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The thousands of magical equipment that were above the mouth of the volcano instantly became the target of the Heavenly Thieves!

If the Heavenly Thieves could speak, they would have been furious when they saw the formation!

What did he want to do?

Was he trying to rebel?

When one was under Divine Judgement, one would use a few magical equipment at most.

But he had thousands of them!

This escalated extremely quickly!

As the first bolt of lightning struck, high above the sky, thousands of streaks of lightning bolts rained down, each towards a magical equipment!

It was as if the end of the world was here!

It was spectacular!

As the old man saw the first bolt of lightning, he knew that something was amiss. However, he could never have imagined that this was Chu Yu undergoing Divine Judgement.

When he arrived, the battle between Chu Yu and the Butterfly Dance was already over.

He missed the part where Chu Yu and her were ascending rapidly through their realms.

As Chu Yu's mental state was insufficient to enter the Legendary Emperor realm, the old man could not feel any difference in him.

When countless bolts of lightning struck his magical equipment, his hair stood with shock as the magical equipment exploded!

Finally, he knew what was happening.

He also understood why the old crafty flame fled instantly.

A crisis had befallen him!

Why did you not alert me about this?

Haven't we worked side by side for so many years?

The old man could only stare as dozens of his magical equipment were blasted into dust by the bolts of lightning conjured by the Heavenly Thieves. He did not care about those treasures anymore; he did not even have the mood to howl in rage.

In that moment, all he wanted to do was to escape from that damned place along with the remainder of his magical equipment!

The fate of the City of Struggle was no longer in his consideration.

Thousands of magical equipment were imprinted with the old man's insignia as he was afraid of others stealing it. He had refined all of his magical equipment very thoroughly.

If someone stole it, it would not have been easy to remove his insignia completely.

This ability of the old man was one he was most proud of, earning him his nickname 'The Man with many treasures'. But today, this ability had become the old man's Achilles' heel.

As the Heavenly Thieves fell upon the earth, the magical equipment that circled the sky were basically in their way.

This was as good as going against them directly!

It was equivalent to him helping Chu Yu overcome these Heavenly Thieves!


He would not have done that for anyone, not even his own son!

This boy had trapped him!

The old man wanted to keep all of his magical equipment, but it was too late.

When karma came into the picture, anything that was tainted by it would suffer an immediate change in fate.

Every person that appeared in one's life would affect one's fate, however little that was.

The old man was insanely mad, he did not want to meddle with the heavens.

Countless bolts of lightning were striking his magical equipment.

Some of the powerful magical equipment were bursting in bright light, fighting with the Heavenly Thieves!

Magical equipment had consciences in them too!

None of the powerful magical equipment were willing to be destroyed.

The old man wanted to cry, but no tears fell. He hated Chu Yu.

This b*stard had been plotting against him since the very start; he had planned to use the old man to overcome his Divine Judgement!

This was going to destroy the old man!

"Little brute, I'm not finished with you!" The old man roared in grief.

Thick clouds rolled in the sky above, enveloping the entire horizon.

The Heavenly Thieves of the Legendary Emperor realm were terrifying enough. but Chu Yu's Heavenly Thieves were even worse!

The Heavenly Thieves that befell Chu Yu when he was breaking into the Divine Lord realm were already as terrifying as those usually from the Legendary Emperor Realm.

The power of the Heavenly Thieves now was jaw dropping.

In addition to this, the thousands of magical equipment in the sky increased their threat levels by an immense amount.

This was a great calamity.

A bolt of lightning found its way towards the old man…

He was a great cultivator and the owner of the countless magical equipment, but it would be impossible for him to escape.

Even if the old man had a few powerful magical equipment that could manipulate space, the bolts of lightning would still target him.

The City of Struggle plunged into chaos.

Many people were running out of the city in a mad rush.

It was a shame that the news of the destruction of the Pitiful City had not arrived. If it did, the atmosphere within the City would have been even more chaotic.

Bolts of lightning danced in the sky.

The Heavenly Thieves increased its kill zone, enveloping the whole City within it.

Chu Yu hid leisurely within the Crane Furnace,

Above him, there were thousands of magical equipment shielding him from the Heavenly Thieves, they would not reach him. Even the Immortal Crane Furnace had no reaction to the happenings around it.

He knew that once the magical equipment were destroyed, the Heavenly Thieves would unleash their powers on him, causing him to fight for his life.

But for now, it did not matter.

Chu Yu was not particularly afraid of the Heavenly Thieves.

It was not his first time dying anyway.


The heaven and earth became the home of lightning.

The powerful beings that were struggling to escape City of Struggle were reduced to dust by hundreds of bolts of lightning.

