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Chapter 386: The Scarecrow
In the next moment, Chu Yu's figure appeared outside the Immortal Crane Furnace.

When a bolt of lightning flashed towards him, he seemed as if he had changed his mind, appearing increasingly hesitant.

Chu Yu stood on the Immortal Crane Furnace silently without moving an inch.

The bolt of lightning was merely three feet above its head, the streak of electricity seemed like a winding dragon, extending deep into the clouds. However, it paused in that moment.

The second bolt struck. Then the third…

The old man, who was struggling to survive with his magical equipment, was stunned in awe.

What was happening?

Could this little bastard be the son of the lightning king?

Chu Yu looked at him while flashing him a wide grin, "Thanks for this.".


The old man vomited another mouthful of blood; this was driving him to his grave.

"F*** you…" Even before the old man could finish, he realized that the bolts of electricity that were frozen above Chu Yu's head were charging to him in unison.

The old man was terrified and ran away for his dear life. He was running in circles within the limited space.

It was totally impossible to escape entirely.

Chu Yu sat on top of the Immortal Crane Furnace, controlling the lightning using his will. Initially, he seemed a little out of his depth, but after a while, he started to understand how it worked.

He was having the time of his life.

The old man had never seen such strange occurrences in his entire life, he felt utterly useless now.

The one that was supposed to be undergoing Divine Judgement was sitting there leisurely, controlling bolts of lightning.

He was just an innocent man but was chased around with bolts of lightning on his heels.

Where was justice?

"Chu Yu, you little bastard, I won't fight with you any longer. Let's have a truce and end this. Let's make peace!".

The old man felt like weeping, but he had no tears. As he shouted those words, his heart felt as if it had eaten flies.

This old man was in fact very ruthless.

For the longest time, he had an awe-inspiring reputation within the land of trapped beasts. Within The City of Struggle, he was the one who called the shots. One could say that there was nothing the old man could not accomplish in The City of Struggle.

The old man who ruled like a tyrant could only lower his head in defeat.

For people like the old man, it was nothing to bow down for a moment. He was like a poisonous snake, if he caught the opportunity, he would unleash a deadly bite.

In his long life, he had encountered life and death situations on many occasions. Even when he was close to death, he could turn his fate around, escaping the jaws of death.

After which, he had also found the opportunity to banish his opponents into the abyss of eternal doom.

Only the strong could survive.

A dead man would only remain dead.

This was the philosophy the old man lived by.

He had travelled far and wide, visiting many civilizations within the galaxy.

Sixty million years ago, he had also been on the emperor star, witnessing the last glory of this star.

He knew that no matter how powerful one could be, one day, they would fall.

Like the heaven before, who would have dared to imagine that it would collapse one day?

Therefore, bowing down temporarily was nothing to him. If he lived, he would have another chance.

However, Chu Yu was totally indifferent.

He was still directing massive bolts of lightning to strike the old man.


Saintly equipment on top of the old man's head already had cracks running through it.

"I can swear that if you stop, I will give you plenty of wealth! My nickname is 'The Man of Many Treasures'; I have countless treasures on me. I can give you what you want!" The old man screamed, occasionally spitting fresh blood from his mouth.

"I want your life," Chu Yu said faintly.

"We do not have any grudges with each other, must you? Huh? Must you? What have I done to you? Tell me… All this while, what have I done to you?".

The old man was gifted with a sharp tongue and good linguistic skills.

He could quickly draw close ties with people using his linguistic talents.

Generally, when a stranger came from a foreign land, he would have used their local accent to speak to them to give them a feeling of solidarity.

But this method was ineffective towards Chu Yu.

"Elder with the green skullcap, last time, you imprisoned my woman. You wanted to lie to her and put her in harm's way. Now, you have tried to take advantage of me. If not for my luck and skills, I'm afraid I would have already fallen for your trap and died. What I seek from you, you cannot give. I can only take it by myself," Chu Yu said lightly as he sat on the Immortal Crane Furnace.

The old man looked furious, he said, "Some luck? You consider this some luck? I have never seen someone luckier than you! Tell me, what do you want from this old man?".

"I want your life; didn't I just tell you?" Chu Yu said.

He continued to direct bolts of lightning to strike towards the old man.

"Ah ah ah ah ah! Chu Yu, stop playing around. I admit defeat! I admit defeat! I surrender!" The old man screamed with tears in his eyes, brimming with sincerity.

In his heart, he was filled with anger, as though a volcano had erupted in his chest. His thoughts were so toxic it reached a whole new level.

Little bastard, once I get back up, I will blast you into smithereens!


A purple lightning blasted from the sky, causing the thoughts in the old man's mind to vanish completely.

Chu Yu stood up atop of the Immortal Crane Furnace, readying himself for this battle.

Waving his hand, a sword appeared in his palm. Stepping on bolts of lightning, he rushed towards where the old man was standing with his magical equipment.

It was at the speed of light.

When the sword sliced towards him, the Sword's qi had a tinge of the Heavenly Thieves' energy.

It was the Superclass at work!

Although the process was slow, he was trying to understand the legacy of the sword all this while. Finally, there was a trace of progress!

With this trace, it unleashed enough power to shock the world!

A Saintly equipment blocked its path, but Chu Yu sent it flying with a swing of his sword!

