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The others were all stunned!

Especially Fan Jian, he was dumbfounded when he saw the man killed!

That was a disciple of an ancient clan!

He was an Invigorated Meridian Stage Two young talent!

Yet he was killed by a single punch?

This Song dude did not seem that powerful either, how did he do it?

In the blink of an eye, Fan Jian shouted, "Brother Song, run quickly, I will block them!"

"…" Chu Yu was speechless.

"…" so were the others.

This person was an unrivalled low-life.

There couldn’t be anyone who could be more despicable.

Did he really think that everyone else was a fool?

Who could possibly believe him at this point?

However, Fan Jian still turned and ran without a single moment of hesitation.

The remaining people charged at Chu Yu.

Chu Yu used the Voice Transmission Technique to tell Lord Thief, "Run, quickly!"

Lord Thief immediately understood and shrieked, "This is really scary, run quickly…"

Lord Thief disappeared in a whiff of smoke.

At this point, the remaining people had already begun their attack on Chu Yu.

They all had magical equipment in their hands, even though they could not harness the full potential of the equipment, it was rather stunning.

The youth in the green tunic had an ancient sword in his hand. The blade was crimson red like blood, when it was wielded; it had a red glow to it.

This was also a magical weapon of the Xiantian realm.

Chu Yu retrieved the bronze dagger that he had gotten from Qi Heng and channelled his power into it. In that moment, there was a sword spirit that exploded along the dagger.

"That’s Qi Heng’s weapon!"

"Thief, you shall pay with your life!"

"You jerk, go to hell!"

These men did have deep connections with Qi Heng from Jiu Xiao, so much so that they could recognize Qi Heng’s weapon.

They attacked ferociously, even though they were from different clans, they had quite a lot of synergy and blocked off all Chu Yu’s escape paths.

Almost all of these men were youths but were already Invigorated Meridian realm experts.

They wanted to kill Chu Yu right here!

The light from the magical equipment met and they exploded with a scary wave of force.

Even a mountain could be levelled by such a wave of force.


A loud sound echoed out.

Chu Yu retreated over 10 steps, and the feeling of blood rushing up came over him, a stream of blood dripping from the corner of his mouth.

The others were not any better, all of them retreating many steps.

A couple of them also had blood dripping from them.

They looked at Chu Yu with aghast, their eyes shining with disbelief.

How could he be this strong?

From the wave of energy from Chu Yu’s body, he was clearly a martial artist who had not reached the Invigorated Meridian realm.

You could have such power just by being in the Acupoint Charging realm?

Could it be that this man…could match the core sons of the ancient sects?

If that was the case, it was too terrifying!

It was difficult to say, but this guy could be from the ancient powers.

Thinking of this, the attackers surrounding Chu Yu doubted themselves.

Chu Yu, holding the ancient bronze dagger in his hand, scanned over these people icily, memorizing all their features and appearances.

Even though Fan Jian was shameless, he did get one thing right: There have been many cases of murder without reason in this world.

Yet, Chu Yu had no intention of being the victim!

He would not kill without being provoked, but if someone was going to kill him, he was not going to sit back and await death.

Anyone who wanted to use compassion and love to defeat the opponent was brain damaged.

Compassion and love… need to be built upon strength and ability in order to be effective.

Chu Yu retreated slowly and said icily, "I remember all of you; I hope you all will always be this united, don’t ever be left out."

As he spoke, he bent over and picked up the magical weapon of the guy he had just killed.

It was also a bronze dagger, extremely similar to the one he had in hand.

Chu Yu had his suspicions, could this bronze dagger be made in bulk in the ancient times and used specially for the cultivating disciples?

However, even if they were just training daggers in the ancient times, they were real treasures in the current era.

Every one of them was considered priceless.

Chu Yu uncourteously kept the dagger, and looked at the group of men with apprehension in their eyes, smiled coldly and left.

The group of men who had surrounded Chu Yu were speechless, none of them daring to move.

When Chu Yu’s silhouette disappeared from view, one of them sighed and murmured, "This man isn’t very high up the cultivation levels, his aura… how is he this scary?

"He reminds me of… a few of the best Heaven’s Pride back in my clan."

"We seem to have antagonized someone we should never have antagonized."

The youth in the green tunic was deep in thought, a look of apprehension clear in his eyes. After a long time, he said solemnly, "If we don’t get rid of this guy, he’ll be a huge threat to us!"

"However, even when we came together to attack him, we didn’t manage to do much." The white-teethed, slightly mean girl said with much apprehension, "Even brother Liu died from a single hit, he… is no ordinary underworld clan disciple!"

"Indeed, based on his technique and flair, he does not seem as careful as those underworld clan disciples. There is a good chance he is like us, originating from ancient clans. However, his standing is probably higher than us." Another added.

This pricked their hearts and they did not look good.

"Fan Jian that low life is to blame, if not for him, how would we have antagonized such an unknown powerful enemy?" Someone lamented.

