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Although he was within the Immortal Crane Furnace, he was well aware of what was happening outside.

Through the Furnace, he passed out a message to the Black King Kong, asking it to flee when it had the chance, reassuring him that he was definitely fine and would come back for him in future.

Otherwise, the Black King Kong would have refused to leave.

By then, it was covered in wounds and had lost a large amount of blood.

Seeing that Chu Yu was fine, it believed in him and looked for an opportunity to escape in a flash.

"An animal is always an animal, they are always unreliable," the old man said. His face was filled with disdain as he spit at the ground.

Sneering at the Furnace, he said, "The only unreliable animal you have has run away. Kiddo, what other tricks do you have?".

The Furnace that was surrounded by thousands of magical equipment remained silent.

"Pretending that you're dead?". The old man laughed, "Even if it was a tortoise hiding his head into its shell, I would have the means to make it come out obediently.".

Chu Yu kept his cool within the Furnace as though he was a wise monk.

The sealed Lin Shi lay at the side quietly like a sleeping princess.

The old man waved his hand, ordering his magical equipment to carry the Furnace, flying in the direction of City of Struggle.

The Butterfly Dance called the shots within the Pitiful City while the old man called the shots in City of Struggle.

The old man was the head of the city.

When he was in his own territory, he could do whatever he wanted to force the tortoise out of its shell, no one could stop it.

"Within my City of Struggle, there is a place with a strange fire, even I dare not go close to it. That fire and your furnace would make a perfect pair. Hehe, kiddo, what do you think will happen when I throw your furnace into the fire? Will you be refined into a human sized medicine? That medicine will definitely be very fragrant and delicious, wouldn't it?".

The old man slotted his arms into his sleeves and folded them.

Within the furnace, Chu Yu had already shut his senses and intuition. He did not care about whatever the Old Man with the Green Cap said.

If the Immortal Crane Furnace was like any other Furnace, what the old man had said might have been true.

The problem was that the Furnace was not just any other Furnace.

On the way here, many people had turned their attention to it.

After all, the sky was bursting with color; the sight of thousands of magical equipment soaring through the sky was indeed astonishing.

It was hard to not capture the attention of others.

The villains from the land of trapped beasts had their mouths watered and eyes bulging in envy.

But as they saw the old man in the green skullcap, most of them sighed and walked away.

No one dared to provoke that old man.

However, there were a few individuals who tried to snatch the magical equipment.

The old man did not even bother to raise his head, with a divine sense, hundreds of magical equipment flew towards the robber.

Instantly, the robber turned into dust.

There was nothing left of him, it was extraordinarily sad and pitiful.

With that, the old man brought his magical equipment back to City of Struggle, along with the Immortal Crane Furnace.

In the sky behind him a huge crowd of cultivators followed.

They were not courageous enough to snatch the Furnace away, but were curious as to why the head of the City of Struggle had put so much effort into capturing the Furnace.

The ones who had the guts to follow him were the real villains of the land of trapped beasts.

If they did not provoke the old man, he would not have disturbed them either..

The City of Struggle rumbled.

People rushed into the city's streets, looking up in the sky at the magnificent view.

It was rare that the old man had to conjure such a huge amount of magical equipment, it was a once in a lifetime sight.

Many beings saw this for the first time.

More and more people gathered.

Even the beings living on the city's limits gathered over as they heard this news.

The old man did not care, even if there were so many people around.

The City of Struggle was his home ground.

The magical formations that were conjured here were far more terrifying than that of the Pitiful City, he had no reason to fear.

The City of Struggle was massive with tall mountains and lakes within it.

The old man carried the Immortal Crane Furnace and reached the mouth of a large volcano.

Deep within the crater of the volcano, where lava bubbled, the strange fire was burning.

The old man was not lying when he said that he was not willing to provoke this strange fire. Both parties had kept a delicate balance between them; no one wanted that balance to be broken.

For many years, this state had been preserved.

The old man sent a message to the strange fire, "I have something that I hope you can help me with, I will return the favor in the future.".

Not long after, the strange fire replied, agreeing to his request.

Throughout the years, both parties have cooperated on more than one occasion, both understanding and trusting each other.

The old man knew his boundaries when he did things, knowing when he could push it and when he needed to take a step back.

The strange fire beneath the volcano was one of those situations where he had to be careful not cross the line.

After which, he summoned his magical equipment up to the mouth of the volcano, bringing the Immortal Crane Furnace up with it.

The magical equipment instantly switched its formation, turning into a large net, pressing down on the Immortal Crane Furnace from above.

Below it, in the depths of the volcano, white flames began to rise slowly.

The old man said to the Immortal Crane Furnace, "Kiddo, can you feel it? I am not lying to you. If you come out of the Furnace obediently and hand over your sword and the Furnace, I will not embarrass you. I may even consider letting you go. But if you do not accept this offer… Then I have no choice but to refine you alive in your own Furnace!".

Below them, the white flames inched upwards as the temperature of the volcano skyrocketed instantly!

This was just the surface of the white flames' power, if it were to release all its heat, not only the city, but everything within a ten thousand mile radius would be caught in a sea of flames!

