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Indeed, one of the youths standing next to him, wearing a green tunic, said flatly, "Luo Yuan, enough. If they want to die, why bother stopping them?"

Luo Yuan, the youth wearing the white tunic, shook his head, "They have no right to go in!"

A pretty lady with ivory white teeth said harshly, "If they don’t know their place and want to enter, let them go in!"

Luo Yuan glanced at those people and sighed, not saying anything more.

Many of the people next to Luo Yuan smiled hypocritically, not speaking.

Fan Jian murmured, "Why do you need to be so fierce, exploring the ruins is dangerous enough, isn’t it good enough if everyone just depends on their luck and abilities?

No one bothered with him, even Chu Yu felt that this man was too idealistic.

Even though Chu Yu felt the same way, the world did not agree!

Luo Yuan, together with those people beside him all rose and jumped to the entrance of the Celestial Fox Immortal Cave. Regardless of their status, they had to crawl inside carefully, there was no other choice, the entrance was just that small, making it impossible to swagger in.

If they tried to blow it open with a punch, they could possibly destroy the place, or even trigger an unknown chain reaction, thus, no one tried to do it.

All the people, about 20 plus of them, went in one by one.

The others, who had been rejected by Luo Yuan, stood outside, their expressions solemn, not daring to move.

Only then did Fan Jian giggle, "Please do not bother about that little white face, virtually their entire gang is from the ancient sects and clans, and they are capable of killing without blinking. That little white face simply did not want you all to die for nothing, that’s why he mocked you all just now.

"Really" Some of them were still doubtful.

"We have no feuds with them, why would they want to kill us?" another guy added.

Fan Jian chuckled, "There are many cases in the world where people have killed for no reason, you are all mature men, can’t you grasp this concept?"

The entire group went silent.

They could understand the concept, but it was still extremely unfair!

"That is still too much isn’t it? We haven’t even found anything..." another mumbled.

Fan Jian laughed, "Do you know why the others tried to stop the little white face?"

The crowd was stunned for a moment.


Fan Jian bared his teeth, "It is because they had hoped that you’ll gain something from inside, then all they’ll have to do is wait outside and take it from you!"

What f*ckers!

The crowd fell silent, and they felt an intense rage in that instant.

"This world, is now Cultivation World!"

Fan Jian revealed traces of sternness as he addressed the crowd, "Do you know what is a Cultivation World? The weak are prey and the powerful are respected! The one with the strongest fist wins! Do you understand?"

Do you understand?

Of course they understand!

But they were still unwilling to accept the fact!

Fan Jian continued, "My advice to you is that you should go back. Those people will not care what underworld clan you’re from. The underworld clans, to these people, are just glorified commoners, slightly stronger than the average individual. At the end of the day, you are just ants in their eyes."

Upon hearing this, the crowd grew uncomfortable, but had to admit he made sense.

The underworld clans were simply the weak clans from 60 million years ago!

The real powerful individuals had all left then, and only the old and weak were left behind to fend for themselves in the post apocalyptic world.

Even though those left behind by the ancient clans, sects and gangs were the old and the weak, they were still much stronger than the others!

They had the complete teachings of their clan and various powerful magical equipments.

Even though the earth had dried up and the number of powerful cultivators had dwindled, when the earth finally recovered to its former glory, the speed at which they rose up was unimaginable!

This kind of difference, was almost as large as that between heaven and earth.

As such, in the eyes of the ancient sects, clans and gangs, the underworld clans were... ants that were never meant to be exposed to the world.

When dealing with ants, one could either ignore them or squash them, depending on one’s mood.

"Thank you for the reminder." The Leng Clan Acupoint Charging Stage Six martial artist cupped his fist in respect, his tone agonized.

The others all cupped their fists and bowed to show their thanks.

"We’ll be on our way... there’s nothing here that we can participate in." The two Acupoint Charging Stage Six martial artists from the Leng Clan hung their heads and sighed, taking their leave. The Wu Clan of Qing Hai were helpers that they found, but Wu Dong had not even so much as glanced at them when he entered.

All their interactions and connections were tossed aside in the face of great benefits.

However, there were still a few people who did not leave, their eyes sparkling with determination.

Fan Jian was slightly taken aback, "You’re not leaving?"

One of them replied, "I still want to try my luck."

Fan Jian shook his head and said, "Those people will be waiting to kill you by the exit, you should pray for good fortune and luck."

As he spoke, Fan Jian looked at Chu Yu, "Brother Song, let us go in."

"Aren’t you all scared of being killed?" Someone couldn’t resist but ask.

Fan Jian smiled, "Of course not, we have protective magical equipment."

As he spoke Fan Jian flipped and jumped to the entrance of the Celestial Fox Immortal Cave and crawled in.

Chu Yu followed closely behind.

