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Chapter 459: Murdering in the Wild
Within the light, Chu Yu reached out towards the Zhong Clan.
"Ah!" an ancient Saint was grabbed as he screamed.
"Please don't kill me…".
The Saint exploded!
The energy that resulted was earth shaking! Many of the less powerful members of the Zhong Clan died immediately.
Chu Yu dug deep into the earth before flipping it upwards.
The earth was split apart! Countless Saints rushed out.
One of them shouted, "Who are you?".
His skull was cut down by a sword art.
The Mirror Dimension was falling apart as Chu Yu continued his onslaught.
"We have a great sage too!" one of the men yelled.
Chu Yu cut him down quickly, he did not take the man's words seriously.
A great sage?
So what?
Chu Yu was like the god of death.
He was done with the Zhong Clan, he headed to the Water Clan next…
None of the people from the Mirror Dimension had expected this.
"Elders, please show yourselves, the god of death is here!".
A few of them plead.
The vanquishing energy descended upon this world.
No one could survive.
A few of them tried to escape, but Chu Yu was

too fast!
The Mirror Dimension was in shambles, many were bemoaning their fate.
There were some who cursed Chu Yu as well.
"You demon! You deserve to die!".
"You're the devil, you will get your retribution!".
Whether it was rage or anguish, none of that worked.
Unless a great sage appeared, no one could stop the destruction of this dimension.
Chu Yu had slain hundreds of Saints, he had lost count.
He could clearly distinguish those from the solar system and those from the Mirror Dimension.
Those who perished put up a strong resistance, some even tried to use curses to bring Chu Yu down with them.
But those attempts were all futile.
The Mirror Dimension had lost its voice, Chu Yu rushed straight into its core.
Without any hesitation, he immediately rushed back into the sky.  
He wanted to find his master.
He wanted to save some energy to return to earth, but after killing the last Saint he realised that time was running out.
Given his current condition, he would have collapsed when he returned to earth.
He had spent most of his energy, he needed time to recuperate.
Chu Yu did not trust some of the

the Saints on earth.
He did not know what they would do if he revealed his weaknesses now.
He rushed straight into a wormhole and disappeared.
No one had realised he was gone.
He went into a room.
Inside, there was an old Monkey with a coat of snow white fur.
"Master, what happened to you?" Chu Yu asked as he kneeled down.
The Monkey laughed, "Well done! Quick and ruthless!".
He repeated this three times as he laughed in glee.
Chu Yu understood what had happened.
He said with guilt, "Master, did you have to take all the negative side effects of my actions?".
Every Saint had control over an aspect of the universe.
By killing a Saint, one was tampering with the flow of the Universe, which would result in an imbalance.
Chu Yu's actions had created a large imbalance in the world, and the Monkey had to pay the price. 
"Stop being a little girl! It's embarrassing!" the monkey yelled.
He followed up by laughing, "I'm just old, I'm just a sliver of memory, I won't disappear, I'm still alive. Don't you know that when you activated that last feather, I was so happy!

so happy! Hahaha!".
He looked very frail, but his eyes were full of emotion and excitement.
Chu Yu calmed himself down as he sat down in front of his master.
"Come come come! Let us drink as master and student! You just slain so many Saints, why didn't you bring some back to eat?" the Monkey asked.
Chu Yu frowned, "I was just focused on killing, why would I think of eating them?".
"Yea, you're still young, the world is huge, you have to eat all of it!" the monkey said as he stared at Chu Yu with dissatisfaction.
He followed this up by taking out a huge carcass of a beast. 
The beast looked like a tiger, but it emitted a Saintly energy from its corpse.
Chu Yu lost the powers of the feather and returned to his original state.
No, he was much weaker than his original state.
He could feel the pressure radiating from the beast's body.
"You're probably not used to it am I right?" the monkey smiled as he looked at Chu Yu.
After which, he huffed as a small group of monkeys appeared in the room, waving and prancing about.
With their appearance, the pressure Chu the pressure Chu Yu had felt disappeared.
The boiling cauldron soon gave off a tantilising smell.
"It's a good feeling of recovery," the Monkey smiled as he looked at Chu Yu.
Chu Yu could feel a semblance of pain in his heart.
"Don't be upset, my child, it's not the time yet. I thought you would have taken much longer to get here, but I'm glad that things have progressed quickly, it's a good thing," the Monkey smiled and said.
"Since Master has recovered and regained your clarity, can you explain to me what happened?" Chu Yu asked inquisitively.
"What explanation do you want? The heavens smile, the earth weeps, we're all but pieces on a chess board," the Monkey sighed as he brought up is liquor gourd.
He took a big gulp as he looked at Chu Yu and said, "The universe isn't the playground of the higher beings. Since we could build the heavenly courts and reason with them, there must be a way to do that again. They may be mighty, but there are times where they suffer from a lapse in judgement as well.".
Chu Yu raised his head and looked at the Monkey suddenly.

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