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Mao Fu frowned as he was confused.

Even though he looked young, he was in reality, very old.

He was sure that he was much older than Chu Yu, who looked like a normal human.

Chu Yu had communicated with him via mental waves, so there was no chance of a mistake.

When did his mother ever have a young brother like him?

Mao Fu furrowed his brows and asked Chu Yu, "My fellow Daoist, are you trying to take advantage of me somehow?".

"What use do I have for that?! From the moment we've met, I've fallen into all your traps. If it was not for you, me and Qing Er would have already gone to the land of soul suppression," Chu Yu barked angrily.

"You would've died if you went there," replied Mao Fu.

"So? My sworn brother and sister are all from the Qing Qiu Foxes Clan, my brother's name is Zhao Man Tian!".

Mao Fu was speechless.

"Please help Uncle!" Mao Fu plead as a look of joy appeared on his face.

Chu Yu rolled his eyes and said, "Alright, alright, I'll give you the name of a few herbs, go and get them.".

He gave Mao Fu the list of herbs via mental waves.

Mao Fu had an excited look on his face, but his emotions were complex. He knew Chu Yu had other objectives.

Chu Yu said, "Don't feel that you've been played by me. Your mother is suffering from a severe poison, it has spread to all parts of her body, even her soul has been tainted. The list of herbs I gave you can only keep her alive and awake for a few days.".

"What?" Mao Fu looked disappointed.

Chu Yu responded, "If we can obtain the flying immortal grass, we can cleanse the poison, but the damage to her soul is irreversible.".

Mao Fu looked at him and said, "What you're saying is that the most optimal solution is to obtain the four sacred herbs?".

Chu Yu nodded his head, "These four are just the main ingredients, there are other herbs as well.".

"Got it uncle, what do you think of this plan? I'll go and get the list of herbs you gave me, and when my mother wakes up, we can ask her for the route into the land of soul suppression.".

"Sounds good," Chu Yu replied.

Mao Fu began his work.

The Orion Constellation consisted of many more kinds of intelligent life as compared to the solar system.

A few light years away, there was a city that was larger than earth.

Mao Fu brought Chu Yu and Qin Er to this place to purchase those herbs.

He gave Chu Yu a credit card.

"There's about a hundred million dollars in here, feel free to buy whatever you want. Don't worry, you can't be traced with this card," smiled Mao Fu.

"That's the currency here? You use credit cards too?" asked Chu Yu.

Mao Fu nodded and said, "The Orion beings do not need anything other than mental transactions. But since you aren't from here, you will need the card.".

This was the Prince indeed, giving Chu Yu a hundred million crystal dollars all at once. Chu Yu did not know how pure their crystals were.

If they were of a low grade, it would not have meant much. But if the crystals were pure, the amount that Mao Fu had given him would have been astounding.

Chu Yu did not believe that was the case and asked Mao Fu for a coin.

Mao Fu took one out and passed it to Chu Yu, who tried to feel the purity of the crystal.

Chu Yu was a little taken aback, this coin was of a high grade!

Chu Yu nodded his head.

Mao Fu feared that this was not enough for Chu Yu and said, "Uncle, if this is not enough for you, I can add more to it.".

Chu Yu laughed at patted him on the shoulder, "It's okay, go ahead and settle the things you have to do, we'll meet later.".

Mao Fu heaved a sigh of relief.

Chu Yu brought Qing Er onto a mini vessel that Mao Fu had given them and travelled through the city.

"Is that a lot of money?" Qing Er asked curiously as she saw the look of happiness on Chu Yu's face.

"It's a lot of money! A few thousand of these can buy us something good from the Mirror Dimension, but now we have much more than that!" said Chu Yu excitably.

"Is it enough for a Saintly Equipment?" Qing Er asked innocently.

Chu Yu thought about it and replied, "I think it is possible, but who would sell one?".

In the world of cultivation, time was not as precious. As long as one invested enough time in training, he could obtain powerful spiritual energy.

Saintly equipment and other similar objects required more than just time.

There were many people in the city who had vessels such as the one they were in.

The biodiversity here was far too diverse, there were all sorts of creatures.

Chu Yu travelled down the street with Qing Er, observing their surroundings and the behaviour of the common folk.

Their vessel was set to invisible mode, which allowed them to observe more clearly.

As the two of them looked at the other creatures around them, Qing Er suddenly said, "Someone is following us.".

Chu Yu had not noticed it, but with his divine sense, he could feel what Qing Er was talking about.

He frowned as he wondered who it could have been.

Mao Fu had once said that this was the biggest city in the Orion Constellation, and that there was every kind of being here.

However, he also said that this place was law abiding and that there was rarely any chaos.

The owner of this city was said to be an old Saint who had powerful abilities.

Even the seven royal families did not dare to mess with him.

"Let's get rid of them," said Chu Yu.

Qing Er, who was driving the vessel, sped up and weaved through the crowd.

Their followers realised that they had been discovered, but they did not retreat and continued chasing instead.

"Oh?" Chu Yu was surprised, were they Mao Fu Li's men?

He could think of anyone else that would have followed them.

The vessel behind them was fast as well, and inside it stood the female officer.

She had originally come here just to purchase some goods for battle, but she never thought that she would bump into the two of them.

Once Mao Fu escaped with his mother, the Queen gave the decree to attack his land.

When the Mao King tried to stop her, she locked him up.

The Ji Royalty had arrived, and they were not just anyone.

Any one of their disciples could let the King feel an immense pressure.

He could not do much more for his son.

Back then, he could only rise to power because he borrowed the strength of the Ji Royalty. Now that Mao Fu Li had their backing to ascend to the throne, the Mao King had no powers to stop him.

He could only wish for Mao Fu to escape this heist.

Even though the Officer did not see Mao Fu, she was sure that he was nearby!

"You dreadful little thing, let's see where you can run now!" she shrieked.

After informing Mao Fu Li, she chased after Chu Yu and Qing Er in an attempt to capture them.

"All those associated with Mao Fu shall not live.".

She widened her eyes as her vessel sped up.

Chu Yu and Qing Er flew their vessel to the lowest part of the city as they cruised along a river.

The female officer followed tightly behind.

As they reached an area with much less people, Chu Yu told Qing Er to stop the vessel.

The female officer's vessel arrived shortly after as she communicated telepathically with Chu Yu and Qing Er, "Get out!".

At the same time, a large guard beside her delivered a powerful mental wave to Chu Yu and Qing ER.

They could see each other clearly through the invisible walls of their vessels.

With his divine sense, Chu Yu turned the walls of his vessel opaque.

The female officer had a look of mockery on her face as she thought she had cornered Chu Yu.


A terrifying explosion occurred in mid-air as the two mental waves crashed against one another.

The guard beside her erupted into pieces as blood and flesh splattered onto her body.



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