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Chapter 465: The Young Master of the Heavenly Palace
Chu Yu could not help but feel a sense of reality.
Traitors were inevitable.
Regardless of era, as long as civilisation existed, they would exist.
After Chu Yu left, a group of these traitors appeared in one of the outer pocket dimesions.
They gathered at the top of the Kun Lun Mountains.
There were men and women of all ages.
The activity of the major Sects had all quietened down after the appearance of Yi.
They were a clever bunch, they did not participate in the ancient war years ago.
They feared death.
At that time, it was normal for Saints to fall, their blood filled the galaxies.
Those who were wildly passionate had no choice but to retreat.
Many of the great Saints of the major Sects went into hiding as well.
"Survival is a basic instinct, they only did what they had to," a young man in his twenties said. He was dressed in white robes.
He was in the centre of the group at the peak of the Kun Lun Mountains.
His words were highly disrespectful to the elders who had sacrificed themselves
Beside him was an old man in green robes whose eyes radiated a divine light.
He smiled, "Young master, what you mean to say is that the chaos in the world has

nothing to do with us? It was foolish of them back then to kill themselves!".
The young man laughed, "That's why we're able to conquer the world today!".
"Hahaha, if young master isn't crowned the king, who else can be called the king?" another young man said.
The young master said, "There's still my father!".
Everyone around began laughing.
He added, "Isn't there a Son of the Emperor as well?".
"Hahahaha!" all of them laughed again.
But they did not know what they were laughing at.
The old man in green said lightly, "However, Yi still has a sliver of memory here, he destroyed the Twin Disciples Sect with his arrows, it's shocking.".
Another man in grey disagreed, "So what? That's only because the Twin Disciples Sect weren't capable enough!".
The old man in green nodded, "Indeed, they have to be smart like the Tai Ji and the Limitless Sect and only reveal themselves when the opportune time has come.".
A youth in yellow said, "It would be pointless if they only came out when the time is opportune.".
The old man in green said, "Speaking of which, if those people really turn around and surrender, what would…".
The youth in yellow said, "Don't worry elder Wu, I know what to do.".
The other young man in white said, "We've just come out,

out, is it about time we make our move?".
The youth in yellow replied, "What? Wu Tong… You want to test their mettle?".
The young man said, "Young master, you know me…".
At that moment, a girl stepped out as she frowned, "Liu Wu Tong, enough of your flashiness.".
"Princess, this is just my hobby," Wu Tong smiled.
"Alright sister, he just wants to find some prey, we don't have to be so serious," the youth said.
The Princess looked at the Wu Tong and said, "Don't overdo it, we still need people to help us rule this world.".
"Don't worry princess, I know my limits. I'll go now!" said Wu Tong as he bowed to them.
His figure flickered as he vanished.
The Young master's name was Ji Feng and the Princess was named Ji Yan Zi, they were siblings.
The old man in green was named Wu Da Qian, and the one in grey was named Lu Bing Qian.
Few people in the world knew of this group's existence.
But over 60,000,000 years ago, these two old men were powerful Saints!
They came from a mysterious organisation- the Heavenly Palace.
This had nothing to do with the Heavenly Courts.
The real Heavenly Courts only existed in the Monkey's era.
This was before civilisation existed.
There were still shadows of

shadows of the heavenly court 60,000,000 years ago, but its influence had already wavered.
It was a completely different complex.
The Heavenly Palace, on the other hand, was an organisation that had survived from the Monkey's time.
From the beginning till now, it had always been a mysterious organisation.
It did not have a glorious reputation, but people did not dare to look down on them.
Today, their reputation was still not outstanding, they could not be compared to the 3 major Sects.
But similarly, no one dared to look down on them.
Wu Da Qian and Lu Bing Qian were already at the peaks of the Saint Realm since 60,000,000 years ago.
Every time they came out, their powers were astounding, they had a fierce reputation.
The Master of the Heavenly Palace came from the Ji Royalty, but few knew who he was.
They felt like they had no worth foe in this world!
Perhaps a living Yi would have deterred them, but a sliver of memory was nothing much.
They had a gauge of his power from the previous incident.
Looking at Wu Tong disappear in the horizon, Ji Feng waved his hands as a group of servants brought out a chair for him to sit down.
The rest sat down on a bench.
Ji Feng smiled, "How's the connection "How's the connection going.".
Wu Da Qian smiled, "There's no problems, once we spread out, things will start to get interesting.".
"Oh? How so?" Ji Feng asked.
"When we contacted the Ji Royalty at the Orion Constellation, they mentioned one name- Chu Yu, who is the young man from the Emperor Star. They did mention that he seemed to have gone there and even took part in a war," Wu Da Qian smiled.
"Sounds like he has some ability," Lu Bing Qian said.
"Yi seems to favour him greatly, he even helped him vanquish so many people. It seems that this boy, Chu Yu, was also the one who destroyed all the Mirror Dimension troops," Wu Da Qian added.
"Seems like we have to get rid of him," Lu Bing Qian said.
"I'll have to trouble the Elders then," Ji Feng smiled.
Wu Da Qian and Lu Bing Qian laughed as the latter said, "A little fish who hasn't even entered the Saint realm, Liu Wu Tong is enough to deal with him.".
Ji Yan Zi said, "This Chu Yu, I've heard that he's an incredible talent, why don't we recruit him?".
Ji Feng looked at his sister and smiled, "We've chosen this era to reveal ourselves, if we still need any external help, that would be a disgrace!".


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