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That night, Chu Tianxiong was at the sending off party for the expedition team exploring the Celestial Fox Immortal Cave tomorrow. He had taken a sip too much, so when someone mentioned Chu Yu, he unconsciously let out a rant.

"That nephew of mine, aish, let’s not talk about it… you want me to talk about him? What’s there to say? Most of the leaders of the company were brought over by me, I can’t possibly chase them away just because he’s here right?"

"He thinks that this is me being unwilling to hand on the reigns to him, and is now throwing a tantrum, hiding in his room and playing games all day."

"Advice? Of course I have advised him, but as you all know, he is the son of the legal wife, his hierarchy and standing is high within the clan, as for me, I am the son of a concubine. Even though I am his uncle, in reality… it’s nothing much."

"Mm, if he doesn’t want to take the reins, what can I do? I can only support the place temporarily, and wait for him to be in a flutter mood… ah, no it’s not tough, we are one family."

"No, you can’t say that, we are the Chu Clan, and our unity is what we pride ourselves on!"

"Saying all of these is useless, drink up, and let’s hope that tomorrow’s expedition will be smooth sailing!"

Chu Tianxiong’s words spread like wildfire that night.

The impression that Chu Yu was useless, temperamental and jealous had reached everybody in the upper strata of the Dragon City.

The only difference was that very little people gossiped about it this time. They were all afraid that the Lord Thief would come after them again/

The people who had tried gossiping the last time were still lying in hospital. If not for the fact that the Chu Clan had compensated them with superior medicine, they would be crippled by now.

What? Revenge?

Don’t you see that even the Leng Clan decided to tolerate it?

This was the Chu Clan!

The wolves of the north!

Even the Xie Clan, who had been in Yan Jing for so many years, was chased out of the city by the Chu Clan in one night.

The news of Xie Tianyu’s death a couple of days ago had also stunned countless people.

The young master of the Xie Clan had died in their own base camp. Furthermore, two Acupoint Charging Stage Eight experts had died together with him?

Whether this was actually the Chu Clan’s doing was not important. What is more important is that no one dared to antagonize the northern wolves.

Chu Xiaoxiao, accompanied by Xiao Yue, rushed to Chu Yu’s place, and she was even slightly angered by her father’s "indiscreet remarks", at the same time she could talk to Chu Yu and rant about her dad.

"How could my dad speak of brother like that? This bunch of people are horrible, once they start drinking they don’t know their place and they brag about themselves to the high heavens. Once they drink too much it’s almost as if the whole world is theirs. Brother, please do not hold it against them. They have been so annoying recently, barring me from finding you and forcing me to train and cultivate all day long."

Chu Xiaoxiao wore a figure hugging leather outfit. It clung to her exquisite body such that, despite her young age, she gave off a devilish vibe.

On the other hand, Xiao Yue was calm and composed as always.

What was different between Xiao Yue and the little gal was that Xiao Yue knew a lot more.

She was clear that Chu Yu wasn’t in the Dragon City at all these two days. The fact that Chu Tianxiong told barred Chu Xiaoxiao from coming meant that he also knew about this. He was afraid that Chu Xiaoxiao would give up the ruse!

She had a feeling that what happened in Yu Province in Luo Yang was connected to Chu Yu.

However, she would not reveal such a secret.

"How is it? How are you doing as the secretary of the board?" Chu Yu smiled as he asked Xiao Yue.

Xiao Yue replied flatly, "It’s just like that, nothing particularly difficult."

"Brother, you don’t know about this, but ever since Xiao Yue entered, there have been a group of animals inside the company going crazy, aish, all they think about is how to meet with her.

The key is that sister Xiao Yue is very good, she used a few small tricks to get them to work so hard it’s as if they’re on steroids…"

Chu Yu looked speechlessly at Xiao Yue, "Hey, little girl, speak with some respect."

"Aiya, brother, I’m just more graphic in my expression." Chu Xiaoxiao smiled widely, showing off her ivory white teeth.

Xiao Yue’s mouth beamed and she broke out in a faint smile.

Chu Yu looked at her, "That’s great, keep working at it!"

Xiao Yue looked at Chu Yu, "What about you?"

"I’ll remain in solitude! I want to cultivate! Recently, I’ve found a method to recuperate!" Chu Yu lied with a face of seriousness.

Xiao Yue wanted to roll her eyes.

On the other hand, Chu Xiaoxiao was completely ecstatic and she kept shaking Chu Yu’s arm asking for proof.

"Brother, really? Is this real? You aren’t lying to me right? My dad says that you’re always gaming… hehe."

Chu Yu stroked Chu Xiaoxiao’s silky long hair and smiled, "Of course it’s real, if you don’t believe me you can see it for yourself in due time."

"That’s great!" Chu Xiaoxiao’s heart leapt in joy, she was happier than when she herself improved.

The entire Chu Clan had been feeling a sense of pity for Chu Yu. How could such a true Heaven’s Pride be wasted in an instant?

If Chu Yu could recover, it would be great news that would excite everyone within the Chu Clan.

After hanging around for a bit, Chu Xiaoxiao said her farewell. She had many important tasks every day, not only does she need to study, she also needs to cultivate.

In her own words, she had hoped that her dad would leave soon, so that she could have her freedom.

Chu Yu laughed internally, "I wonder if this little gal will feel destroyed when she finds out her dad isn’t going away?

Only Xiao Yue and Chu Yu were left in the room.

Xiao Yue looked at Chu Yu, "The Qing Qius have contacted me."

"Hm?" Chu Yu glanced at her.

"They wanted me to go back, but got rejected by me. I asked them to send over a fox cultivation technique manual, and I got it yesterday."

Xiao Yue’s voice was cold, her expression calm.

