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"The Emperor Star?", the King looked bewildered.

"I know that place, it is part of the Milky Way galaxy just like us. I've only heard that something bad happened there 60,000,000 years ago.".

Chu Yu thought that the King resembled Elvis Presley.

They looked so alike!

Chu Yu was familiar with common folk entertainment. Other practitioners usually did not pay much attention to the musings of the mortal man.

The King could tell that Chu Yu was confused, "Is there another me on the Emperor Star? That would be quite amazing.".

"Maybe…you two look just like one another.".

"So, my young friend, you are from the Emperor Star?".

That place had been sealed for thousands of years, a man emerging from a place like that was unheard of.

"That's right, I am from the Emperor Star.".

The Mirror Dimension held the belligerent group of terrorists who wanted to take down the Emperor Star.

Since Chu Yu began his travels and adventures, he had come to realize the how vast the universe was, and the diversity of creatures and spirits that existed.

It was not possible that there only those that held hostile attitudes towards the solar system.

It would not have made sense that the solar system was the only system that held resources and energy.

The King sighed, "I can't believe that I'm meeting someone from that place after so many years.".

"You've acquainted yourself with a special friend.".

Chu Yu thought it was strange for someone who claimed that they had not been to the Emperor Star to carry such melancholic emotions with them.

"Come, this is not the place to talk," the King led them into a room.

The room was tastefully decorated with luxurious ornaments and furniture.

After everyone took their seats, the King continued, "To be honest, many of the practitioners here have visited Emperor star 60,000,000 years ago to pay our respects.".

Pay respects?

Prince Mao Fu raised his brows in curiosity.

"There was a worship altar on Emperor Star, and legend described a path to Immortality as well. After the fall of the preceding era, even the strongest practitioners were only at the level of sainthood. We were still bound by the laws of nature.".

Meanwhile, Little Catty was observing Chu Yu and Qin Er. Were these beautiful people from that amazing place?

She urged the King to tell them more about the worship altar and Immortality.

"According to preserved texts, Immortality and our world are connected. The strongest amongst us will be able to break through the barrier and ascend to Immortality. Some say that some Immortals have sneaked into our world out of loneliness.".

"Descending gods, huh," Chu Yu remarked.

These legends were common on Earth as well.

"Descend? Haha, I guess that's what they meant," the King nodded his head.

"You have never told us about these Father.".

Even Mao Fu was concentrated on the conversation.

"Many things are buried in the ashes of history. I'm afraid even you guys aren't too familiar with these legends, right?".

Chu Yu nodded his head, "Yeah, many of these legends have become myths, incomplete ones.".

The King sighed, "The fall of the previous era was also pieced together by the words of many people. But even those involved may not have the full picture of what happened… just a single tree in the entire forest.".

"But it is well known that there was a saint who surpassed the level of sainthood in the previous era.".

Chu Yu recalled the mythical story of his teacher being trapped by Buddha for five hundred years.

Chu Yu was not clear about the kind of power complete sainthood entailed. After all, strictly speaking, his teacher was not alive anymore by the time he had attained his cultivation.

But Chu Yu was clear about the kind of destruction they were capable of.

A holy battle could destroy an entire galaxy.

So, what kind of power did the person the King spoke of have?

Control of the sun, the moon and the stars?

"The true age of glory, the previous era… Ascension was not as highly regarded as it is today. Gone are those days, we no longer have the worship altar, the passage way or Immortals walking amidst us today.".

The King looked at Chu Yu, "The creatures of the Mirror Dimension who are attacking Emperor Star must be after the altar and the passageway as well.".

He added on, "Regarding this, there is another legend.".

He looked a little hesitant.

"Speak haste Father, what other legend?" Little Catty urged on. She was a romantic, and she loved stories like these.

He quietly whispered, "Apparently, many people in our world are the reincarnations of those Immortals.".

Chu Yu and Qin Er kept quiet. Little Catty loudly thought to herself, "If I was a reincarnation, which god would I be?".

The King looked at her tenderly, "You must have been the prettiest fairy.".

"Of course!" Little Catty gleefully replied.

Chu Yu was surprised.

The Butterfly Dance was likely a reincarnation of a god.

And the King in front of him? Why did he possess such a striking resemblance to the pop star on Earth? He thought about all the tricks that the Butterfly Dance played…

Chu Yu felt like he could almost connect the dots.

The King laughed heartily, "Perhaps I am a reincarnation of a god as well… However, these theories are not grounded by any evidence. The secrets to the universe can never be unraveled…".

Chu Yu nodded his head. The universe was infinite.

"Esteemed guests, please make yourselves comfortable. We shall hold a feast tonight…" the King announced.

"Father, my mother…" Prince Mao Fu was obviously more concerned about his mother's condition.

The King quietly replied, "How can we request for our guest's assistance without showing good hospitality first? It will be no easy feat to cure your mother.".


"It's settled then, your mother will understand.".

"You know I care about your mother as well…", the King added on.

Mao Fu nodded his head, "I understand.".

The King had been concerned about Prince Mao Fu's mother for years. He had once invited a master from the Ji royal family.

The master did answer to the invitation, but…

That night, they had a spectacular feast in the palace.

The crown prince was present along with many other young princes and princesses.

That female officer was there as well. She was bewildered as to why the King would throw Chu Yu and Qin Er a welcoming feast.

Chu Yu was enchanted by the performances and the delicacies.

Even though he was anxious about finding the herb in the land of soul suppression.

What the King said to Mao Fu was applicable to him as well.

Lin Shi's problem was a tricky situation.

If the Butterfly Dance was really a reincarnation, it would not have been easy to break her curse.

The female officer had sneaked up to the crown prince and whispered to him, "Your Highness, Mao Fu must have other intentions for returning here. Are those two strangers here to treat his mother?".

The Crown Prince raised his brows. He had his suspicions. But who were those two?

The King exuded the charms of a great leader. He was very polite towards Chu Yu and Qin Er.

Qin Er telepathically said to Chu Yu, "He doesn't seem eager for you to treat his wife.".

"I can tell.".

"Good, be careful," Qin Er warned.

Chu Yu was wondering if Mao Fu had noticed it himself.

Glancing at Mao Fu, he looked like he was enjoying the performances.

Royal blood were not that simple minded.

Nobody stirred up any trouble for them at the feast.

The dinner party ended peacefully.

Mao Fu waited for Chu Yu and Qin Er to be assigned to a guest room before he discreetly sent them a message.

"Quick, let's go to my mother's!".

With that, he conjured a portal in their room.

At the same time, the King was blankly looking at a young and beautiful woman in his own chambers. The lady looked menacing.

"You still can't let it go after so many years?" the King asked.

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