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Chu Yu was extremely angry, but he did not take any action as he felt that things were not as simple as they seemed.

He wanted to understand what the enemy’s actions were motivated by.

There were no rules in the land of the trapped beasts, murder was all around the air.

The poor six horned goat fell prey to this- it was just walking on the street, but someone cut its brains out with a blade and sold its flesh for steamboat.

It was very possible that the enemy was motivated by monetary reasons, but Chu Yu still wanted to be sure before he did anything.

He did not have a sufficient understanding of this place.

The petite figure stood outside his room door as it said gleefully, "What’s your move Prince Chu? Even if you want to kill me, you have to have to ability to do so!".

Oh? What was this?

Chu Yu had almost revealed his intentions!

At the crucial moment, he utilized the Divine Sacred Art to suppress the energy in his body.

Even though the Sacred Art of Suppression was not a formidable Sacred Art, it was very good at its task.

By suppressing his energy, his anger and killer intents would have been hidden as well, preventing others from discovering his thoughts.

In addition to this, the enemy believed that he had already entered the room, he never thought that they would be so cautious.

They knew who he was and they knew where he had been.

Chu Yu hid at the side silently as he looked at the small figure.

"Miss, that black gorilla is definitely the Black King Kong, he’s not too good to meddle with," said a frail voice.

Chu Yu could immediately tell that this was the boss of this inn.

"The Black King Kong is indeed hard to deal with. No matter, if we can’t kill it, we’ll chase it away so that it won’t obstruct things here," said the small figure as she removed the hood over her head and turned around.

Chu Yu looked at her face and received the shock of his life.

It was the Butterfly Dance!

There was no mistake, this was definitely the Butterfly Dance’s face!

Her facial features were exactly the same!

It was just that she looked much younger than the Butterfly Dance he knew.

The Butterfly Dance in front of him was only eighteen years of age at best.

Chu Yu stood there quietly, he did not want to move now.

It was not difficult for him to escape, but he needed to know what was going on.

At this moment, a tall and formidable old man walked into the courtyard of the inn.

He looked at the girl outside Chu Yu’s room and bowed down, "I greet you Miss!".

"No need for formality," remarked the girl. There was a quirkiness to her that the Butterfly Dance at the School of Heavenly Day did not have.

"Is the man inside your enemy?" asked the old man softly.

"Mind your own business," replied the young Butterfly Dance.

"My apologies, I was too impudent," said the old man with a face of fear.

"Forget it, I’m happy now, I don’t need to deal with the likes of you. You can go, I’ll settle things here!" said the young Butterfly Dance.

"Your order is my command!" said the old man as he bowed down and left.

At this moment, the young girl laughed softly, "Chu Yu, why don’t you say something? Did I surprise you? No, you should be extremely shocked am I right?".

She continued, "You could never imagine that you would see me here right? You probably never imagined that I could see through you so soon. Hahaha… Do you know what? From the moment I threw Lin Shi into the land of trapped beasts, I knew you would come for her!".

With a wave of her hands, a bench appeared behind her as she sat down and smiled to herself.

"The only thing I did not expect was that you have so many tools with you. You have plenty of good stuff, to the extent that you could kill that useless actual body of mine!".

Chu Yu listened on quietly.

"Speaking of which, I really have to thank you. If you hadn’t killed my original body, I would’ve waited for a long time before I could awaken. To show you my thanks, I will give you a quick and comfortable death when I kill you.".

"Why aren’t you speaking? Are you angry now? There’s no need to be, I’ll tell you everything alright? These are my secrets y’know!" said the young Butterfly Dance gleefully and teasingly.

Chu Yu’s heart was overcome by waves of different emotions.

She continued, "The measures of a Saint are far greater than you can imagine. The Butterfly Dance, or should I say myself, left me behind as an after measure. If her original body didn’t die, I would never have awakened. After so many years, she still could not achieve Sainthood, that proves how useless she was! If it was me, I would’ve done much better."

Chu Yu was confused, this younger version of the Butterfly Dance mentioned Saintly measures, but wasn’t the Butterfly Dance just a Legendary Empress?

This reminded Chu Yu of what Yi had said to him previously.

He said that when he escaped beyond this universe, in that instance, he saw a woman who looked exactly like the Butterfly Dance.

Could it be that this had something to do with her?

Moreover, this girl was the same person as his enemy, why did their personalities differ so greatly? Why was she constantly berating herself?

"In the moment where she died, I received her memories and have known everything ever since," said the young Butterfly Dance.

Chu Yu did not really believe her words as he had used a brutal force to kill the Butterfly Dance. He did it very quickly too!

What could she have done in that moment to transfer her memories to this girl?

