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Even Fan Jian was slightly shocked, and he subconsciously broke out in cold sweat. Only now did he realize that the only reason he was alive was because this man was slightly bonkers and let him off.

This was simply too decisive!

How could he draw his blade just because the others had rejected his first offer of friendship?

He did not have any room for discussion before he started killing!

No one expected Chu Yu to be this decisive, not giving any chance to Qiu Tianxue.

The saying goes, "in a fight, the one who strikes first has the advantage", but this execution... was way too fast, wasn’t it?

Qin Ming and the group felt a coldness in their heart and consciously retreated.

Half of Qiu Tianyue’s body had been shattered by a ray of light from the Spirit Stunning Bow, but he did not die instantly.

He lay on the ground howling, the sound was extremely mournful.

Everyone was dead silent!

Chu Yu glanced at Qin Ming and the group.

Zoom Zoom Zoom!

This group of people turned and ran without hesitation!

Each of them running faster than a rabbit!

In the blink of an eye, all of them rushed into the enchantment and disappeared from sight.

Chu Yu sighed and thought to himself, "It’s a good thing they all ran."

This was human nature!

He walked deliberately towards Qiu Tianxue, who was still clinging on to life.

Fan Jian opened up his two flabby arms and realized it was full of sweat.

"Don’t... Don’t kill me... I am willing to give everything I have to you! Owowow..." Qiu Tianxue looked at Chu Yu pleadingly, blood spewing out of his mouth.

In all honesty, based on his current state, unless there was huge external intervention, he was bound to die.

Yet, self-preservation was ingrained in him and directed him to plead with Chu Yu.

He looked at Chu Yu who was getting closer and his eyes filled with tears.

"I, I still have a heaven shaking secret..."

Fatty, who was not far away, could not resist but roll his eyes, thinking to himself, F*ck, what a low-life, copying my tactic!

Chu Yu held the ancient bronze blade in his hand, raised it and cut down on Qiu Tianxue’s head.

"I asked you before, but you rejected my offer."

After he finished, Chu Yu sighed. He did not look good, activating the Spirit Stunning Bow had taken up more than half of his energy.

Even if he could squeeze off one more activation, its power would not be as strong as the first activation.

Even though it was a good item, it was not suitable for his use currently. It would seem that he needed to upgrade himself as fast as he could, Chu Yu thought to himself.

At this point, a chirping sound was heard from far away.

"Damn it, stop chasing me, f*ck, haven’t I told you? I did not get anything out of this, are you all out of your mind?"

"Damn bird, return the treasure you stole from us quickly, else we will deep fry and eat you!"

"B*tch, are you sick? If you’re sick go get it treated, don’t come and bother me!"

"You shameless jerk sparrow, I will deep fry you!"

Chu Yu was exasperated as he thought to himself, Who did this b*stard antagonize this time?

He could see Lord Thief flapping its wings and flying from afar with all his might.

Behind it were six to seven people, chasing it with all they got.

The one who had been arguing with Lord Thief was a gorgeous lady, yet, her face was filled with rage, her eyes firing with rage.

Lord Thief had seen Chu Yu and Fan Jian from a distance and flew straight towards them.

In a swift motion, it hid behind Chu Yu then asked sharply, "Why are you with this bloody Fatty? Why haven’t you killed him?"

"..." Fan Jian looked at Lord Thief exasperatingly, wondering to himself how could this bird be so cheap?

"Damn bird... return our precious!" That gorgeous girl looked furiously at Lord Thief hidden behind Chu Yu.

"B*tch, are you stupid? Look for yourself, what do I have on myself except for feathers? Do you want me to strip my wings for you to check?" Even though Lord Thief was hiding behind Chu Yu, its mouth was still as sharp as ever.

That girl was furious and raged, "If you have the ability, come out! Don’t hide behind others!"

Lord Thief smiled coldly, "If you have the ability, why not you come over?"

"You..." The lady was so furious she was gritting her teeth.

At this point, a young man walked in front and cupped his fist at Chu Yu, "This brother of ours, please make way, this bird had just taken the treasures we have gained, we want them back."

"Don’t listen to his bullsh*t, the treasures in this area belong to no one. Furthermore, except for the feathers on me, I have nothing! Who took your treasures?"

Lord Thief shouted from behind Chu Yu.

Chu Yu was slightly conflicted, the Lord Thief really did not have anything other than the feathers on its body. These people had constantly insisted that Lord Thief had stolen their treasures, but where were the treasures?

Chu Yu wanted to laugh, a group of Invigorated Meridian Realm experts were robbed by an Acupoint Charging Realm bird like Lord Thief. No wonder they were all so furious.

Chu Yu asked, "What exactly is going on? As you all see, there is no treasure on it."

"It definitely has a storage magical equipment!" the gorgeous lady vowed, "After it had flew over the treasures we had on display, all of them disappeared, if it wasn't the culprit, who was?"

"This is slander, you have no evidence, yet you want to convict me?" Lord Thief laughed coldly.

Chu Yu used the Voice Transmission Technique to Lord Thief, "Did you really take it?"

"Duh, else why would they chase after me for so long?" Lord Thief answered as a matter of fact, "Ok, I really do have a special space, but it is inside my stomach, they have no evidence!"

"..." Chu Yu was exasperated, his face twitching.

He then looked at the group of people, shrugged his shoulders and spread out his arms, "As you all can see, it has no space creating magical equipment on it. Maybe, this is all a misunderstanding?"

