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Chapter 378: A Setback
Chu Yu was so shocked that his face was covered in cold sweat, the corner of his mouth twitched as his eyelids jumped.

In that moment, although the voice was not as resounding as before, it nearly burst his hart open!

The evil Butterfly Dance actually used the resonance of her voice to attempt to kill him directly.

Through the Immortal Crane Furnace!

That move horrified him.

Luckily for him, the Furnace recognised him as its owner. Otherwise, Chu Yu would probably already be dead or crippled. The Butterfly Dance could then seize that opportunity to escape.

He had to find a solution to this problem quickly.

As he thought about it, he kept the Immortal Crane Furnace and left that place.

He did not look back at the beautiful mountains and rivers. Even with a better view, one could never enjoy it its true beauty without their loved ones.

Chu Yu left and headed directly for the Island in the Pacific Ocean.

He wanted to ask Elder Black Dragon for his advice on solving this problem. Even if he did not have an answer, he would know someone that did.

Yi was Chu Yu's final resort on earth.

If there were no solutions on earth, he would return to find his master!

"Shi Shi, in any case, I will ensure that you appear safe and sound before me," Chu Yu thought.

After leaving that place, he turned on his communication device.

There were a lot of messages. The contents surprised Chu Yu.

He hurriedly opened the news page. His eyes squinted once he looked at it.

"In latest news, according to what the Nine Dragons telescope detected, there were a series of violent explosions at the edge of the solar system. According to the spiritually powerful beings, there should be a fierce battle happening there, and those images were caused by the battles. With regards to what had actually happened, please stay tuned to our upcoming reports.".

There was a battle… at the edge of our solar system?

Chu Yu raised his head and looked towards the distant sky. With his eyes, he could see the depths of the universe, even images from the deep space, but he could not see the happenings at the edge of the solar system.

Insecurities rose in his heart, as if something unbelievable was about to happen.

At this moment, his communication device rang. Chu Yu looked at the screen, it was Xue Xue.

He put the line through and heard Xue Xue's voice, "Finally, I am able to reach you. It hasn't been easy."

"How are you, Xue Xue?" Chu Yu greeted.

"Not bad, there are lots of delicacies on earth!" Xue Xue said while she swallowed.


Chu Yu thought.

"Something big has happened.". Xue Xue turned the conversation around, sounding dead serious, "The edge of the solar system has been attacked by invaders. There seems to be a mystery passage emerging, and a large amount of extraterrestrial beings have gathered there…".

With his brain humming, Chu Yu was not even listening to what Xue Xue had said at the end.

A mystery passage at the edge of the solar system? A large number of extraterrestrial beings gathered there?

Chu Yu did not dare to think about it, he could still not believe it.

But at this point, another communication device on Chu Yu suddenly rang.

Chu Yu's body shuddered, and said to the device Xue Xue was on, "Xue Xue, I'm a little caught up here, I'll talk to you later…".

After which, he hung up and took out the other device.

It was the communication device for the… Mirror dimension!

On the screen, a familiar young lady with a sweet smile could be seen.

Yu Wen!

"God…" Chu Yu slapped his forehead with a look of shock, he could not believe what was happening.

What the f***…

How did this girl come to earth?

The large number of beings at the edge of the solar system… were they not all from the Mirror Dimension?



"Wa wa!".

"Wa wa wa wa!".

There was not a person in sight, only sounds of panic could be heard from the other end of the line.

They were squeaking frantically.

"Be quiet," Chu Yu said as he frowned.

The line quietened at once, like the class back in the day in the Purple Cloud School.

After which, a projected image appeared.

Chu Yu saw the reddish eyes of Song Bin Bin, as well as thirteen other girls with their eyes full of tears.

Even when he was furious, when he saw his 14 disciples on the screen, Chu Yu's heart softened at once. He was very touched.

He was not exactly angry, he was worried.

He was not much older than the children in this group, however, due to the difference in the flow of time between the earth and the Mirror Dimension, his young disciples back in the day now looked as old as he was.

"You… How did you come?" he had so much to say, but Chu Yu only managed these words.

"Teacher, is that your original appearance?" Yu Wen laughed as tears streamed down her face. Her big beautiful eyes stared at Chu Yu without blinking with a tinge of admiration in her gaze.

Yes, it was a gaze of admiration.

This girl was more daring now eh?

But when Chu Yu saw the rest of his 12 disciples looking at him with a similar gaze, he could no longer hold it in.

He held up his pride as a teacher and coughed, "How did you all come here?".

When he finished his sentence, the 14 teenagers turned serious.

The eldest sister, Yu Wen smiled and said with a serious tone, "Teacher, over in the Mirror Dimension, there was a star map circulating around not long ago, the route to the Village of Dao was clearly marked out, and the thick shell of the solar system… has been blasted through!".

Chu Yu was shell shocked, he asked softly, "If that is the case, it means that the path from the Mirror Dimension to earth… the path is clear?".

Yu Wen smiled and nodded, "Yes, Teacher.".

"Teacher, you do not have to worry too much, there are plenty of terrifying magical formations conjured within the solar system, many have perished because of that.".

