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Chu Yu felt a mixed of emotions as he froze.

He did not expect the Butterfly Dance to play tricks on him.

This woman seemed harmless at first sight, but after some time, one would realise that she was as cunning as a demon. Chu Yu had experienced her horrors first hand.

Her original body was dead, and the new one constantly berated her previous self, revealing their different personalities.

At the start, Yi did not allow Chu Yu to offend the Butterfly Dance as his level of cultivation was too low, and he was not her match.

With the feathers of his master with him, Chu Yu thought highly of himself and did not take Yi’s words seriously. After all, Yi would not have known about this.

In order to complete Lin Shi’s soul as much as possible, he researched a large amount of relevant ancient texts.

Also, from the Immortal Crane Scripture, he utilized all the top recipes to create pills to stabilise the soul. He refined a few recipes and fed Lin Shi a doze of the Soul Shackling Pill.

This pill could temporarily separate Lin Shi’s soul from her past and future self.

If a problem happened, Chu Yu was confident of extracting those spirits in there.

But now, that was not the case, he was being tricked!

And it was unprecedentedly ruthless.

If another problem occurred to Lin Shi, Chu Yu would not have the means of finding her again.

"Who are you?" Chu Yu took a deep breath as he tried his best to calm down.

"I am Lin Shi?" A crisp and cheery voice sounded, "Your Shi Shi.".

"Cut the crap!". Chu Yu’s eyes were bloodshot, looking coldly at Lin Shi, he said "Butterfly Dance, what do you want me to do so that you’ll leave her alone completely?".

"The Butterfly Dance? No no no, you’re wrong son, I am definitely not that useless woman," Lin Shi exclaimed, bathed in the Buddha’s light, she continued, "I am Lin Shi!".

Chu Yu took another deep breath.

Anger was useless.

He had to calm down, anger would only cause him to be irrational, not helping the situation at all.

"Just say it, what do you want?" Chu Yu asked as he started to calm down.

"Forget this, this is boring," Lin Shi muttered, still shrouded within the Buddha’s light. She then dissipated the glow around her, faintly smiling at Chu Yu.

Her gaze did not change, it was as beautiful as ever.

But her temperament was completely different from the Lin Shi before.

It was also not the temperament of the Butterfly Dance.

The Butterfly Dance from the School of Heavenly Day had a noble and indifferent character. The girl, the Butterfly Dance, from the land of trapped beasts, was arrogant and malicious.

The Butterfly Dance that currently possessed Lin Shi gave off gentle and mischievous vibes.

What the f***!

"Have you heard of the Daoist saying of splitting one into three?".

‘Lin Shi’ suddenly asked, looking at Chu Yu.

Flames of anger rose and burned in Chu Yu’s chest, but he kept his composure.

"Are you saying that you morphed from the Butterfly Dance?".

‘Lin Shi’ nodded and said, "You can put it that way, but this is a little different. In fact, there is no need for you to panic, your Lin Shi is fine. I’m only borrowing her body for 10 years, after which, I promise to return your Lin Shi to you, as a Saint.".

"I don’t want her to be a Saint, I want you to leave now!".

Chu Yu said in a deep tone, "What do you want? The sword? I can give it to you!".

As he was speaking, the sword appeared in his hand.

The legacy of the sword had been obtained by Chu Yu, but it was now in his heart and no longer within the sword.

Although the sword was a great weapon, in his eyes, it could be given up anytime. Even though he had the legacy of the sword, Chu Yu would not have hesitated to exchange it for Lin Shi.

Unexpectedly, ‘Lin Shi’ looked at the sword and shook her head, "The one that wants it is the original body, but she is already dead. I am not interested in it.".

"...." Chu Yu was bursting with anger.

"Rest assured, I will not harm her. After all, she is my… No, the original body’s disciple. Although she did not treat her well, I am different from her," ‘Lin Shi’ said with a sincere expression.

She continued, "Also, Lin Shi and I are inseparable at the moment. I said 10 years because by then, my consciousness would vanish completely, and this part of my soul would be completely integrated into her soul. For her, it would actually be good fortune.".

Chu Yu looked at her and asked seriously, "How did you do it?".

"Well, hehe, there are many ways, do you want to learn? I can teach you," ‘Lin Shi’ said with a flirty tone.

Chu Yu glared at her and said, "Please have some self respect.".

"Hehe, that wasn’t what you said just now," ‘Lin Shi’ said cheekily.

"What do you seek?" Chu Yu asked, in his mind, he was hastily thinking of a solution.

He could not just let Lin Shi vanish right in front of him, he had to clear things up and find out what was the Butterfly Dance’s real purpose was in doing this.

"You wouldn’t know what I am seeking. Anyway, I won’t hurt her," ‘Lin Shi’ smiled gleefully at Chu Yu.

"Taking 10 years of her life, how is that not hurting her?" Chu Yu said coldly.

"The benefits that she would gain is unimaginable. Let’s not talk about acquiring such benefits in 10 years. 100 years, even 1000 years, she would never be able to get it on her own.".

‘Lin Shi’ said gently to Chu Yu, "Don’t you want to see your beloved woman be an angel after 10 years with her light shining through the universe?"