However, Chu Yu could feel that the entire process was not as easy as she made it seem.

"I made a three year deal with them, after three years, I will solve the problem in my body." Xiao Yue said.

"Then didn’t they ask you why you must be here?" Chu Yu glanced at Xiao Yue.

Xiao Yue replied, "They did, I said because I like it."

"…" Chu Yu was quite exasperated as he thought to himself, just like that?

Yet, this fit into this girl’s character, cold and aloof, yet a little wilful, yet not enough to repulse others.

"Ok then, now that I know you’re fine, I’ll be on my way. Oh ya, tomorrow at the Celestial Fox Immortal Cave, there may be some disciples from the ancient sects, be careful." Then, she walked out of the room.

That night, Chu Yu called his two bodyguards over.

These two men were Chu Yu’s true confidants, they had followed by Chu Yu’s side for so many years without resentment.

It was about time that their powers were raised.

Chu Yu had raised both his bodyguards’ cultivation to the peak of Acupoint Charging Stage Seven in one night.

The reason why they didn’t make it to stage eight is because they had insufficient talent to do so.

If he had forcefully raised their level, it would harm their essentials.

Under the observation of his vertical eye, he could clearly see the human acupoints and meridians. Chu Yu could tell instantly what their level of talent was.

For people like his two bodyguards, a lot of their acupoints were completely sealed shut. If these acupoints were forced open, the body would suffer certain amounts of damage.

There were some injuries that even medicine could not heal.

Even so, the two bodyguards were completely ecstatic! They were on the brim of going crazy with excitement!

On one hand, they were elated that they had upgraded their cultivation, on the other hand, they were elated that their young master had finally recovered!

Chu Yu told them not to spread the news of his recovery.

The time was not right.

In the wee hours of the next morning, Chu Yu woke up and used his private lift to get to the underground car park.

It was the same driver who had been completely silent when sending Chu Yu out of the Dragon City.

After about 20 minutes, Chu Yu… it should be Song Hong, swaggered to the pre-arranged location.

This was a private club, Chu Yu was just stopped by the guard at the gates.

"Hi sir, this is a private club, do you have an invite?"

Chu Yu immediately took out a slightly ancient looking grey invite.

The guard immediately said respectfully, "Sir, this way please."

Chu Yu nodded and walked in.

There were already quite a few people inside the club, they were sitting and standing about speaking softly, engaged in conversation.

Seeing Chu Yu walk in, all of them raised their heads to size him up.

Chu Yu did not recognize majority of the people. He only recognized some of them from the Dragon City party the last time.

For example, he could recognize the young master Leng Jun from the Leng Clan, as well as the arrogant Wu Dong from the Wu Clan of Qing Hai.

There were many foreign faces, even though they did not give off any recognizable aura, Chu Yu could tell that they were not weak.

Even without using his vertical eye to observe, he could tell that there were many Invigorated Meridian realm experts here!

Even though it had only been a few days, many people were activated.

Chu Yu said in his heart.

After which, he discreetly found a seat. In the next moment, Chu Tianxiong brought Lord Thief along and entered.

Many people went up to greet Chu Tianxiong, yet they kept their distance from Lord Thief.

This bird was extremely hated, if not for the fact that it was protected by Chu Tianxiong, many clans would have hired people to get rid of it.

The trouble that it had gotten itself into did not just stop at hitting people.

There were many things that Chu Tianxiong did not tell Chu Yu.

For example, it had found its way into the treasure safes of other clans, stealing their superior medicine. All of these were filmed down.

As such, as much as they wanted to kill the bird now, there was someone of importance around.

However, Lord Thief still surveyed the surroundings proudly. When those people greeted Chu Tianxiong, Lord Thief also replied with an aloof nod.

Almost as if people were greeting him.

After which, Chu Tianxiong walked over to Chu Yu and nodded.

"Mr Song, thank you for coming to help us!"

Chu Yu replied flatly, "It’s no big deal, I will do my best."

At this point, many people couldn’t help but whisper amongst themselves.

"This is the helper that the Chu Clan hired?"

"He seems like someone rather ordinary, I wonder how strong he actually is."

"Haha, with something as dangerous as exploring an ancient ruin, it usually comes down to luck."

"You can only be lucky if you have the abilities."

Only Wu Dong’s eyes flickered and he frowned when he heard Chu Tianxiong call out to Mr Song.

After which, Leng Qingshan, the leader of the Leng clan, walked out and greeted everyone with a cupped fist.

"Everyone, I hope that you will all have good returns from this expedition to the Celestial Fox Immortal Cave. I shan’t say anymore, let us set off!"

Leng Qingshan was not in a good mood. Ever since this incident had blown up, it had gone beyond the reaches of his clan.

Taking the scripture as an example, many of the ancient sects and large clans have taken notice of it. He had already ordered some of his men to make copies as backup.

It was unlikely that a small clan like the Leng Clan could hold on to the scripture.

Even though the Leng Clan had started this expedition to the Celestial Fox Immortal Cave, many of the powerful people here had no connection to the Lengs.

Basically, the Leng Clan had been robbed of any real power.

He was extremely unhappy about this, but he was helpless.

As such, he was too lazy to engage in pleasantries. His mind was just set on getting these people on their way and out of his sight.

This was the sad truth about being a small clan. They did not dare take the huge benefits, and even when they wanted leftovers, they had to depend on others’ willingness to share some with them.

This time, the Leng Clan only sent out two Acupoint Charging Stage Six martial artists, just for the sake of it.

After all, if they can get something out of it then they will, if they can’t… then they can’t.

A luxurious bus took the 30 odd men out of the Dragon City. They were quickly on the expressway and speeding in the direction of the Celestial Fox Immortal Cave.

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