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Chu Yu glanced at Lord Thief out of the corner of his eye, "Am I such a person?"


"Is your skin itchy because I haven’t whacked you in a few days?"

"Brother, you kid, how was the loot this time?"

Lord Thief was still so cheap and this reassured Chu Yu.

"Let’s not talk about us just yet, since we’ve arrived at the Dragon City, you have disappeared, did you go and find Mother Thief?" Chu Yu glared at Lord Thief.

"Rubb... Hehe, am I that kind of bird?"


"..." Lord Thief did not expect to be given a taste of his own medicine. He looked embarrassed as he used his wings to rub his head, "How can Mother Thief match up to me? If I want to find a partner, I would go for a true divine bird, like a phoenix or a vermillion bird..."

Chu Yu said expressionlessly, "The phoenix is a male bird, are you gay?"

"I..." Lord Thief was rolled his eyes in exasperation.

Having not seen each other for two days, the man and the bird weren’t exactly having the best of interactions.

Lord Thief was not planning on telling Chu Yu what it had been up to and Chu Yu had no intention of telling Lord Thief about his loot.

They had their secrets and neither wanted to come clean.

"This time, I want to go to the Celestial Fox Immortal Cave.

Lord Thief looked at Chu Yu seriously.

"I will be there for a separate aim." Chu Yu looked at Lord Thief.

"I know." Lord Thief laughed coldly, "The people outside are being played by you, yet, I have heard many stories about you."

"Oh?" Chu Yu raised his head to look at it.

"The trash young master of the Chu Clan has been faking illness since he arrived in the Dragon City, hahaha, how hilarious!" Lord Thief flapped his wings and guffawed.

After a long while, he saw that Chu Yu was still expressionless, "Why? Is this joke not funny? Is it very cold? Why aren’t you laughing?"

"Okok, you’re so boring." Lord Thief rolled its eyes, "Actually the outside world doesn’t have many stories about you, they all look down on you and spout rubbish behind your back. I heard them and got angry so I taught some of them a lesson. Xiao Yue looked me up and told me not to find trouble."

"You taught a few people a lesson?" Chu Yu raised his head and felt slightly nervous as he looked at Lord Thief, "Who did you teach a lesson to?"

Lord Thief stammered, "Actually... they aren’t anybody, they are just minor characters, mm, exactly, those who don’t get much air time."

At this point, Chu Yu’s phone rang and the person calling was Uncle Xiong.

"Chu Yu, you’re back?"

It was extremely quiet on the other end of the phone, Chu Tianxiong was likely in an extremely safe place.

"Yes uncle Xiong, I am back."

"Okay, I’m coming over now." Chu Tianxiong’s voice revealed traces of fatigue.

"Are you okay uncle Xiong?" Chu Yu was slightly suspicious. Even though he had just gotten back, he did not feel that anything was particularly out of the ordinary in the Dragon City.

"Nothing big, just wait for me, I’ll be right over." Chu Tianxiong hung up just as he finished his sentence.

Chu Yu raised his head to look at Lord Thief squatting on a table.

Lord Thief looked sheepish, it said, "I suddenly remembered that I have something to attend to, I shan’t stay here, I’ll visit another time..."

As it spoke, Lord Thief spread its wings and escaped in a puff of smoke.

Chu Yu frowned in suspicion, why did he get the feeling that this fella had just done something against his conscience?

Chu Tianxiong arrived quickly, in about 20 minutes.

When he saw Chu Yu, Chu Tianxiong stretched his hand and flicked a switch on the wall.

Chu Yu had initially thought that he was switching on the lights, but then, he felt the entire room being sealed by an invisible layer of enchantment. He was slightly surprised, he did not expect that the room would be equipped by a separating magical formation.

"I set this up after you left."

Chu Tianxiong laughed bitterly, "I would come in every night and switch this on in order to create the impression that I’m talking to you."

"Uncle Xiong’s effort is appreciated." Chu Yu smiled.

He knew that in order to cover up his leave from the Dragon City, Chu Tianxiong had done more than just that. Chu Tianxiong just didn’t tell him everything.

