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Chapter 387: I‘ll Let You Have My Blood
Two figures were moving at astonishing speeds as if they were streams of light, speeding through tens of thousands of miles in the Mirror Dimension.

Within this distance, there were huge mountains, plains, lakes and rivers… But.

These two whizzed by, leaving a deep abyss in their wake!

The curse on the scarecrow was too strong, it was enough to blot the sky and cover the sun!

The aura it emanated was enough to cause all life to crumble to their deaths.

Chu Yu pushed his powers to the limits, groaning as he fought on.

No one could imagine that even when he was dead the old man could have such a terrible ability.

What were the origins of this scarecrow? How could it be so powerful?



Not only did the scarecrow possess a scary curse, its combat ability was also unbelievable.

It sent out its Sword Qi wave after wave, which were extremely sharp. If it was not for the Immortal Crane Furnace shielding Chu Yu's back, he would have been sliced into dust with the Sword Qi.

Even so, he was still severely injured.

Chu Yu had a bitter smile as he thought, "Is there any Legendary Emperor as miserable as I am right now?".

He had just overcome the Heavenly Thieves and now he had to deal with this horrible thing.

It had caused the Heavenly Thieves to back off with a roar. It was filled with horrendous energy, shooting out Sword Qi that could kill Legendary Emperors by simply raising its arm…

Chu Yu could not help but wonder if it was a Saint.

The Heavenly Thieves were not the same ones that befell other cultivators when they reached the Legendary Emperor realm. Although by the time he faced them, their powers were already exhausted, it was still tough on Chu Yu.

Chu Yu cursed at the old bastard as he ran.

The look on Chu Yu's face was extraordinarily miserable.

Within an hour of fleeing from the land of trapped beasts, the Immortal Crane Furnace had already shielded him from over a hundred attacks.

What surprised Chu Yu the most was the fact that the scarecrow did not get tired, every slash of sword Qi he conjured was as terrifying as the last.

If Chu Yu did not possess the near perfect body, he would not have survived.

The Mirror Dimension was enormous; Chu Yu appeared at the edge of a vast and boundless ocean, he could not even see the end of it.

Chu Yu flew close to the surface at stunning speeds, leaving a deep ditch behind him, generating humongous waves in his wake.

The might of the scarecrow left an even more disastrous scene behind.

It was hard for the creatures in this vast ocean to not be startled.

The weaker marine creatures did not even have the time to react to the impending disaster. For the stronger ones, they tried to flee for their lives in all directions.

However, there were still stronger forces.

An enormous cyan python emerged from the water's surface as Chu Yu flew by, angered by his inconsiderate behavior. However, it did not roar at Chu Yu. It turned its head to lay a deadly stare at the miniscule scarecrow.

The scarecrow seemed to feel that it was obstructing its way, slashing a Sword Qi straight at the python.

The sword Qi slashed at the body of the python, erupting in golden flames.

It could not break its defensive scales.

The enormous cyan python was triggered instantly, exuding a monstrous atmosphere of terror.

It opened its mouth to spit a ray of white light. The white light tore a hole in the void easily, shooting directly towards the scarecrow.



scarecrow radiated a terrifying godly wave.

At the same time, a ray of light shot out from its body, aiming directly at the white light.

When the rays of light collided in the void, it generated massive waves which reached tens of thousands of meters into the sky!

If this had happened in the mortal world, it would have been sufficient to destroy the world.

The massive cyan python trembled slightly, but it did not retreat. Instead, it was agitated and roared as it attacked the scarecrow.

The python did not have many moves, but every single move it had was formidable.

It had successfully intercepted the scarecrow.

To Chu Yu, this was unbelievably amazing news, if he did not seize this opportunity to flee, when would it come by again?

However, as he got ready to tear the void to leave this place, he saw the python slash off one of the scarecrow's arm!

On the body of the python, a deep wound appeared.

It had sacrificed itself to severely injure the scarecrow.

"This is crazy!" Chu Yu thought, his heart faltering. He still had no intention staying here.

