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Du Yu let out a howl, "Protect him!".

He did not address Chu Yu as the Son of the Emperor, but everyone around him understood his instructions.

In a flash, they formed a human wall in front of Chu Yu.

Du Yu held a polearm as he rushed at the three Saints.

"Don't kill yourself!" Chu Yu howled.

But it was too late.

The speed of the three Saints was too quick.

Only Demon King Xue could match that speed. He rushed toward a Saint and made his move.

A terrifying energy rushed toward the opponent.

At that moment, everything happened at the speed of light.

No one could react.

Between the humans that formed the wall, a powerful energy began flowing.

The defences were extremely powerful, they were not just fortified by magical formations!

Three terrifying waves of energy rebounded against the wall as a terrifying boom was heard.

The chaotic laws of the Mirror Dimension were plunged into further chaos.

The energy killed dozens of men in the wall immediately.

The powerful strength of the laws of the Mirror Dimension didn't leave any room for defence.

Faced with the prospect of death, none of the men backed down.

The holes in the wall were quickly filled up by others.

Du Yu rushed at one of the Saints with his polearm, even though there was a huge difference in their cultivation levels, his eyes did not have a semblance of fear.


The polearm in Du Yu's hands struck a Furnace that one of the Saints had dished out.

A trail of blood flowed out of Du Yu's lips, but he continued his charge.

He used all of his might and raised his polearm high into the sky, delivering an almighty blow.

The battle between Demon King Xue and the other Saint was taking place at an unbelievable speed.

The Saint brandished a silver blade from within his mouth.

The small sword pierced through space and carried a deadly aura.

Its power was unbelievable and its speed was incredibly fast!

Demon King Xue let out a roar as he opened his mouth and spat out a ray of red light.

The red light morphed into several chains and shackles that latched onto the sword.

The energy around the sword was neutralised at once.

It struggled to break free from the shackles' grasp, but it could not.

A battle between Saints was decided by fine margins.

Demon King Xue gave a chilly look as he huffed.

The red light suddenly erupted with a brilliant dazzle as it constricted the sword.


Up in the sky, a resounding bang was heard.

The silver blade was shattered into smithereens, the Saint roared as he spat out a mouthful of blood.

Demon King Xue was as quick as lightning, he appeared before the Saint and ripped his throat off.


He dug into the Saint's body and destroyed everything, his other hand held the Saint's skull as he crushed it.

The other Saints were shocked by this sight! Their ally had been crushed by a demon!

They intensified their assault on the human wall.

Every attack was as powerful as it could be, Chu Yu could clearly tell that the people in the wall were struggling.

But none of them backed down!

Everything had happened within a short period of time.

At that moment, many of Du Yu's other men began forming a human wall and rushed over to fill the gaps.

The wall was further fortified.

Chu Yu wanted to go and fight, but he could not.

He was stunned by Du Yu's men's loyalty and willingness to die, even if they did not know Chu Yu.

Some of them died without any final words.

After Demon King Xue killed that Saint, his body gave off a demonic aura that was horrifying.

The Saint that was battling Du Yu unleashed a terrifying palm technique as he turned and left.

There was no sense of remorse.

The other Saint turned around in an attempt to leave as well.

But it was too late for him.

Demon King Xue had already come to him as he raised his hand.

A black cloud of smoke engulfed the Saint within.

A ray of red light shone from within the cloud as the smoke suddenly constricted!

An excruciating scream emerged from within like an animal under torture.

The cloud of black smoke gathered in a ball.

There appeared to be a struggle within the smoke, which was accompanied by several bone chilling human screams.

Soon, the struggle stopped, there was no movement.

Demon King Xue opened his mouth and swallowed the smoke.

The red ray of light disappeared as well.

What was left was a bloodied mess of a creature.

The blood from the Saint's body flowed in the air.

Although he was beyond dead, a powerful aura still came off his blood.

Within the blink of an eye, two of the three Saints were dead.

A look of shock appeared in Du Yu's eyes.

He did not have time to wipe the blood off his lips, he immediately went over to where Chu Yu was.

The human wall dispersed as Chu Yu walked out.

Chu Yu was stunned by Demon King Xue's power.

He never expected him to be so strong.

The group of demons began cheering as they pranced over from the beast's corpse.

Demon King Xue shook his head in disapproval.

Chu Yu finally understood his worries.

They had all grown up in the Tong Tian Lin, before this, they had never left there.

The weak were meat and the strong were the predators.

Xue only held control over them because he had power and they feared him, anytime else, they were lawless intrinsically.

Without Demon King Xue, they would probably have started a revolt by now.

"Brother, I'm sorry for letting you see this sight," Demon King Xue sighed.

Chu Yu replied, "If not for you, it would've been hard to win that battle. As for them… I believe that things will get better.".

Da Jia Zei, Old Huang, and Zhao Man Tian could train and discipline them.

Du Yu came forward to Chu Yu and greeted him as he warned, "The Son of the Emperor shouldn't come to places such as these, if anything happens to you, we can't be accountable to our elders.".

Chu Yu waved him off, "I'm not royalty, I don't want to just hide behind men and watch them die.".

Du Yu's face relaxed.

He did not trust Chu Yu due to his age and his seemingly lack of experience.

But Chu Yu's words gave him some respite.

Of course, if he knew that the one who battered the Mirror Dimension was Chu Yu, he would have looked at him differently.

Powerful men commanded respect everywhere.

Du Yu kept the corpses of his comrades as he led the army into Zhou Xu's city that was in Chu Yu's hands.

"This looks familiar," Du Yu said as he looked at the city.

Chu Yu smiled, "It belongs to the great sage of the galaxy.".

Du Yu nodded as he said to Demon King Xue, "Tell your men to behave themselves, otherwise, don't blame me for any accidents.".

"Just kill them if they don't," Demon King Xue assured.

He looked at Chu Yu and asked, "Are you sure you want to let my group into the city?".

"If they don't go in, they can't enter the solar system," Chu Yu replied.

"Alright, I'll do my best to control them," sighed Demon King Xue.

The city was huge, even when they all had gone in, they only took up a fifth of the space.

There was no conflict at the moment.

Chu Yu flew towards the Purple Cloud guardian's location.

Over there, he met elder Song Qing from a while back.

There were others who he had not seen for a long time, including Liu Yu Yan.

Only a few of them knew that Chu Yu was in fact, Song Hong, even Liu Yu Yan did not know.

When she saw him, she thought to herself, "Didn't they say that Song Ming was coming? Why is this handsome young man here instead?".

She looked at him in shock, she had her guesses of his identity.

Chu Yu smiled at her as he greeted Song Qing.

He brought this group of people into the city as well.

"Let them in, I'll accompany you," Song Qing said.

There was no objection. In reality, Chu Yu did not know the magnitude of the reputation of the name Song Hong.

It had become a powerful force, even more so in the Purple Cloud Academy, it was like a legend.

"I'm afraid no one had expected things to turn out like this," Song Qing reflected.

He smiled, "But I have to say, this is the perfect ending!".

He looked at Chu Yu, "The only thing Is that the real war is about to start. The other forces will come soon now that the Mirror Dimension is gone.".

"The other forces?" Chu Yu asked.  

Song Qing nodded, "The Mirror Dimension is not a singular existence. Don't forget this, you can look into the Mirror Dimension from earth. It's safe to assume that the same can be done for other dimensions and worlds!".

"What's your point?" Chu Yu asked.

"So, the point is that the next battle will be against the survivors of the Mirror Dimension and the other powerful beings of the galaxy. Even though the solar system has its defences, traitors can hurt us anytime.".


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