A rather fiery youth laughed coldly, "Do you have business here? Scram!"

Chu Yu’s expression became icy as he looked at the youth, "Are you referring to me?"

The youth replied coldly, "Exactly, you, scram!"

As he spoke, he took great strides forward, the power of the Invigorated Meridian realm exploding outwards. He raised his fist and aimed it at Chu Yu.

He knew that this Song fella was relatively mysterious, but so what?

Anyone who blocks my way, shall be beaten!

At that moment, the gorgeous lady saw the body not far away and exclaimed, "Liu Xu... stop!"

Just now, they were all focused on Lord Thief and Chu Yu, and they did not notice the body not far away.

It was too late for the youth named Liu Xu to stop, furthermore, rage had consumed him.

Furthermore, he had full confidence in his abilities, how strong could an Acupoint Charging realm warrior be?

As such, even though Liu Xu heard his comrade’s reminder, he did not heed it and did not bother stopping.

Chu Yu’s eyes flashed with iciness.

He saw Liu Xu’s palm approaching him, Chu Yu could even see his opponent’s ferociousness and ruthlessness.

Chu Yu did not dodge, and he raised his left arm to block Liu Xu’s palm. After which, he raised his right hand... and used a backhand to slap back!


A crisp sound echoed out!

Liu Xu was sent flying by Chu Yu’s slap.

He fainted on the spot!

Chu Yu shook his left arm, it was slightly numb.

He thought to himself, This guy had some serious power!

Yet, the rest of them were shocked by Chu Yu!

Everyone of them was dumbfounded and stood rooted to the ground.

Chu Yu’s was too fast!

Even Fan Jian, who was in the Invigorated Meridian Stage Six, could not see for sure how Chu Yu had pulled that off.

His eyes flashed with a sense of aghast.

Before, when Chu Yu said that he could kill him even if he wasn’t injured, Fan Jian was unconvinced, thinking that Chu Yu was boasting.

When he had killed Qiu Tianxue just now, he had also used the Spirit Stunning Bow.

Yet, when he saw that Chu Yu could confront this martial artist, who was at least Invigorated Meridian Stage Four, face to face, Fan Jian was completely shocked. Not only could Chu Yu block the attack, he could send his opponent flying with a single slap.

Lord Thief cheered at the side, "Hahahaha, Hero Song is mighty! F*ck, f*ck them dead!"

All of the others were completely speechless, thinking to themselves that this bird was at the pinnacle of cheapness.

After being sent airborne by Chu Yu’s slap, he did not rise for half the day.

A few of his comrades rushed over to support him, and they were on their guard as they looked at Chu Yu.

One of the middle aged man, in his forties, looked to Chu Yu and asked solemnly, "My friend, isn’t this too much?"

This sentence... managed to antagonize even Fan Jian. He looked at this middle aged man and said, "Brother, I will slap you, and you are not allowed to retaliate, else you are too much!"

The middle aged man’s eyes flashed with a cold iciness. His cultivation level was not low, he was about Invigorated Meridian Stage Six.

However, even Liu Xu, an Invigorated Meridian Stage Four martial artist, had been sent flying by a slap which was released later, yet landed first.

He did some calculations internally and feared that even if he took matters into his own hands, he may not be able to do much to the opponent.

The only issue was that this loss was really too depressing.

The middle aged man looked coldly at Chu Yu and Fan Jian, and then his gaze landed on Lord Thief, who was hiding by the side.

"Bloody bird, we have remembered you, don’t ever let us catch you!"

As the middle aged man spoke, he motioned to the others to carry Liu Xu and exit through the enchantment, he did not want to leave anyone behind.

The rest of them were not willing to accept this fact, but there was nothing they could do.

Having seen Liu Xu’s failure, they did not even dare to utter a single word in anger. Afterall, not everyone had the cultivation level of this middle aged man.

Lord Thief laughed coldly, "Remember to sort your things next time, if not I still have to sort them out!"

The group of people walked away even faster, else they would be vomiting blood in anger.

Seeing that these people had left, Chu Yu turned to look at Lord Thief, "These people were all between Invigorated Meridian Stages three to seven, how did you do it?"

"Hahahaha, that group of fools, they had gotten quite a bit of ancient classics, weapons, as well as some miscellaneous magical equipment. Yet, they had displayed it on scene, wanting to trade."

Lord Thief recounted the incident with much pride.

That group of people knew each other well, furthermore, no one had gotten a better loot. As such, they had wanted to trade for what they needed on the scene. This group of people were very arrogant and they threw their things everywhere before they began to look for what they needed.

Lord Thief had sneaked in, and stole a pot with a clean sweep when none of them were looking.

Even though the group was not particularly contented with their yield, there were quite a few valuable treasures in there. They would not even be willing to give it to others, furthermore, how could they accept it being robbed?

As such, they all went crazy.

Afterwhich, the scene had unfolded before Chu Yu.

Fan Jian was shocked as he heard the stories as he looked at Chu Yu and Lord Thief dully. He thought to himself, How could this man and this bird be this horrible!

Damn it, anyone who could make it in the cultivation world really wasn’t anyone good!

Much worse than me!

Damn, indeed, the bird reflects the owner!

Chu Yu looked exasperatingly at Lord Thief, "Oh ya, didn’t you say you were here looking for an opportunity that is yours, did you find it?"

Lord Thief had a profound look, "Secret!"

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