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As the pretty girl ran towards them, Mao Fu couldn't help but smile.

"Little Catty…".

The girl pounced into his embrace before he could finish his sentence. With her arms around his neck, she began to laugh with joy, "Brother, don't you agree that I've grown prettier again?".

"Hmph!", a bitter grunt sounded from a distance away.

"Such frivolous behavior coming from a princess. This is unacceptable!".

It was just a sister showing affection to her brother. Were these rules and manners necessary?

Chu Yu thought to himself as he overheard the conversation.

Communication within the Mao Clan was mainly through telepathy for added accuracy and precision.

Of course, an average mortal would not have been able to catch any conversation.

Little Catty was beautiful, she had the liveliest single lidded eyes. She looked intelligent.

She turned around to reply, "If you dare speak nonsense to me again, I'll claw you to death.".

Mao Fu's enthusiasm was dulled as well. The snide remark was uncalled for and was especially annoying in front of his guests.

He coldly said, "Although it is your job and responsibility as an officer to teach the proper etiquette to royal members, don't you think you're crossing your boundaries right here?".

"Nonsense! As the female officer of the palace, I have the duty to oversee the speech and actions of the princess. If she acted inappropriately, I have the right to correct her. Prince Mao Fu, have you forgotten the way things work here?".

A middle-aged woman emerged from the shadows.

She looked at Little Catty disapprovingly, "Princess…".


Mao Fu was infuriated.

It had been a long time since he was back, and now he had to deal with bothersome people like her.

In front of his guests.

Years ago, when he gave up his right to the throne, he had hoped that he could curb family feuds.

Little did he know that his tolerance did not gain him any respect.

His brother still saw him as his greatest threat.

Even the female officer greeted him with such condescendence.

His was anxious about treating his mother and he absolutely had no wish to waste time squabbling with these people.

"Little Catty, let's go, let's go to our mother.".

She nodded her head and took a curious look at Chu Yu and Qin Er.


That female officer raised her brows and defiantly said, "You think you can enter the inner palace as a banished prince?".


A crisp slap interrupted the female officer.

She looked at Mao Fu in horror.

"You…dare to slap me?".

"Guards! Take him down!" She yelled.

The palace guards looked at each other but did not move.

As the chief female officer in the palace, she had considerable authority.

All the under aged princes and princesses looked at her with fear.

She did have the authority to discipline princes and princesses.

But the problem here was that…

This was Prince Mao Fu!

A promising candidate for the throne in the past!

The true prince!

He was his own king on his feudal land.

How could they take down a prince like that?

The guards looked at the woman with frowns.

Mao Fu was clear about what kind of person this woman was.

Years ago, she was already close to Mao Xi Li, she was definitely on his side now.

But Mao Fu was not afraid of Mao Xi Li, so why would he back down from this female officer?

This b*tch put herself on a moral pedestal and disciplined them when they were children, acting all impartial and fair. The truth was that she was privately receiving benefits from Mao Xi Li.

Her character was infamous amongst the princes and princesses.

Mao Fu looked at Chu Yu and Qin Er apologetically, "My apologies…".

He looked at the officer coldly, "Based on your audacity today, I can have your head for it. I am only letting you go on the account of Mao Xi Li. Do not test my limits.".

With that, he stalked into the palace with his companions.

The female officer was shooting daggers with her eyes but she kept her mouth shut.

She could clearly sense the aggressiveness Mao Fu was suppressing.

If she had spoken another word, she was sure that he would have attacked her.

As she watched the party march into the palace, she had long forgotten that outsiders were not allowed on the grounds.

"I'll remember this slap!" she seethed through her gritted teeth.

"Forget it," a voice reached out to her.

Caught off guard, she jumped a little before turning around to a tall and lean figure.

"Crown Prince…" she sobbed.

She was to be disappointed though.

The handsome prince looked at her and said, "You are not to anger him. I can, but you can't.".

He stood beside her and examined her flushed cheek, "He didn't use much force, let it go. Even if he kills you, I won't be able to say much.".

The female officer looked at him in surprise, she had never seen the brazen Crown Prince so reserved before.

"Seems like you still don't understand. Therefore, you are still the female officer and not the Crown Princess…".

With that, he stalked into the palace as well.

The chief officer was hurt. The crown prince's words were more devastating than ten of Mao Fu's slaps. It cut straight through her heart.

The crown prince did not give her a second look. He had treated her like a play toy.

He was more concerned about Mao Fu's intents.

A banished prince from long ago suddenly returned? He did not believe Mao Fu when he said he was back just to visit his mother.

Oh yes, he brought two strangers along as well.

Those two did not look like they were from their Clan…they looked like royalty?


He got a little bit more anxious.

If they were royalty, that meant…

No, impossible!

Even though Mao Fu was annoying, the Crown prince was certain about his character and integrity.

If Mao Fu had interest in the crown, he would not have given up his rights long ago.

Why was he back then?

Mao Xi Li had his brows tightly knitted together, he was unsettled to say the least.

Mao Fu walked briskly across to his mother's chambers.

He was taken aback to see his father there…the King.

"Mao Fu greets your Majesty.".

The King was surprised on his own part. He was lost for words for a good couple of minutes before he said, "Why are you back?".

"Mao Fu is back to cure mother, I've brought an alchemist along.".

"An alchemist?".


Meanwhile, Chu Yu carefully examined this middle-aged man. He had the features of a westerner.

"Allow me to introduce to you my friend, Chu Yu!" Mao Fu looked at Chu Yu sheepishly.

It was obvious that his father did not think of Chu Yu as an alchemist.

"What? Him? He's the Alchemist master?" the King raised his brows.

"I have never seen an alchemist as young as you. You are not a fraud, are you?".

If it was anybody else, Chu Yu would have walked away.

This man was a little different, he had piqued Chu Yu's interest.

Chu Yu laughed and asked, "Have you been to the Emperor Star?".

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