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Chapter 462: Are You That Surprised?
Chu Yu laughed, "Brother Xue, you're joking right? Why would I ever mind that you bring your men along?".
"Really? Demon King Xue looked at Chu Yu with a surprised expression.
"Is there something I'm not getting here?" Chu Yu asked.
Demon King Xue smiled, "No, no there isn't.".
Not long after, Chu Yu realised why.
The appearance and demeanour of the demons were far too ugly.
None of them looked kind, they looked at Chu Yu like he was food.
This made Chu Yu's experience rather unpleasant.
"That human looks delicious!" the little red fox said.
It was a fox with a personality!
"You can't eat him, there's no use thinking about it," the old tree spirit sighed.
Chu Yu looked at it and barked, "You just want to eat all day, aren't you afraid that I'll kill you? If you dare say that to me again, I'll make a foxy hotpot out of you!".
The fox ran away from sight instantly.
These demons were, in reality, all rather civilised, the rest of them really desired Chu Yu's flesh.
No wonder Demon King Xue warned Chu Yu about them following him.
Chu Yu looked at him and said, "They can't eat our allies, but they're free to consume the enemy.".
A group of little Demons began acting up all of a sudden due to their excitement. The demonic energy rose up to the clouds.
Chu Yu felt like he had opened a door that they never had before.
Demon King Xue

looked at Chu Yu and smiled, "Even though you're human, you're suited to be a demon king as well!".
"Bullsh*t! Why would I want to be that? I want to be the Emperor of clans!" Chu Yu smiled back.
Demon King Xue looked at Chu Yu seriously and replied, "I respect you!".
"Let's go!" Chu Yu commanded, but the demon army did not budge.
Demon King Xue said, "From today onwards, Prince Chu Yu will be my leader, even I have to listen to him! Naturally, you all will listen to him as well, those who don't can feel free to stay here.".
"Any questions?" Demon King Xue asked.
Chu Yu smiled at him amicably.
A few hundred demons stayed back, this was where they grew up, not all of them had the desires to leave.
This was their heaven, some of them were still thinking about it.
With a wave of his hands, Demon King Xue immediately incinerated those who expressed their desires to stay.
There was no trace of them left, none at all.
His facial expression did not change, there was still a seemingly warm smile on his face.
That smile struck fear into their hearts, he was the true great Demon!
In the blink of an eye, he had killed a group of Demons without any hesitation, there was no emotion in his heart.
Those who were thinking about it before were all kneeling now.
Demon King Xue looked at Chu Yu and said, "Saw that? Brother, Demons aren't humans! You have

have to overpower them to prevent a revolt. There's no time for reasoning.".
Chu Yu smiled, he did not speak.
Demon King Xue said, "You may be a great leader, but you're not cut throat.".
Chu Yu continued smiling.
Demon King Xue assured him, "It's okay, since you have me by your side now, I'll help you take care of these things!".
Chu Yu was still smiling.
After which, tens of thousands of demonic troops followed Chu Yu and Demon King Xue to leave this place.
When they went out, all they saw was a broken land.
The Mirror Dimension had been split into pieces!
The torn world could not sustain the damage done.
Even though they had heard of the destruction of the Mirror Dimension, the demonic army still could not believe their eyes.
They could only stare at Chu Yu blankly. How could he not be vicious enough, given that he had just destroyed an entire dimension?
There were still creatures who were alive there.
The powerful ones had already left, some were just about to leave.
The weaker ones were lucky to have survived.
Chu Yu looked forward and said to Demon King Xue, "Follow me, let's go to a place.".
Demon King Xue looked back at him and nodded.
Chu Yu wanted to go to the Song Country.
The Purple Cloud Academy and residence was there, he wanted to bring his men back with him.

Yue Yin and her group appeared at the edge of the Mirror Dimension.
Mirror Dimension.
They could not believe their eyes.
"Is this real?" said one of them.
The other Saints were not calm as well. They did not expect to see this.
It was terrifying!
As Saints, they could traverse the world freely and even suppress a galaxy by themselves, but they did not have the strength to destroy an entire dimension.
The smallest pieces that were floating around were all bigger than earth!
"Many ancient Saints reside in the Mirror Dimension, did they just let their world die like that?" another Saint wondered.
Yue Yin looked at him, "I'm afraid that they're all dead.".
She pointed to a direction in front of them.
A large skull was among the debris, it was the skull of a beast.
There was a terrifying aura emitting from it.
A Saintly Beast!
The body was gone, but divine light was still radiating from its eyes.
Its strength had vanished, but whatever came into contact with it turned into rubble.
"Is this the doing of a great sage?".
"There were rumours of some of those beings in the previous era, but that's too long ago. How could this be?" Yue Yin said softly.
They then saw a group of beings tunnelling through the space within the debris.
A demonic energy shrouded the group of creatures.
"The great demons!" Yue Yin and her group gasped.
Where did they come from?
Chu Yu and his gang noticed the group of Saints as well.
His cultivation level was at an awkward spot now- rightfully speaking, he should speaking, he should have broken through the Saint realm in his battle with Zhou Xu, but he had not.
His battle prowess and cultivation levels remained above the Saint realm even after the Feather's effects were gone.
He kept this a secret, even from Demon King Xue.
Because the energy that he emanated was still that of a Legendary Emperor.
"There are about a dozen Saints ahead," Demon King Xue said.
"No worries, they are our allies," Chu Yu nodded.
The group of Saints appeared before them in a flash of light.
The demonic army grew a little worried by their appearance.
The little red fox said, "Saints, they are yummy… but I wouldn't dare to.".
Chu Yu flared at it, "Fat hope!".
He pointed at a carcass faraway and said, "Eat that if you want.".
It was the body of a Saintly beast, a truly terrifying great demon.
Once the group got Chu Yu's permission, they rushed over excitedly.
Some of them were killed by the chaotic energy of the destroyed world, but most were unharmed.
Yue Yin and her group could only stare at this sight as they looked at Chu Yu.
He was the only human amidst the chaos, and he was their commander.
"We meet again," Chu Yu said.
Yue Yin was surprised, she did not know what to say as she looked at him with some fear.
One of the other Saints asked, "Was it your doing?".
Chu Yu smiled, "Are you that surprised?".

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