"Enough, things are already this way, nothing that we say can change it. If we can’t kill him this time, we will contact the stronger people in our sects and have them do it for us." The youth in the green tunic eyes, Qin Ming, glimmered as he firmed up this decision.

In the cultivation world, antagonizing others was usually fatal.

One could be a thief a thousand days, but one couldn’t be on guard for a thousand days.

Even when antagonizing a small fry, one could not be certain when he would scheme against you and cause you damage beyond redemption. When antagonizing a powerful individual with limitless power, the consequences were all the more severe.

Countless similar incidents have been seen all throughout the cultivation world.

It was better 30 years ago, when the world hadn’t fully recovered.

Back then, everyone led difficult lives, even the ancient sects, clans and gangs who never stopped passing down their knowledge did not have much interactions with each other.

At most, all they had was the occasional friendly competition, and that was considered frequent.

At that point, everybody was improving extremely slowly, even the extremely talented Heaven’s Pride disciples needed a long time to grow and improve.

Yet, it was a different case now, after 30 years, many ancient sects, clans and gangs have recovered much of that lost vigour.

They had never stopped passing down their teachings, even though the best of them had been brought away, what was left was not to be underestimated.

After so many years, many had raised themselves to unimaginable levels.

Since the ancient times, no one actually knew how many pocket dimensions there were.

As such, for people like Song Hong, no one could know if he had a powerful, grand backer.

For such people, one either respectfully kept one’s distance or make friends with him. Once you antagonize him, you have to get rid of him quickly!

Else, the consequences would be dire!

As such, Qin Ming and the others decided that once they left the Celestial Fox Immortal Cave, they would contact the experts in their own clans to kill off Song Hong!

Chu Yu did not actually disappear into the magical formation; his forehead became icy from the murderous thought even as the flame in chest raged.

He was angry with these few men, and also at Fan Jian.

Even though he had prepared for this, he did not expect that these people would be so shameless.

Taking revenge for Qi Heng?

What rubbish!

It was more likely that they were eyeing the teachings he had gotten from the Ruins of the Pile of Three Stars,

Even if they had their eyes on it, they could have just robbed him, yet, they were prepared to kill them without hesitation.

You had better not let me catch you all alone!

Chu Yu’s heart burnt with an unparalleled rage.

After which, he began to calm down.

He had known that the cultivation world was brutal, even in the glorious ancient days; the cultivation world was also an extremely cruel and brutal place.

Yet, what you heard and what you observe with your own eyes were still very different experiences.

Chu Yu was born in the New Era, in a prosperous city. When he had first killed on Mount Tai, he had felt much uneasiness.

However, in a short period of time and having had some experience, he had grown accustomed to it.

Such adaptation was forced into of him.

For example, when he had killed that ancient clan disciple, his heart had only wavered a little. Even though he could not kill in cold blood, he did not feel as bad as he did when he first took a life.

Chu Yu opened his vertical eye in his forehead and surveyed his surroundings. Ever since he entered, he could feel that there was danger everywhere.

Many of these were not killing arrays, rather, they had leaked and aura of death and evil!

These auras were invisible to the naked eye. Those with high levels of cultivation were able to sense some of them, but not completely.

This was because not all auras of death and evil were so obvious.

It was only under the gaze of Chu Yu’s vertical eye did the layout of this entire place become clear to him.

There was a faint, slightly greyish material that was mixed into the air, floating about like dust.

When it came into contact with a living thing, it would quickly tunnel into the body of the living organism.

The aura of death would extinguish the fire of life, whilst the aura of evil would tamper with one’s spirit.

"How very dangerous!" Chu Yu couldn’t help but exclaim, it was no wonder that only a few people could come out from this ancient ruin with their lives.

These gases were spread throughout the entire ruins, they were everywhere!

"I don’t even know how the Lord Thief is." Chu Yu was a little worried.

Chu Yu avoided these gases and advanced. He found a figure lying down ahead.

When he approached, he got a shock of his life, this man had become a dry corpse!

His skin was devoid of moisture and stuck to his skeleton. He looked ghastly and it would terrify anyone.

Based on his dressing and his appearance, he could vaguely recognize this person as one of those who had entered earlier. He was of decent standing, yet, despite his abilities, he had died here without any news.

All the protective magical equipment and life saving techniques were meaningless in a place like this.

Unless you had an all seeing eye like Chu Yu, you had to depend on your luck.

Chu Yu shook his head and sighed. As he had no way of getting to the body, he turned and egressed quickly from the place.

This plot of ancient land was dilapidated, a far cry from the ancient site beneath the Ruins of the Pile of Three Stars.

After about half an hour, Chu Yu finally found a dilapidated palace ahead.

The palace was in ruins, leaving only broken walls and smashed pillars. One could only guess how many years this palace had been destroyed for.

There was a slightly plump figure with his butt sticking out flipping through the wreckage.

He murmured to himself, "It should be here… my map can’t be wrong!"

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