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Chapter 403: Zhao Man Xi
Chu Yu looked up and said, "Who said that? That's bullshit, pills are pills, why must they be round? Haven't you had a pill already?".
"I've had one?" Qing Er asked, a little surprised.
"Yes, back then when you were injured, I gave you a pill," Chu Yu replied.
"I was in a coma, I didn't see how it looked like," Qing Er answered.
Mao Fu did not care about these things, he was just happy to see the pill.
He carefully fed his mother the pill and watched on in anticipation.
Qing Er whispered softly, "It's good to have a mother.".
Mao Fu looked up at her and smiled.
Mao Fu's mother, Zhao Man Xi, suddenly coughed at opened her eyes slowly.
"Mother!" exclaimed Mao Fu as he kneeled by her bed.
Chu Yu brought Qing Er out of the room.
Chu Yu did not ask about her origins, everyone had secrets that they kept to themselves.
Even though she seemed innocent, Qing Er had to have her own stories.
"I've never seen my parents," said Qing Er.
"Were you born from an egg?" Chu Yu asked casually.
"Of course, all of my kind come from eggs," replied Qing Er.
She continued, "We have many legacies imprinted on our eggshells. Once we are born, we consume the shells and receive our powers.".
"Your legacy is carried over by your eggs?" Chu Yu asked curiously.
Qing Er nodded, "Yes, after every mother gives birth, they will leave the information on the egg shell.".  
"What if someone breaks the egg and steals it?" Chu Yu asked.
"We will then die," replied Qing Er.
"What if someone crashes into egg, but doesn't consume the legacy?" Chu Yu asked persistently.
Qing Er glared at him and said, "Who would be so dumb? If one is lucky, he will survive, but he won't be able to obtain the legacy.".
"I understand now," Chu Yu smiled as he nodded his head.
"You're so lame. I'm hungry," said Qing Er.
"You're the lame one!" Chu Yu rolled his eyes.
Mao Fu rushed out of the room with tears on his face as he said, "Uncle, my mother wants to see you!".
Chu Yu patted his shoulders and walked in.
Zhao Man Xi, who was now awake, said, "You're related to the Qing Qiu?".
"My sworn brother, Zhao Man Tian, is from the Qing Qiu," Chu Yu replied.
"Zhao Man Tian? That little boy is my junior," said Zhao Man Xi as she reminisced.
"So many years have passed. Sit down," said Zhao Man Xi.
Chu Yu sat on the chair and looked at her.
She said softly, "I never thought I would awaken.".
Chu Yu replied, "Everyone has their destiny.".
She smiled and said, "It's really nice to hear the voice of someone from our home. Is our home… alright?".
"From the looks of it, it seems to be doing okay now," replied Chu Yu as he gave her a brief rundown of the condition of the Earth.
"There are too many secrets in our world," said Zhao Man Xi weakly.
"My son told me that you're here to enter the land of soul suppression?".
Chu Yu nodded.
She said, "That place is too dangerous, even a Saint would suffer in there if he isn't careful.".
"I have to go there," said Chu Yu.
"I know, if only the man I married would go so far for me, I would die without any regrets," Zhao Man Xi said.
"If you aren't happy here, you can just leave," Chu Yu said.
"You should know about the situation regarding the Ji Royalty. The king is kind to me, I have to be there for him. Under such tough circumstances, he still tried his best to find a way for my son and I to escape. His predicament is arduous," she sighed as her eyes began to turn red.
Chu Yu did not want to get himself involved in their family matters.
But Zhao Man Xi was considered his sworn sister, given that Zhao Man Tian was her junior.
He looked at her and said, "Since Zhao Man Tian is my brother, you're considered my sworn sister, I advise you not to

partake in the Royal struggle.".
She gave a wry smile and replied, "This whole episode started from me, if I turn away now, I'm letting down the king. Even though I know that there is no way this can end well, I have no choice…".  
She continued to tell Chu Yu about the history of her life and this world.
"I drifted here from earth, not having any interest in becoming royalty. My son takes after me, he doesn't have any desires for the throne. His interest lies in research.".
"When I married the king, the Ji Family's daughter was already betrothed to him. My son is the eldest child, and also the king's favourite. He has hinted to me on multiple occasions that he wants Mao Fu to succeed the throne.". 
"But how could I agree to that? It would only harm him.".
She sighed, "I've gone down to earth many times and have lived in many civilizations. I've seen the struggles of royalty. It's a pity the Queen doesn't believe in me. Ever since she came here, her only desire has been to harm me.".
"At the beginning, it was still fine. But as Mao Xi Li grew older, she couldn't hold herself back.".
Everything after that led to Mao Fu and his mother being chased out. Even though the king knew what was going on, he could not do anything under the pressure of the Ji Royalty.
"I've always thought that I can exchange my death for my son's life, but I never expected the king to take pity on me and provide me with the best medicine. If I had died back then, things would not have become so complicated.".
"Things do not always end up the way we want," Chu Yu remarked.
"Indeed, the Queen knows that we hold a place in the King's heart. If the throne falls to Mao Xi Li, it will do more harm than good. The Mao Family might just become a subsidiary of the Royal Family. When that happens, the Mao Family will cease to exist. Our very existence is a threat to Mao Xi Li's claim to the throne.".
"What if you leave? Mao Xi Li will ascend to the throne and the King will become a father of a king, isn't that good?" Chu Yu asked.
"The Queen may let the King live, but everyone else will die. The King wouldn't want to abdicate the throne as well," said Zhao Man Xi.
"If the Queen really has the backing of the Ji Royalty, you and your son…" Chu Yu looked at her.
"We stand no chance," she finished.
"But, does she have a considerable position in the Royal Family?" Chu Yu asked.
"She does. Even though she isn't one of the highest ranking family members, she has a very strong backing. The Mao Family's land has abundant resources, and this is what the Ji Royalty are after.". 
Chu Yu shook his head and said, "That means that you have no chance in any situation, you should just give up.".
"I know, but I can't just let them take away what we have," said Zhao Man Xi.
"Unless there is someone from the Ji Family who can back you up, there seems to be no chance of a turnover," Chu Yu said.
She smiled and replied, "We have no friends there.".
Chu Yu let her rest and turned around to leave. He did not want them to suffer, but he did not want to get himself involved as well.
At this moment, Mao Fu went into the room and looked at his mother.
Softly, he said, "Mother, Uncle is right, there are many things that we cannot change. I'll get you out of here soon…".
"No, I don't want that. If the Queen doesn't have the King at a knife's edge, we could perhaps leave. But things have come to this, how can we leave now?" she said as she glared at him.
Mao Fu was speechless.
Zhao Man Xi imparted the technique to activate the magical formation in this house to him and said, "I have an army that is loyal to me, there's at least a hundred thousand men there, the worst of which is at the level of a True Lord.".
Mao Fu was stunned.

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