The scarecrow was utterly furious, it's remaining arm started to burn in flames.


Another huge hole appeared on the python's body.

Blood started to stream out of the exposed body of the python, which spanned tens of thousands of meters.

The scarecrow fired yet another Sword Qi, slashing towards the huge python.

As he saw the python's body got cut into two, Chu Yu gritted his teeth and scolded, "F***!".

The Immortal Crane Furnace flew out, shielding the massive cyan python.


With a deafening noise, it displaced the seawater within a radius of several thousand miles.

It was like an area of vacuum!

There was not a drop of seawater.

It revealed the tens of thousands of meters beneath the sea where the huge python was hiding.

In that moment, the scales on its body stood erect!

Every gigantic scale was like a blade.

The body of the python instantly turned red!

It was obvious that the python did not expect the human to help when he could escape. It was prepared to go all out with the scarecrow.

The python's reaction was too quick, it seized the opportunity to kill the scarecrow as it was using his other arm.

It executed its original plan, shooting out the scale at its neck!

Usually, it was not this decisive nor this temperamental.


The scale beheaded the scarecrow!

Chu Yu's eyes widened. He did not believe that this had happened.

The python exploded with a saintly aura!

Was this the huge python at the saint realm?

Chu Yu did not have the time to think that through as the dismembered scarecrow started to burn up.

Its head and torso burned in unison!

After its skull was burned, there was nothing left but black smoke. The black smoke penetrated directly into the body of the huge python. The scarecrow's torso turned into black smoke as it flew towards Chu Yu.

"Scram!" Chu Yu roared.

At the same time, the energy in Chu Yu's blood exploded in an instant.

The huge python could not help but turn towards the source of the monstrous surge of energy.

Although it was far away, Chu Yu could still feel the distinct gaze of the python, as though it was stunned to realize that he had such powerful energy.

The stream of black smoke could not even get close to Chu Yu, as it was simmered to nothingness by the energy from his body.

He could still vaguely hear ghostly wails in the air.

Chu Yu vaguely heard the old man's unwilling tone mumbling in the air, "The evil could not infiltrate him… How could there be someone that the evil cannot penetrate… This is ridiculous!".

If the scarecrow had not used the power of the curse and fought purely with its combat skills, it would have been more likely to succeed.

Even if it could not completely kill Chu Yu, it could have left him crippled.

However, it chose to use the power of the curse to attack Chu Yu.

There was no blaming the old man for this as the origin of the scarecrow was special. No matter how great Chu Yu's destiny was, when it was invaded by the curse of the scarecrow, he could never escape death.

At the very least, his fortune would have been turned into misfortune.

The old man could never have imagined that Chu Yu's body was stronger than that of the scarecrow. That was even more unbelievable.


Chu Yu breathed a long breath as his body finally relaxed.

He was so fatigued that his eyelids were barely open.

This battle had consumed too much of his energy.

This scarecrow was most probably not a saint. If it was a saint that chased him, what would happen?

Chu Yu smiled bitterly as he shook his head, shoving a handful of pills into his mouth.

The massive cyan python smashed into the choppy sea all of a sudden.

It seemed like… It had fainted.


The stunning view of the ocean's surface was filled with monstrous waves once again.

Chu Yu hesitated for a moment, but still flew over anyway.

The body of the python dove into the sea.

Chu Yu owed it a favor for helping him in the battle.

Although simply turning and leaving would have caused him any psychological burden, Chu Yu still remembered the gaze the python looked at him with.

It was too human!

It was clear that it was not just a beast, Chu Yu decided to save its life to repay the favour.

However, just as Chu Yu dove into the water, he was dumbfounded.

The colossal cyan python was missing.

Appearing in front of him was a girl dressed in cyan with flowing hair. Her figure was slender and appeared stunningly beautiful. However, fresh blood was still flowing from her body with her eye tightly shut as she sunk to the depths of the ocean.

Her body exuded the saintly aura that the python did. She was the massive cyan python.

