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It's been proven that, as long as one was speaking to a woman, the words 'old witch' had a devastatingly tremendous effect!

The imprisoned Saint's face swelled up angrily where she had been slapped, but to her, a slap like this was not the source of her rage.

"You vile scum, who's the old witch!"

She glared menacingly at Chu Yu with a fiery blaze in her eyes.

"You." Unmoved, Chu Yu continued looking on at her coldly. "Now I'll ask my questions."

Even though the Saint was restrained under the seal, she was incensed beyond measure. She scorned, "I won't say a single word."


There was a blinding flash of light, and the Saint let out a blood-curdling scream.

Her little finger dropped right off her hand.

With Saintly powers protecting one's body, amputated fingers could be regrown. Heck, even heads could be regenerated after decapitation.

But she was currently under the seal, her regenerative powers were limited, like an ordinary mortal.

She had never experienced pain like that before.

She began to lose her consciousness as she continued wailing.

Chu Yu gave her another slap.

He was absolutely enraged by the fact that these people tried to hurt his brother using their saintly powers.

Without his protective armour, Chu Liang might have been beaten to pulp by now. Chu Yu would not even have been able to have a last glimpse of him.

Towards these enemies, Chu Yu was merciless.

The slap went on tightly on the other cheek of her face.

With tears streaming down her cheeks, the Saint wailed, "You haven't even asked a question, why'd you cut off my finger?"

"My first question, where do you all come from?" Chu Yu asked with no regard for the hatred in her eyes.

The woman's lips remained shut.

There was another bright flash and off came another finger.

She let out another blood curdling yelp, "You aren't human, how could you do this to a woman…"


The third finger fell off.

"I'll talk!"

Chu Yu's extreme measures had clearly frightened the Ancient Saint.

This was a completely different man from the one she had come to understand on Earth.

Wasn't he known to be compassionate and kind?

Why was he so cold-blooded?

She did not stop to think for one second if she would be compassionate or kind in his position. Someone had just tried to murder his family!

Chu Yu gave the woman a death glare.

"I am from the Taiji sect, the other two men are from the Limitless sect."

Indeed! These assassins came from these two ancient sects.

In their golden ages, these ancient sects had produced ancestors who were glorious and respectable.

They had dedicated and sacrificed their lives in the war 60,000,000 years ago.

It was a pity that the disciples who remained however, were all cowards and losers.

What a shame to their ancestor's names.

"What did you come for?"

Chu Yu could not believe that these two ancient sects had sent three Saints for the sole purpose of killing his own brother.

"We were to scout out the actual situation in the Floating city and find the opportunity to assassinate you. If we failed, we were to kill those close to you, to riddle you with guilt..."

The Saint was in such a tremendous pain that she had lost all her willpower to negotiate with Chu Yu, spilling their plans in entirety to him.

Upon hearing what she said, Chu Yu appeared ever so calm, but his insides were boiling with rage.

He was furious beyond measure.

Together, the Taiji and Limitless sects still had more than sixty Ancient Saints!

It was no exaggeration to say that this was a frightening amount of power.

However, it seemed that they were not planning to use this power on their enemies. Instead, what they were planning to do... was to destroy the Floating city!

And then dominate the Solar System!

And when attacked by the people of the Universe, they would be prepared to surrender directly!

Only yearning to be the Masters of the Solar System...


Chu Yu was infuriated.

Never overestimate one's moral principles, and never expect too much from the courage of others.

There had never been a shortage of such scum in the world.

It was inconceivable that these scumbags could still amount to something!

More than seventy Ancient Saints...

The truth was that aside from Chu Yu, the strongest Ancient Saints in the Floating city were Ming Hui and Song Qing.

Taking the other Saints into account, there were less than twenty.

The assassins' abilities could be considered to be significantly powerful.

But in comparison to the masterful foundations of the Taiji and Limitless sects, their powers were still lacking.

Of course, if one were to account for all the Ancient powers of the entire Earth, the number of Saints would greatly outnumber that of the Taiji and Limitless sects.

But... it would not be easy to convince these Saints to join forces with and be closely allied with the people of the Floating city.

Those whom Xu Xiao Xian and Lin Shi had managed to subdue over the years, had cultivations below the level of Saints.

If not for Yi, the ancient God watching over the Earth, the Floating city would simply not have stood a chance against the lot of them allied together.

The ultimate purpose of the Taiji Sect and Limitless Sect sending these three Saints had been to assassinate Chu Yu, or at the very least, haunt his conscience with the painful loss of his loved ones.

This was equivalent to utterly destroying Chu Yu's future, bringing destruction to the Floating city!

One's own guilt is his worst enemy.