The white flames flew underneath the Immortal Crane Furnace, releasing some heat.

The Immortal Crane Furnace showed no signs of change.

The light in the old man's eyes glowed brighter!

He was more certain now that this was indeed one of the Nine Cauldrons back in the day.

Only such a divine instrument could endure the heat of the white flames.

Even if it was one of the Nine Cauldrons, the old man believed that the flames were more than capable of burning Chu Yu alive.

Chu Yu was not powerful enough to make the Furnace his own.

It was impossible, even for cultivators of the highest level.

"Are you not coming out? My fellow Daoist, burn him!" The old man chucked in glee.

Chu Yu had nowhere to run, he was locked up within the furnace.

The white flames started to get embarrassed. It was a bundle of fire, a spiritually strong bundle of fire.

It had been in this world since the ancient times, it did not even know how much time had passed.

It was just testing the Furnace. It initially thought that the furnace would have been burnt easily. But till now, the Furnace seemed unscathed.

This made it very unhappy.

After hearing the old man's words, the white flames let out a surge of power as they cackled with a white glow, engulfing the Furnace.

This time, the surface of the Immortal Crane Furnace radiated a golden aura.

The ancient engravings started to appear.

The old man started to get anxious. He widened his eyes to study the inscriptions.

In the next moment, he threw up a mouthful of fresh blood, stumbling backwards, almost falling out of the sky.

However, he was not furious. Instead, he started laughing.

"Hahahahahahaha!" the old man could not be happier, he felt like a huge pie had just fallen down from the sky.

Wiping the bloodstains from his mouth, he continued staring at the Immortal Crane Furnace.

At this point, it was no longer important to him whether or not Chu Yu was alive!

As long as he could have this Furnace… No, this Cauldron!

He would possess of 1/9 of the galaxy's destiny!

How could one conceptualize this?

Which Saint in this world could boast that he possessed 1/9 of the galaxy's destiny?

The old man squinted his eyes; he was a little regretful about his decision to let the white flames know about the truth of this furnace.

The origins of this bundle of fire was pretty mysterious. Although both parties had cooperated without hiccups in the past, if it knew that the Furnace was one of the nine Cauldrons, who knew what it could do.

"Kiddo, do you now know the feeling of getting refined? How is it? Are you going to surrender?" The old man said loudly, he wanted to paralyze Chu Yu with this bundle of fire.

There was no reaction.

The old man said coldly, "Since you wish to die, don't blame me for being ruthless. My fellow Daoist, burn him… Burn him to death!".

Within the Immortal Crane Furnace, the temperature was normal, nothing abnormal happened.

Chu Yu hunkered down in the Furnace, entering a mysterious state of being.

He was that close to making a break through.

His speed of progression was astounding, he was definitely at the top of the pyramid when compared to his peers.

However, his progression to the Legendary Emperor Realm this time was forced through by sheer power.

His mental state struggled to catch up. To put it simply, he was not ready to be a Legendary Emperor.

Suddenly, the flames erupted, engulfing the Immortal Crane Furnace mercilessly.

At that moment, the Immortal Crane Furnace directly absorbed the myriads of debris within the white flames, passing them to Chu Yu.

How old were these flames?

No one knew the answer, but the enlightenment that it had accumulated was astonishing!

For Chu Yu, this enlightenment was like a timely shower which instantly allowed his mental state to increase by leaps and bounds. Even so, there was so much of it left!

It was as if God gave him a helping hand!

Now it was Chu Yu's turn to strike the lottery.

He was so happy that he could cry.

Like the massive energy that he gained from devouring the mouthful of pills, the energy from the white flames was absorbed continuously by the Furnace… It was endless!

There was too much!

He could not bear to waste it!

Chu Yu tried his best to absorb it.

When the white flames realized what Chu Yu was doing, it tried to flee instantly. The speed was astounding!

The older an existence, the more sensitive it was to danger.

Although it was clueless about the origins of the Furnace, it could sense that it was a top tier magical equipment.

Otherwise, the old man would never have deployed so many magical equipment just to capture it.

It originally wanted to take advantage of the situation!

If it could completely refine the Furnace within the flames, it could absorb all of its energy.

The old man would have had nothing to say then.

Both parties had an ulterior motive, but the white flames suffered a bigger loss.

Almost 1/10 of the energy from it had been absorbed by this strange Furnace in the blink of an eye!

It was incomparably furious, but its instincts told it that something was not right.

This was the reason why it fled without hesitation.

The old man was stunned, from his point of view, nothing had happened.

Why did the white flame run away?

"My fellow Daoist, what happened? Come back here!" the old man shouted.

There was no response.

At this moment, the clouds above him started to surge with the wind.

Dark clouds bellowed as flashes of lightning were seen within it.

The old man felt a cold wave surge up his spine as he raised his guard. He squinted as he muttered, "What… What is happening?".


A bolt of lightning shot through the thick black clouds as though it was struck from the heavens.

It directly hit the Immortal Crane Furnace, which was thoroughly surrounded by thousands of magical equipment.

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