The old man had an outrageous number of magical equipment at his disposal. Even after conjuring thousands of magical equipment, he still had more to offer.

Also, the magical equipment conjured were getting more and more powerful.

As a last resort, he even brought out his Saintly equipment.

If he had not done that, he would have been reduced to ashes.

"What is this? Is this the Divine Judgement of Saints?".

The old man was devastated and stunned at the same time.

He was very sure that the young man had not entered the Saint realm. However, the Heavenly Thieves were too terrifying for them to have been for Legendary Emperors. Even if there were thousands of magical equipment, they should not have been so powerful.

Within the myriad of lightning bolts, the City of Struggle was collapsing.

This was reminiscent of the fall of the Pitiful City.

This was the doomsday of the land of trapped beasts.

The people within the City of Struggle were far more miserable than those in the Pitiful City, not many were able to escape.

Other than those who escaped at the start of this calamity, the others were blasted to their deaths within the city.

Even after the bodies were struck by lightning, they were still mercilessly struck!

The entire city, apart from the volcano that Chu Yu was on, was reduced to an enormous crater.

All beings were either dead or injured.

The old man was barely hanging on to his life as he fought on with several of his magical equipment. Almost half of the magical equipment that were above the Furnace were destroyed!

Deep within the volcano, the white flames hid among the lava, trembling in fear.

It could only count itself lucky for fleeing once it could sense that something was off.

The creatures of this world were most afraid of godly thunder.

If it were struck by this lightning, its power would decrease by a significant amount even if it did not perish.

Finally, out of the thousands of magical equipment in the air, only dozens remained.

The dozens that remain were the most powerful of the lot.

Even though they were not as powerful as Saintly equipment, they possessed powers that were well above the Legendary Emperor realm.

They shook unsteadily in the air as though they were barely hanging on.

The old man maniacally commanded his remaining magical equipment as he attempted to flee, but terrifying bolts of lightning formed a barrier, forcing him back in.

Soon, the thousands of magical equipment that were conjured by the old man were completely defeated.

The old man could not take it any longer; he was so distressed that he spit out a mouthful of blood. These were magical equipment that the old man had collected throughout his entire life!

Each of them had their own unique function and abilities.

Now, they were all reduced to pure energy, scattering into the wind.

This hurt so much!

After all this destruction, he was still trapped.

"Little brat… I will remember this for the rest my life!" roared the old man.

This time, golden streams of light finally burst from the Immortal Crane Furnace.

It streamed towards the Heavenly Thieves!

The lightning all around concentrated their power, aiming directly at the Immortal Crane Furnace.


Countless bolts of lightning struck onto the Immortal Crane Furnace.

The golden light from the Immortal Crane Furnace glowed even brighter.

It shone like a golden sun.

The glow that came from the Furnace was so bright that it was impossible to look directly at it.

The old man had a miserable expression as he controlled his Saintly equipment. He looked at the Immortal Crane Furnace greedily as he said in an evil tone, "Mine… This is mine! This must me mine!".

The bolts of lightning struck mercilessly onto the Immortal Crane Furnace. However, the ancient engravings on the Furnace absorbed all of the attacks.

The old man had no idea what Chu Yu was doing within the Furnace.

He was quietly gaining enlightenment on the laws of thunder.

The Immortal Crane Furnace removed the terrors that the Heavenly Thieves brought, leaving the essence of knowledge behind for Chu Yu.

The white flames, which fed him years of valuable experience and knowledge, allowed him to reach the Legendary Emperor Realm. Now, he was feeding on the laws of thunder that were present within the bolts of lightning.

The old man did not understand the Immortal Crane Furnace entirely. His judgment of Cauldron was incorrect as well.

At the Immortal Refining land, the Furnace witnessed the recasting of Chu Yu's body. In that moment, it had recognized Chu Yu as its owner.

Therefore, the Qi that it contained from the destiny of the galaxy was already infused into Chu Yu's Qi.

While it helped Chu Yu tremendously, it also allowed him to experience the hardships that he ought to have experienced.

It was hard for people to believe that Chu Yu possessed a great circulation of Qi because of his tangled fate- even the old man was deceived by his own experience.

So was the Butterfly Dance.

Even Yi… Was unclear of his destiny.

No one knew that from the moment Chu Yu obtained the Furnace, his destiny took a big turn.

Chu Yu himself was unaware about this.

He only knew that he was feeling better than ever.

He continued to absorb the power of the laws of thunder, gaining enlightenment and a deeper understanding of them.

After which, Chu Yu felt like he could control the lightning and thunder in the sky.

Controlling the thunder and lightning required more than just the ability to hold a bolt of lightning.

One had to be in complete control over them.

As if… He was the King of Lightning!

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