Chu Yu brought his Heavenly Immortal Sword down upon the assassin, destroying her soul and spirit. She was lucky to have a painless death.

Walking out of the prison, Chu Yu maintained a steely expression. He ushered the others to the conference hall and explained the situation.

The conference hall buzzed with excited agitation.

Yue Yin gritted her teeth, "What a bunch of degenerates! In the previous era when the war broke out, these scaredy-cats hid themselves. Looks like they survived till now and even managed to learn some skills, I say we fight! Fight them at their very own gates!".

A youthful-looking Saint beside her laughed bitterly, "Lets not be rash..."

"Rash my ass! What're we leaving them alive for?" she glared at the Saint. "If we don't attack them now, they'll just attack once Yi passes, are we going to wait for that to happen?".

The crowd fell silent momentarily.

Song Qing said at the side, "Aside from the Ancient Saints of the Taiji and Limitless Sects, there should be about more than a hundred Ancient Saints on Earth right now. I'm not referring to anyone... but from what I see, I'm afraid these Saints aren't any better than the Saints of the Taiji and Limitless sects!"

Ming Hui nodded in agreement, "Yeah, during the War of the Worlds, even those with a hint of loyalty eventually left the Village of Dao. The Saints who managed to survive on Earth till this day... I dare not say all of them, but at least more than half... are the deserters from the War!"

Yue Yin chuckled coldly, "So what? If we attack the Taiji and Limitless sects, would they dare to do anything about it?"

"There is indeed a wide disparity in their abilities," Demonic Saint Xue said from aside.

"We'll still attack!" Yue Yin looked at Chu Yu seriously and said, "Your Highness, this is not the time to hesitate. If we are to deal with external affairs, we must have peace within!"

"Indeed, Your Highness, we will not be able to focus on dealing with our external enemies if we have to worry about being backstabbed. These cancerous vermin... must be removed!"

"Even if I die, I'll make sure to rid the Earth of these scum!"

"The world has no place for degenerate trash!"

Within the conference hall, those who supported war had taken up an overwhelming majority.

The others, however, were not advocates for peace, but they had concerns that waging war on the Taiji and Limitless sect would greatly damage the reputation of the newly established Floating city.

Naturally, they also wished deep within their hearts that they could do away with these unsettling concerns.

Chu Yu fell silent for a moment, and said, "Give me three months."

With no further explanation or instructions, he turned and left.

However, everyone in the conference hall instantly understood Chu Yu's intentions.

Chu Yu was going into reclusion!

Although the Floating city was like a giant satellite orbiting the Earth, it maintained extremely close contact with the Earth.

The battle which had transpired in the Floating city was soon known to the people on Earth's surface.

Their reactions were strong. This time, they were not as worried and scared as before. Instead, they felt a burning fury towards the Taiji Sect and Limitless Sect!

It was neither condemnation, nor protestation, but... wrath!

Everyone who resided on this beautiful blue planet could call this planet their own. Thus, everyone... had a duty to protect his home!

Cowardly, weak, or afraid to die...

No matter!

When the time comes, there'll always be someone to stand up to the task.

But if a weak and cowardly person still tries to persuade others not to rise up and stand in defiance, trying to convince others to be slaves just like him... would he even be human?

Even an animal would be better!

Everyone was stricken with rage!

By right, the world of cultivation and the world of the common people belonged to two completely different worldly planes.

It did not matter that they lived on the same planet. These were two entirely different worlds.

The people of cultivation had never had much regard for the common people.

Such was the segregation between the gods and the ordinary folk.

However, even the people of cultivation were enraged!

This included the ancient clans, tribes and sects.

Even if these clans, tribes and sects had ancestors who were cowardly and weak... their descendants were just like the ordinary folk.


Media around the whole world broadcasted the news 24 hours daily.

Crowds had gathered on the streets, angrily condemning the shameless actions of the Taiji Sect and Limitless Sect.

The common people were not only capable of overthrowing decadent and corrupt dynasties, they were able to exert influence on the people of cultivation!

The foundations of the Taiji Sect and Limitless Sect on Earth did not consist only of surviving Saints. They had a network of inextricably complex and widespread relationships and connections.

Just like the elderly Divine Lord before, there were many ancient beings who were indebted to the Taiji Sect and Limitless Sect.

They had communicated extensively before in secret.

There were even some who had already agreed to cooperate with the Taiji Sect and Limitless Sect, to attack the Floating city.

Now however, some of these people were stunned.

Even their relatives and descendants... were all furiously berating the actions of the Taiji Sect and Limitless Sect.

Not only so, all those who could speak with the Ancient Saints sought to meet with them.

They had no other requests, but for them to silently remain as a cowardly ancestor!

"Leave the bleeding and sacrifice to us!"