Fan Jian used the Voice Transmission Technique to communicate with Chu Yu, "Later I will go in first, I am sure that they will have people at the entrance waiting to prey on people. I have a protective magical equipment on me, so I am not scared of them. After I enter, count five minutes before you enter, I will draw them away."

"Why are you helping me?" Chu Yu’s was a little suspicious.

He had just met with this thick skinned fella, and they did not have any interaction prior to this, what logical reason was there that he was this nice to Chu Yu?

"Ha, you should have just returned from Shu right?" Fan Jian finally revealed the truth.

He had heard that something happened in Shu, he knew that someone named "Song Hong" had helped LIn Shimeng and had gained much in that trip to Shu.

"I have a feud with Qi Heng, anyone who brings harm to him, is a friend of mine!" Fan Jian said.

"That little doll faced b*stard?" Chu Yu asked.

"Doll faced b*stard? Hahahaha, what an apt description! That f*cker is really evil. All he does is walk around doing evil deeds with that doll face of his, and he is extremely petty! F*ck him..."

When Fan Jian talked about Qi Heng, he had an unquenchable rage in his stomach, and kept ranting.

Chu Yu felt that he had probably been taken advantage of by Qi Heng.

"I heard that he is now sterile, what great news, the world should celebrate..."

Chu Yu, "..."

"However, brother Song, please be careful, don’t be fooled into thinking that those aloof b*stards didn’t notice you. In actual fact, they probably already know who you are. A lot of news flows slowly in the commoner world, but in this circle, it flies around extremely fast." Fan Jian reminded kindly.

"Okay, thank you!" Chu Yu replied.

"You’re welcome, I don’t like those jerks and b*stards either." As FanJian spoke, he had already made his way to the enchantment.

He looked back at Chu Yu, "Remember, I will lure them away first, only enter after five minutes!"

Chu Yu nodded, in the moment that Fan Jian entered the enchantment, Chu Yu opened his vertical eye to glance at him.

Fan Jian leaped forward and disappeared in an instant.

At this point, Lord Thief, who was not aware of what had just transpired, said, "I think that he isn’t very trustworthy."

"Rubbish!" Chu Yu glanced at Lord Thief.

At this moment, a sound came from his back, it was the few disgruntled martial artists who were crawling in.

Seeing Chu Yu in front, someone from the back asked, "Why aren’t you going in?"

Chu Yu turned back and glanced at him, baring his teeth, "Why don’t you go first?"

That man hesitated for a moment before saying, "I think I’ll wait..."

No one was dumb, having heeded Luo Yuan’s advice, no one was willing to take point.

At most, they would just wait an hour before going. What if they went in now and were attacked?


Once Fan Jian entered, he saw a group of people crowding around him, yet they did not attack him.

Fan Jian had a flash of contentment across his eyes, and a loaded smile broke across his face before he disappeared to the back.

He then counted, "One, two, three, four… five! Aiyo f*k, why hasn’t he appeared?"

"Fan Jian, can you do it? Didn’t you say you don’t miss?" The youth in the green tunic stared Fan Jian down.

Fan Jian had a look of doubt on his face as he murmured, "This is not right, I felt that I had already gained his trust, why hasn’t he come through?"

The youth in the green tunic laughed icily, "How can anyone who can harm Qi Heng trust another person so easily?"

"F*ck him... this is the guy who had harmed Qi Heng, I got him to confess to it just now. I don’t know where he is from either, how can someone be such a phantom?" Fan Jian was slightly frustrated.

"Forget it, let’s go in first, they are already inside. Let’s not let others take the first cut." One of them said

"Ok…" Fan Jian nodded weakly.

However, after they walked a few steps, they all stopped, and at the same time, launched a ferocious attack towards the entrance!

In that moment, there was an explosion of bright light.

A terrifying wave of energy exploded in an instant.

It was the blinding light of four to five magical equipments being activated at the same time.

Yet, before the attacks could connect, a silhouette had managed to dodge to one side like a phantom.

Bang bang bang!

A chain of explosions failed to connect.

The sounds were deafening.

Lord Thief shrieked, "You b*stards!"

Chu Yu’s eyes flared in anger, instead of retreating, he lunged at one of the attackers.

He raised his fist.

A strong wave of power fluctuations exploded in an instant.

That individual did not expect that Chu Yu would be able to dodge their attacks, and that he would be so courageous to launch a counter attack.

He had no time to reactivate the magical equipment in his hand, managing an enraged shout, "Go to hell!"

He raised his fist and tried to meet that of Chu Yu’s


The clean crack of bones echoed throughout the space.

This man’s fist was shattered by Chu Yu’s.


He let out a pitiful shriek in that instant.

Chu Yu’s arm was like steel, unimaginably tough.

After shattering this man’s fist, Chu Yu’s fist did not slow and went straight towards the man’s throat.


This man’s throat, together with his neck, was shattered by this great wave of force.

He died a miserable death on the spot.

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