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Chapter 398

"Are these all for my mother?" asked Mao Fu.

He was so shocked, he did not know how he could obtain those herbs.

Other than the Flying Immortal Grass, which grew in the land of soul suppression, the other herbs were herbs that Mao Fu could never lay his hands on.

The Flying Immortal Grass itself was near impossible to obtain.

The land of soul suppression lived up to its name.

For those who specialized in mental powers such as Mao Fu, going there was as good as seeking his own death.

Even Chu Yu's soul would have been suppressed and stripped of all power!

The crucial aspect was that the land could harm the soul.

Apart from this, there were many dangers there as well.

"The hallucination stone is as small as sesame, but it can cleanse the soul and increase its power tremendously. It's priceless and rumour has it that it can only be found in the core of a star.".

"One has to be at least a Legendary Emperor before he can sustain the temperatures at the core of a star. Even then, only a Saint can stay there for a prolonged period of time. Basically, this means that to obtain the stone, one has to be a Saint. Not every star has a stone in it.".

Mao Fu's analysis was spot on.

"The Spectral jade comes from the dark lands. Especially for people like us, it's incredibly risky to enter that place. It's another priceless item.".

"As for the dragon's eye… damn.".

Mao Fu looked at Chu Yu and continued, "The dragon's eye comes from the dragon clan itself. It's their pride and honor. They have a clan in almost every universe, but the one in ours has long vanished. They were bestowed with mystical powers and formidable bodies. How could such a prideful clan leave their eye behind?".

Mao Fu looked at Chu Yu with despair as he asked, "Do we really need these to cure my mother?".

Chu Yu looked at him without emotion and thought to himself, "Tsk, does he really think that we need such herbs to cure his mother? These materials are for Lin Shi!".

This was not a formula from the Immortal Crane Scripture.

The materials were mentioned inside, but even the Crane Saint did not think of using them together.

How did Chu Yu come up with this formula then?

It was from the images that flashed across his mind!

It was an Immortal pill!

Even though there were many pills in this world that were labelled as Immortal pills, they were just immortal in name.

This was the true Immortal pill, and only Chu Yu knew what was going on.

The images in his mind

mind gave him the formula and the knowledge of where to find those herbs. However, those places were incredibly dangerous.

As for Mao Fu's mother, the problem was not big.

The solution could be found in the Immortal Crane Scripture.

Even though its ingredients were not easy to find, it was definitely easier than the four sacred herbs.

The flying immortal grass was essential to both formulas.

Chu Yu wanted to see if Mao Fu had any access to these four herbs.

Mao Fu looked at Chu Yu and said, "The dragon's eye is really… too difficult to obtain, I've only heard of to. I know where you can find the other two though.".

"Oh?" Chu Yu was surprised.

"The hallucination stone and the spectral jade are both in the possession of the Ji Royalty. But they will never hand it over," replied Mao Fu.

Chu Yu himself had no clue as to why the images showed him the formula for the Immortal Pill.

Perhaps it was destiny.

Perhaps these materials were common in the Immortal Realm.

The images that had flashed across his mind were like an encyclopedia of knowledge regarding the Immortal realm.

He had to admit that after seeing those images, the Qi in his body became much more powerful.

After hearing what Mao Fu had said, Chu Yu laughed gleefully in his heart and wondered what was

what was so great about the Ji Royalty.

As Chu Yu was deep in thought, Mao Fu stood there and observed him.

He realised that Chu Yu did not seem to be joking.

Looking at Chu Yu, he said, "It's really too difficult…".

Qing Er, who was listening at the side, said, "The Flying Immortal Grass is at the land of suppressed souls right? We'll just get that first. Since we know where the other two can be found, we'll find a way to get them as well.".

Mao Fu was bewildered by how easy she thought it was.

He looked at Chu Yu after some thought and said, "There is something I wish say… I did not want to tell you this at first because it is my mother's biggest secret.".

"Don't say it then, I have no interest in other people' secrets," Chu Yu replied.

Mao Fu said, "I have to say it, otherwise, I feel that there is no way to completely gain your trust.".

Chu Yu was a little taken aback, but he was a bit curious about what Mao Fu had to say.

"My mother is from the Emperor Star, so we have a good understanding of the ongoings there," he said.

Chu Yu widened his eyes in shock.

"I'm sure when exactly did she come here, but it's been a long time. When I was young, I heard that she was once sealed in a crystal rock and drifted here, but was saved by my father.". by my father.".

Mao Fu continued, "She said that she was from the Clan of the Qing Qiu Foxes, and that their blood flows in my veins. This is the exact reason why the Queen hates my mother.".

This information left Chu Yu shell shocked.

The Qing Qiu Foxes? She was from the same clan as Zhao Man Tian and Little Moon?

"Do you know what's her true name?" Chu Yu asked.

"Her name is Zhao Man Xi," replied Mao Fu without any thought.


Zhao Man Tian, Zhao Man Xi.

Chu Yu could not believe what was happening.

How did someone from Zhao Man Tian's generation end up here?

He had to save her now, otherwise, he had no way of answering his sworn brother and Little Moon.

Mao Fu looked at Chu Yu with a serious expression and said, "So please, on the account that we're all from the Emperor Star, please save my mother.".

Chu Yu looked back at him and smiled, "Sure thing, but first, you have to call me uncle.".

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