"You're our ancestor. Since you've lived to this day, you must continue to do so in peace. For the sake of your descendants, you must leave behind a strong legacy!"

"Elder, leave all your experience, cultivations and practices to us descendants, we'll deal with the rest..."

The Ancient Saints of the Earth were embarrassed.

If these had been outsiders, they could have extinguished their lives without leaving a trace with a single slap. The world would have been cleansed.

Except for the fact that these words had been uttered by their descendants!

Their direct descendants!

They had not directly told them to be cowardly, weak and afraid. They had just begged them to not do anything reckless.

Afraid, cowardly, weak... this might have been the character of some of these Ancient Saints, but this did not mean that it was in their character to be shameless!

Aside from their status as a superior person of cultivation, they were just ordinary people at heart, people with joys and sorrows. Even if they behaved cowardly to preserve their lives, only a bare few could say that they completely did not mind living as a shameless person.

The wrath of the billions of people on Earth ultimately influenced the sequence of events which followed.

Most of the Ancient Saints on Earth had little choice but to stand out to make their voices heard.

Amongst these Ancient Saints, most of them admitted to cowardice during the War 6,000,000 years ago, choosing to go into hiding. However, they would never do anything to bring harm to the Earth.

There was also those who were furious and felt wronged. They simply revealed their battle scars!

Countless high-resolution cameras turned to capture the sight of massive statues appearing above the Earth. Till today, some of their battle scars and injuries had yet to be fully healed.

"That year... we went to war, it was by sheer luck that we managed to survive. We'd never have done anything to let down this Earth or the world, we'll never do anything like that now and we never will! If we are invaded, we will not hesitate to defend this land to our last breaths!"

This declaration was a heavy blow to the Taiji Sect and Limitless Sect.

This was because amongst these Ancient Saints, at least half had declared their support for the Floating city!

"The Floating city is the true guardian of our Emperor, if anyone tries to attack them, we will not let it happen!"

"The Taiji Sect and Limitless Sect need to wake up from their delusions."

At the Taiji Sect

Dressed in grey robes, a white-haired Elder appeared sage-like and divine.

His pair of eyes however, emanated a ferocious gaze.

"Impudence! Such impudence! A bunch of common folk... with a bunch of equally ignorant practitioners. They know... nothing!"

He examined his surroundings and looked at the sculpture-like silhouettes around him, slowly saying, "Chu Yu must die!"

From where the Ancient Saints remained in reclusion, came a sudden outburst of excitation.

"Attack the Floating city!"

"Kill that kid!"

"Kill him!"

At this moment, a Divine Soul asked, "Yi... what should we do about him?"

Everyone fell silent momentarily.


This name was like an unavoidable mountain, weighing down upon everybody's thoughts.

If not for Yi, would the Floating city still be safe and sound?

If not for Yi, what Emperor would there be? He would mean nothing!

The surviving Ancient Saints on Earth would long have sided with the Taiji sect!

With their powers, the Solar System was theirs to dominate!

Even the Heavenly Palace would not be able to stop the three Ancient Sects!

Hence, if not for Yi's presence, the Taiji, Limitless and the Liang Yi Ancient Sects would easily have had the world in their grasp long ago!

At the moment, the Liang Yi Sect was completely ruined. The Liang Heavenly Palace had fled far from the Solar System after going into hiding.

Only the Taiji and Limitless Sects remained. Even though they had the potential to be the rulers of the world, they were simply helpless under Yi's repression.

The mere thought of it made their blood boil!

"Elder, is there not a way to destroy that old thing?" An ancient saint asked, looking upon the white-haired Elder.

The Elder deeply inhaled, "Of course there is. If we join forces with Limitless Sect and attack him together, we could definitely be able to force him to expend the last ounces of his strength!"

Glancing at the others, he said, "There's just one thing – not more than a third of us will be able to survive such an encounter. When that happens, the Emperor... and his Ancient Saints will definitely join forces with the Floating city in the name of eliminating traitors. They'll wipe us out easily!"

"So, there isn't a way to avoid that old thing?" The ancient saint grumbled. He might have been more than 70 million years old, but he was still seething in anger.

Gaoji's long and waxen eyebrows quivered. "I have a charm. Legend has it that it was refined years ago by the Shang Qing ancestor – Ling Bao, the Heavenly Lord of Numinous Treasure."

The Ancient Saints sharply inhaled.

"In the previous era?" An Ancient Saint whispered.

Though they were Ancient Saints, legends of the past era still held their immense fascination.

It was the era of the Heavenly Emperor, it was an era of the Buddha, the Daoists, and the Confucians!

