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On the way back, Fatty was still trying his best to fight for his own benefits. Even though he was a slave, he was a slave at the level of a Heaven’s Pride. He could not deserve the typical slave treatment.

"You think, I didn’t kill you because you’re a Heaven’s Pride?" Chu Yu shot a glance towards Fan Jian.

Fan Jian’s face darkened, "You mean it’s not?"

"You’re really…" Chu Yu turned to him, "You think your talent is much better than mine?"

"..." Fan Jian was instantly sent speechless.

If these words were uttered even right after Chu Yu killed Wu Dong, he would nod his head seriously.

But now, he could not dare think so.

The Thief Sect had a strong information network. Since the world’s revitalisation 30 over years ago, it had gained possession of core information from many ancient schools, ancient sects and ancient clans.

Of course, those information contained data of the peerless Heaven’s Prides!

Startling talent and cultivation pace akin to thousand li in a day; Heaven’s Prides were able to sent people into despair.

There were many people more outstanding than Fan Jian, but Fan Jian had never felt himself to be lacking much to this people.

He always felt that if he was provided with similar resources and legacies, his cultivation speed will be no less than those extravagant heirs!

This, he wanted to obtain Crane Saint’s legacy, to prove that he was no worse than those people!

Even though he was the heir to Thief Sect, he was not proud of this status.

When Fatty thought of this, his heart felt stabbed. Because when he was young, he was duped into Thief Sect.

Then, he thought that he was entering a super, duper ancient school and was incomparably excited.

But by the time he realised the truth, things were already too late. It was already too late for regret. The label on his body would never be able to be erased.

Luckily, while the reputation of the Thief Sect during ancient times wasn’t very good, it could still be considered a strong ancient sect today.

Even though they were treated with the cold shoulder, few would specifically find trouble for them.

Even so, Fan Jian still hoped for a proper legacy, so that he could walk with a different status.

Today, that dream had been shattered, perhaps forever.

Because he even lost all of his freedom. As he thought of this, he felt as though a knife was piercing his heart.

And all of this, was caused by himself!

If he didn’t try to plot against Chu Yu, then Chu Yu would not have dealt with him like so.

What f*cking sorrow…

"Your talent is far worse than mine. When you plotted against me, it was already enough reason for me to kill you. I didn’t kill you because you still have some use to me. And for me to kill you… I can do it at anytime!"

"Don’t think that your Invigorated Meridian Stage Six is very amazing. Even if you weren’t injured and weren’t controlled by me, if we fought desperately, I would still be able to kill you!"

Chu Yu glanced at Farry, "Reality is as simple as that."

Alright, even though he was not fully convinced about Chu Yu’s last sentence, Fatty still felt his heart turn cold.

He had already felt that his heart was not big, seeking revenge for even the smallest of grievances. Now, he finally understood, there are mountains beyond mountains; heavens beyond heavens.

Chu Yu had already reverted back to Song Hong’s appearance, together with Fatty, they headed back to the entrance of the ancient ruins.

According to Fatty’s words, in the entire ancient ruins, the most valuable things were the Immortal Crane Pill Scripture and the Immortal Crane Furnace.

Being able to obtain these two things was equivalent to obtaining Crane Saint’s legacy. There was no longer any need to remain here.

He brought Fatty and walked outwards at a relaxed pace.

Originally, Fatty was still unconvinced with Chu Yu’s power. But as he followed behind Chu Yu, his heart was increasingly filled with terror.

He could safely enter this place because he had a strong defensive magical equipment.

And this sort of defensive magical equipment was only possessed by the supreme powers.

However, as he followed Chu Yu, his defensive magical equipment was not activated at all!

That meant to say, Chu Yu had some sort of strong ability, which allowed him to perfectly avoid all the danger areas!

Fatty’s heart had already been shocked to the point that he didn’t want it anymore. He felt that this b*stard Chu Yu should be the true heir to the Thief Sect ah!

This sort of ability, wasn’t it the dream of everyone in the Thief Sect?

But this was life ah!

Fatty had a wronged expression as he followed behind Chu Yu.

When the two reached the entrance, they found that there were already 7 to 8 people there.

Seeing Fatty together with "Song Hong", a few of them were instantly angered.

A pretty but stern-looking girl said coldly, "You two are indeed working together. Fan Jian, don’t you have any shame? Don’t you intend to justify yourself?"

Among the 7 to 8 people, 4 of them had previously clashed with Chu Yu.

They were the green shirted youth Qin Ming, that stern-looking girl, and two other young people.

The rest started to size Chu Yu up with scrutiny.

Fan Jian was originally depressed to the point where wanted to commit suicide. Now that he heard such words, he lifted his head and stared coldly at that pretty girl, "Zhang Shuang, what kind of justification are you talking about? How is whoever I team up with your business?"

"You…" The pretty but strict girl, Zhang Shuang, was angered till her face turned white.

Qin Ming stared at Fatty with an unkind expression, "Fan Jian, you think that it’s good to be a double-crosser?"

"It feels pretty good ah! This old man likes it, so what? What are you going to do about it?" Fatty stretched his neck, giving an indifferent expression.

Landing into Chu Yu’s hands was already considered a misfortune… a f*cking misfortune. But to this group of people, he was truly full of confidence!

Even though he had yet to fully heal from his injuries, but deep in his bones, he only had contempt to these people.

The coincidental thing was, he had always been acting weak, causing this group of people to be unable of his true level. Thus, they had the same feeling as him! Disdain!

Hence, when they heard his words, Qin Ming’s face instantly turned cold, "Fan Jian, you think that you’re very impressive now that you found a backer?"

Find your sister a backer ah!

