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A+ A- Chapter 461: Meeting the Demon King Xue Again
Chu Yu felt a sense of despair, was this just a title or was this a whole new level of cultivation?
It sounded grand and mighty, Chu Yu could not take the situation seriously.
It was too ridiculous.
Chu Yu did not even legitimately consider himself as the Son of the Emperor.
Who could say for sure that reincarnation existed? Even the Monkey could not!
Could the Butterfly Dance's situation ascertain this?
She looked like she was indeed linked to the Immortal that Yi had seen.
Even with the advent of technology, these things were still unknown.
Chu Yu did not take these titles too seriously, but he was sure that the Butterfly Dance was his greatest enemy.
The one who had called him the Emperor was the Monkey, his master! He could not take his words lightly.
He accepted the title of the Son of the Emperor because it was useful to him, he really did not want to be some Great Emperor.
How could the measly him have destroyed two realms by himself?
Chu Yu looked at the Monkey and asked, "Master, you're messing around with me right?".
The Monkey rolled his eyes and said, "Messing around? Boy, you might not be able to see it now.".
Chu Yu's expression was grim, "This is too ridiculous. If news of this got out, I won't live for long!".
The Monkey looked at him and said, "I don't have

anymore feathers to give you.".
Chu Yu looked at the frail Monkey and smiled, "Do you have some wonderful technique then? Perhaps a magical equipment that can slay Saints?".
"Shut up, I have none of that!" the Monkey replied.
Chu Yu continued pestering him, the Monkey was incredibly annoyed, but in the end, he took out a pile of 'trash' and dumped them to Chu Yu.
Most of them looked old and worn out, they looked like they had not been used for many years.
There was a stone spear that was shortened by half, the tip of it was pure. It looked old, but it did not have a rotting stench that the other items had. A powerful aura of murderous intent radiated from it.
Another sharp blade caught Chu Yu's eye, the blade was made out of stone as well, and a terrifying bloodlust emanated off it.
"This blade has slain a powerful being once, it was not black originally, the color comes from the powerful being's blood. The terrifying energy is still seeping out," the Monkey explained.
"What's this spear then?" Chu Yu asked.
Why was it cut in half? Chu Yu felt a sense of irritation at its incompleteness.
"These are all weapons that have once been used against a powerful being. They're as powerful as the two swords in your hands," the Monkey explained.
Chu Yu was shocked by this information, he hurriedly kept

kept all of them.
"Alright, you can go now. With these weapons, normal people should never be your match," the Monkey said.
"Don't chase me away Master, I've gone through so much to come here, why are you chasing me away?" Chu Yu asked, worried about his master's condition.
"Hurry up and get lose, I won't die. The Mirror Dimension might be in pieces, but once you return to earth, do be careful. That place is much more complicated than you think. Some Ancient beings still reside there, if you don't anger them, you should be fine," the monkey replied.
"Master, why don't you come back with me? My family lives there as well, we can all..".
"No! I'm going nowhere!" the Monkey waved him off.
The Monkey sighed, "Little child, I understand your good intentions, but it's futile. I won't live for much longer.".
Tears rolled down Chu Yu's cheeks.
"Sorry Master, it's all because of me!" Chu Yu apologised.
He blamed himself entirely.
He never thought that the usage of these feathers would have resulted in his Master becoming weak.
He only understood this when he saw the Monkey in his current state, but it was all too late.
"Why are you crying? I'm just a sliver of memory, I don't have a physical body. We'll reunite some day, you can see me then!".
"You're my Master!" Chu Yu howled in pain.
"Stupid child, I will still

will still be then," the Monkey said as he patted Chu Yu's head.
"You will understand when you see my body," the Monkey explained.
Chu Yu did not know if this was true, the Monkey did not seem to believe it himself.
Chu Yu left shortly after, the Monkey refused to follow him.
Xu Xiao Xian was waiting outside of the shell of the solar system.
He could only say goodbye to his master.
He knew that that was probably the last time he would ever see him.
Maybe one day, he could see his master in person. Would there still be that bond?
Chu Yu did not know.
He sighed as he walked out of the cave.
He looked behind as he prepared to leave, but he saw the Demon King Xue staring at him.
"It's been awhile brother Xue," Chu Yu smiled.
The Demon King Xue replied, "Little Brother Chu, I never thought you become so powerful.".
Chu Yu smiled, "I think you are the one with the faster growth.".
The Demon King Xue was a Saint with menacing power.
He was incredibly powerful and his path to Sainthood was arduous as well.
"You've shattered the Mirror Dimension," he said with a weird expression.
"Do you have a problem with that?" Chu Yu asked.
"I once swore that I would become the slave of whoever did that," the Demon King Xue said.
"And you regret that?" Chu regret that?" Chu Yu asked with a strange expression on his face.
"Yes," the Demon King Xue nodded.
"Why are you talking to me then? How would I know about your oath?" said Chu Yu.
He felt a little offended.
"If I didn't say it, I would've thought a lot more about it," the Demon King Xue said honestly.
"So what? Do you expect me to pardon your oath?" Chu Yu asked.
"No, I'm willing to follow you, but I have one condition," replied Xue as he looked at Chu Yu.
"What's the condition? I thought you guys can never leave the Tong Tian Ling?" Chu Yu asked, a little surprised by this.
The Demon King Xue looked at Chu Yu with a dumbfounded expression.
"I made that oath back then because when the Mirror Dimension is shattered, we can leave this place, the seal will be dispelled," he said with an irritated look.
Chu Yu was surprised, he began laughing soon after as he said, "Brother Xue, I was just joking, how could I ever take you as my slave?".
The Demon King Xue vehemently shook his head in response to this, "That won't do, I have to fulfil my oath, I just never expected that person to be you.".
He laughed, "My condition is that wherever I go with little brother Chu, my underlings have to follow me as well. I hope don't mind that they're all demons…".

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