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Chapter 449: The Time has Arrived
Ming Hui stood up and looked at Yu You, "Let's go, let's see how the descendent of my old friend deals with this.".
"Your old friend?" wondered Yu You.
He sighed, "She's in a tough position.".
"Ah?" Yu You finally understood why he had come, it seemed to be for that Xu Xiao Xian.
She was puzzled, but Ming Hui did not say anything else, he only brought her along as they walked toward the palace.

Within the palace, the atmosphere was grand.
Zhou Xu's might guests were in full attendance as his underlings sang songs of prosperity.
When Ming Hui and Yu You arrived, one of the singers said, "Welcome Elder Ming Hui of the Ming Clan!".
Many of the guests had a surprised look on their faces.
"Why is this elder here?".
"The Ming Clan… Such a distant memory, elder Ming Hui was a powerful man once!".
"I wonder what kind of relationship he has with the sage of the galaxy.".
Ming Yu You walked beside him and entered the hall.
At that moment, Zhou Xu walked out with a group of man as he laughed in joy.
"It's my honour that Elder Ming Hui is able to come personally!".
He was wearing a luxurious suit and looked very happy, a powerful aura surrounded him.
He had his own reasons for staying away from Sainthood.
The people around him were extremely powerful as well, they had a suppressive aura around them.
A bunch of ancient Saints!

Hui nodded his head and said, "I've come to see the little girl, to see if she's happy.".
Zhou Xu gave an awkward smile as a momentary look of anger flashed across his eyes, "Don't worry, Xian Er is the greatest treasure to me in this world, I will be good to her.".
Ming Hui looked at him, "I hope that's the case.".
"It definitely will be!" Zhou Xu laughed.
In his heart, he wanted to crush this old man.
Yu You finally understood what was going on, the elder had come for the bride.
It seemed like he did not like this sage of the galaxy very much!
She had a moment of eye contact with him, and from that moment, she could see a look of desire in his eyes.
What a b*stard!
He was going to marry someone today, and yet, he dared to have such thoughts?
The people who were around them were a little fearful- few people dared to step up to him like Ming Hui.
The Saints around Zhou Xu did not have a nice expression on their faces, but they still had to uphold basic courtesy.
Ming Hui and Yu You entered the main hall.
A group of talents from the Mirror Dimension appeared at that moment.
Once news of their presence near Pluto was heard, they were invited here as guests immediately.
Prince Qu Ji asked his brother Qu Ming, "Is that man the elder of the Ming Clan? He looks like a normal man…".
Qu Ming replied in a harsh tone, "Don't spout nonsense! We have no rights to speak here.".
Even though they were a royal clan in name, the Qu clan did not have much power in the galaxy.
The guests present today shocked Qu Ming a little.
He never expected Zhou Xu to have such established connections.
Ming Hui and You Yu were led to the VIP area as they sat down.
Ming Hui looked at her and said, "When you meet something you don't like, you have to confront it bravely! That is the way the Ming Clan does things, don't beat about the bush.".
"It is his wedding…" Yu You said.
Ming Hui sighed and did not speak.
The dishes were served afterwards as plates of delicacies lined the tables.
One had to admit that Zhou Xu's riches were tremendous, there were many exorbitant ingredients that were used. 
You Yu could not help but be impressed by all of this, she was very sensitive to a cultivator's power since she was young. This was her talent- the ability to perceive.
She had the premonition that something would go horribly wrong today, the feeling was intense.
Moreover, she had the feeling that her elder was here to start this!

Xu Xiao Xian sat in the room, she was dolled up and looked beautiful.
She wore a red gown, which was made of the finest battle clothing material.
Even Saints could not penetrate its defense.
"Princess, you're beautiful!" one of the

of the servants gasped.
Her beauty transcended jealousy, there was only awe.
The difference was too big!
There was no expression on Xu Xiao Xian's face.
"You can go first, I need some time alone," she said.
The servant hesitated before nodding and leaving, they could tell that Xu Xiao Xian did not seem too happy about this marriage.
"Teacher, can I run away?" she asked the air.
"You finally regret it? Isn't it too late?" he sighed.
A look of anguish appeared in her eyes, "I thought I could do it, I thought I could marry my benefactor to repay him. But… I really can't!".
"If my guess is right… He's on his way. The group that had died before was sent to kill him. That boy… He finally woke up," the voice said with some admiration.
"Teacher, you should not have told him, he shouldn't be brought into this…" said Xu Xiao Xian.
"You fool! What good is he if he can't even protect his girl?" the voice barked.
"If he really does come, are you confident that you can protect him?" she seemed to have decided on something as she asked this softly.
The voice did not hesitate, he just said, "The Elder of the Ming Clan is here, with him, that boy won't die!".
"So that's how it is," she heaved a sigh of relief.
She did not want to marry Zhou Xu at all, she just did not have a choice.
He was too powerful and assertive!
He and assertive!
He had to get whatever he wanted.  
He had the ability to.
When he said that he wanted her, she not no way of rejecting him, otherwise, the Heavenly Demonic clan would have been thrown into chaos!
Even if she did not care about that, she did not want to involve Chu Yu.
But it seemed that he got involved anyway.
She knew that Zhou Xu had sent men to kill him, when she found out, she went to confront him about it and threatened to take her own life.
But before Zhou Xu could do anything, news came that his group of men were all dead.
He only said one thing in response to this, "If that man dares to appear before me, I will extract his s soul and torture him for eternity!".
"If you dare to do that, I will kill myself," Xu Xiao Xian said in response back then.
Zhou Xu snickered and said, "You can't die in front of me! Xian Er, you should be proud of your perfect being and not do anything stupid. I will let everyone involved in this pay a hefty price for their actions!".
As she recalled the look on his face, she sighed in desolation.
"One elder is not enough!".
"I've never managed to see through Chu Yu, but if Yi sent him here, he has to have a plan!" the voice said with resolution.
At that moment, the doors opened as a gentle voice said, "Princess, it's time…".


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