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Chapter 380: The Hardest Debt to Repay
Xu Xiao Xian took a glance at Chu Yu and seemed as if she had something to say, but she merely nodded and said emotionlessly, "Goodbye.".

Chu Yu vanished in an instant.

Xu Xiao Xian whispered, "Teacher, why won't you help him?".

"Are you blaming me?" the indifferent voice sounded.

"No, it's just strange.". Xu Xiao Xian continued softly, "Isn't this a simple task for you?".

"It is very simple, but I don't wish to help him," the voice said coldly.

"Is it… Because of me?". Xu Xiao Xian muttered, "Teacher, you don't have to do that. Anyway, I'm going to marry someone else sooner or later.".

"It's not completely because of that.".

The indifferent voice suddenly turned warm and soft, "That woman, she cannot be touched.".

Xu Xiao Xian looked surprised, "Huh? Which woman? Lin Shi or The Butterfly Dance?".

"The Butterfly Dance, her history is strange. Yi is clearer about the story than I," the voice answered.

Xu Xiao Xian raised her head, looking at Yi, who was just sitting there.

"Back in the day when I was roaming the universe, I saw The Butterfly Dance in the Immortal realm," Yi said.

"There is such a thing?" Xu Xiao Xian was stunned.

"Yi said that this world might be a projection of the Immortal world, but I feel otherwise. I feel that we're like a bunch of beings thrown into a cage.". The voice continued, "Anyway, anyone who has contact with the Immortal world, I do not want to provoke them.".

Xu Xiao Xian laughed, "Teacher, you were the Immortal, how could you be afraid of such stuff.".

"Little girl, stop flattering me, the guy you love was begging for my help for another woman," the Voice said with thorns in his tone.

Xu Xiao Xian remained silent momentarily, but smiled brightly and said, "So what? That is what I admire about him; you do not understand him as much as I do. This is the first time he begged someone this hard. If it was something that had got to do with himself, when you rejected him the first time, he would already have left.".

"Kneeling for a woman? It's not worth it," the Voice rang coldly.

"Whether it was worth it would depend on whether there is love.".

Xu Xiao Xian continued, "If you love a person, in order to save them, how big a deal would kneeing be? There is a saying that there is gold under a man's kneecaps, but no amount of gold could let you buy love.".

"What a great speech!" Yi exclaimed, as he sat watching by the side, "Demon Emperor, you old thing. In those days, you were…".

"Shut up!" The voice snapped with a little tremble under his chilly tone.

"How many years have passed, why can't you just let it go?" Yi turned his head slightly, looking straight into nothingness.

He sighed, "Has anyone not been young and loved someone before? Initially… To be totally honest with you, my impression of the boy Chu Yu, only stopped at the talents he had.".

"Hmph, that guy's talents… It's really not much," the voice said nonchalantly.

Xu Xiao Xian raised her eyebrows slightly, as if she wanted to rebut, but hesitated and kept her mouth shut.

Yi did not care about all these, he laughed coldly, "Not much? The talents that that boy has are the strongest I've ever seen! Maybe even he himself does not realize it. He still smugly thinks that he is working hard enough, but he doesn't know how hard the rest are working…".

The voice did not argue with him.

"Initially, I was just interested in his talents, but with other aspects of his life, I do not have much impressions of them. But I always had a feeling that this boy did not place much interest in anything. From the start, I wanted to pas

s the Red Bow to him.".

"Today, I still have some opinions about him. Xiao Xian is such a wonderful girl, and for him to be on the receiving end of her love is his utmost blessing, but he doesn't know how to cherish it…".

Xu Xiao Xian stood there blushing, not daring to look up.

"But when he knelt down a moment ago… That made me admire him even more! Old man, I'm don't mean to nag or anything, but you're a tad too stingy. Moreover, your guts are the same as before…".

"Are you saying that I'm cowardly?" snapped the voice.

"Isn't she just an Immortal being? How great is that? What could happen if you provoked her?". Yi said plainly, "I know that you're not helping him mainly because of Xiao Xian, but I feel that if he did not have this sort of bravery, he would be even more underserving of Xiao Xian's love.".

Xu Xiao Xian raised her head and looked at Yi, "Teacher understands me.".

"So…" Yi looked blankly into space.

"So, I'm still not going to help him," said the voice with a tinge of exhaustion.

He continued, "You can say that I dread the Immortal beings, maybe that's true. We have all experienced that horrible era, to say that I'm fearless, would be an outright lie.".

"That's true, if you really had no fear… That would be foolish," Yi said.

"Saying that I feel unfair for Xiao Xian, there is indeed some of that sentiment within me. With that woman dead, Xiao Xian would then be able to…".

"Teacher, if she is dead, I will never be able to see Chu Yu again," Xu Xiao Xian whispered.

"You young people!" The voice sighed.

Xu Xiao Xian laughed, "Also, I am still marrying someone else. If that family finds out that I am in love with someone else, they will not let it go.".