Could it be that Saints had measures that were beyond his comprehension?

Chu Yu had once used The Monkey’s feather to gain a burst of unparalleled power, but that was only at a physical level.

He did not know of any other powers of Saints, so he could not tell if she was telling the truth, that the Butterfly Dance could transfer all of her memories onto another person’s body before her death.

"I have to say, you always exceed my expectations and I respect you for that. I never thought you could come to the land of the trapped beasts, perhaps that old man from the School of Heavenly Day helped you out with that. I waited and waited till this day for you to arrive, but I never imagined that you would come so quickly!".

This Butterfly Dance was definitely more talkative than the one Chu Yu had known.

She seemed very excited and kept on talking without caring about whether Chu Yu was listening to her or not.

Chu Yu used his divine sense and delivered a message from within the room.

"Hmph, you’re just an after measure, what are you babbling on about? Also, do you really think you can trap me here just by standing outside?".

The young Butterfly Dance laughed and said, "Whether or not I can really trap you and hold you here, you can try it for yourself.".

An intense sound came out from the room.

The young Butterfly Dance said with a gleeful expression on her face, "What’s the matter? Are you feeling depressed and angry? If you don’t want to die, you can choose to work with me. I wanted to kill you at first to avenge that stupid original body of mine. But now, I have a tinge of admiration for you. If you are willing to be my slave, I’ll spare your life, how does that sound? Will you consider it? I may be the same person as that stupid woman, but I’m definitely not as dumb as her!".

"How are you any different?" said Chu Yu using his fake body from within the room.

"We are different in many ways! I’m much smarter than her, and I’m also prettier than her when I was young… You should be honoured to have the opportunity to stand beside me" said the Butterfly Dance with a serious face.

"Hmm… If you leave now, I’ll consider sparring your life," said Chu Yu’s fake body.

"You still wish to joke around at this juncture? Perhaps I overestimated you," said the young Butterfly Dance coldly as she stood up and kept the bench.

"You can stay here for all you want!" she said as she turned around and left.

Entrapment Formations were different from Killing Formations.

Entrapment Formations did not possess much attacking force, they could only trap people within the formation, but they last for years, decades, or even centuries.

As long as it was not dispelled, unless the person within implodes himself, the formation could not be broken.

The young Butterfly Dance walked to the door, where the old man from the inn was still standing.

She instructed, "We’ll trap him here for some time, when I get Lin Shi here, I want to see how he takes back his words!".

The old man said, "Why go through all that trouble Miss? Why don’t we just kill him?".

"What do you know?" said the young Butterfly Dance coldly as she looked at him.

"I’ve come to realise that you don’t respect and fear me as much as you did, do you think I’m weaker and more of a pushover than my original body?".

The old man shivered and immediately said, "I would never dare to think that…".

"That’s good then, remember what I said! Trap him here, but do not touch him. I have some use for this man!" said the Butterfly Dance as she vanished in a flicker.

Chu Yu had remained hidden all this while, he did not move at all.

At the same time, he received a message from the Black King Kong via divine sense.

Chu Yu told him to hide himself outside of the city and not come back for awhile.

He wanted to use this opportunity to find out how the Butterfly Dance, this inn and the land of the trapped beasts were linked.

He suddenly felt that this place was not as simple as he thought it was.

If the Butterfly Dance had such powers here, what about the other powerful people in the Mirror Dimension?

If this was just the backyard of those powerful people…

A cold light flashed across Chu Yu’s eyes.

It would not be easy for him to save Lin Shi.

Chu Yu began to use the shapeshifting skill. His appearance began changing bit by bit.

He took on the form of an old man as he disappeared in a flash.

He went to the entrance of the inn and retraced his steps. The one receiving him was the boss of this place, that old man.

He could not recognise Chu Yu and welcomed him warmly.

"Elder, you look like a great Daoist, the energy of Dao around you is truly remarkable!" said the boss.

"Ah, do you have a good room here? I want one," said Chu Yu.

"Of course we do!" said the boss as he brought Chu Yu to a decent room.

Chu Yu’s lips twitched as he thought to himself, "How sinister!".

He secretly used his vertical eye to sweep through the room.

The entire room was a entrapment formation, and it was one of a very high calibre.

The rooms outside were all killer formations!

Even the service staff were imps that had taken on the appearance of humans.

The murderous intent was rife in the air, he did not know how many people had fallen here.

"What do you think of this room Elder?" said the boss slyly.

"Kekeke," smiled Chu Yu as he made his move.

With a lunge, he pierced through the old man’s brain with his sword!

Blood flowed out like a fountain as it spouted everywhere.

"I don’t think that it’s any good," said Chu Yu.


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