Although it was not destroyed with a hit, cracks could be seen all over it.


The old man vomited yet another mouthful of blood, as though his whole body was encountering a strong convulsion.

Following that, a bolt of lightning seized this opportunity, striking him directly, charring his body instantly.

The old man's true strengths never lay in combat.

At this moment, he suddenly realized that this seemed to be the most critical moment of his life.

His life was not just hanging on a thread, he was plunged into utter hopelessness!

The sword in Chu Yu's hand was too powerful. He was too ruthless as well.

The Saintly equipment could not withstand the might of his sword for long… If it was a saint controlling this Saintly equipment, perhaps this would not have happened.

But the problem was that the old man was not a saint!

He was just at the peak of the Legendary Emperor realm.

He was also weak in combat.

The old man felt as if his whole body was plunged into an ice rift, his gaze finally showed signs of extreme fear.

No thoughts of revenge dared to surface in his heart. He only hoped that he could walk out of this alive.

The demands of a person would constantly change with the environment that one was in.

The old man's greatest wish now was to escape with his life.


Commandeering the bolts of lightning, Chu Yu constantly struck the Saintly equipment atop the old man's head at the speed of light.

In a blink of an eye, two of them were destroyed!

The Saintly equipment on the old man were imperfect.

He had collected them throughout his long years traversing the universe.

He was still unable to refine a top Saintly equipment that was perfect.

With his current abilities, he would not have been able to control it anyway. He used countless years to refine his skills, but to no avail.

Chu Yu was like a ferocious beast.

He swallowed the essence of the magical eqiuipment that he had destroyed!

When the old man saw that, he instantly felt uncomfortable.

"Demon Sect! The techniques of the Demon Sect! You are a member of the Demon Sect!".

He tried to retaliate, but under the shadow of the Heavenly Thieves, all retaliation seemed so feeble.

If not for the Heavenly Thieves, he was confident of destroying this little bastard with his thousands of magical equipment.

But this was his life!

The old man excelled in the art of practicing divinity. Not long ago, he even practiced on himself. When one had reached his level, even if one could not clearly depict the future, he could still see and predict the overall outcome of his fate.

However, his vision never showed him these events.

The old man finally understood that when someone holding one of the nine Cauldrons interfered with his life, he could never deduce your future!

Whoever dared to plot against the Cauldron wielder would die!

The Nine Sacred Cauldrons… They were completely deserving of their title.

The old man understood that the devilish bastard who came from the emperor star was not going to allow him to live. He gritted his teeth and seethed, "Little beast, do you think you have won? If you make me desperate, I will fight till the end with you, there is no good for you in that!".

After which, the old man conjured a magical equipment that looked like a scarecrow the size of a palm.

The old man instantly retreated and kept his distance.

He did not even bother avoiding the bolts of lightning.

Bolts of lightning struck onto him, the blasts flogged his body, tearing at his skin.

The old man gritted his teeth and spat a mouthful of blood onto the scarecrow as he roared, "Using half of my spirit as a sacrifice, I curse my enemy Chu Yu!".


The old man's body instantly exploded!

A monstrous curse burst from the scarecrow in an instant, filling the sky.

The old man could never have withstood that power.

Furthermore, his spirit had completely dissipated in a blink of an eye.

He was totally unable to control that power even though he merely sacrificed half his soul.

Before his death, the old man's last words were incredibly evil, "Chu Yu… You little beast. This old man has been blasted into nothingness, but don't you be too happy about it! Let's see whether the power of your Cauldron can rival the heavens!".

The old man's evil words echoed throughout the sky.

This scarecrow suddenly opened its eyes and looked at Chu Yu.

Chu Yu felt as if his head was about to burst, reeling back the bolts of lightning!

Large amounts of lightning started to strike from the sky, blasting towards the scarecrow.


This scarecrow, which was merely the size of a palm, emitted a sound wave that was incredibly terrifying.

The voice sounded just like the old man's voice!

But it was not him!

The countless bolts of lightning above him vanished instantly.

Chu Yu's heart felt as if it had rose to his throat. Riding on the bolts of lightning, he summoned the Immortal Crane Furnace and attempted to flee!

These things were not meant to appear in this world!

The curse that erupted from the scarecrow was too terrifying.

Chu Yu had seen battles between saints before, and he felt that this scarecrow was no different from a saint.

He even thought that it was more terrifying.

The palm-sized scarecrow stared coldly at Chu Yu while it raised its arm and pointed.

A sword Qi instantly shot towards Chu Yu!

The Immortal Crane Furnace moved at unbelievable speeds, shielding Chu Yu from the hit.


It sounded as if a giant bell was hit sounded.

This deafening noise could almost shatter the universe.

Clouds from the Heavenly Thieves vanished instantly!

Chu Yu yelled as he spewed a mouthful of blood.

The power of the scarecrow was too horrendous for one to fathom. If he stayed here, he would perish!

Chu Yu started his incantation immediately, tearing the corner of the void to rush out of this place.

The Immortal Crane Furnace followed tightly as it turned into a beam of light, shooting out of the land of trapped beasts.

The palm sized scarecrow let out a terrible roar, exploding with the monstrous curse, chasing him at his heels.

The Mirror Dimension exploded in a flash.

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