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Chapter 368: Hold on
The boss’ head had not even touched the floor before Chu Yu grabbed his hair and looked at it.
This man was a Divine Lord, even if he was decapitated, he did not die immediately.
A look of panic overcame his eyes.
There were more than just a few people who knew that they were a sinister business, but there was virtually no one who dared to meddle with them.
There were quite a few inns like this in the land of trapped beasts.
Usually, they went about their business subtly and chose their targets carefully, but today, the boss got a little careless.
That had just clinched a huge deal! Anyone whom the Miss looked upon was naturally big business.
This was also why, in his excitement, the boss jumped the gun when he saw Chu Yu in the form of an old veteran.
This old man that Chu Yu had shapeshifted into had dozens of magical equipment on his body, things that were worth exorbitant prices.
The boss took the risk and had a go at it, but who would have known that this was a trap, and in the end, he killed himself instead.
"Is this murder and robbery? My inn has a strong backing behind it…" said the boss with fear and anxiety in his eyes.
"Yea, you’re going to tell me all about this background," said Chu Yu as he continued holding his head.
"I…" the boss looked at him cautiously and shut his mouth suddenly.
Chu Yu looked at him and said, "You don’t want to talk anymore? That’s fine.".
As he said this, he ignited a flame on his index finger.
He lay it on the body of the boss.
A large flame erupted and engulfed the body, and within seconds, there was nothing left but ashes.
The flame of lava, under Chu Yu’s harnessing, had become formidable.
There was not much change to the colour of the fire, but its power was incomparably terrifying.
As he looked at his own body burn down, the boss was driven to the brink of insanity.
He opened his mouth but realised that there was no sound coming out of it, Chu Yu had sealed his voice.
Chu Yu brought his head before him once again, and reignited the flame at the tip of his finger.
The boss’s eyes were overcome by fear and terror as the bright flame was reflected in them.
He looked at Chu Yu with a plea. It was an instinctual reaction. He was in agony!
The human eyes were very revealing. At the crucial moments, the eyes could reveal more than words ever could.
The flame at his fingertip got closer and closer to the boss’s head.
The head of the boss began giving off intense mental waves, as if he wanted to forcefully undo the seal Chu Yu had placed on him.
It was a last resort at saving his own life.
The boss had some guts, but after seeing his own body burn down to a crisp, he was too shaken to think rationally anymore.
When Chu Yu brought the flame before him, his mental fortitude collapsed. Tears and mucus began flowing out of his eyes and nose.
"Please… Don’t kill me…" begged the boss with every ounce of his being.
He did not even dare to raise his voice to beg.
There was no question as to who had the upper hand now, and he was willing to comply.
"I have a few questions which I hope you can answer," said Chu Yu as he smiled warmly, he still was in the form of that old man.
In the eyes of the boss, this was a demonic smile.
Half a day later, the boss had revealed almost everything about his life to Chu Yu.
After he had squeezed him dry of all information, with a flick of his finger, Chu Yu ignited his head.
As he looked at the fear and unwillingness in his eyes, Chu Yu sighed and thought, if he knew this was going to happen eventually, why did he commit all those wrongdoings?
Was this just a dark business? It was literally a residence of evil and crime!
Their evil deeds could not have been paid back for even if they d