"Are you blaming me?" The voice echoed.

"I'm not blaming you…" Xu Xiao Xian whispered as she lowered her head.

The Voice sighed once again, "Actually, the real reason why I did not want to help is because I'm no longer the Demon Emperor of the past, the Demon Emperor that is still alive now is just a sliver of consciousness, I'm merely an old ghost.".

Yi raised his head and stared into the air, frowning, "Are you saying that you can't solve this problem now?".


Yi muttered, "This woman… Her abilities are astounding.".

"Then what can we do? The problem with Lin Shi, is it totally unsolvable?" Xu Xiao Xian asked softly while looking up.

The Voice replied, "There is a way, but it is too difficult!".

"Can you explain it?" Xu Xiao Xian said.

"Do you want to help him?" The Voice sounded astonished.

"Yes," Xu Xiao Xian answered.

"The things you are about to do will provoke the Immortal beings.".

"I don't care.".

"It would also affect numerous followers of the Demonic Sect.".

"I will tell him the way in secret," Xu Xiao Xian said with a look of determination.

"Teacher, do I need to get on my knees too?".

Yi sighed, "Love is hard to understand…".

All of a sudden, the voice laughed and said, "Indeed, the Immortal beings above…".

"Scram!" Yi scolded, his expression changed suddenly.

The voice sighed and told Xu Xiao Xian the way to help Chu Yu. At a place deep in the galaxy, there was a solution to this problem.

Xu Xiao Xian turned and left without hesitation.

"I'll tell him!".

After which, she vanished.

Only the voice and Yi was left.

Yi sat there with a decadent look.

The voice laughed, "Don't tell me you've been hurt by me?".

With a hollow gaze, Yi raised his head, "After fighting for so many years, overcoming so many hardships, rushing all the way to the top, I got slapped right back to the same spot. I've become like you, neither a ghost nor a human, why wouldn't I get hurt?".

"Is that why we have to place our hopes on the young men, in hope that one day they can fight their way out of here?".

Yi nodded, then shook his head, "Fighting their way out, how easy is that? But on the road to enlightenment, it will get increasingly dangerous as you delve deeper into it.".

"That's why even if our lives only last for a few hundred years, we can still make it very interesting. With the world sealed, it was not that bad," The voice sighed once again.

In the hall, it became dead silent.

Chu Yu left Canada and was soaring high in the clouds, bolting through the sky like lightning.

He had an unjust feeling in his chest, but he did not know how to let it out.

Did begging for help work out?

Before this, he never thought that he would ever need to get on his knees to beg for help.

He would never expect that even kneeling would be of no use.

People had to depend on themselves.

He understood that.

If it were for himself, he would never have done that.

"Shi Shi, don't you worry, I will make sure you live.".

"Butterfly Dance, remember this, I will utterly destroy you.".

Chu Yu's eyes turned bloodshot.

"In the land of trapped beasts, isn't there one of you? Let me kill you once first!".

At this moment, the communication device rang.

Chu Yu did not want to pick it up at first, but it continued ringing stubbornly.

Chu Yu looked down and glanced at the screen, picking up the call.

"Chu Yu, where are you?" Xu Xiao Xian's voice rang clearly through the device, "I need to talk to you.".

Chu Yu took a look at his surroundings and told her his location.

Within a moment, Xu Xiao Xian flew towards where he was.

After they met, she summoned dozens of powerful magical equipment, totally surrounding the space around them.

Without wasting time, looking at Chu Yu, she said, "At Orion, in the nebula of Orion, there is an area to suppress the soul. There, you can find a grass that would purify the soul completely! But for that to work, the prerequisite is that Lin Shi's soul has to be stronger than that of The Butterfly Dance's!".

"Regarding my teacher, it is not that he doesn't want to help, it's because he doesn't have the ability to do it anymore. I hope you do not blame him.".

"Also, at the Orion nebula, there is a powerful presence, according to my Teacher, the presence could be horrifying. It could be more powerful than saints.".

"The distance between where we are and your destination is more than 1600 light years, you have to obtain a star map. Otherwise, with your current abilities, you would take thousands of years to get there.".

Xu Xiao Xian finished all that in one breath and looked deep into his eyes, "Good luck.".

After which, she turned to leave immediately, vanishing from Chu Yu's sight. She did not allow him to say a single word.

Chu Yu gazed at Xu Xiao Xian as she whizzed out of view, with a confused look, he sighed.

With a determined gaze, he murmured, "The Orion constellation?".

At this moment his communication device received a message, it was from Xu Xiao Xian.

"Don't worry about your friends and family, as well as the girls that came from the Mirror Dimension, I will take care of them for you.".

Chu Yu let out a huge sigh.

He could never repay this debt.

He turned his head and muttered a spell. In an instant, he appeared in the Mirror Dimension.

Without hesitation, he then muttered an incantation and entered the land of trapped beasts.

Butterfly Dance, I am here to kill you!

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