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"If you want to leave here, come to the banquet.".

Lin Shi did not know whether "here" referred to the city of struggle, or this dimension.

If it meant the city of struggle, she did not see a point.

She believed that it was not possible for the other party to have sent an invitation just for this.

Was is possible that it was referring to to this dimension?

She had been here for a long time, she knew what kind of place this was.

The land of the trapped beasts trapped more than just beasts.

How many creatures here were free?

What right did this person have to speak so arrogantly?

However, no matter what, Lin Shi would not have given up on a ray of hope of leaving this place.

She had progressed to the Divine Lord Stage.

Her battle prowess was not exceptional, but its threat was enough to frighten even herself. Otherwise, she would not have been able to get rid of that pack of wolves so easily.

Even though she did not know what this sudden invitation was about, she had no fear.

She did not care, she just had to take a look.

She looked at the golden wolf and said, "Someone has invited me to a banquet, I don’t think it’s convenient for you guys to go over. Wait for me outside the city, if I don’t come in three days, it means that something has happened, you guys can go about freely then.".

A look of hesitation flashed across the golden wolf’s eyes as it howled softly.

"It will be fine," said Lin Shi as she patted its head.

"Go on, wait for me.".

The golden wolf looked at Lin Shi one last time, then, it led the pack of wolves and left the centre of city of struggle.

Lin Shi was left all alone as she looked around and sighed.

After the pack of wolves left, Lin Shi could feel the looming presence of malicious intentions around her.

A creature that was half man and half wolf walked towards her as he held a wolf fang cane in his hand.

He said, "Miss, why have your little dogs left you? Do they not want you anymore? It’s alright, I’ll take you in. I have a wolf fang stick in my hand, there’s another one down there, which one would you like?".

Lin Shi looked at him and made her move.

The light of the Buddha radiated like a thousand suns!

It exploded from within her palm and shone straight at the head of this beast!


His brains spilled out like a smashed watermelon.

Some of the blood and bits even flew onto Lin Shi’s clothes.

She did not bother about it, the scene was very bloody.

The bustling city square was now silent.

Many of the people stood rooted to the ground, shocked at this sight.

There was no one here who had never seen blood or gore.

The problem was that this man who Lin Shi had just slain was no small figure!

"She’s killed the Crocodile Tyrant! How cruel!".

"That must be a fake body right? How could he fall so easily?".

"How could it be a fake body? He just killed a pretty lass not too long ago! That lass was no kind person either, she had many souls with her and was a True Lord!".

"Are there any kind souls in the city of struggle?".

"How vicious, I better stay away from this lady.".

Lin Shi could feel the malicious energy in the air decrease.

She finally realised that this was how this place worked.

Without a care in the world about the blood on her clothes, she walked towards the address on the invitation.

There were people following her, but she did not care.

Seeing that she entered an area covered by trees, many of the creatures that were following her gave up as looks of fear overcame their faces.

Only a few brave ones continued following her.

This place was very quiet, there was virtually no one else around.

The creatures that were following Lin Shi suddenly collapsed one by one.

There was not a single wound on their body.

The onlooking birds all disappeared in an instant.

Lin Shi smiled as she continued walking.

An old mansion stood in front of her.

There was a huge stone perimeter surrounding it. The bright red door had two giant pillars supporting the ceiling above.

At the door, there was a sign that said, "The Wealthy Estate".

On the flanks of the door were two stone lions in different poses.

These stone lions were huge, and a sword art could be felt from their piercing eyes as they watched over the gate.

This sort of mansion was not that rare on earth.

But for a place like the city of struggle, it was quite shocking, as there was virtually no interesting architecture in the city.

Even though she had not seen the owner of this place, she could feel that there was more to this than met the eye.

There were only six steps at the front door. Lin Shi walked up these steps and knocked on the door.

The side door opened as a face appeared.

To be precise, this face had no eyes, nose, or lips.

Lin Shi was surprised by this but did not show it as she raised the invitation in her hand.

The man with no features ‘looked’ at it and made way for Lin Shi to enter.

Lin Shi got a bit nervous all a sudden as her resolve wavered.

She did not like the feeling of the unknown.

This place was huge. After following the featureless man for a long time through many hallways and pagodas, they finally arrived at at a small building.

A girl in green walked out as she took the invitation from Lin Shi and looked at it.

Thereafter, she gestured for Lin Shi to follow her.

The man turned around and left.

The girl took Lin Shi to a room on the second floor and opened the door.

She was stunned by what she saw- it was a giant cloakroom with all sorts of clothes inside!

Many of them were beautiful and they were highly unusual!

They all emanated energy waves.

Battle clothing! This house was full of it!

Lin Shi was taken aback by this. Battle clothing was not particularly rare in the Mirror Dimension.

Battle clothing and armor were the basic necessities for cultivators.

Depending on the material, top tier armor and battle clothing could fetch an exorbitant price.

Even if they were just normal battle armor, there were very little people who could have owned so many of them.

There were at least a thousand pieces of them in this room.

She could tell just from the looks of it that some of them were not ordinary.

The girl in green pointed at these battle clothing and spoke, "You can choose whichever one you like and wear it. Once you’ve changed, you can call me. I’ll bring you to the banquet.".

"Why do I have to change?" questioned Lin Shi.

She knew that there was no such thing as a free meal in the world.

Even the most common piece was made of high quality materials, let alone the superior ones.

Lin Shi had never even seen them when she was with the Butterfly Dance.

What intentions did this girl have? Why did she casually let Lin Shi choose any piece she wanted?

"You’re dressed too shabbily," said the girl in a matter of fact manner.

Lin Shi could not find the words to respond.

She looked at her clothes and the bloodstains on it, she could not help but agree.

The girl pointed to a small door and said, "You can bathe inside if you want, there’s still time. I’ll wait for you outside.".

She closed the door thereafter.

Her cold attitude did not seem inviting to Lin Shi at all.

For some reason, Lin Shi felt a little more at ease.

She thought about it and opened the small door. Behind it was a large shower room with a bath in the middle filled with hot water.

No, that was not a bath, it was a hot spring!

She did not know where the water came from, but she thought that she should use it since it was already there.

Without taking off her clothes, she stepped into the hot spring.

A sense of comfort overcame her as she closed her eyes.

How long had it been since she could indulge like this?

It felt like it had been a lifetime!

After a long time, Lin Shi stepped out of the water and tossed her clothes to a side.

A light shrouded her as she walked back to the cloakroom.    

She did not pick any of the high grade clothing, but rather, she chose one that suited her, one that was considered mid tier at best.

Outerwear such as armor and battle clothing were useful, but one should not be too reliant on them.

After she had finished changing, she fixed her look in the mirror and opened the door, stepping out.

The girl in green seem shocked by her sudden appearance as she said with a nod, "Let’s go.".

She brought Lin Shi to a grand ballroom as bustling noises of chatter erupted when she opened the door.

There were hundreds of people there!

Or rather, there were hundreds of creatures.

There were only about seventy or eighty human beings among them.

Some of them might have been just shapeshifters.

The girl brought Lin Shi through the crowd.

Lin Shi realised that the had come through the side door, not the main entrance!

Many of the creatures stared at her with a look of curiosity when she entered.

Most of them were looks of wonder and shock, only a few of them had malicious intentions.

Perhaps it was strange that she entered from the side door of the Wealthy Estate. Perhaps she was a lady of this estate?

The girl did not bother about the onlookers as she weaved through the crowd with Lin Shi, only stopping when she reached the inner part of the ballroom, where they stood in front of a door.

With a voice of respect, she said, "Master, she has come.".



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