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Chapter 463: Chaos
The group of Saints looked at Chu Yu, they were speechless.
Were they surprised? Of course they were!
That was an understatement, they were utterly baffled!
They had their guesses, but they did not expect it to be him, this was rather incredulous.
A young man who was not even a Saint, even if he did have some sort of secret machine or equipment, it would have been impressive for him to have slain one Saint.
But an entire dimension? No one believed it.
Their doubts were crushed by the evidence before them.
The man that was responsible for this was Chu Yu!
An ancient Saint said after a pause, "I thought the Son of the Emperor was just a title, now, I have the feeling that it might be real.".
Chu Yu thought of his master calling him The Emperor.
"Where are you heading to?" Yue Yin asked Chu Yu.
After 60,000,000 years, a young man of this calibre had finally appeared. She looked at him with eyes of admiration.
These years were tough on her, the pressure was nearly unbearable!
But she felt that this young man had what it took.
Chu Yu looked at her and said, "I'm going to fetch some friends.".
Yue Yin nodded, "There are many of us within the Mirror Dimension, but…".
"But they've resided there for too long, even if we rescue them, it might be hard for them to live on earth.".
Chu Yu looked

at her and nodded, "But they can't stay here either.".
Yue Yin said, "Of course, the chaos here will destroy everything!".
Between her words, she took out the massive city that Zhou Xu did not have time to keep.
Chu Yu looked at it happily.
"You actually brought it.".
Yue Yin smiled, "This city is made from the finest gold in the galaxy, this is a treasure, of course we had to take it.".
"Take it," Yue Yin ushered as she put it in his palm.
"You're giving it to me?" Chu Yu asked as he looked at her.
"Yes, you're the one that beat him, this should be your war trophy, not mine. I just kept it for you," Yue Yin said.
The Saints beside her all had a natural looking expression.
They knew that it belonged to Chu Yu.
"Your demonic army and the people you want to bring with you, and…" Yue Yin communicated with Chu Yu via divine sense.
It was not that she did not trust the group of people here, she just did not want any information to leak out.
No one had discovered the large army.
Chu Yu bowed toward Yue Yin and said, "Elders, I hope that you can all return to earth soon. I am going to attack the enemy, I need your guidance and help.".
Yue Yin smiled, "Don't worry, we'll return once we settle some things.".
Chu Yu was delighted upon hearing this. The only Saints

Saints that had his back now were Black Dragon and Qu Ni.
Yi's state made Chu Yu worry as well.
Like his master, Yi was just a sliver of memory, he could not overexert himself.
Because of Chu Yu, because of this world, they had paid the ultimate price. Their conscience might vanish anytime soon.
If Yue Yin and the rest were willing to help Chu Yu, it would have meant a lot.
Chu Yu bowed to Yue Yin and the rest again, "Thank you for your greatness Elders!".
An ancient Saint smiled, "The earth is all of our home, protecting it is all of our responsibility!".
The rest nodded in agreement.
His words gave Chu Yu a warm feeling.
They said their goodbyes soon after.
Chu Yu brought the golden city and arrived at the Song Country.
The Song Country was a small dot on the map.
Under the haphazard waves of energy all around, countless vessels flew into the skies like hordes of ants!
Chu Yu had only slain the most powerful Saints of the Mirror Dimension, there were bound to be some leftover fish.
These people were fleeing for their life, they were in a state of panic!
They did not even know who the enemy was, they did not have time to think about it.
When Chu Yu arrived at the Song Country, there was virtually nobody left.
No one bothered about him and his demonic army, they were too busy fleeing for their lives.
their lives.
If the remaining Saints realised he was here and decided to band together to attack him, the army would not have been enough.
At that moment, a loud explosion in the skies was heard.
Chu Yu squinted his eyes as he realised that Yue Yin's cultivators were battling a group of Saints!
The other Saints were discovered in the process of leaving.
"We can't waste any time, let's get the job done and leave," Demon King Xue advised.
Chu Yu nodded and took out his communication device in an attempt to contact the guardian of the Purple Cloud Academy.
"Mr Song? Why are you still here?" the Guardian was surprised yet excited, he reminded Chu Yu to leave immediately.
"I'm here to look for you, are you guys all together?" Chu Yu asked.
The Guardian informed Chu Yu that most of the people in the country were gathered together.
He also said that once they heard that they belonged to the solar system, all of them wanted to return home.
"We've spent more than half the year eliminating the other enemies. There may still be a few of them hidden among us, but they should be quite insignificant," the Guardian added.
"Already, send me your location, I'll go and get all of you!" Chu Yu said.
After he hung up, Chu Yu went into the sky to look for Yue Yin and her group.
When he reached there, he realised that a battle had erupted!
He could erupted!
He could feel the terrifying waves of energy from afar.
The mess here had instigated a fierce battle, it was like a living hell.
Blood was spewing in the air as murderous auras filled the sky.
It was the blood of truly powerful people.
Chu Yu's demonic army attracted quite a bit of attention.
Chu Yu asked with a low voice, "Are you Du Yu?".
Du Yu was one of the most outstanding cultivators in Yue Yin's group, he was the general of this platoon.
A low voice replied, "Yes I am.".
A bearded man in his late thirties walked over.
Chu Yu introduced himself, "My name is Chu Yu.".
Yue Yin had informed them of Chu Yu's imminent arrival.
As a result, Chu Yu expected Du Yu to receive him with joy.
However, he was not joyous at all. On the contrary, he seemed rather moody and his tone was unpleasant.
"This isn't a place you should come to, hurry up and leave! We can find our own way back!" Du Yu frowned.
Chu Yu could tell that that was more to this than met the eye.
A large vessel appeared out of nowhere and locked its target on Chu Yu.
Three figures appeared out of the enemies' camp.
They were three Saints with a terrifying bloodlust surrounding them!
They immediately went for Chu Yu's life!
Thunderous boom!
Three horrifying energy waves erupted from their bodies and struck toward Chu Yu's direction.

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