Everyone in this kingdom had the surname Zhao and was of the Zhao clan.

The complete teachings of this clan had actually been hidden in a temple that the people worshipped at.

It was just a pity that there was no longer anyone who had the ability to access it today.

Owing to the fact that their cultivation levels were so low and the pocket dimension was so tightly sealed, the people here didn't even know that the world outside had already changed greatly.

More accurately, they didn't even dare to confirm whether or not there even was a larger world beyond the one they knew.

Zhao Man Tian had blended into this little kingdom very easily. In the period of a few days, he understood everything.

It was tragic. This community of people who shared the same ancestors as him had been embroiled in several fierce civil wars over the past sixty million years!

This pocket dimension originally had a population of up to millions!

In ancient times, a mid-tier sect could have as many as billions of people even!

There had been an exodus during the eve of the sealing.

Among those who left had been Zhao Guang Ping's direct ancestors.

Those who were left behind were split into various factions after tens of thousands of years.

After that, several civil wars were fought rather intensely.

This led to the strong cultivators slowly dying off.

Finally, under the siege of time, the kingdom had become what it was today.

Zhao Guang Ping sat alone on top of a city wall with a pot of wine next to him. His expression was cold.

He muttered, "I was right, the people here really are dirty, foul and vile. They are all the same people, yet they fight amongst themselves. If they had been able to work together, then would this kingdom have become what it is today? They are protecting a great treasure, yet no one can access it..."

"This dirty blood in my veins increasingly annoys me!"

He picked up the pot of wine and took a huge swig before speaking softly, "If that's the case, then you all should stop lingering on with your last breath. I'm taking the teachings of the Zhao clan with me!"

After he spoke, he got to his feet, and a strange ring of light emanated from his body.

Like a nuclear explosion, this light instantly expanded in all directions.

Every living being that existed here was immediately…...reduced to dust.

Without even knowing what had happened, they had all died.

The city had been massacred.

And the one who had massacred them was a person with the same blood flowing through their veins, and the same genes that made up his body…...a person from their own clan.

But Zhao Guang Ping's expression remained even.

It was as if he had simply sipped a mouthful of cold water rather than slaughtered hundreds of thousands of his own people in one strike.

From then on, he began to live here alone.

He entered the temple that no one else had been able to enter

He had no trouble entering.

A light swept over his body before an icy electronic sound announced his permission to enter.

The ancestors had two considerations - one, the person had to be a descendant of the Zhao, and two, the person had to have reached a certain realm of cultivation.

If not, there could be great chaos once those teachings were passed on.

This temple was also the root cause of the several civil wars that had been viciously fought.

Everyone had wanted to be part of the true line and to be on top.

In the end they had all died.

That made things easier for a bastard like Zhao Guang Ping.

If the ancestors of the Zhao bloodline could see what had transpired, they would be so angered they would rise from the grave to kill him personally.

Those ancestors had considered many things, yet they couldn't have been able to predict that there would be that one beastly descendant who would have their blood flowing in his veins and their genes in his body, yet not recognise their authority as ancestors.

Once Zhao Guang Ping entered the temple, he had easily overcome all of the challenges within and accessed those teachings.

It was then that he truly saw just what power this ancient planet had hidden within.

The family he was part of now was also Zhao.

But they were completely incomparable to the Zhaos here.

His family was counted among the great clans of the universe!

If not, Zhao Guang Ping's direct ancestor would not have chosen to rely on them when he had arrived there in the past.

But even the greatest teachings of a powerful family like that were…...nothing compared to the teachings he found here!

These were both mental cultivation methods of the Saint Realm, but one was like a hill by the village and the other…...akin to Mount Everest itself!

That was how great the difference between the two methods was!

"No wonder the people from the Village of Dao in ancient times were so powerful!" Zhao Guang Ping could not help but marvel.

But then he laughed coldly, "But what's the point of being so powerful? In the end…...weren't they all still exterminated? I've come here and taken these things, but I…...have nothing to do with this planet! Towards this place…...hate is all I have."

Afterwards, he locked himself in the temple. He was going to master all these teachings!

Then, he would put up a good show when the war began.

I will kill more great cultivators on Earth.

Then, I will definitely get the respect of the family.

Then, I can plead with the elder to remove this Earth bloodline from my veins!

This bloodline is my greatest humiliation!

I, do not want it!

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