It was a female…

Chu Yu was stunned but he continued to speed towards her.

Around the girl in cyan, the seawater was not moving. Her eyes were still shut and her face was contorted in distress.

However, when Chu Yu came up to her, her eyes opened wide, scaring Chu Yu out of his wits.

"You are hurt, I have a pill that can help," Chu Yu hurriedly transmitted a thought to her.

The girl glanced emotionlessly at Chu Yu as she shut her eyes in pain.

All this while, she did not say a word.

What did this mean? Did she reject or accept his help?

The corner of Chu Yu's mouth twitched. He took out a Pill of Heavenly Pulse and brought it in front of the girl.

The defenses around her body were very strong. If she was unwilling, he could never feed her this pill.

The Pill of Heavenly Pulse was the strongest pill Chu Yu had on him; it was definitely the best medicine to treat the wounds on her.

The girl did not refuse as she let down her defenses and opened her mouth, swallowing the pill.

Both of them were sinking into the depths of the ocean.

Chu Yu did not even know this place, he only knew that the depths of the sea were unfathomable.

Even with his divine sense, he could not sense the bottom.

With a wave, a vacuumed square area appeared within the sea.

Under normal circumstances, although her injury was severe, this pill would definitely have allowed her to recover.

What stunned Chu Yu was that even with the Pill of Heavenly Pulse, this girl in cyan did not get any better.

Also, she never opened her eyes again. A weird aura was emanated from her body; it was hot at some instances and cold at other times, there were instances when it was bright and holy, but there were instances where it was dark and evil as well.

This was…

Chu Yu squinted his eyes as he thought, "Is this the strength of the scarecrow's curse?".

He hesitated for a while and opened his vertical eye, looking at the girl in cyan.

Chu Yu could now control the energy of his vertical eye. He looked intently into the girl's body.

He was shocked.

A waft of black energy was raging insanely within her body!

It had made a mess within her!

The girl in cyan had boundless energy within her body. But against the black energy, it was utterly powerless.

If this continued, it would not be long before the black energy killed her.

At this moment, the girl in cyan opened her eyes suddenly, her face was flushing red as though she was frustrated at something.

She opened her mouth and said, "You… Pervert.!"

Her voice was crisp and melodious like music to the ears.

Chu Yu looked innocently at her, he felt incredibly astonished. He could not believe that her perception was so powerful. Was this a being that was in the saint realm?

"You are now in a dangerous situation," said Chu Yu.

"Isn't this caused by you? I was living peacefully in the sea and you just had to come along. I merely peeked out to have a look, but I ended up in a fight. Now, I am going to die.".

The girl in cyan glared at Chu Yu and said, "Do you think I should blame you?".

The corner of Chu Yu's mouth twitched as he felt a tinge of sadness within him.

When she was the huge cyan python, she was resolute, aggressive and overbearing.

Even when she shot out her scale, she did not hesitate.

When Chu Yu was at School of Heavenly Day, he read one of the classics. It said that beings such as dragons, flood dragons and pythons had scales at their necks, but they were to protect their lives. Once it was used, it would not grow again.

One could say that if it used its neck scale, it was as good as giving up its ultimate defense.

How could she be so innocent after she transformed into this girl?

Although both of them did not exchange many words, Chu Yu could sense that she was especially innocent. He finally understood why he had used the Immortal Crane Furnace to block the blow for her, saving her in the end.

It was simply because of her gaze. Not only was it filled with human nature, it was also… too pure.

"Can you say something? Am I supposed to blame you?" The girl in cyan looked at Chu Yu with displeasure.

"Yes yes yes, you can blame me for it. How can I save you now?" Chu Yu looked at her with pity.

"How can you be so stupid? Since the power of the curse was ineffective against you, it means that your blood is immensely powerful. Let me drink your blood and I will be fine! What are you still waiting for? I'm about to die!" The girl in cyan said haughtily.

Chu Yu stared at her as if he was in a daze.

He smiled and said, "Okay, I'll let you have it.".

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