In his heart, Fatty was even cursing his mother. This Lord doesn’t want this kind of backer, ok? If you like it, then take it ah!

But on his lips, he wasn’t as forgiving, "That’s right. This Lord has found a huge backer. If you have the guts, then beat my backer to death ah!"

Chu Yu’s eyes twitched as he thought in his heart: Are these your heartfelt thoughts?

"Fan Jian, right? I don’t know where your confidence comes from. You think, that just the two of you, are able to resist all of us?"

A youth that had never attacked Chu Yu before said faintly by the side.

"No, not the two of us. My big brother here is enough. If you don’t believe me, you can ask my big brother, ask him whether he fears the load of you?"

Qin Ming and co.’s face turned ugly as they stared at Fatty blankly.

On the other hand, Fatty acted as though he didn’t notice their gazes, with a look of contentment on his face.

Even though his life was controlled in Chu Yu’s hands, being able to vex Chu Yu and give Chu Yu a bit of trouble was enough to make him a little happy.

That youth was thoroughly infuriated by Fatty. However, his gaze landed on Chu Yu.

He had heard from Qin Ming and co. that this Song Hong was very strange and incredibly strong. Even though he was only in the Acupoint Charging Realm, he was able to fight against many martial artists at the Invigorated Meridian Realm.

It was highly possible that Chu Yu was the heir of an ancient sect. Even if he wasn’t, at least he possessed the combat power equivalent to that of a direct heir.

The youth was very curious and wanted to experience for a bit.

He was from an ancient sect, and even though his ancient sect wasn’t one that was at the peak, it was not inferior by much.

And he, was that ancient sect’s direct heir!

At this time, Fatty was transmitting a message to Chu Yu, "This fella is called Qiu Tianxue. Even though his name is a bit feminine, he is the heir to the Truth Ancient Sect. His power is slightly stronger than mine, it’s possible that he’s already in Invigorated Meridian Stage Seven…"

You’re still looking down on other’s people’s name? No matter how I see it, his name is better than yours?

Chu Yu glanced at Fatty, then turned to examine Qiu Tianxiue. He was silent and didn’t utter a word.

Just now, even though he managed to beat Fan Jian, Invigorated Meridian Stage Six, Seven, and others of the like, were truly a headache for him. If only Fan Jian wasn’t injured, then things would be easier

But of course, if Fan Jian wasn’t injured, he wouldn’t be able to control him.

Qiu Tianxue stared at Chu Yu, saying indifferently, "Take out everyone that you got from inside. I’m a simple man. I don’t care about your previous conflicts. As long as you take out your harvests and let me take one, I won’t act against you."

Qin Ming and co. had an ugly expression on their faces, but they did not say much. Because in their eyes, Qiu Tianxue had the rights to say such words.

Chu Yu looked at Qiu Tianxue; this person’s tone was really big; his arrogant personality was open in plain view.

Disdain flashed in Qiu Tianxue’s eyes. A mere Acupoint Charging martial artist, even if his talent was high enough to compete with the heirs of ancient schools, this Song Hong definitely wouldn’t be a match for him.

Even if this Song Hong came from some ancient faction, Qiu Tianxue also wouldn’t have cared. He’s merely a fella with unknown origins.

Moreover, if he’s not as good as others, what’s wrong if he got robbed? Would he go back and cry to his seniors? That’s just disgraceful!

Qin Ming, Zhang Shuang and co. looked at the scene unfold with interest.

Towards this fella called Song Hong, they did indeed develop some fear of him. Thus, they hoped that Song Hong would clash with Qiu Tianxue; the best was if he just died here!

That way, they could feel a bit better.

What Fan Jian and Chu Yu didn’t see was that, Qin Ming, Zhang Shuang and the group of them had also just been extorted by Qiu Tianxue.

In this relatively small ancient ruins, they all had their own bit of gains, but these gains were not enough to make them satisfied.

If these gains weren’t enough to satisfy them, naturally, Qiu Tianxue wouldn’t look at them with favour. Additionally, the group of them could be considered acquaintances, so Qiu Tianxue didn’t take any of their gains.

But this Song Hong was different; he’s some fella from who knows where. Who else would be a better target for extortion?

Oh right, there’s still Fan Jian!

That damned Fatty!

That two-faced fence-sitter!

He was even the heir to the Thief Sect. Petty thefts and raiding graves were their specialties; their noses were even more sensitive than dogs.

Scarly, Fan Jian and Song Hong might really have obtained some huge rewards.

This was also what Qiu Tianxue thought.

Chu Yu glanced at Qiu Tianxue, "What if I don’t agree?"

"Then you won’t be able to leave this place." Qiu Tianxue sighed lightly, then continued faintly, "In the Celestial Fox Ancient Ruins, there’s poison miasma everywhere and evil spirits run rampant. Dying here is not something out of the ordinary."

"That means to say, if I don’t agree, you will kill me?" Chu Yu stared seriously at Qiu Tianxue. "We don’t even have the possibility of becoming friends?"

Qiu Tianxue laughed contemptuously, "You’re not fit!"

As his words descended, he noticed that there seemed to be something extra suddenly appearing in Chu Yu’s hand, it looked like a small crossbow?

He wants to…

Qiu Tianxue was startled.

Suddenly, a beam of light emerged.

It was from that small crossbow, and it was heading straight at him.

Qiu Tianxue snorted violently, "You dare…"

"Then you can go and die," Chu Yu’s icy cold voice also transmitted over.


That light beam was unfathomably fast!

It directly struck against his body; half of Qiu Tianxue’s body had easily been crushed.

His aggrieved shriek resounded in all directions.

As for the others, they were dumbfounded as they stared blankly like a piece of wood.

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