In that time, a Saintly cultivation was considered to be merely ordinary. True prowess was that of the Great Sages. Still, there were even stronger Ancestral cultivations in supreme existence!

The people of Ancestral cultivations... were akin to gods amongst the heavenly beings!

Those with Ancestral might, were referred to as Ancient Gods!

Yi was one of the Ancient Gods of that era!

The Shang Qing ancestor Ling Bao... was one of those Ancestral Ancient Gods!

If Elder Gaoji did have in his possession a charm refined by the Ancient Ancestral God Ling Bao himself, it would be possible to avoid Yi while still being able to assassinate Chu Yu... without being noticed!

"Elder, if you had such a valuable charm in your possession, why haven't you already used it?" blurted another Ancient Saint, a great-grandson of Elder Gaoji.

"This charm, has a weakness." Gaoji sighed. "Had it not been so, I would long have used it to slay Chu Yu!"

"What kind of charm is it?" his great-grandson asked.

"Imprisonment." Gaoji glanced at his great-grandson and remarked, "It can entrap all Ancient Gods... and all practitioners of lesser powers! It will confine them to a given space, eliminating communication of any kind with the outside world!"

The Ancient Saints of the Taiji Sect were aghast. Taken aback, they looked on at Elder Gaoji.

They were astounded!

Entrapping practitioners, confining space!

Importantly, all practitioners of Ancient Godly powers and less could be repressed...

What a divine artefact!

"Including the Great Sages?" Gaoji's great-grandson asked in disbelief.

Stunned, the others looked on at Gaoji.

Forget about the present, even if it were 60 million years ago in an ancient era, the powers of this charm would be considered to be inconceivable!

This was because in that era... there were no Great Sages!

In that case, wouldn't the charm imprison everybody indiscriminately upon use?

"Even the Great Sages!" Gaoji said confidently.

Promptly, he added, "But of course, even the most perfectly flawless charm would not be able to imprison all of the Great Sages. For instance, a particularly terrifying monkey..."

"But no fret, there is no longer a place in this world for such beings." Gaoji said plainly.

"Elder, what did you mean when you said that the charm had a weakness?" Gaoji's great-grandson asked on behalf of the others.

All the Ancient Saints looked at Gaoji.

Gaoji said plainly, "I found this charm in ancient ruins. When I found it, it already no longer had a tenth of its original powers. I used it once years back, and from my deductions, it can now probably be only used twice."

Gaoji sighed, if I had not been forced to do so, I would never have used it.

Everyone fell silent.

They certainly understood his sentiments.

This was a proper divine artefact!

It could be said that this was ideal for killing and self-preservation!

Presently, in a universe devoid of Great Sages, such a charm would certainly be able to bring the universe to its knees!

It can now only be used twice... use it once, and there'll only be one use left!

This was not only heart-wrenching, it was soul-wrenching too!

To use it on Chu Yu, who only recently achieved the cultivation of a Saint... this would be such an absolute waste!

There was no choice, however. Chu Yu had matured.

His rate of maturation had far exceeded everyone's imaginations.

He was declared the 'Royal Son'. None of them believed it to be true, but what if it was?

In that case, would this group of powerful Ancient Saints still have to live in someone else's shadow after experiencing these endless eras of lawlessness?

To live in the shadow of a younger junior?

They would rather divide and share the Solar System with the others, than allow this young man to become the Emperor of the Solar System.

"Had this charm been flawless, I'd have long used it to imprison Chu Yu." Gaoji said regrettably.

Looking at everyone, he said, "But today, we can only use it on Chu Yu. After I kill him, I'll wipe out the people of the Floating city! Then... I'll take on the appearance of an Old Guardian by the side of the Great Sage of the Galaxy, Zhou Xu and leave this place. When that time comes, you must do as I say..."

As he finished speaking, all the Ancient Saints in the land of reclusion fell silent.

His great-grandson asked, "Will this... work?"

Gaoji chuckled, "This charm is known to none. Although Yi is almighty, he has no way of knowing that I exist amongst the ancestors of the Taiji Sect. To him, we're all descendants of descendants. He has no interest in us. So yes... this will work!"

Gazing at the crowd, he said, "After I leave the Galaxy, I'll go to the other Universe Planes to meet with some of old acquaintances of the past. Once I bring them home with me, the Taiji Sect will rise to dominate this world!"

Elder Gaoji inhaled deeply, "When the time comes... even the Ancient God Yi will not be able to counter such great powers! And with such a powerful weapon in my possession, I'll show the world its true powers! We just have to not use it now... and we'll be forever unbeatable!"

"Elder is supreme!"

"May Elder be successful!"

"Elder's presence, is our fortune!"

Solemnly, the Ancient Saints of the Taiji Sect saluted the Elder Gaoji.

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