ied a thousand times over.
Chu Yu was surprised that his suspicions were true- the land of trapped beasts was the pigsty of the Mirror Dimension!
A few of the Great Clans of the Dimension controlled this place.
The other existences who knew of this place, such as the old man who granted Chu Yu access to this place, could freely enter and leave, but anyone who came and left would have caused a forceful tremor here.
They would raise the attention of the few ancient clans which were in control, and incur their wrath.
That old Saint which had given Chu Yu access to this place wanted to protect himself, and Chu Yu could not blame him for that.
He did not understand it before, but now that he had seen some things here, he began to understand a little bit of what was going on
The land of trapped beasts had already existed even before the formation of the Mirror Dimension. At that time, this land was exactly the same as the other tattered forbidden grounds of the Mirror Dimension!
When those omniscient beings created the Mirror Dimension, they used some of the space and laws of the tattered universe, and in the process, they abandoned some of them as well.
The land of trapped beasts was one of those abandoned lands.
However, it was sealed and preserved by some of those omniscient beings to be used as a practice ground for their heirs.
As for the Butterfly Dance’s true identity, that was even more complicated!
She was the descendant of Chi Tian Meng, one of the other Omniscient beings in the Mirror Dimension!
That being had not appeared for too many years, the boss had never even seen him before.
When Chu Yu asked about the Butterfly Dance, the boss seemed to have discovered Chu Yu’s identity, but he did not have any chance to inform the Butterfly Dance.
"Miss Butterfly Dance’s origins are very complicated, there is a saying that she is a creature of the Immortal Realm....".
As Chu Yu recounted what the boss and Yi had told him, he got the feeling that the war since ancient times had many factors behind it that he did not know.
His master, The Monkey’s enlightenment, Yi’s hesitation…
Every higher being whom Chu Yu had come across seemed to have been delivering a message- that at the end of cultivation, there was nothing but emptiness!
Was it really like that?
Chu Yu had not even come close to that level yet, and he could not grasp something so deep.
He did not think any further about it, he only wanted to escape this place with Lin Shi.
From what the boss had said, powerful cultivators from those few ancient clans could appear here at any moment,
The young Butterfly Dance was on her way to capture Lin Shi.
Since that was the case, Chu Yu just had to kill her again!
A look of resolve flashed across his eyes, who cared about what was to come?
So what if there was nothing at the pinnacle of cultivation? He had to reach that level to find out for himself.
Chu Yu looked around and after ensuring that there was no one else here, he burned the place down.
The scene of this place lighting up with fire was shocking.
Other than those rooms which were protected by Magical Formations, the rest were burnt down completely.
As Chu Yu was about to leave, many people looked over from afar.
Their eyes were filled with shock and surprise, some of them had looks of release on their faces.
They all knew what kind of place this was, they just did not know what kind of man had the balls to touch it.
Chu Yu left the pitiful city quickly.
He went towards the direction in which he last felt Lin Shi’s presence.
Even though it was a broken land, the land of trapped beasts had even more powerful laws than the Mirror Dimension itself.
It was sturdy and virtually indestructible.
The battle between him and the Black King Kong would have caused massive destruction if it had occurred outside.
Chu Yu did not try to contact him as the Butterfly Dance already knew of the relationship between them.
Chu Yu maintained his disguise as the old veteran as he sailed through the air at extremespeed.

In another city that was within the city of struggle and some distance away from the pitiful city.
Lin Shi had already been here for days.
When she first arrived here, she was looked upon like a walking piece of meat. After she had beaten and broken some of those people with malicious intentions, the attention around her settled down.
This place was even more chaotic than the pitiful city!
There was no reliable information on this place.
It was not an exaggeration to say that anyone here could be a killer.
There was no one she could trust apart from her wolf pack.
On the day of her transformation, she won over that golden wolf, as well as the entire pack.
Lin Shi wanted to leave this place, and the golden wolf knew that there were only a few powerful people here who could help her.
If she were to blindly attempt to leave this place, she could have been killed by the forces of this Dimension, which was why she had to come here.
Many days had passed, there were many who went after her, but none of them were the prominent figures of this city.
It was too hard to find them! She did not know where they lived nor who they were.
There was a missionary group here, where she thought she could receive some help.
There were only a few tasks that they could help out with, there was not much variety.
Services such as courier services were impossible to find. 
This was because assassination was a common outcome, and those who took on these tasks often turned on their employers halfway through the journey.
The more common services were those that seeked rare materials such as Gold and Herbs.
Lin Shi did not know what she could accomplish here.
She could only feel the malicious gazes that she received everyday.
"What kind of place was this?" Lin Shi was a little frustrated.
All of a sudden, a strong feeling of nostalgia overcame her as she missed Chu Yu very dearly. This sort of feeling was undeniable and uncontrollable.
Even if she had cut off her emotions, it seemed to have no effect on this matter.
She gave a wry smile as she thought about the fact that she would probably never see him again in this life.
She stood at the centre of the city square, staring into space as the pack of wolves surrounded her.
At this moment, a man with the head of a fish delivered an invitation to her.
A wolf held it in its fangs as it passed it on to Lin Shi.
"Our Grandmaster invites you to this ball," said the man.
He seemed to fear these wolves a little, and after delivering the invitation, he left quickly.
Lin Shi furrowed her eyebrows as she opened the invitation. In it was a rune that needed mental power to decipher.
Once she read the contents of the invitation she was momentarily stunned.
A look of uncertainty emerged in her bright eyes.    

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