He deeply appreciated all that Chu Tianxiong had done for him.

Even though Chu Tianxiong had a reference to a bear in his name, he was extremely meticulous by nature and he covered all the bases.

Chu Yu felt that in this aspect, he was no match for uncle Xiong.

I’m still young! Chu Yu thought to himself.

Speaking of which, Chu Yu had plans to keep Chu Tianxiong around.

With Chu Tianxiong in the Dragon City, he could execute his plans with much more ease.

However, he had to see if Chu Tianxiong had any other plans. If he was going to return to the clan just to cultivate and train, Chu Yu really had plans to keep him here.

"We are all a family, don’t bother with the courtesies." Chu Tianxiong waved his hand and asked, "That bird of yours didn’t come over?"

Chu Yu thought to himself, Lord Thief did get into trouble.

"It was just here, but when it heard you were coming over, it fled."

"Haha..." Chu Tianxiong’s face twitched as he laughed bitterly, "Do you know how much trouble that bird has caused, luckily... no one has died."

"..." Chu Yu was exasperated.

"Some of the disciples of several big clans in the Dragon City were gossiping about you. That bird of yours overheard it and gave them all a beating. Now they’re all in hospital..."

"Is it serious?" Chu Yu’s faced was also contorted and his head throbbed.

"Not light." Chu Tianxiong smiled bitterly, "But it had all been settled. However, I’m afraid there’ll be repercussions in the coming days."

Chu Yu thought to himself: Could there be no repercussions? Anyone on the receiving end would not let this go easily.

However, he did not blame Lord Thief, those gossipy people deserved to be beaten.

If they still didn’t learn their lesson, he will have a fun time with them next time.

"Uncle Xiong, is your main motive to cultivate and train when you return home this time?"

Chu Tianxiong nodded, "Yup, I’m almost 40, if i don’t cultivate now, I’m afraid... it’ll be too late."

As he spoke, he smiled sheepishly, "With average talent like mine, I rely on the care of the clan and the additional resources they give me. Only then can I break through to a higher level and live slightly longer."

This was the truth, and it represented the thoughts of the majority of martial artists.

Not everybody was able to consistently break through to new heights. Many of the people on this earth could train their whole lives just to extend their lifespan.

"Uncle Xiong is currently at stage six right?" Chu Yu asked.

"Mm, stage six." Chu Tianxiong nodded.

"In that case... if I have a way to allow you to breakthrough to stage eight in a short period of time, will you be willing to stay?" Chu Yu asked Chu Tianxiong solemnly.

"What?" Chu Tianxiong was taken aback, before frowning at Chu Yu and laughing bitterly, "Don’t kid me..."

Chu Yu asked flatly, "Does uncle Xiong still think that I am wasted?"

Chu Tianxiong shook his head, "No, ever since the first day you arrived at Dragon City, I could feel that you have changed. I am extremely alert and I am slightly more meticulous than others when observing people. When I saw you that day, your aura, disposition and energy... did not feel like an uncultivable person."

Chu Tianxiong walked to the window slowly as he spoke, "Furthermore, I got more suspicious when you said that you were going to find Lin Shimeng in the two days you disappeared. How could an uncultivable person cover thousands of miles in two days? Not to mention... Xie Tianyu died!"

Chu Yu looked at Chu Tianxiong’s back and thought to himself, It would seem that coming clean today was the right choice, uncle Xiong had already picked up on something!

The Chu Clan’s unity was the exact reason why they could be a pack of wolves!

Since the ancient days, the Chu Clan had disciples who deserted, but no b*stards who turned on each other.

They relied on and trusted each other. Even though they would have conflicts about the spread of resources, they made sure to keep everything above board.

They were that united!

This was also the characteristic that the Chu Clan of the North was the most proud of!

"Then, why does uncle Xiong think that I am joking?" Chu Yu asked, laughing.

"Even if you, Xiao Yu, aren’t wasted, and can cultivate, and you are of a decent stage now..." Chu Tianxiong looked at Chu Yu, "That bird of yours was also likely quelled by you, that being said, your cultivation level is really not low!"