"Also, the scouts comprising of people from the ancient clans have been exterminated by mysterious beings, some suspect that it was the doing of the Demonic sect…"

The Demonic Sect?

All of a sudden, Chu Yu thought about that figure and sighed. Looking at the girls, he said, "Are you still at the edge of the solar system?".

Yu Wen smiled and nodded, "Yes Teacher, we are still here, and there are many cultivators from the Mirror Dimension gathered here. They are working on how to break through the magical formations. Saints cannot pass through the solar system, and the Legendary Emperors who are here dare not touch them.".

Chu Yu heaved a sigh of relief in his heart. Looking at his disciples that had all grown up, he said "Go back to the Mirror Dimension and don't meddle with the things here.".

"No!" Yu Wen insisted. She was normally obedient but was firm in this decision.

"We want to be together with our Teacher through thick and thin!".

"Through thick and thin?!". Chu Yu breathed furiously, "Don't you care about the family that you left behind?".

These teenagers fell silent, but their determined gaze remained.

Yan Xiao Yu whispered," Teacher, we have made this decision long before we came. We want to go through thick and thin with you. You do not have to be worried about us, we are still under the protection of others, they think we're here to attack the Village of Dao with them.".

"…" Chu Yu's expression darkened.

Regarding the matter that Chu Yu was Song Hong, the director for the alchemy branch in the Purple Cloud School, no one knew about this other than Lin Shi, the Butterfly Dance and himself.

Even if the Butterfly Dance left the land of trapped beasts and spread news of his escape, it would not have a large impact on them.

They could just say that they did not know about this incident.

After all, among these 14 teenagers, some of them had decent family backgrounds.

"But from there, you will not be able to get in," Chu Yu said.

"It's okay Teacher, we will follow in the footsteps of these people. It will be great if we never make it in!" Yu Wen smiled with glee.

Chu Yu sighed, "You must stay safe.".

"Teacher, you must take care of yourself too!" Yu Wen smiled, she knew that this conversation had to end soon, otherwise, other people might find out through their telepathic sense, which would pose a huge problem.

Chu Yu nodded and was ready to end the call.

"Wait, wait, Teacher," Yu Wen continued with glee.

Chu Yu looked at her, confused.

"You look so handsome now!" Yu Wen exclaimed together with the girls beside her, laughing in hysteria.

After which, the image disconnected.

Chu Yu shook his head and laughed. He made sure that he was facing the right direction, flying directly towards the Pacific Ocean.

The Club of The Supreme Rulers.

When Elder Black Dragon saw the arrival of Chu Yu, a look of astonishment filled his face.

"A rare guest! Welcome, welcome!" he was overjoyed.

A stunning woman saw Chu Yu, but did not show the same amount of enthusiasm.

"What are you doing here?".

"Hello, flat sister…".

They spoke at the same time.

After finishing his sentence, Chu Yu roared in laughter while the lady grinded her teeth. If not for Elder Black Dragon's presence, she would already be fighting with Chu Yu.

In the room, Elder Black Dragon had a grim expression after hearing Chu Yu describe Lin Shi's predicament.

"Elder, are there any good solutions?" Chu Yu asked with a hopeful expression.

He laughed bitterly, "If medicinal stones could solve this issue, you could have done it yourself. But in this situation, ordinary pills cannot suppress her. You were a little rash.".

Chu Yu knew that he was being reckless, but with the current situation, saying that would have been meaningless.

Elder Black Dragon continued, "The move pulled off by your opponent, I've have never seen it done before. She hid her soul in the midst of another person's soul… Furthermore, according to your description, she might have split her soul up.".

Chu Yu furrowed his brows.

Elder Black Dragon lectured, "With that, even if you thoroughly check through the person's soul, you would not see a problem. But when you combine the souls together, the ones that have been separated… they fuse together again. Brilliant, it's just brilliant! The key question is…".

He looked directly at Chu Yu, "Didn't you just say that when she released a bunch of Lin Shis, which she conjured into puppets, many of them died? How could she be sure…".

Chu Yu sighed and said, "That monster has a high intellect and she is relentless.".

Of course she was relentless, she could even scold herself.

He did not hide much information when he described the situation to Elder Black Dragon. It was meaningless if he concealed too much information.

"I do know someone, if only he was still alive…". Elder Black Dragon let out another sigh, "It's a shame…".

"Who is that?" Chu Yu's mood lightened when he heard the first few words, but his heart sank as he ended his sentence.

"That man… was occasionally righteous and occasionally evil. In the ancient years, his name was terrifying and he would traverse within the cosmic plane. His nickname was the Emperor of Evil, the elder of the Demonic sect. However, when he was battling invaders during his time, some say that he fell in one of those battles. The Demonic sect left the Emperor Star because of the seal. Ever since then, no one has heard anything about his whereabouts.".

Elder Black Dragon looked at Chu Yu and said, "His research on souls has not been surpassed, at least… among those that I know, no one comes close.".

The Ancient Demonic Sect?

Chu Yu furrowed his eyebrows.

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