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Mao Fu shot Chu Yu and Qin Er a comforting look, hinting to them not to worry. He took a couple of steps forward and telepathically replied, "Mao Xi Li, I am free to come back to my own home".

"You already have your own feudal land, do not come here again. If there isn't anything of importance, please return!" the other party replied coldly.

Even Chu Yu could sense the strong aggression of the opponent.

Mao Fu's expression remained determined; he seemed to be used to this type of treatment. "Is this how you treat your own brother?".

"Members of the Mao Clan who have their own fief do not to return to the royal family unless summoned. Don't you understand the rules? Is there any point in currying favors now?".

His words reeked of sarcasm and contempt.

Mao Fu hesitated before replying, "I am here to visit my mother.".

"What's there to visit? She's barely alive.".

Color drained from Mao Fu's face.

"Please be mindful of your choice of words. Don't be deceived to think that you can do whatever you want just because you are the crown prince.".

His statement brought on sniggers from Mao Xi Li. "You want to enter the palace? Fine! But you must be examined! Everyone, everyone must be checked!".

"Mao Xi Li, if you are looking for a fight, bring it on. If you continue to humiliate me this way, don't blame me for making the first move.".

Mao Xi Li stayed quiet for a long time before asking, "Are you sure you are not back to fight for my throne?".

Chu Yu smirked to himself, confirming his notion that fights over authority were perennial so long as civilization existed.

Fighting for the throne?

Chu Yu looked over to Mao Fu.

He had only just met Mao Fu, making him unfamiliar with this man's nature and character.

He silently prayed that Mao Fu would not stir up any drama whilst he was still around.

"Mao Xi Li, believe me or not, ever since I stepped onto my feudal territory, fighting for the throne had never crossed my mind. I have no wishes or desires to do so. In the expanse of the universe, the Mao royalty is merely one of the seven reigning royalties. Sitting above us is the Ji family; do you really think that I will care for a seat in the Mao royalty?".

"Yeah, yeah. Prince Mao Fu always has broad vision and grand ambitions. Ambitions so grand that our small family cannot satisfy. Brother Mao Fu, please enter.".

The invisible war ships in front of them began to appear.

Chu Yu was a little alarmed; these ships were modelled to look ferocious and not to mention, their sizes were massive.

Cannons adorned the decks of every vessel. The fleet was impressive.

Mao Fu looked over to Chu Yu and Qing Er, "Welcome to our humble abode.".

Chu Yu lightly shook his head while Qing Er stayed silent.

Mao Fu commanded these flying ships to retreat. Amongst these vessels that backed away, a handsome young man stood on top of the decks of the biggest ship. He wore a suit of special armor and exuded an air of elegance.

A large group of people stood beside him, people of all demographics. They were his trusted advisors.

This young man was Mao Xi Li, crown prince of the Mao royal family.

At this instance, he looked slightly worried.

A pretty young lady next to him muttered, "No need to fret Crown Prince, Mao Fu came unarmed. This place is under own control…".


Mao Xi Li harshly slapped the girl.

She looked at him with a surprised expression with her hand cupping her face.

"This is the royal family; the king here is my father!" Mao Xi Li looked at the girl with menace. "The next time you misspeak, I will have your head for it!".

Tears were circling her eyes but she lowered her head and gently replied, "Pardon me.".

An older advisor tried to lighten the mood by saying, "Seethe not crown prince, Mao Fu is probably here to visit his mother.".

Mao Xi Li nodded his head, "That woman is like a thorn in my flesh.".

That woman referred to Mao Fu's biological mother, as well as the most beloved concubine of the king!

Even as a concubine, her status in the family was remarkable.

Even as someone who had been in a coma for many years, she was irreplaceable in the king's heart.

Not even by the queen, Mao Xi Li's mother!

If not for the fact that she had been in a coma for many years, the title of the crown prince might have landed on Mao Fu's lap.

Mao Xi Li's blood boiled as this crossed his mind.

With that, he grabbed the lady he just slapped by her hair and dragged her to the room.

Everyone on the ship remained quiet.


The ship cruised through the air above the soil. Mao Fu stayed silent for a long time before saying, "My father is a noble master, he created the empire and molded the Clan to the kind of stature it has today. I have 6 other brothers and dozens of sisters thanks to my father's five wives.".

"Amongst all my siblings, I am the eldest, and my mother was the most favored. But my mother has a gentle nature, she detested all the fighting. I guess I take after her with regards to this. We both have no desires for the crown, but not everybody thinks of us the same way. For many years, I have believed that someone had plotted against my mother. But I haven't been able to find any evidence, nor a cure for her…".

Mao Fu looked at Chu Yu with serious intent, "If you can heal my mother, I am going to bring her to my feudal land away from all these fighting.".

Chu Yu just nodded his head.

Mao Fu continued, "We were a united bunch when we were kids. We weren't part of the great seven back then, times were less certain and battles were common. When things got more stable, problems started to appear.".

Mao Fu's narration was a common scene even back on Earth. The same story with different backgrounds.

Royal families were cruel.

To be born with a silver spoon was a blessing but also a case of misfortune. For family ties and love were luxuries for royal offspring.

"Hopefully I can cure your mother," Chu Yu said.

A smile lights up on Mao Fu's face, "No matter the outcome, I will cherish and repay your friendship. But heed my advice…".


"I've never heard of anyone successfully leaving land of soul suppression except for members of the Ji royal family.".

"If you could elaborate more…".

Mao Fu saw the determination in Chu Yu's eyes and knew that he couldn't change Chu Yu's mind. So, he began to tell Chu Yu all that he knew about the place.

According to Mao Fu, the land of soul suppression was the forbidden territory for live creatures. There were traps every step along the way.

"There will be lasers faster than the speed of light. There is no way you can dodge that. These lasers are lethal! The guy from my clan who made it out said so himself, that he only made it out of pure luck.".

Chu Yu sighed, "If not for certain circumstances, I don't want to go there either.".

This piqued Mao Fu's interest, "May I ask… why must you visit the place?".

"I have a friend; her soul was melded with others. There is a medicinal herb in the land of soul suppression that might be able to help her…".

"Are you talking about the Sacred Empress Grass? How… how did this happen to your friend?" Mao Fu was taken aback.

Chu Yu gave him a brief recount.

Mao Fu sighed and lamented, "How can there be someone so evil in the world? I can't imagine such despicable methods.".

"There are many wise elders in the Mao clan who are scholars on the aspect of soul manipulations. I can pay them a visit to see if they can be of any help.".

Chu Yu gratefully thanked Mao Fu. He would have been thrilled if he could find a solution without having to visit the land of soul suppression.

The ship flew over a massive city.

The palace could be seen from a distance. It sat in the middle of the city town center.

Their identities were verified before they could enter the premise.

"It's been a long while…".

Mao Fu parked the ship in the courtyard of the palace.

The party alighted the vessel with a couple of guards.

A figure ran towards them as it shouted, "Big brother, you're back after so long! Did you forget about Little Catty?".

Chu Yu's eyes lit up as he watched this lively girl run toward them.

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