"No, I just want her by my side, safe and sound," Chu Yu replied.

"You are too selfish," ‘Lin Shi’ said in a soothing tone.

"It’s none of your business as long as she agrees," Chu Yu laughed as he attacked.

The Immortal Crane furnace appeared instantly above Lin Shi’s head, absorbing her into it.


In the next instant, within the Immortal Crane furnace, an earth shattering bang was heard.

Thunder boomed.

Was he desperate?

Chu Yu immediately sealed up the furnace.

Although constant enormous tremors were felt within, she could not bust her way out of the seal.

"Chu Yu… Aren’t you afraid that I would take my own life?".

The gentle voice got increasingly flustered.

Chu Yu’s lips curled into a smirk, as he laughed coldly and said, "Butterfly Dance, stop bluffing. Morphing a soul into three? You’re not capable of that. With a little less trickery and a little more sincerity, we would still be able to negotiate. If you dare lay a finger on my woman… I would rush all the way to the Immortal realm and slice up your actual self!".

Within the Immortal Crane furnace, it became quiet. There was total silent.

After awhile, an uncertain voice was heard, "What did you say?".

"I said, if you dare to f***ing hurt my woman, I will rush to your b*llshit celestial realm and slice up your actual self! Also, don’t you have some extra measures in this world? If you don’t think I have that ability, I would find them and make mincemeat out of them.".

Chu Yu was cold and ferocious, he was never as serious as he was now.

The furnace went silent again, this time, for a long long time.

Finally, the gentle tone sounded, but this time, it was filled with exhaustion and shock.

"This Cauldron was actually with you?".

Chu Yu could not distinguish the complex emotions within this voice- whether it was envy, jealousy or hate.

"If… I knew that this thing was with you all along, why would I deliberately prepare so much for this?".

The gentle voice sighed, she seemed to know something about its power.

Chu Qiao sneered, he did not even bother asking.

Naturally, he was curious too, but he could not let the Butterfly Dance get the better of him.

The Immortal Crane Furnace was extraordinary, Chu Yu knew that long ago. But he was clueless as to how it worked.

Listening to her tone, even if she knew, she would never tell Chu Yu.

Although she was now trapped within the Crane Furnace, Chu Yu still could not let his guard down.

He had to find a way to separate the Butterfly Dance’s soul from Lin Shi’s. Of course, if he could obliterate the Butterfly Dance’s soul, that would be the best.

But where could he find the solution?

Chu Yu was at a loss.

From the furnace, the sweet and gentle voice sounded, "Chu Yu, let’s make a deal."

"No," Chu Yu answered.

"Don’t you even want to listen to it?". The gentle voice seemed very sincere, "This time, I am definitely sincere about it.".

"Tsk," Chu Yu scoffed.

This time she was full of sincerity? Was all she said before just a trap?

The vengeance between them was actually pretty funny.

The Butterfly Dance’s plot was very intricate, without a faint clue, no one could understand what she was plotting at.

When Chu Yu threatened to directly destroy her actual self in the Immortal realm, it made quite an impact on her. She might even have changed her plans.

She did not admit nor deny whether the realm actually existed. She did not even affirm the existence of an actual body.

This was enough to conclude that her plot was unfathomable.

"Your Cauldron has quite a history to it. With such a weapon in your hands, it is not necessarily something that you would wish for. Don’t you want Lin Shi to be free? No problem. I promise that, if you give me this Cauldron, I will let Lin Shi go and give you two great benefits. The simplest one would be turning you both into saints within 10 years, I can guarantee that.".

Within the Furnace, the gentle voice continued, "If you do not agree, I will seal myself in this furnace for a million years. I am just a mental imprint after all, let’s not talk about sealing me up, even if I were to cease my existence, it wouldn’t really matter. But after these one million years, hehehe… Lin Shi will never wake up again. Since you know my roots, you should be clear that I am capable of this move and that no one is able to reverse it.".

Chu Yu was speechless.

This monster was filled with lies, there was not much truth in her words.

But Chu Yu felt that she was speaking the truth in her last few sentences.

Moreover, she kept mentioning that the furnace… was a Cauldron?

Chu Yu wanted to accept her proposal, not to become a saint, but only to get Lin Shi back to normal.

But he did not trust this monster.

She was despicable.

"I’ll give you a few days to consider. I need to allow you to think of ways around this, otherwise, you would never give up.". The gentle voice was very persuasive, it was as though she was wholeheartedly thinking from Chu Yu’s perspective.

Chu Yu felt cold sweat run down his back.

He wanted to find Yi, but he remembered his words at that time.

When he ascended to the Immortal realm, once he laid eyes on that beautiful being, he was dead!

Even he did not know how he died!

Was Yi reliable?

Maybe he needed to look for someone else…

But who could he look for?

Elder Black Dragon?

As Chu Yu hesitated, a loud bang was heard from within the furnace.

It was as loud as thunder.

The mysterious words carved onto the face on the furnace suddenly had a golden glow, but it disappeared within seconds.

After that, a groan was heard, followed by a bored voice.

"It really is it!".

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