Chu Tianxiong did have his suspicions previously, but he didn’t think much of it.

Now that Chu Yu reminded him, he finally felt that the secret that Chu Yu was hiding, would have heaven-shattering consequences if it was leaked.

The Heaven’s Pride of the Chu Clan was never wasted!

This news... was too big.

Chu Tianxiong couldn’t help but check the separation magical formation again.

He then looked at Chu Yu, "Even then, how can you be able to raise my cultivation level in a short period of time?"

"Uncle Xiong, have you noticed uncle Qiang and uncle Sheng?" Chu Yu smiled and asked.

"They seem to... have broken through another huge stage, that... was you?" Chu Tianxiong understood immediately. He had initially thought that Chu Tianqing and Chu Tiansheng had gotten extremely lucky.

Only now did he realize that this lucky opportunity, was given by Chu Yu!

"Oh god... young master... you, what exactly happened to you?" Chu Tianxiong was almost so awed that he couldn’t find the words to express himself.

"Then, would uncle Xiong be willing to stay?" Chu Yu was extremely sincere, "After all, my current situation cannot be spread to others right now. Furthermore, many a times, I need to assume another identity to carry out my duties. As such, I would need uncle Xiong to hold down the fort here in the Dragon City."

"I, I... of course I’m willing!" Chu Tianxiong was ecstatic.

He would be willing to even if it took a year or two to increase his cultivation, not to mention a short period of time!

Didn't he choose to leave his businesses in the Dragon City to return to the clan to continue his upgrading?

Compared to the business he was running in society, upgrading his cultivation was more important!

If he could continue upgrading whilst staying in the same place, why would he reject it?

To be frank, he and his family have been living in the Dragon City for many years, and have grown accustomed to the life here. If it was possible, he would not want to forcefully uproot his entire family!

The reason why he had wanted to entrust Chu Xiaoxiao to Chu Yu was because she didn’t want to go back!

"Good, uncle Xiong, please come over."

Chu Yu did not like to dally on matters that have already been decided.

After 20 minutes, Chu Tianxiong stood there, dumbfounded and awed by what he had just experienced.

Previously, he had used 39 years of his life to cultivate to Acupoint Charging Stage Six. Just now, in 20 minutes, Chu Yu had managed to get him to break through to Acupoint Charging Stage Eight!

Acupoint Charging Stage Eight ah!

It was a level that he wouldn’t even dare dream of!

Chu Tianxiong had accumulated much resources over the years with the plan of returning to the clan’s headquarters and spend a few years to break through into Acupoint Charging Stage Seven.

As for his hopes of getting to Acupoint Charging Stage Eight, that would depend on his luck.

He was so awed he wondered if he was still in a fantasy.

How was this possible?

Cultivation was not as simple as eating and drinking. Even with eating and drinking, wouldn’t one still have to carry out the action themselves? Wouldn’t one have to buy the items?

In Acupoint Charging, to break open an acupoint was equivalent t breaking through a difficult barrier.

Why was it that when Chu Yu did it, it was so simple?

He looked at the dumbfounded Chu Tianxiong and smiled, "Uncle Xiong, if you stay here, I do not dare to promise anything more, but I can promise you that for Acupoint Charging and Invigorated Meridian, I will ensure you attain small perfection."

Everybody’s talent was different, even if he gave Chu Tianxiong the Superclass to train with, he could not breakthrough everything and attain complete perfection. As such, he could only promise him small perfection all the way till the Invigorated Meridian stages. As for whether he could step into the Xiantian stages was out of Chu Yu’s power to decide.

"Small perfection?" Chu Tianxiong was slightly confused.

"365 true Acupoints, 20 true meridians broken through." Chu Yu said.

"That’s only small perfection?" Chu Tianxiong’s eyes widened.


Chu Tianxiong sighed and he looked at Chu Yu with respect.

Afterwhich he bowed deeply, "In the future, all of young master Chu’s matters, are my matters too!"

Without the need to emphasize anything, just a statement like that was sufficient!

The words of the people of the Chu Clan were golden!

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